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Chapter 104: Killing Cao Yi (2)

In the jungle, Xin Xue stood in the rain and numbly put her clothes back on. She was currently hesitating on whether or not to use this opportunity to escape.

“He will not be able to stall Cao Yi for too long. Cao Yi also has a Feather Beast. Its flying speed is very quick. Trying to escape from his grasps is very hard.” Xin Xue thought in this way, and she had no choice but to remove any idea of escaping.

Xin Xue covered her body and felt that it was a bit cold. Ultimately, she couldn’t help but walk back towards the beach. Chu Mu’s appearance wasn’t of too much meaning to her. Only, she didn’t think he would also be on Prison Island.

The jungle wasn’t far away from the beach. From the jungle, one could hear the sound of soul pets fighting on the beach.

When Xin Xue approached the edge of the jungle, she intentionally stayed there for a while to avoid seeing Chu Mu’s miserable death.

The fight seemed to be extremely intense. Amidst the wind and rain, she could feel the clash of various abilities. It caused multiple chaotic streams of air to appear in this area of the forest.

She continued to walk forwards. Xin Xue was already able to see the beach; however, just as her field of view cleared up, she suddenly discovered an eminently wild soul pet standing not too far away from her on the rainy beach!

“Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!!”

Xin Xue was instantly stunned by the demonically charming soul pet. To her, a spirit disciple, Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Foxes were unimaginable!!

Its glorified six silver tails abruptly spread apart. Around the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s body revolved six balls of silent flame. Under the four paws, there were four equivalently burned identical flames. Even in the rain, there didn’t seem to be affected in any way!

“Is this… could this be Chu Mu’s?!” Xin Xue’s gaze searched around before finally discovering Chu Mu’s figure at another location standing silently in the rain.

In the rain, Chu Mu was in the midst of chanting an incantation. A white frosty air was seeping forth from his body. The rain drops dripping onto his body would quickly turn into ice crystals as they rolled down his body. The ice crystals would suspend themselves around his body and wouldn’t fall!

“Ice Arrow!”

Completing the incantation, Chu Mu’s black pupils immediately locked onto Cao Yi’s Cyan Nightmare. Immediately, ten ice crystals that had condensed into ice arrows suddenly shot forth, violently piercing Cao Yi’s Cyan Nightmare.

The body of Cao Yi’s Cyan Nightmare abruptly ignited a cyan flame, completely burning Chu Mu’s ice magic into ashes.

When Chu Mu used the ice type soul technique, Cao Yi had chanted an incantation at the same time. His incantation was nature’s power, which could control the extensive tree vines; he attempted to quickly bind Mo Xie up.

Mo Xie rapidly sped up and easily dodged Cao Yi’s soul technique. Mo Xie’s target was the Cyan Nightmare, and the unusual speed rendered the Cyan Nightmare unable to lock onto Mo Xie’s presence.

A gorgeous Demonic Flame Claw suddenly swept across the Cyan Nightmare’s body. The Cyan Nightmare was unable to dodge, and a gash was instantly ripped open on its body. The Evil Flame and Devil Fire resisted each other, creating an even more exotic flame.

“Burn him to death!” His face covered in rain drops, Cao Yi was exceptionally terrifying. His entire being seemed like a wounded beast.

The Cyan Nightmare’s devilish claws immediately created two balls of cyan colored fire. The fire blusteringly burned in the rain. Following its sharp cry, the Cyan Nightmare promptly threw the fire in its hands towards Mo Xie.

Chu Mu had already readied an incantation, and enveloped Mo Xie with the soul pact recall incantation.

The Cyan Nightmare’s two balls of flame instantly flew past Mo Xie’s location. Chu Mu had already recalled Mo Xie and quickly summoned the Ice Air Fairy.

“Ning, finish it. Ice Air Dance!”

Long, snowy white hair had appeared on the Ice Air Fairy when it had reached the fourth phase. As it chanted an incantation, its snowy white hair danced about in the rain; every raindrop within a10 meter area instantly froze into an ice crystal.


Ice Air Dance!!!

The frosty ice condensed in the sky, morphing into countless extremely sharp snow flowers. As the Ice Air Fairy’s hands danced, the numerous snow flowers wantonly drifted about, creating layers of beautiful, snowy white that rapidly covered the Cyan Nightmare’s body!

The icy white snow flowers danced in the breeze, violently spinning around the Cyan Nightmare’s body. On the beach and in the rain, it was like the dancing body of an icy snow devil. Slowly, it froze the Cyan Nightmare’s body.

Xin Xue was standing far away. The shock on her face was currently inconceivable because under the drizzle of rain on the beach’s reef, the Storm Fairy’s carcass was motionlessly lying there.

Xin Xue understood Cao Yi. Everytime he fought, he would use the Fear Wolf as the battle’s vanguard until its fighting strength had been exhausted. Then, he would recall it. Since the Storm Fairy’s corpse was there, it indicated that the Fear Wolf had already been defeated!

The glorious Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, and the powerful Ice Air Fairy. Xin Xue thought that by the time she walked to the beach, Chu Mu’s head would already have been severed. Yet, she didn’t expect Cao Yi’s Fear Wolf to be defeated, and the Storm Spirit to be killed. Even the formidable Cyan Nightmare was already riddled with injuries. Under the eminently strong Ice Air Dance, it had also thoroughly lost the ability to fight.

Cao Yi’s face was pale. He had already summoned his soul pets three times, but the three soul pets in front of him, even in a 2 versus 1 situation, had been defeated by an exceptionally powerful Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. Right now, Chu Mu had summoned an Ice Air Fairy whose stage wasn’t inferior to the Cyan Nightmare!

The icy type soul techniques were an absolute counter to the fire type. Despite the Cyan Nightmare’s composite strength being slightly stronger than the Ice Air Fairy’s, it was impossible to defeat the ice type Ice Air Fairy.

“Your time of death has arrived.” Chu Mu swept his eyes over the trembling Cao Yi. After completely freezing the Cyan Nightmare, he immediately ordered the Ice Air Fairy to use a technique on Cao Yi.

Cao Yi barely managed to chant an incantation, wanting to resist the Ice Air Fairy’s ice power. However, his soul power had been depleted by continuously summoning soul pets ,so it was exceptionally hard for him to take any defensive measures. The bone-chilling ice permeated his body...

The frost quickly covered Cao Yi’s incomparably terrified face. At the end, it froze his face at that moment, turning him into a silent ice man standing in the rain. He could not move at all.

“Ning, retrieve their soul cores.” Chu Mu said to the Ice Air Fairy.

Chu Mu slowly walked in front of Cao Yi. His gaze was fixated on Cao Yi’s frozen face. His fist was already tightly clenched.

“Beng!!” Chu Mu used his fist to beat Cao Yi’s arm. Suddenly, Cao Yi’s frozen arm transformed into countless pieces of ice shards that sprinkled onto the ground.

“Beng!!” Another punch. Chu Mu smashed Cao Yi’s other arm to pieces. Cao Yi’s completely frozen face revealed an incomparably contorted expression. One could see how much pain he was currently experiencing.

“Those who anger me all have to pay the most painful price!” To Chu Mu, killing people no longer evoked any emotions in him. Chu Mu brandished his fist and indifferently smashed it into Cao Yi’s face.

Cao Yi’s head was instantly transformed into numerous fragments of ice under his single punch. Frozen flesh, frozen blood, and frozen bones suddenly spilled onto the ground. It looked absolutely disgusting.

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