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Chapter 103: Killing Cao Yi(1)

“Chu Mu!!”

Xin Xue stared at Chu Mu in the rain with an extremely stunned expression. Back then, on the main Cyan Nightmare Island, Chu Mu had given her an eminently profound impression. After all, he had used his own strength of one man to defeat the entire opposing team!

Chu Mu looked at the young woman in front of him and slowly opened his mouth saying: “You use this method to attract the enemy and use their unpreparedness…”

“I… in truth I…” Xin Xue wanted to explain, but found that she was incapable of doing so. Instead, she could only lower her head.

“Cao Yi is in the vicinity, right?” said Chu Mu.

“Mhm, you… you should leave quickly. He will come here soon.” Xin Xue looked at Chu Mu and spoke.

“I’ve come here to kill him.” Chu Mu indifferently said.

“Kill him? You want to kill him?” Xin Xue once again revealed a shocked expression.

Chu Mu was also a peon like her. Xin Xue felt that peons had no way of resisting Cao Yi, a Cyan Nightmare auxiliary island master.

“His strength is stronger than before. I implore you to stay far away from him.” Xin Xue naturally knew of Cao Yi’s strength.

Xin Xue didn’t expect Chu Mu to be on Prison Island, let alone to have already survived a year. However, even with this, it was to no avail. Cao Yi’s strength was truly too strong and was something that could not be defeated.

However, Chu Mu shook his head. He didn’t plan on leaving. No matter what Cao Yi’s strength was like, he had to kill him this time!

“His Fear Wolf has already reached the fourth phase second stage. It’s extremely savage. Amongst the warrior rank, there are very few soul pets that are its match. His Water Elemental has also reached the fifth phase second stage. Although it is only a servant rank soul pet, soul crystals and medicinal drugs have been used to strengthen it. Its fighting strength is only second to the Fear Wolf. On the island, he has also obtained a fourth phase Storm Fairy…” In Xin Xue’s opinion, any one of Cao Yi’s soul pets could not be defeated by Chu Mu. Chu Mu being here was practically suicide.

“What stage has his Cyan Nightmare reached?” asked Chu Mu.

“Fourth phase third stage; it’s his strongest soul pet.” said Xin Xue.

Chu mu nodded his head and no longer paid any heed to Xin Xue. He continued to walk towards the beach.

“Don’t go, Cao Yi is there. Walk the other way.” Xin Xue instantly warned. However, Chu Mu continued to walk forward, heading directly towards Cao Yi.

Cao Yi was standing on a reef, and his gaze was fixated on the jungle that was being bathed in rain. A smile had been evoked on his face.

Bringing Xin Xue was extremely smart. This woman had saved him a lot of trouble, and she had even brought him many benefits.

“I’ve obtained another scroll. Perhaps the final items will all belong to me.” Cao Yi muttered.

As he said this, Cao Yi discovered a black figure slowly walking out from the jungle. This person didn’t seem to be using any object to cover the rain. Indifferently walking in the rain, he seemed to be harmonizing with the pitter patter of the falling rain...

Cao Yi instantly creased his eyebrows. Clearly, this time, Xin Xue was unable to lure this prisoner.

Cao Yi knew that a battle was imminent, and he had already chanted an incantation, summoning his Fear Wolf in front of him.

The approaching person didn’t summon a soul pet. He walked head on towards Cao Yi, and gradually amidst the screen of rain, his facial features clearly revealed.

“Chu Mu!!!”

Cao Yi was about to use his Fear Wolf to attack this fellow who didn’t understand how to summon soul pets. However, when he clearly saw this person’s appearance, he was full of shock.

Chu Mu raised the corner of his mouth and revealed a demonic smile. Everytime he encountered his enemies, Chu Mu was like a devil putting on a merciless smile.

“It’s been awhile Senior Cao.” Chu Mu slowly spoke.

“How is it you?!” Cao Yi’s face had both shock and anger written on his. Cao Yi was angry because it was due to Chu Mu that he had been thrown onto Prison Island.

“I am also a prisoner here.” Chu Mu indifferently said.

Cao Yi sucked in a deep breath of air. He seemed to understand something and the emotions on his face were instantly wiped off. He turned rather cold and sneered: “You’ve come here to throw away your life?”

“Precisely the opposite. I’ve come here to kill you. The matter from a year ago is not something I would so magnanimously forget.” said Chu Mu.

“Kill me? Hahaha, you want to kill me? Chu Mu, have you already become crazy from eating raw meat on this island?” Cao Yi guffawed.

“Whether I’ve become crazy is something you’ll know very soon.” Chu Mu ignored Cao Yi’s contempt. Slowly, he moved his lips and chanted a soul pact incantation.

A deep blue moon symbol gradually appeared in the rain. Slowly, it was imprinted under Chu Mu’s feet and created a dazzlingly beautiful moon shaped soul pact summoning pattern. Inside the pattern, a particular Demon Fire Devil Flame was ignited...

Cao Yi stared at Chu Mu’s summoning pattern and the contempt and scorn on his face slowly disappeared. What replaced it was an extreme shock!

“Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!!”

Cao Yi was stunned. His gaze motionlessly stared at the powerful soul pet that Chu Mu had summoned. Although they were ten meters apart, he was still able to feel the enormous demonic aura of Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox!!

A Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox was practically unrivalled amongst the warrior rank. It was the most perfect soul pet desperately sought by all Spirit Soldiers!

“Aowu Aowu”

Facing this imposing, nefarious, and demonic creature, even the eminently savage Fear Wolf revealed a slightly fearful expression.

Both were at the high class warrior rank and, although the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s body wasn’t as formidable as the Fear Wolf, its excessively wild six tails were full of unruliness that other soul pets were fearful of!!

A normal Six Tailed Demon Fox with equivalent physical circumstances was something a Fear Wolf was still not a match to. An Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, a creature that could rival commander rank soul pets, had even more terrifying fighting strength. Unless the Fear Wolf was a phase higher, they were simply not on the same level!

Cao Yi’s Fear Wolf had already reached the fourth phase second stage, but after a year of battle, Mo Xie had already reached the fourth phase first stage!!

“How is this possible?! How could you possess such a soul pet?!!” Cao Yi’s face had an extremely strange expression. He wished for nothing more than to leap at Chu Mu and kill him, and then steal his soul pet!

A Six Tailed Demon Fox was considered a relatively rare soul pet. It only resided and roamed about in a few special places. It was considered very fortunate to encounter one in the wild.

As for Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Foxes, the probability of meeting one was next to nothing. This kind of perfect warrior rank soul pet was often more valuable than a few superior commander rank soul pets!

Spirit soldiers were the most common at Soul Pet Trainer level. Many people stayed at this level. But even those like spirit masters and spirit lords, though now at a higher rank, were once themselves spirit soldiers, so a perfect warrior rank soul pet was crucial to any soul pet trainer!

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