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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 59: Doesn't Want to Become a Consort

That gaze was extremely chilly!

Minister Jing still forgot himself. He simply didn't pay attention to the deep meaning within Baili Jia Jue's eyes.

Helian Jiao Er then looked at the side of Baili Jia Jue's face. On her vermillion lips was a smile that displayed great pleasure at another person's misfortune. Third Prince won't be patient anymore!

Sure enough, Baili Jia Jue's dense brows knitted together, indifferent and without revealing any clues.

Helian Wei Wei's expression didn't change as she stood. A self-indulgent look of if it suits you then fine, if it doesn't suit you then deliver the punishment.

She knew. These people were all waiting to see her being put to shame, to see how Third Prince was going to give her a lesson for not having manners.

It didn't matter to her. She was just this kind of person. If she should act, she would act. She couldn't watch such a tender little stuffed bun get bullied.

Hmm…….actually, she'd just pinched the little stuffed bun's face.

That soft and tender sensation simply could not be any better!

However, what she couldn't understand was why the Third Prince used a look of 'strange auntie' to look at her, which somehow also carried a familiar sense of thoughtfulness.

Just when she was going to look more carefully, that aloof and remote man already retracted his gaze. From a side of the silver mask, one couldn't make out any movement. His whole body expressed a kind of extremely opulent indolence as he sat down at the seat of honor. His hand propped up one side of his face as he levelly said, "Come over here."

Huh? Who was the Third Prince calling?

Everybody hadn't reacted when they saw the little guy pa da pa da running over, and called out cutely, "Brother."

Brother? ? ?

Helian Jiao Er's face turned bright red in a flash as she retreated higgledy piggledy.

Everybody displayed stiff expressions.

Even Wei Wei's eyebrows jumped from surprise. She never expected that this little chowhound surprisingly would be born from the imperial family.

"Mm." Baili Jia Jue casually answered as he continued to move the ring on his hand. Even the tone of his voice was consistently emotionless, "Minister Jing feels that Seventh Brother has offended me in what way? Can you explain more carefully."

Minister Jing could say sh*t. Earlier on, his entire body was already scared stiff. His pair of legs trembled and only wanted to kneel down!

Baili Jia Jue looked at him mockingly and only spoke to Eunuch Sun, "Eunuch Sun."

"I am here." Eunuch Sun bent over to receive his order.

The tone of Baili Jia Jue's voice didn't change in the slightest. It was as before, neither cold nor hot (lukewarm), "Tell Minister Fang that within three days, I will personally come to make a visit. Raid and confiscate his house."

"Yes." Eunuch Sun's skin tightened.

Fang Ting Ting's entire body became stunned, as if she was struck by lightning. She kneeled on the ground with a plop.

"Your Highness!" My father has been an honest and upright official all along. You shouldn't be like this, shouldn't do this!"

Baili Jia Jue fed the little guy a mouthful of meat jerky. After that, he turned his head and looked over while smiling a smile that was not a smile, "Honest and upright official?"

Upon hearing these words, Helian Jiao Er knew things were not encouraging. She wanted to tell Fang Ting Ting not to say anything more, yet didn't want to wade through muddy waters.

Fang Ting Ting had always been spoiled by her family and cried out in alarm, "My father has done so much for the government, what wrong is there to receive a bit of money!"

Hearing this, Minister Jing also became distressed. How could this miss of the Fang family be so stupid!

From now on, it'd be difficult to clean up this matter!

Wei Wei yawned while thinking about which snacks would be suitable for watching this drama. So while she was at it, she took some pastries and put them in her mouth.

Baili Jia Jue's indifferent tone of voice again sounded out, "Eunuch Sun, when you're heading to Minister Fang's mansion, bring Miss Fang along. Let her repeat the words she'd just said to Minister Fang again, and also inform Minister Fang of what wrongs he'd committed. If the daughter he'd raised was ignorant of everything except how to eat, like the Helian family's eldest daughter, maybe he could've still hold on to that head on top of his neck."


Wei Wei choked on the dessert in her mouth.

If this Third Prince wanted to punish people, then punish people. Why on earth must he drag her out for comparison?

And even used that kind of 'besides eating, what else can you do' aloof tone of voice.

However, one had to say, this man was really cruel enough in the way he did things.

Generally, if someone was being put to death, they'd be put to death.

Yet he'd insisted on having people know why he wanted to put them to death.

Wasn't this clearly wanting to bring people even more vexation.

Was this his way of thinking that only confiscating possessions wasn't enough to vent his anger, so he went and incidentally killed the Fang family while admonishing the Su family, since the two families both had connections to Minister Jing?

Wei Wei was indeed very smart.

Because Baili Jia Jue's next words were, "Master Jing, do you need to compose an accounts book right now to send into court, so that Prime Minister Su along with you can plea for leniency on minister Fang's behalf?"

"This commoner wouldn't dare! This commoner wouldn't dare!"

Immediately, even Minister Jing kneeled down. There wasn't any color on his lips. There thoroughly wasn't any of the daring and energetic complacency of the last few days.

Fang Ting Ting knew, this time, their family was thoroughly doomed.

Even until she was dragged away by people, she still didn't understand where the crime was when all was said and done.

The number of people who received the news from afar this time was more than usual. As early as several days ago, people already began waiting for the Third Prince to come, so that they could take advantage of the opportunity to build connections.

How did they get careless and ended up offending someone.

Moreover, no one had ever informed them that the seventh prince was at White Academy……

No matter how she thought about it, Fang Ting Ting could not figure it out, because right now, besides regret, only fear of Baili Jia Jue remained.

Not merely her, even Minister Jing also didn't dare to say anything.

He knew clearly. The reason Third Prince hadn't seized anything from him, was because this was White Academy.

Anybody who came to White Academy all needed to abide by White Academy's regulations. They can't disobey the principle, and they can't use imperial authority.

These were rules set up by the Retired Emperor. From beginning to end, no one could violate them.

That's why Baili Jia Jue didn't have Fang Ting Ting thrown into the dungeons, and instead, under the premise of 'leave of absence', to have people escort her to the Fang mansion.

And in regards to disposing of Minister Fang, the regulation was that regarding any matters outside of White Academy, Third Prince didn't need to have any misgivings.

It was White Academy's regulations that protected this one life of his.

When Minister Jing stood up, his back was wet with cold sweat. He cautiously sat back down in his original seat, and simply wished this evening banquet could immediately end.

Whereas Helian Jiao Er, as if her life depended on it, was in the process of making up for the consequences produced by her standing on the wrong side just now. In a soft voice, she laughingly turned behind her and instructed someone, "Tell the chef at the back to make some more food. The most important thing is to allow Seventh Prince to eat a good meal."

After speaking, she turned towards Baili Kong Chen and smiled.

In fact, the little guy simply didn't throw her off, as his little cute face said, "Brother, don't need to make the uncle master chef at the back work harder, I'm fine with eating meat stuffed steamed buns."

The hand Helian Jiao Er had lifted up stiffened. Her smiling face also almost collapsed.

Helian Mei immediately saved her from embarrassment, "Second Sister, Seventh Prince really is understanding. When I was little, I'd eat whatever I wanted to eat. I'd never think about the chef at the back working hard."

"Mm hm. Previously, I didn't know our little fellow student's identity, but I'm thinking that this child is actually really steady and thoughtful. Just a moment ago, he was extremely hungry, that's why he unexpectedly did those kinds of cute things." Helian Jiao Er had proved herself to be shameless for a long time now. Previously, she was sneering at the little guy, and now she made a 180 degrees turn. Her praise could be said to be so watertight that not one drop of water could leak out.

Wei Wei felt that hearing this kind of flattery really was senseless. After she finished eating, she straightforwardly rested on the desktop, propped up the side of her face and began to get sleepy. She obviously already tossed the matter of the consort selection to the back of her mind.

Sitting by Baili Jia Jue's side, the little guy cutely looked at her for a period of time. After that, he turned his head around and said, "Brother, look at that girl. She fell asleep again. It seems that she doesn't have any interest in becoming a consort."

"Mm hm." Baili Jia Jue's eyelids indifferently blinked. One totally couldn't tell whether he was happy or angry. Merely, that pair of long and narrow eyes beneath the silver mask seemed like they had lost all warmth, so cold that it somewhat froze……

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