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Chapter 107: Monarch Rank, White Nightmare

Deep inside the jungle.

“Senior Yang Zheng, there’s another magic radiance on the scroll. That brat has buried the scrolls in the ground with the intention of drawing us here. Is this some trap?” Besides Yang Zheng, Yang He asked a question.

Yang Zheng harrumphed and said: “Hmph, what kind of tricks can he play. This brat made us stay on this rotten island for three years. Even if he purposefully lead us here, what does it matter? Perhaps you still want to stay in this terrible place?!”

Yang He nodded his head. Before his Yang Family had come here, they had planned to get rid of all the prisoners in one year. After taking back their family treasures, they would immediately go back and receive both praises and rewards. Yet, they didn’t expect this matter to go completely out of their expectations. After delaying to the second year, due to Chu Mu’s disruption, they had to waste another year.

“This time I will definitely kill him!” Yang Zhen clenched his fists and promptly summoned his wing type soul pet, Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!

In three years, Yang Zheng’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast had already reached the fifth phase ninth stage. Its strength was definitely enough to sweep through the Prison Island’s maps and its known areas.

Yang He nodded his head and also summoned his soul pet, a Blood Winged Duoptic Beast.

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was a middle class commander rank soul pet while the Blood Winged Duoptic Beast was a rank lower, only middle class warrior rank. Regardless of physique or grandeur, the Blood Winged Duoptic Beast was clearly inferior to the higher ranked Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

“Senior Yang Zheng, if we are able to steal back the treasures, once we return home, your position will definitely rise. Your Blood Winged Trioptic Beast has already reached the fifth phase ninth stage. The other two main soul pets, Thunder Fairy and Hairy Umbra Monster had already reached the fifth phase sixth stage. There’s also the commander ranked soul pet you captured here, the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede. Although it is only at the fourth phase first stage, once its stage increases, its battle prowess will definitely be extremely valiant!” Yang He was rather flattering as he spoke.

“Haha, that’s only natural!” Yang Zheng immediately began laughing.

It was rather hard to sign a soul pact with a commander rank soul pet. Thus, there were many cases when a infant commander ranked soul pet, even if its aptitude was average, would be valued as extremely expensive.

Yang Zheng’s Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede  was captured at the second phase. The largest harvest from the trip to Prisoner island was this commander rank soul pet. Even though its aptitude wasn’t outstanding, the rate at which it increased its strength was much faster than warrior rank soul pets!

A commander rank’s fourth phase was completely different concept than a servant rank or warrior rank’s fourth phase. It was due to this Blood Winged Trioptic Beast that Yang Zheng was able to barely become a entry member in the family. If he were to nurture the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede, he would definitely be valued by the yang Family.

Although Yang Zheng was the family’s third son, he was the one with the least potential. He was often looked down upon by others. Now, with the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede, he felt that he could be elated!

“That’s right, Senior Xia, that brat’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox is of outstanding quality. If we were to subdue him, we must capture it…”

“You don’t need to say that. The soul pets he has are all of incredible value. I truly don’t know why that brat has such good luck?!” Yang Zheng indignantly said.

As night descended, Chu Mu spent the night in the mountain cave from back then. He planned to enter the unrecognizable Ice Falcon’s forest that had been tainted by the small cyan bug’s “contamination” on the second day.

As per his habit, Chu Mu wouldn’t immediately sleep when night fell. Instead, he would first use his soul power to feed the White Nightmare. Afterwards, he would silently cultivate for a while to quickly recover his soul power. Only when dawn arrived would he sleep a little while.

Chu Mu was currently a sixth remembrance spirit master. Spirit masters could simultaneously summon three soul pets; moreover, their soul power was exceptionally plentiful.

Nonetheless, Chu Mu still had to constantly feed the White Nightmare and, with the addition of the occupation of his first soul by the defector soul pet, Chu Mu was about the same as a sixth remembrance spirit soldier. The only difference was that his soul remembrance was comparatively stronger.

The growth of the White Nightmare’s strength couldn’t be considered too fast or slow. Currently it was already at the fourth phase seventh stage.

When a White Nightmare reached the fourth phase, it could be summoned to participate in a fight. Only, Chu Mu had underestimated his White Nightmare’s rank. If it wasn’t because the White Nightmare had grown to become dependent on his soul power, Chu Mu’s attempt to summon it had nearly ended in a repeat tragedy.

While on Cyan Nightmare Island, the Cyan Nightmare was high class warrior rank. Back then, the peons at the spirit disciple level weren’t able to use the Cyan Nightmare to fight. Zhao Feng had been forced by Liu Zhen to summon it back then, but in reality, the Cyan Nightmare simply didn’t listen to Wang Keluo’s orders as it fought Mo Xie. It was solely due to its Blood Yearning instinct that it was able to lock onto Mo Xie.

Moreover, since Wang Keluo was at the spirit disciple stage when he summoned the Cyan Nightmare to fight, its betrayal was definite. Furthermore, there was a chance that it could have immediately killed its host and swallowed his soul.

Humans could make a soul pact with any soul pet, but controlling one was a different issue.

Normally, spirit disciples could only control servant rank soul pets, spirit soldiers could control warrior rank soul pets and spirit masters could control commander rank soul pets.

Bypassing ranks and summoning, regardless of what stage the soul pet was at, the most probable possibility was an inability to control it, and further the soul pet’s defection.

Originally, Chu Mu believed that the White Nightmare was a high class commander rank soul pet. Once he reached the spirit master level, he could control a high class commander rank soul pet.

However, Chu Mu was wrong. The White Nightmare was not simply a commander rank soul pet. Rather, it had surpassed the commander rank and had reached the astonishing monarch rank!!

Chu Mu attempting to summon it that time had nearly led to a tragic occurrence where the eminently powerful White Nightmare would betray him. Fortunately, Chu Mu had taken “utmost care” of the White Nightmare, causing it to be definitively reliant on his soul power. Chu Mu also managed to recall it in time to prevent this tragic accident.

After the event, Chu Mu still had lingering fears in his heart and continued to let out a cold sweat. He silently cursed the scoundrel Xia Guanghan for not telling him that the White Nightmare was such a terrifying Soul Pet.

Monarch rank! In the entire Wangluo city, there were only ten of these existences. Xia Guanghan, this ruthless man, made Chu Mu, when he was small and weak, sign a soul pact with a monarch rank. This was simply equivalent to directly killing Chu Mu!

It was also no surprise that the growth of the White Nightmare was built on top of the countless human corpses. If it wasn’t for Chu Mu’s extremely quick increase in strength and this death competition, perhaps he would have already become one of the numerous corpses on the White Nightmare’s path to growth.

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