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Chapter 106: Three Years

Seasons never rotated on Prison Island, but on the distant Nightmare City, a large snowfall was swirling in the air. Icy flakes drifted about and, as far as one could see, the world was covered in pure white.

Pure white snow silently fell onto the corner of the palace’s eave. After a short while, it would slowly roll off...

In the snowy white courtyard, a slightly thin man was standing there, allowing the snow to fall onto his shoulders. His expression was exceptionally indifferent and his entire being was like a frozen sculpture.

“It’s already been three years. I feel like I’ve forgotten something…” a while later, the ice sculpture-like Xia Guanghan slowly opened his mouth and spoke. He seemed to remember something.

As Xia Guanghan pondered, his body was like a statue. He opened his eyes again before finally thinking of something. It seemed that three years ago he gave an abnormally talented White Nightmare to a peon that had the potential to become a formidable figure.

“Out of three thousand people only one survives. I hope that you didn’t waste my White Nightmare.” Xia Guanghan slowly spoke.

After speaking, Xia Guanghan chanted an incantation and summoned his Ice Winged Tiger.

“Go to Heng Ocean’s Prisoner Island and pick up the person from three years ago. If he’s dead, then briefly search the nearby island for a young soul pet that has lost its soul pact. In three years, it has probably undergone the second phase evolution, and barely taken on a form.” Xia Guanghan spoke to his Ice Winged Tiger.

The Ice Winged Tiger breathed out a breath of white air. After nodding its head, it spread open its wings, creating a chaotic wave of snowy wind as it shot into the air and gradually disappeared into the white sky.

“Senior Xia…” The moment the Ice Winged Tiger flew away, a young person walked to Xia Guanghan and made a simple bow.

“What happened, Su Yu?” Xia Guanghan didn’t turn around and merely used the voice to distinguish the person who came.

“The matter of the young princess’ squire is overseen by Senior Xia...” the man called Su Yu quietly said.

“You must rely on yourself to obtain it.” said Xia Guanghan.

“I know that. However, I want to find out about matters after becoming the young princess’ squire from Senior Xia. I believe this role isn’t as simple as being a squire, right?” asked Su Yu,

“You seen very self-confident… wait until you defeat all the competitors before you speak of this again. This position is coveted by many, especially people like you who have other schemes.” A smile appeared on Xia Guanghan’s face.

“Senior Xia sent his Ice Winged Tiger to…” after speaking Su Yu turned around and left.

“To fetch someone. If he’s still alive, you will have another powerful competitor.” Xia Guanghan indifferently said.

A smile emerged on Su Yu’s face. His expression didn’t seem to object.

The remote Nightmare City was covered in white snow. In the middle of Heng Ocean was a mysterious Prison Island that was still stuck in the middle of sizzling hot weather.

What was different from before was that the vast body of water surrounding the island was no longer as turbulent, and the number of whirlpools had clearly decreased.

The ocean surrounding Prisoner Island had this special cycle which caused the creation of the three year death game...

The mountain range in the middle of Prisoner Island was covered by extremely dense plants. The tops of the trees and the leaves of the trees were stuck together and when looking down from high above, it was like looking on an undulating green billow.

“Yi!! Yi!! Yi!!”


Suddenly, a bird creature flew out from the green jungle and unceasingly shouted.

This scene continued to occur in a straight line, continually expanding in a certain direction. Clearly, there was a powerful creature indiscreetly charging around in the jungle.

Amidst the tall trees in the jungle, six gorgeous, silver, ribbon-like objects fluttered about. They were fluffy. Amongst the green colored plants, they freely moved about, giving off an exotic feeling.

The six furry objects weren’t ribbons, but the tails of a vigorous and elegant Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox.

The Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox running amok in the forest was already longer than two meters. With the addition of its exceptionally glorious tails, it exerted an even more evil and wild aura. Any creature that saw it would give way in fear.

Riding on this gracefully noble soul pet was a black pupiled youth with disheveled hair.

The young person had an imposing spirit, and his figure was tall and sturdy. He possessed the same demonic and wild aura as the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox.

This human and fox were naturally Chu Mu and Mo Xie, who had survived on Prison Island for almost three years.

Over these three years, Chu Mu had changed from a reserved fifteen year old child to a cold and unruly young man.

As for Mo Xie, she had transformed from a lovely small Moonlight Fox into a fifth phase Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. From coquettishly bundling up in her master’s embrace, she could now carry her master on her back as she ran through the entire jungle.

Of course, Mo Xe’s habits still hadn’t changed. When she wasn’t fighting, she still maintained her Pitiful Appearance and transformed into a delicate and exquisitely beautiful Six Tailed Fox. She would lie on her trainer’s shoulder, or she would recline in his embrace.

“We’ve walked so far, I’m not sure how the little fellow is doing. We should go back and take a look.” said Chu Mu.


“When we last saw it, it was still in the chrysalis state. I have no idea what kind of soul pet that little fellow is; its pupation stage is unexpectedly taking so long.”


“Haha, if it’s emerged from the pupa, I’ll let you two fight a round.”

In order to prevent some soul pets from obstructing her as she ran, Mo Xie’s aura was not restrained in the slightest. Having already reached the fifth phase seventh stage, Mo Xie didn’t need to be cautious like before. In this area where there weren’t any powerful soul pets, there were no soul pets that dared to directly oppose her.

Running the whole way, after leaving the the mountain range and passing through the large mountain, they arrived at the forest in the basin where they began everything. Chu Mu remembered passing through the forest in the basin’s cave, where he obtained the Ice Air Fairy to reach the small fellow’s chrysalis area.

A year ago, when Chu Mu had returned here, this Ice Falcon forest had been completely “contaminated” by the small fellow’s chrysalis. The entire jungle was full of white threads and all the plants had been wrapped by the bug’s white thread. It seemed like a snowy jungle.

“Okay, stop here.” Chu Mu made Mo Xie stop after a while. He jumped off of Mo Xie’s back and picked out a scroll from his spatial ring before burying it in the ground.

After burying the scroll, Chu Mu hopped back onto Mo Xie’s back. Mo Xie continued to advance towards the small fellow’s chrysalis’ area.

By the end of the second year, the majority of the prisoners on Prison Island had been killed. In the following year, Chu Mu entered further into the depths of Prison Island to fight with the wild soul pets, unceasingly improving himself and his soul pets.

Chu Mu had a total of twelve scrolls in his hand. As for the other 8 pieces, Chu Mu was sure that they were in the hands of the two other Yang Family members.

There were still two people remaining from the Yang Family. Among them was the strongest one, Yang Zheng. A year ago Chu Mu had encountered Yang Zheng and both his Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ice Air Fairy were nearly killed. Knowing that his strength was not enough to contend against Yang Zheng, Chu Mu decisively fled towards the inner depths of the island, completely throwing off Yang Zheng.

Three years was about to arrive, and Chu Mu knew that it was time to dispose of those two. Therefore, when he returned from the depths of the island, he intentionally left a trail of scrolls so that they could follow his steps. Finally, he would settle his feud with them!!

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