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Chapter 60: His Highness' Consort Selection

And Eunuch Sun, who was standing by Baili Jia Jue's side, just so happened to see this scene right in front of his eyes. He was only thinking of how to save the situation. As much as possible, he raised the volume of his voice by a few decibels, "Before I left the palace, Retired Emperor had already directed that he wanted to observe the various young ladies' ability. It's not good to fight and kill. However, I've also already consulted with Minister Jing. Every year, White Academy has always allowed the newly admitted students to enter Spirit Forest to contract with a spirit beast of their own. How about we take care of this matter earlier this year. As I see it, the results will also make a good report for the esteemed Retired Emperor."

All of the citizens within Dragon War Empire knew, the one Retired Emperor loved most was Third Prince. For the past so many years, he'd continuously urged Third Prince to choose a consort.

If it weren't for the fact that Third Prince had avoided beautiful women all along, he wouldn't still be unmarried at this age.

Now that Third Prince had finally agreed to choose a consort, the one who's happiest really could be none other than Retired Emperor, so of course, his requirements for the one who will be chosen to become consort were also numerous.

It's just that when everyone heard about the matter of contracting a spirit beast, they all flinched a bit.

Even though most of the young girls were students from the Superior Compound, there is, nevertheless, a disparity between each person's ability. Some people were simply incapable of contracting with a spirit beast, unless their spiritual knowledge had reached a certain extent.

"It looks like Retired Emperor has already known that the genius Jiao Er has appeared at White Academy. That's why he purposefully produced such a difficult problem. It's basically just like he's already clearly identified Sister Jiao Er, hasn't he."

Helian Jiao Er affectionately pinched the person who was talking's cheeks, "You really know how to make fun of me."

"How am I making fun of you. Go look at Third Prince. From the moment he's come in and thereafter, he simply hasn't looked at any other person. All along, he's been looking towards us on this side. If he's not looking at you, can it be possible that he's looking at that dark and swarthy good-for-nothing, right?" That person mockingly turned towards Wei Wei, whose upper body was resting on top of the wooden desk, and glanced over. "Only knows how to sleep all day. Look at the stuff on top of the table. She's practically eaten clean all of the plates. Truly is someone who doesn't know a thing about society. Sister Jiao Er, Sister Mei, really and truly, how did you guys endure living together with this kind of person at the Defense Division."

Helian Jiao Er sighed one long sigh in disappointment and feigned sympathy, "Don't say anymore. It's only because Oldest Sister's aptitude is too low. It's difficult for her heart to avoid feeling inferior. That's why she's like that."

"Sister Jiao Er, you're just too kind, yet also so beautiful. No wonder apart from you, Third Prince just simply doesn't look at anybody else."

Helian Jiao Er's face blushed from hearing that, then she said, "Nonsense." She was fully satisfied at heart. As timidly shy as a flower, she turned and took a glance at that aloof and remote man. When she faced his gaze, her pair of cheeks burned even hotter.

Baili Jia Jue's gaze, from beginning to end, didn't leave that girl on the mat who was sleeping. The chill within his gaze became more and more evil as time passed.

When raising a pet, one needed to constantly pick at her a bit. If she's too comfortable, she would instead fail to appreciate her owner.

A very good hunter of course would know how to control this kind of disobedient pet. As long as he grasped the root of her thorn and plucked it out, then she could settle down!

The Little Bald Head holding a meat filled steamed bun in his mouth looked at Wei Wei sleeping deeply. Looked again at the smile that was not a smile on Baili Jia Jue, who always gave people the impression of being holy and pure as if a deity existed. His plump cute eyes paused and turned to Wei Wei's direction again to take another glance.

After that,his small head leaned a bit and his little handsome face assessed cooly, "Can be counted as a possibility."

What, what could be counted as a possibility?

Eunuch Sun, who's been making an all-out effort on behalf of His Little Highness who’s holding a meat bun, felt his mouth twitching. It absolutely must not be what he’s thinking.

"That Wei Wei, I’ve seen her go to the Commerce Plaza before." Little Bald Head took a big bite out of his meat bun. He also didn’t lift his head, "She can make money and is able to provide for Third Brother. Moreover, Third Brother is already her kept man, yeah."

What? Who was already a kept man? ! ! ! !

Eunuch Sun fiercely swallowed his saliva.

His Little Highness, even though you’re master's biological brother, you still can’t talk like this!

You should know that when master loses his temper, he actually doesn’t even recognize any relations anymore!

"I just don’t know if she can cook." When Little Bald Head felt conflicted, his little eyebrows furrowed up. He looked seriously at Baili Jia Jue, "Third Brother, I still think that you should think it over again carefully. It’s better if you find one who can cook."

In what way was that better! Eunuch Sun 'huh huh'd twice. We were selecting a consort, not selecting a chef, jeez! ! !

However, these were all not the main point.

The crux of the matter is how come his master didn’t have any reaction at all.

Eunuch Sun turned towards Baili Jia Jue's direction again and looked over, barely just in time to catch that arc displayed on his mouth.

As if he saw some kind of interesting toy. Captivatingly handsome, fully able to entrap all women.

He still remembered the last time when His Highness displayed this expression, he was seven.

At Phoenix Mountain, he bare handedly captured a fire qilin, and even had that fire qilin trained to become a purely vegetarian spirit breast.

Fire qilins, my goodness.

No meat meant no joy for these spirit beasts.

Merely by stomping its foot, it was able to cause a city to shake and fall down.

It had never obeyed anyone’s lead. The ancient past's most violent spirit beast.

Surprisingly, it was reduced to the level of becoming a vegetarian.

One can well imagine his master at that time……cough, cough, how abnormal he was.

However, just like how it's been circulated at the marketplace, since after that big fire, the fire qilin spirit beast was also lost.

Carefully accounting for time, it’s been quite a long time since he’d seen that God of Plagues.

However, His Highness was unexpectedly displaying an identical demonic smile as he had at that time.

Inexplicably, Eunuch Sun shivered. After a moment, he must firmly pull his master to a stop. He absolutely mustn’t let him act. These actually were all young girls from influential families who came to enter the contest. Not some little cat or little dog. Uh, hello!

Wait a moment, wait!

Eunuch Sun suddenly saw Baili Jia Jue in front of him standing up. His eyelids couldn’t help but jump.

Master, where were you thinking of going!

Following Baili Jia Jue’s motion of standing up, all of the noises at the dinner banquet disappeared.

The young ladies who were eating pastries with their little mouths, one after another they stopped what their hands were doing and held their breaths. Seeing that pure, handsome, and disciplined figure passing before their eyes, dispersing a faintly discernable, fresh and elegant scent of sandalwood. It smelled so good, it caused people to not want to defile it.

Helian Jiao Er looked at the young man getting closer and closer to her. Her heart jumped so much, it almost was going to jump out of her throat.

She pretended to reservedly look left and right, afterwhich she bit at her thin lips. Her pair of beautiful eyes were pitiably brimming over as she looked at Baili Jia Jue.

She had always known when she should use what kind of a posture to look at a man in order to arouse his desire to protect.

In the past, she depended on exactly this method to make Murong Chang Feng almost misread Wei Wei, that slut.

Now, she was confident that she could make Third Prince place her at the apex of his heart.

Moreover, she was already halfway to success, wasn't she.

Like what they'd said just now, ever since Third Prince had come, he'd always looked in this direction.

It could clearly be seen that Third Highness wasn't indifferent towards her.

Thinking to this point, the corners of Helian Jiao Er's mouth curved up into an even more bashful smile……

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