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Chapter 108: Night Thunder Dream Beast

When daylight broke through, Chu Mu was facing the trace of white in the horizon as he opened his eyes.

Little Mo Xie’s thoughts were connected to Chu Mu and when Chu Mu awoke, the adorable little fox also opened its drowsy sleeping eyes. She extended her small tongue and licked Chu Mu’s cheek, letting out a delicate purr. She seemed to want to sleep a little longer...

“Keep sleeping then. I’ll make Little Night bring us.” Chu Mu stroked the adorable small fellow as he spoke.

Mo Xie had already ran continuously for one day, and her physical strength was slightly depleted. She ought to have a good sleep to replenish her energy. After all, in the not too far future, there would be a great battle.

Chu Mu slowly chanted an incantation, and a faintly discernable purple halo gradually rose up from Chu Mu’s body before slowly falling to Chu Mu’s feet. It created a purple colored summoning pattern.

The borders of the symbol burst with a radiant purple. It was dazzling and beautiful, adorning the handsome soul pet that gradually appeared.


Purple lightning ceaselessly moved about on its black body, decorating its tall and powerful metallic body. A supple and flamboyant mane fluttered in the surrounding chaotic air streams, making this soul pet look even more arrogant and noble.

“Hui Hui!!”

The soul pet with a plethora of lightning moving about on its body lifted its foreleg, and it let out a long high and distant hiss. Suddenly, the lightning was like a flying snake flickering, and it disintegrated the surrounding pieces of rock.

Seeing his soul pet, Ye Meng, so excited, Chu Mu helplessly shook his head and soothed Mo Xie who had been woken up by this fellow.

“Little Ye, don’t yell. Continue on our route.” Chu Mu nimbly jumped onto the back of the lightning soul pet. The ceaselessly moving lightning didn’t have any effect on Chu Mu or Mo Xie.

Little Ye was the nickname Chu Mu gave to his spirit master soul pet. This was the new soul pet that he obtained when he was chased into the depths of Prisoner Island by Yang Zheng.

Little Ye was a Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Night Thunder Dream Beast: Beast Kingdom - demon type - Dream Beast species - Night Thunder Dream Beast subspecies - commander rank

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was a Dream Beast covered in purple electric arcs. It possessed a vigorous and slender black body akin to that of a buck. On the place of its ears were two imposing, backward protruding antlers which looked like two long and ingrained ears.

From its back to its rear, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was covered in smooth, curved white feathers. They extended to its long whip-like tail. Its tail length and body length were approximately the same, and the very tip of the tail was like a half feather. All together, the Night Thunder Dream Beast looked mysterious and elegant. It was full of intelligence, while the interweaving of black and white on its body gave it a dark night temperament and a demonic instinct!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s techniques were:

Species Technique: Evading Thunder, Shattering Dream

Basic Technique: Thunder Step, Shadow Dash, Thunderbolt, Chasing Wind Clutching Shadows

Main Techniques: Dark Lightning, Death Ray, Violent Lightning Tail Cleave

High Ranking Techniques: Dream, Underworld, Demolition Wave

The <> Chu Mu had only included information regarding relatively common soul pets, and the majority of soul pets under the commander rank. Chu Mu could only find out a general idea about the Night Thunder Dream Beast from the Pet Encyclopedia. Indeed, he only knew that the Night Thunder Dream Beast was at the commander rank; he could not determine which class it was though. Its techniques were discovered through his battle with the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

When Chu Mu encountered the Night Thunder Dream Beast, it was already at the fourth phase sixth stage. At that time, Chu Mu didn’t make both his soul pets simultaneously fight it. Instead, he only let Mo Xie fight it alone.

The intelligent Mo Xie used every means to provoke the Night Thunder Dream Beast, insulting the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s honor and nobility. After the Night Thunder Dream Beast was defeated by Mo Xie, Chu Mu attempted to use a soul pact to capture it. It could be said that the Night Thunder Dream Beast signed the soul pact with Chu Mu because it lost the battle and the bet. Thus, it became Chu Mu’s soul pet after the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and it was his first spirit master realm soul pet.

Chu Mu currently was a sixth remembrance spirit master. His third soul could still hold one more soul pet. Nonetheless, Chu Mu was extremely prudent when he chose his soul pets. In these past two years, aside from signing a soul pact with the Night Thunder Dream beast, he didn’t sign another soul pact with a regular soul pet.

Soul Pet Trainers and soul pets could remove soul pacts between them. However, the soul pact removal incantation would severely damage the soul. Without specific medicine to treat it, at least a year of time was needed to fully recuperate. As for this special medicine, its price was exceptionally expensive. Moreover, it was rarely on the market. Therefore, one had to be very cautious when choosing soul pets and removing soul pacts. This was especially true while changing soul pets.

Soul pacts were established on the desire of both the human and soul pets, with humans having a somewhat compulsory nature. Removing soul pacts also required the agreement of both the human and soul pets with the human still having a bit more of command. If a soul pet was still unwilling to remove the soul pact, then it would remain...

If a soul pet defected and fled, the master wouldn’t even have a target to use the removal incantation on. Thus, unless the soul pet died, or one found the defector soul pet and made it agree to remove the soul pact, removing the soul pact was impossible. Simultaneously, it would occupy one of the soul pet trainer’s souls.

“Let’s go and look at our new friend.” Chu Mu patted Little Ye’s head and had it rush headlong into the cave.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a shout. It’s four slender limbs agilely passed the stalactite in the cave and rushed towards the Ice Falcon Jungle.


Mo Xie seemed to have been woken up by the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s shout just now. No longer sleepy, she jumped down from Chu Mu’s shoulder. Her six gorgeous tails twisted about as she climbed onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s head...

The Night Thunder Dream Beast rocked its head as it didn’t enjoy having Mo Xie lie on its head.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed was much slower than Mo Xie. Moreover, its endurance was much stronger than Mo Xie’s; thus, it could carry Chu Mu and maintain a certain speed for three days and three nights. Mo Xie, on the other hand, could not do this. After running for one day, she had to stop and rest.

With the addition of the purple lightning arcs, an outstandingly smart black body, and long black white feathers that fluttered about, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s grandeur was considerably formidable. The dark soul pets in the cave could only cower in a dark corner!

Quickly urging on the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu reached the jungle covered in countless white natural silk.

The entire jungle was approximately four to five kilometers in perimeter. Chu Mu remembered that the last time he had arrived here, the five hundred meters area that the small fellow’s enormous cocoon lay in had already been transformed into a white silk forest.

However, at this time, the moment Chu Mu entered the jungle, he shockingly discovered indicators of the white colored natural silk. The deeper he went into the forest, the more he felt that he was entering an enormous nest of a bug that could spit white silk!

“This small fellow is too terrifying. Could it be that the small fellow is an even more powerful existence than the monarch rank White Nightmare?”

Chu Mu looked at the jungle covered in white silk and couldn’t help but deeply inhale a breath of air.

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