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Chapter 58: Something Unintended Happened

Very obviously, Baili Jia Jue's arrival changed the entire banquet's atmosphere.

The principal didn't appear at all this time, so Minister Jing was left responsible for the whole banquet.

Many teachers were wondering in their minds if the principal was going to fall into disgrace.

They said that this was a consort selection, and yet Third Prince didn't seem to be expressing much interest.

Eunuch Sun was the person who kept up the facade. He didn't need Baili Jia Jue to open his mouth to have already taken care of everything. He was reserved while accompanying Minister Jing.

Minister Jing originally was going to strike up a conversation with Baili Jia Jue, yet when he saw the person, he actually became a bit timid.

He certainly wasn't a rookie who hadn't experienced grand occasions. However, in front of this young prince, he didn't know why, but there surprisingly was an indescribable kind of oppressive feeling.

Within the entire banquet, the seatings for men and women were divided into sides. On the left side sat only those prestigious young masters from the Superior Compound, while on the right side sat the young ladies from distinguished families.

In modern times, we would call this a high society dinner party.

What should we be doing at a dinner party?

It would be to eat, of course!

But none of them were moving their chopsticks, and this made Wei Wei feel very conflicted.

The point of her coming here was for a free meal, yet she hadn't even eaten a bite of appetizer. That’s just too much of a disappointment.

However, before she was too disappointed, a child who was sitting in his chair stood up. With his little body, he cutely and forcefully said, "Master Jing, when will we start the meal, I'm hungry."

Everybody's gaze instantly focused on that little kid's body.

Aside from those young lords and young ladies who were fellow students from the Superior Compound, all of the new students revealed a surprised expression.

They haven't forgotten who the little kid was.

At the time they entered the academy, he even held a meat bun while he sent someone flying with a kick.

However, that wasn't what's important. The crucial point is, how did he have the guts to pick at Master Jing's thorn at the moment!

Even if he had the Superior Compound as support, he was still a bit too undisciplined, wasn't he?

Originally, Eunuch Sun was going to ask where did this brat come from to be so poor at judging the situation. Yet when he laid eyes on him, his hand shook so much he almost dropped the thing he was holding.

That, wasn't that, wasn't that His Little Highness?

How could he be here?

Mama help me, what's up with that bald head?

What happened to His Little Highness' silky black hair? !

Where did it go, where did it all go? !

The little guy didn't care one bit about the looks people were giving him. His legs that were as chunky as a lotus root stuck out from his white martial arts practice clothes. His chubby cheeks seriously asked again, "When in the world are we going eat? If it's going to be later, I'm going into the kitchen first before coming back."

Eunuch Sun:…….

Boo hoo hoo, after His Little Highness came to White Academy, he was allowed to become so shamefully hungry!

That won't do, no can do. When he returned to the palace this time, he must take His Little Highness back with him!

Minister Jing saw how Eunuch Sun was always frowning as he looked at the little boy, and thought it was because he disliked how rude the little child was. He instantly became more energetic.

Previously, he was already unhappy when he saw Tusu Feng bring this Little Bald Head. Why not take advantage of the opportunity this time to show him who's the boss.

Minister Jing narrowed his eyes, and expressed annoyance on the surface. "Kong Chen, sit down."

Having heard that, the boy's chubby handsome face frowned and bunched up, but he actually didn't sit down in accordance with Minister Jing's instruction at all, and instead stood there. His body earnestly conveyed that he really wanted to eat!

Having been contradicted like this, Minister Jing felt like he lost face so badly, his old face couldn't be shown anymore. He was so angry, he almost stood up!

Helian Jiao Er, Fang Ting Ting, and Helian Mei, upon seeing this, one after another, glanced at each other while laughing lightly, "This little fellow apprentice, you should really sit down first. If you keep on standing, then you’ll be impolite. At that time, even the academy president will be troubled."

"Listen to us older sisters. This kind of function really can’t allow for tempers." Helian Jiao Er followed after and said, "Luckily, Minister Jing's temper is good. If his temper wasn't good, you would've already been punished."

The two people's words sounded like they were helping the little kid out of a predicament, but in reality, they were taking Minister Jing's place in criticizing this trash who failed to appreciate someone's kindness.

He was but a disciple who the academy president brought, yet he'd run rampant within the academy. Even if his qi was more powerful, he should've been supervised and disciplined by someone early on, so that when he got older, he wouldn't ignore everybody"s instructions. If they gave him this lesson now, it would also make him know who really was the boss at this White Academy!

His fellow apprentice brothers and sisters from the Superior Academy wouldn't say anything. Firstly, they were playing it safe. Secondly, they knew that somebody the academy president brought would absolutely not be simple.

In the beginning, all of the martial uncles within the academy were beaten up all over by him. Even though they didn't know who he was, but they could guess roughly that he most likely came from an influential family. He also had an eighty to one hundred percent chance of being an heir of a great clan.

Because ever since the first day they entered the academy, this little guy was already raised at White academy, and very few people knew of it.

This really wasn’t something an ordinary person could do, unless he had an extremely illustrious background.

However, his illustrious background was now useless. It's Minister Jing who was displeased. They could not go and offend a prestigious and universally respected instructor within the academy for the sake of a little boy.

The little guy looked left and right. The more his little face stretched, the tighter it became. His hungry tummy left him very little patience. Even his ears also followed and drooped down, the first sign that he was about to go beserk.

As Eunuch Sun looked on, his heart painfully weeped, yet didn't know how to open his mouth. He could only turn to give his master a fierce and meaningful glance.

Baili Jia Jue's was playing with his ring with lowered eyes, without appearing the least bit anxious.

When Eunuch Sun saw this, he knew it was the end!

It's not the end of His Little Highness, rather it's the end for the Jing family and the rest of them!

Eunuch Sun's attention hadn't turned back over here when a cold voice was heard rising from the ground. It didn't contain any feeling whatsoever, "His tummy is hungry. Of course he needs to eat. Moreover, the boy was in fact not just mildly hungry. He only needed to eat a bit of food, and you guys make such a fuss saying this and that. Did you feel that because the principal isn't here, you can then bully this little fellow student?"

It was Wei Wei. She was standing behind the little guy. Her left hand was languidly resting on the little guy's shoulder.

She sharply swept a glance over everybody. Finally, her eyes rested Minister Jing's body, "Minister Jing, you weren't really thinking that, were you, hmm?"

Minister Jing's face turned white from being looked at by that kind of gaze!

Helian Jiao Er came over to say, "Oldest Sister, why did you accuse Minister Jing unjustly. I think he absolutely didn't have this intent."

"Didn't have this intent?" Wei Wei laughed out loud and raised her brows, "Then I would like to ask Younger Sister instead. Since he didn't want to take advantage of the fact that the principal isn't here to bully little student brother, then what were you guys doing just now?" She only believed in her own fierce heart and lazy hands. She won't shrink from committing any deeds. If other people hit her once, she would definitely return it tenfold. This time, her objective in coming to the banquet was very clear. It's to satisfy the head count. Not to participate in any planning or scheming whatsoever. It's just that she truly could not continue to look at a crowd of people sneering at a little stuffed bun (*endearing way to refer to a chubby little guy). They really can even run their mouths at a little boy.

Helian Jiao Er was stifled by her words to the point of feeling vexed, and didn't know how to refute them, so she just simply didn't utter a sound.

This could also be counted as an accidental harvest.

Earlier, she was trying to exasperate that slut, yet the slut hadn't fallen into the trap.

Now, unexpectedly, Wei Wei was standing up for a little piece of trash instead. This wasn't something she anticipated.

However, what the Third Prince detested the most was people who couldn't judge the situation.

She actually wanted to see what sorry end this little slut would be a part of!

Helian Jiao Er hung her head. Her eyes flashed a bit sinisterly. Even if that slut had made some progress, so what. Wasn't she still the same as before and didn't know what she should say at what time. A lifetime of being spoiled couldn't be changed no matter how. This, then, was destined to be that slut's Achilles' heel.

Minister Jing, as if he's also grasped this point firmly, carried an elder's attitude as he said, "Helian Wei Wei is talking nonsense! I only asked him to sit down, so as to avoid him offending the Third Prince."

After Baili Jia Jue heard these words, he finally lifted his eyes and very slowly, very very slowly glanced at Minister Jing……

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