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Published at 8th of December 2019 03:01:22 PM
Chapter 48

Snowball Fight - Brothers versus Sisters (First Part) 

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「Uuー . . . . . it’s cold . I’ll definitely catch a cold . 」

「What are you talking about . I don’t think Torr will be able to catch a cold .

「That’s right . 」

 Torr shook his body as he walks along the road .

Asmo and I, who were walking behind him replied to Torr’s mutter while being amazed .  1 


「Well, maybe so . Since Al made an improvised bath for me!」

 Maybe Torr simply fail to understand our tsukkomi, as he replied in such a joyful way .

 Nah, what Asmo and I meant is that idiot can’t catch a cold, but since there’s no need to go out of my way to make him angry so I’ll just keep quiet .

 Torr splendidly went ‘splash’ into the river in midwinter . At the outset, Asmo is also supposed to fall with Torr, but I prevent that by creating a magic shield at the last moment .

 Torr seems indignant that I only saved Asmo, but once I quickly prepare a drum bath with an instant earth magic , his expression instantly turns to one of joy .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 So, the reason he got cold before is because of the cold he feels after taking a hot bath .

There are some villagers who can use a simple magic, but there seems to be no villagers who had enough power to prepare a bath . You can also prepare a bath by drawing water from the river or the well, but it would take tremendous effort and not to mention, time . Having said that, one can’t get a large amount of water with magic .   scelusceleris . blogspot . com

And there’s no point about it if you don’t have the crucial bathtub . So generally, people would just wipe their body by using hot water in a bucket .

For this reason, Torr seems to be happy as he was able to take a bath for the first time in a while .

As a Japanese, I wouldn’t be able to bear with it . What’s with only wiping your body .

 And there’s Emoneesama, so maybe I should make a bath in this guys house next time .

 Even though I’m attracted to taking a bath with the drum can while comfortably enjoying the snowy landscape, I hesitate about it on the way back . I got attracted with gazing at the scenery of the snowy landscape while comfortably taking a bath, I thought about it as I walk back and hesitate to continue . Rather, it’s surely cold on the way to the mansion .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

When we returned from the river, and went back to the square, for some reason there was the trio of Eleonorneesan, Emoneesama, and Sheilsan . I wonder what happened .

 And the villagers in the surroundings gazes are heading in this direction, furtively at that .

 As we proceed feeling uneasy and being on guard, with her arms crossed, Eleonorneesan who shut her eyes opened her mouth .

「Al . What is that ice statue? 」

Ice statue?  Ahー, it’s the one made by the three of us .

「Ahー, that . It’s a work that I’m proud of . The three of us made it!」

When I answered with a smile, Eleonorneesan and the others look at each other and nodded .

 What is it? It’s like they’re saying ‘It’s their doing as expected’ .

『I told you!』

『Ahー, this is really can’t be tolerated . . 』

I can hear the low voices of the villagers from the distance .

「What’s wrong with the ice statue that we’ve made?」

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 With a tension-filled and quivering voice, Torr ask Eleonorneesan .

 Maybe deep inside, he’s feeling lucky and glad that he can talk directly with Eleonorneesan .

「’What’s wrong?’ Why don’t you look at that and ask again?」

 Sending a sharp gaze to our direction, Eleonorneesan points at the ice statue .

 Over there is the thing we made with a lot of trouble, the figures that can be said to be the crystallization of beauty ――wasn’t there anymore .

I truly don’t understand it .

The proportions that we were particular about were messed up by someone, the appearance became so unsightly, that I can’t bear to see it . The stomach area is sticking out, making it look grotesque what’s with the muscles and all . It’s as if all of that is done by a mischievous child . I could’ve said something if the statues were messed up even up to the face, but you can understand the motives since it is clear that only the face part is left alone .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

It’s just that, the statue of Eleonorneesan is untouched, only the chest part is bigger .

Perhaps, the culprit follows their instinct that it’s better not to turn Eleonorneesan to be an enemy, but this is obviously a provocation .  

「No, that’s not us! 」

「What do you mean by ‘not us’! You said yourself that Al and the two of you is the one who made it right?」

Eleonorneesan’s angry voice came along with the flying snowball .

Avoiding the snowballs that aggressively flew toward us, we withdraw behind a house .

Da, darn it . I certainly smiles while saying that .

I want to punch the past me .

Be that as it may, Eleonorneesan is already prepared to throw the snowball from the beginning .

「It’s not us who did it!」

『Ah, but I saw Torr scape against the chest part of Ema’s ice statue you know . 』

『Me too me too . I saw that brat Torr scraping the chest part of Ema’s ice statue in large chunks while grinning』

 Torr trying to voiced out on his defense, but the timing is bad as the voices of the villagers can also be heard .

 Why are you guys looking at such a bad timing .

「Don’t say such unnecessary things you guys!」

「Heー, as expected, it’s Torr after all . 」

Emoneesama prepares a snowball with a flat voice . Her eyes, her eyes seems to have no highlight on it .

「Wai, that’s not true neechan! I just――」


Not allowing for him to say anything, the snowballs are thrown, forcing Torr to withdraw .

「Hey, neechan? What Torr’s did has nothing to do with me okay? That’s why you don’t have to take some snow like that?」

The only person not hiding among the three of us - Asmo - tried to persuade her sister, Sheilsan .

That brat, is he trying to save his own skin .

「Ehー? I don’t care about that . I just wanted to try some snowball fightー」

Such a wicked smile . She’s also a dangerous person in a different sense than our sister .

「Oi, what should we do?」

「No, but I feel that it’s troublesome to salvage the situation at this rate . 」

「Sheilneechan is also helpless you know . 」

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「Don’t hide and come out!」

「They’re hiding because they’re having a guilty conscience right . 」

Even as they get closer and talk, there’s no sign that the storm of snowballs will stop .

「……now that it has come to this, let’s do it . 」

It’s difficult to stop Eleonorneesan once she became like that . I made up my mind as we stare at each other’s eyes .

「Aah, it’s not a bad idea to overcome our sister once in a while . ……It’s a good chance to show Eleonorsama a cool side of me . 」

「I don’t have any reason to do that, but it can’t be helped since I’m being targeted and all . 」

「「I already expect that, move it fatty . 」」
「I can beg for my life by selling you guys right? 」

「「It’s a joke, a joke . 」」

 The storm of snowballs stop coming here . When I look at them, I could see that they’re mass producing snowballs . They’re made in succession at a frightening speed, and soon, a mountain is piled up .

 Especially the rate at which Sheilsan make snowballs is staggering . Did she like doing such simple tasks I wonder .

「One of Sheilneesan’s strong point is making snowballs . She said that she likes doing simple task since it’s easy . 」

「My sister also had similar idea . Though the people at my house doesn’t lack the ability to concentrate . 」

On the other hand, Eleonorneesan doesn’t make any snowballs, she’s being vigilant toward us while standing in an imposing stance .

Similar to an elementary school student who only likes throwing on dodgeball . I said ‘similar’, but the truth is she looked to be one .

「Yosh, we’ll win this . Let’s prove them that little brothers are better than big sisters . 」


We harbor such hope, as we planned our strategy .


 ×     ×      ×


「Let’s go!」


「I’ll make the snowball . 」

 We jump out from behind the house as we talk to each other .

「You guys finally came out!」

 As if to say that she was waiting for us, Eleonorneesan throw a snowball toward us .

The snowball grazed at my cheek, and it hit the house we were hiding .

 And then there’s the dull sound of something broken . When I look back, I can see the snowball sunk in to the wall of the house as if it was hit by a blunt object .   scelusceleris . blogspot . com

『My house’s walllll~!』

『Give it up . Elman will take care of it . 』

 A sad voice can be heard from somewhere . But, now is not the time to worry about such small things .

「……I’m off . 」


「I know!」

With such a strong fastball, it’s the end once you receive it .

Although it’s a bit earlier than planned, we will widen the wall according to the plan .

「Ice Wall!」

I put my hand on the ground and cast an Ice magic .

And then, and ice wall is made on after another to protect us . The Ice Wall is not made in a row, but I made it at a certain interval so that it would be easier for us to move forward . This is so that it would also make it easier to attack one-sidedly .   scelusceleris . blogspot . com


「That’s amazingー . So many of them . 」

「As always, this younger brother is still showing off his strength in a useless place . 」

 The Ice Wall immediately shows it usefulness as it repulse the enemy snowballs one after another . We raise the corner of our mouth seeing the results, then we put half of our body out from the Ice Wall, and throw snowballs at them .

「Kyaa! Eleonorsama, the Ice Wall gets in the way as our snowballs can’t hit them!」

「Hahah! Serves you right neechan!」

「Muー, Asmo you sneaky bratー!」

「Don't care!」

 As far as I have looked at Asmo and Torr’s current state, it seems that we have the upper hand as planned .

『Oohー, this is getting interesting eh . Which side would you guys think will win?』

『At this rate, wouldn’t it be Alfried-sama’s side that will win?』

『Rather, how come he’s still fine after using magic to that extend . 』

『That’s One of The Seven Wonders for you . 』

『Either way, then Eleonorsama can’t win?』

『I(washi) will bet one copper coin for Alfried-sama!』

『I’ll bet two copper coins for Eleonorsama . 』

 A bit further from us, the villagers seem to be excited for some reason . And in the blink of an eye, the excitement spread, and people start to gather one after another .

 That’s right, aside from children not even once have I seen the village’s women . I wonder if everyone is doing their side job at home .   scelusceleris . blogspot . com

Nah, I’m sure those village women would allow their husband to play alone . . . . . But somehow, I feel that something bad is going to happen in some unknown place .

 As I was thinking such things, Eleonorneesan’s voice made me return to reality .

「If the wall is in the way, then why don’t we just go around . 」

 Passing through the wall at such a speed from there, Eleonorneesan goes around to reach my side .

「……that’s unfortunate, but there is a pitfall over there . 」

「Eeh? Kyaaa!」

「Hahaha, I knew that Eleonorneesan who’s strong point is close combat will come!」

I went to the place where Eleonorneesan fell, and covered the hole with ice magic and head for Torr’s side to provide support .

One would think why would I put my hand on the ground in the first place, well, that’s because I’m not doing that to create walls with ice magic, but to make the ground sink further .  

I made it to be quite deep, that should earn us some time .

「Torr, Asmo! I came to provide support!」

「Yossha! Throw at them, throw at them!」

 The situation changes from 3 to become 2 enemies, we got the upper hand .

Thanks to our fierce assault, Sheilsan and Emoneesama are retreating to a nearby house .

「Eat this!」

 And then, Asmo saw that as a chance to throw a snowball at the fleeing duo

It flew straight, and caught up to Sheilsan’s chest who is late in escaping .

「Ah . 」

「「「It missed!」」」


What elasticity . Certainly, the snowball released by Asmo hit Sheilsan’s chest . And yet, it bounced *poyon* and fell to the ground, as if the impact got absorbed by a soft cushion

「You’ve done it, Asmoー!」

In anger, Sheilsan threw a snowball to retaliate .

Asmo tried to hide himself behind the wall when he sees that, but there’s no wall to hide as he left it’s protection to chase after the duo, so his left stomach got hit .

And then, the snowball that’s supposed to make a *basss* sound after it hit Asmo and scatter around like white crystal is . . . . . .

『『『The ball disappeared!?』』』

「No, that’s not it! The ball is stuck between his flesh . !」


 With the words from Torr, the villagers went astir .

  . . . . . terrifying . What a sibling . We can only shudder at the result caused by the action of Asmo and Sheilsan .

「Al! How dare you do that to――kyaaa!」

Putting magic power on his hands and feet, Eleonorneesan crawled out from the pitfall’s cover, but then, Eleonorneesan landed on another pit .   scelusceleris . blogspot . com

「……Al, just how many pitfalls did you make?」

「Uh well, there are pitfalls on the area except where I am . 」

「……that’s nasty . 」

TL Note :

Idiot can’t get sick .
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