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Chapter 105: The Most Beautiful Thing in the Heart

Xin Xue blankly stood there. With her very own eyes, she had witnessed Chu Mu mercilessly kill Cao Yi. In her heart, she was absolutely stunned.

Xin Xue herself was still a spirit disciple. The soul pets that she controlled were only a third phase Cyan Eyed Monster, a second phase Cyan Nightmare, and a third phase Fire Fairy.

In the span of a year, Chu Mu, who had also left Cyan Nightmare Island, was already the trainer of two first-rate warrior rank soul pets. Moreover, he had defeated an enemy who Xin Xue believed was difficult to prevail over, Cao Yi!

“Cao Yi is dead, he’s truly dead…” To Xin Xue, Cao Yi was her most terrifying nightmare. Seeing now that this devil had been killed, by Chu Mu no less, she felt that this was impossible...

Chu Mu glanced at Xin Xue, but didn’t pay any heed to this woman whose body and spirit had been completely desecrated. Instead, he indifferently collected the Storm Fairy and Cyan Nightmares’ soul crystals and put them into his spatial ring.

Chu Mu wouldn’t leave without Cao Yi’s remaining valuables and he efficiently searched through Cao Yi’s items.

Chu Mu was rather surprised, because, surprisingly, Cao Yi  had two scrolls on him. Adding the scroll that he just took from Xin Xue, Chu Mu currently had 7 scrolls in total.

Aside from the scrolls, Chu Mu fround a fire and lightning dual attributed third level soul crystal on Cao Yi. The price of a single attribute third level soul crystal was already five thousand gold coins. A dual attributed soul crystal’s price was about seven thousand gold coins. Thus it could be considered a fairly good harvest.

In this year, Chu Mu had already obtained numerous soul crystals from a few prisoners. If Chu Mu were to quote a price for his soul crystals, he would have 100,000 gold coins worth of belongings.

100,000 gold coins should be enough to purchase a fire and beast dual attribute fifth level soul crystal. Once he left Prison Island, Chu Mu would naturally spend all this money on his soul pets in order to increase their strength by a level.

Aside from the third level soul crystal, he didn’t find any other relatively valuable objects on Cao Yi.

Opening his scroll, Cao Yi’s name had already darkened. Chu Mu looked at the map and began walking towards a targeted location deep within the island.

“Wait… wait…” Xin Xue immediately followed Chu Mu.

“What?” Chu Mu turned around and looked back at the remarkably alluring young lady in the rain.

In truth, Chu Mu did harbor a desire towards Xin Xue’s body. However, for some unknown reason, each time he attempted to enter the fanciful daydream, another young lady’s appearance would suddenly appear. She stood on the deck, facing the wind, melancholily staring at the ocean’s surface...

“Bring… Bring me with you… I only want to survive. I’ll do whatever you want me to… Please…” Xin Xue tugged on Chu Mu’s arm, and she intentionally wrapped her body around it in hopes of piquing Chu Mu’s interest towards her.

Xin Xue knew that if she wanted to survive, she had to rely on him. The transformation from Chu Mu’s original strength to what it was now had been completely witnessed by her. Such a man definitely had a very good chance of becoming the sole survivor. If she was willing to become this boy’s slave, she could also survive!

As long as she passed this challenge and managed to follow this man, then her life in the future would definitely change completely. Xin Xue felt that Chu Mu was her only chance at surviving. Not only was he a hope for survival, he was also a hope for changing her life.

In the face of this hope, this woman would sacrifice anything. Furthermore, Xin Xue didn’t dislike Chu Mu. She even had a favorable impression of the powerful Chu Mu. Even if Chu Mu was more cruel than Cao Yi, she wouldn’t have any complaints.

“Please, no matter what I have to do, I am willing.” Xin Xue tightly held onto Chu Mu’s arm.

Chu Mu was born into a noble family. The young maids who had served him were all young, beautiful woman. None of them were inferior to Xin Xue. Even though his desire was crazily burning from living in the wild, he wasn’t so thirsty.

“Your life and death are of no concern to me. I also don’t need such a burden. You should be lucky I haven’t killed you already.” Chu Mu pushed away Xin Xue, who was wrapped around his body. He coldly turned around and continued walking towards the depths of the misty island with the Ice Air Fairy, which turned the rain into frozen ice.

Xin Xue didn’t give up. Desecrating her dignity was no longer important to her.

Chu Mu was never someone who habitually had protective feelings for the opposite sex. Especially because of the heavy scars in his heart, he absolutely despised women who were pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside.

“If you keep following me, my Ice Air Fairy will turn you into an ice sculpture.” Chu Mu continued to walk forwards and no longer looked at Xin Xue.


The Ice Air Fairy had no understanding of what a female was. Since Chu Mu rejected her in his heart, it also rejected her. Seeing that Xin Xue was about to follow, it immediately stood in front of her and released a frosty air from its body, not letting Xin Xue take another step closer.

The nearing of the frosty air made Xin Xue have no choice but to stop in her tracks. She looked onwards at the back of Chu Mu’s proud and aloof figure. Now Xin Xue finally understood why Ting Yu had said something like that to her back then. She could only regret not having seen Chu Mu’s potential while on Cyan Nightmare Island. On the other hand, Ting Yu’s discernment was much better than her’s...

Seeing Xin Xue, Chu Mu naturally thought of Ting Yu, who had originally shared a room with him. Compared to Xin Xue, Ting Yu was not only smarter but also knew to avoid immorality.

Peons were equivalent to slaves. Many young women had been desecrated by foremen. Ting Yu was smart because she had never sold herself. Moreover, she had always concealed herself, whenever it came to her body figure or appearance.

Chu Mu had shared a roof with Ting Yu, and only he knew that Ting Yu was actually an extremely beautiful girl. She was much better looking than Xin Xue, but knew that she had to conceal it and remain introverted. It was because she was smart like this that she was able to avoid the foremen’s lust.

As he walked along the shoreline and looked at the fine drizzle of rain covering the ocean, Chu Mu unconsciously thought of the veiled young woman- mysterious, noble, and elegant. She gave Chu Mu a completely different feeling; There was a difference of heaven and earth when compared to Xin Xue...

“After leaving Prison Island and enter Nightmare Palace’s higher domain, I should be able to see her. What kind of person is she…” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

Chu Mu had no choice but to admit that he had a bit of a favorable impression and curiosity towards this mysterious young woman whom he had only spoken a few words to. Nevertheless, Chu Mu knew that as long as he still needed others to pity him in order to survive, he would never be able to genuinely speak to her.

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