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Chapter 101: New Soul Pet, Devil Tree Battle Soldier

Wangluo City

Chu Family’s courtyard.

A gracefully beautiful and curvy woman stood on the cobblestone bypath. Her gaze was fixated on the blooming flowerbeds in the courtyard. However, she wasn’t paying attention to the flowers; rather, her gaze was fixated on a certain spot as she was lost in thought...

“You’ve returned…” The slightly deep voice of a man came from the courtyard door to the side. The man was tall and rugged but slightly skinny. He wore a long robe as he slowly walked to the front of the woman.

“Mhm.” The woman nodded her head. Her beautiful eyes stared at the male, and her expression faintly changed. However, the change was only for an instant, and quickly her eyes returned to their original disposition.

“Where do you plan on going next time?” asked the man.

“I don’t have any plans; nevertheless, I won’t stay here.” said the woman.

The man’s gaze never left the woman. His expression was extremely complicated. Within the gentle look there was a mixed bit of helplessness and bitterness, “If there’s a day you ever feel tired, then come back.”

The woman didn’t say anything. After being silent for awhile, it seemed as if she was hesitating, as the emotion in her eyes seemed to wander a bit.

“Say what you want to say.” The male seemed to understand everything about the woman.

The woman looked at the man once more before finally speaking: “Tiancheng, I want to bring Mu Er with me.”

Chu Tiancheng’s expression instantly changed. Even though he tried his hardest to mask it, his expression was still revealed.

“Mu Er is already…” The words nearly came out of Chu Tiancheng’s mouth, but he didn’t dare to speak anymore.

“What happened? What happened to him?” The mood of the woman had previously been rather aloof and arrogant. Only when discussing this matter would there be a tinge of emotion.

Chu Tiancheng was slightly bitter as he swallowed back his words and said: “Nothing, I let him go away to learn. He will return in a year.”

“Who's with him? Can his safety be guaranteed?” The woman subsequently asked.

“It’s only in a relatively safe area. Nothing bad should occur.” said Chu Tiangcheng.

“How about this. When he turns 18, I will bring him to my place and give him a grand adulthood ceremony. Then I’ll let him officially enter Soul Palace. Afterwards, I’ll help him become an official soul pet trainer.” Said the woman.

If it was before, when Chu Tiancheng heard these words, perhaps he would instantly crease his eyebrows and silently think for a while. However, currently, he was full of pain and a changed man; he numbly nodded his head.

The woman seemed to think that Chu Tiancheng’s answer was a bit overly straightforward. A faint trace of suspicion appeared in her eyes.

However, the woman didn’t ponder over this any longer. She noticed Chu Tiancheng’s slightly decrepit manner and, although she was a bit unreconciled, she didn’t know what to say. After a while, she opened her mouth and said:

“I can make the Soul Alliance remove the ban on you. Come to Soul Palace. If you stay here…”

“Removing or not removing it has no significance to me. Leave.” Chu Tiancheng interrupted her, turned around and left.

“In two years I will bring Mu Er away from here…”

“I don’t have any objections. Right now I cannot even protect him.”

As she watched the back of Chu Tiancheng gradually grow farther away, a slight ripple manifested in her heart. In the past, Chu Tiancheng would never use this tone of voice when talking with her. He would also never interrupt her and then leave.

She had noticed Chu Tiancheng’s abnormality today, and it seemed like he was hiding something.

The woman didn’t mull over it any longer. She stayed in the courtyard for a short while before summoning her soul pet. Ascending to the blue skies, she disappeared amidst the white clouds.

Next to the courtyard, Chu Tiancheng stood in the midair in a corridor. His head was tilted upwards as he watched the woman nimbly fly away. His expression became gloomy again, and in the darkness of the eave, it caused this somewhat desolate man to seem even more lonely and sentimental.

“Everyone in Wangluo City knows that Mu Er is no longer here. Aside from Mu Er, who can occupy your heart, in this enormous city with over a million people, you don’t pay attention to a single person…”

The fog on Prisoner Island lingered the entire year. Here, there were no seasons or any torrential rainfall. Instead, it was always small drizzles of rain. During this time, the entire island became extremely muddy.

In the grey sky above Prisoner Island, one could always see a few soul pets soaring in the air. In the boundless mountain range, there were the songs of birds and the roars of beasts. There were even a few plants that would suddenly stand up and move their limbs, removing the accumulated water on their bodies.

Rain unceasingly fell, washing away the puddle of blood under the plants...

“That’s the fourth piece.” Chu Mu stood in the curtain of rain, and he slowly found the blood soaked map.

​Although Chu Mu was standing in the rain, there weren’t any indication that he was wet at all. This was because above his head was an odd branch and leaf that absorbed all the rain that fell.

The plant standing next to Chu Mu was an extremely bizarre plant. If it wasn’t for that branch and leaf, it would look like the top of a tree. From far away, it looked like a ferocious man covered in muscle.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, you must be tired. Go back and rest.” Chu Mu chanted an incantation and recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier into the soul pet space.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was the soul pet that Chu Mu subdued when he became a seventh remembrance Spirit Soldier. At that time, Chu Mu, Mo Xie, and the Ice Air Fairy almost paid their lives for it.

When Chu Mu obtained the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, it was but a mere walnut sized seed. The reason why they had to expend such painful efforts was because the Devil Tree Battle Soldier seed was being guarded by a fourth phase Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier: Plant Kingdom - wood type - Devil Tree species - Devil Tree Battle Soldier subspecies - high class warrior rank

Devil Tree Battle Soldiers were definitely an unusual breed among the Plant Kingdom. Their fighting strength was extremely terrifying, and they could rival many pure beast type soul pets.

Devil Tree Battle Soldiers could be regarded as having both types (plant and beast) traits. They possessed strength, defensive strength, speed and could also use nature’s power. If a Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t encounter any soul pet that countered its attribute, it was rare to find adversaries amongst the warrior rank realm. Chu Mu was able to beat the fourth phase Devil Tree Battle Soldier because Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Devil Flame happened to suppress the wood type. Otherwise, Chu Mu’s soul pets would not have been able to break open the fourth phase Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s defense.

After obtaining the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu put the seed in his spatial ring. Using wood type soul cores, he began raising it. Once it matured, he signed a soul pact with it.

Currently, the Devil Tree seed had reached Chu Mu’s height, and was at the third phase second stage. Of course, Chu Mu also gave the wood type soul crystals in Shang Shi’s spatial purse to the Devil Tree seed; otherwise, the Devil Tree seed would still be at about the second phase eighth stage.

Chu Mu had already stayed on Prison island for a year. In this year, the number of soul pets and prisoners that Chu Mu had killed were innumerable. His only goal right now was to make all the names on the scroll except his dark...

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