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Chapter 102: Elegant Figure in the Rain

In one year, the three thousand prisoners had become eight hundred. In these past few months, it seemed that a few prisoners’ names would turn dark everyday. Those that were able to survive the year were definitely not normal people.

There were a total of 20 pieces of the scroll. Chu Mu had just obtained one from that prisoner. Last month, Chu Mu killed two more Yang Family people and obtained two pieces of the scroll.

Chu Mu, by himself, had four pieces of the scroll. With respect to the other prisoners, he probably had just as many scrolls.

Facing the rain, Chu Mu continued to walk by himself within the boundless mountain range. He was currently walking towards a beach located on the map. Before this prisoner had died, he had disclosed a very important piece of information to Chu Mu. It was that Cao Yi was currently attempting to capture a water creature in a hidden reef at that beach.

The island was rather large, so trying to encounter Cao Yi another time was very improbable. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t want to forsake the opportunity to kill this fellow.

The humiliation on Cyan Nightmare Island and the schemes that Cao Yi used against him during the competition were things that Chu Mu couldn’t forget.

Chu Mu knew that Cao Yi had four soul pets. Cao Yi definitely had a Cyan Nightmare which strength was not weak; moreover, he could summon it to fight.

On Prison Island, Chu Mu encountered myriad of prisoners who could summon Cyan Nightmares to fight, so he was rather familiar with them.

Chu Mu had never seen Cao Yi summon his Cyan Nightmare. Moreover, a year had passed, so his Cyan Nightmare’s strength should have increased by quite a bit.

Cao Yi’s spirit soldier level main soul pet should be the Fear Wolf he had summoned back then on Cyan Nightmare Island. Chu Mu remembered that the Fear Wolf was at the third phase at that time. However, in the time of one year, if Cao Yi’s Fear Wolf hadn’t died, its strength would have also increased by a lot.

Chu Mu also remembered that as they headed to the main Cyan Nightmare Island, Cao Yi had further summoned a Water Elemental. A Water Elemental was a middle class servant rank soul pet. It should be the soul pet Cao Yi obtained while at the spirit disciple stage. Chu Mu wasn’t clear of it strength at the moment, but had heard that its innate talent wasn’t bad.

There was also the Cyan Bird Cao Yi had summoned before. The Cyan Bird was high class servant rank and should have been the main soul pet of Cao Yi when he was at the spirit disciple stage. However, it had been killed by Xia Guanghan.

Quickly Chu Mu reached the beach’s location. Prison Island’s beach wasn’t solely composed of overhanging cliff. Nonetheless, it was covered in reefs and strange whirlpools. Even if it was a water type soul pet, it would be very hard to pass through this particularly dangerous sea area.

“The radiance has lit up, it seems that Cao Yi also has a scroll.” A smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face. He began to use the intensity of the scroll’s radiance to locate Cao Yi’s location.

“The scroll has lit up again.” Cao Yi quickly discovered that the scroll was emitting a radiance and a sinister smile instantly appeared on his face. His gaze coldly swept over the young woman with shabby clothing next to him.

Standing beside Cao Yi was Xin Xue who had also become a peon with Chu Mu.

In reality, while on Cyan Nightmare Island, Xin Xue had frequently entered Cao Yi’s wooden hut during the night.

Xin Xue’s abilities were not very strong. The reason she was able to survive was because she offered her body and obtained a fairly good soul pet from Cao Yi.

Cao Yi had offended Xia Guanghan and was forcibly thrown onto Prison Island. Cao Yi knew that it would be hard for himself to escape. Thus, using his own connection, he shamelessly dragged Xin Xue onto the list of names. After bribing the foreman escorting them, he made Xin Xue become his slave and thrown onto the island as well.

Cao Yi knew of Prison Island’s vile conditions. His purpose for bringing Xin Xue could be regarded as a method to beg for mercy.

“You should know what to do now?” Cao Yi swept his gaze of Xin Xue and used a commanding tone as he spoke.

The look in Xin Xue’s eyes was remote. Clearly, she had suffered abuse from Cao Yi hear and was fearful of him.

She carefully took the radiating scroll from Cao Yi’s hands and under his watch, walked in the direction where the light would intensify.

Xin Xue’s expression was gloomy. Each time she was ordered to do this, Xin Xue felt fear and humiliation...

Xin Xue continued to walk forward until she reached the jungle. She felt the light gradually grow closer, but stood in her original location. She put the scroll on the ground and in a somewhat frozen manner began to undo her shabby clothing.

This wasn’t the first time she had done this. Xin Xue’s entire body seemed very numb, but in order to survive she could only sacrifice her dignity and body.

As for Cao Yi, he was using her. He had killed many prisoners on the island, obtained a plethora of benefits and his strength had greatly increased...

Half undoing her robe, Xin Xue really understood how to entice a man’s lust. Especially on such a secure barren island. In each prisoner’s mind, aside from the struggle amidst the slaughter, there was an extremely intense lust. Therefore, in the past, there was practically no one who could resist Xin Xue’s attraction.

Although Xin Xue’s skin was covered by a bit of stain, it still wasn’t able to conceal her attractive fair skin. An exceptional development caused her seventeen year old age to be able to boil the beast blood in many males.

After undoing her clothing, the upper half of her body was completely naked. A fine drizzle washed down falling on her body. Her damp hair stuck to her naked body. The rain water rolled down the shaking curves of her breast, giving one a visual stimulation…

(It could be so much more poetic, but I don’t enjoy writing erotica)

Drop after drop the rain water permeated her thin clothing and even though the shabby pants on the lower half of her body had not been undone, because of the wetness, they were tightly pressed to her body. This caused the curviness of her small butt :( to be highlighted, making it more rather ample and round. xd

Standing in the rain, with such an alluring scene in front of his eyes, even Chu Mu was astonished. He felt a certain kind of thirst in the depths of his heart that told him to walk in front of his woman and then taste the goods at his will…

Chu Mu was already 16. Seeing such a scene would naturally cause a male reaction. Especially after such a longer period of slaughter, it made him like that majority of the prisoners. In the depths of his heart was an extremely intense lust. Normally he was on the brink of life and death and his psychological state was pressed. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had never seen a woman, but once he saw it this lust would spiral out of control.

Chu Mu was currently in a state where his lust was ignited. However, he wasn’t like those other prisoners who without rational immediately charged forwards and recklessly ravaged this young woman in front of them radiating with attraction. Moreover, Chu Mu had already recognized Xin Xue from her appearance.

Xin Xue was able to sense the ignition of lust from the nearby prisoner. She was already used to these prisoners’ exceptionally lustful gazes. She was even used to the wanton desecration that was about to come.  Her gaze numbly looked at the prisoner walking over and she was about to feign an expression that revealed a desire for pleasure.

However, when Xin Xue saw the man walking over in the rain, the numbness on her face was gradually replaced by shock!

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