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Published at 25th of December 2019 01:35:10 PM
Chapter 49

Snowball Fight - Brothers versus Sisters (Second Part)

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「I’ve heard about it! Now that I know it, I should just go straight ahead!  Prepare yourself!」

 Crawling out of the hole, Eleonorneesan gleefully followed the traces of my footprints and come over.

Despite this being a snowball fight, I think it’s strange to use magic on your fists and legs.

 I think this will not become something like a snowball fight as it will turn into a fight full of fist fight.

 I throw a snowball at Eleonorneesan as she came straight at me.

The snowball flies straight to Eleonorneesan who foolishly charged in a straight line, but it was brushed away with her fist. 

「What the heck!?  Even though the inside of those lump of ice is made of Ice Magic!? 」

「And here I thought that snowball was awfully hard! Just what are you trying to do!」

 And why are you only able to make hot water once on every three times, even though you can use those higher grade technique of putting magic power into your body parts.

A mystery as usual.

Eleonorneesan approaches steadily while lowering her posture

「Torr! I’ll borrow some snowballs!」

「O, ooh!?」

Since I can’t make it if I made another snowballs, I take 10 snowballs from Torr using 『Psychic』magic and let it float. Using snow alone as material is not good enough, so I put a non-attribute magic 『Psychic』 on Torr’s ten snowballs and launch them. Of course, I reinforce the inner part of those snowballs with Ice Magic. It’s snowball in name only, but they are actually just lump of ice.

To the approaching Eleonorneesan, I made those snowballs to surround her and threw them from every direction.

 The speed is definitely faster than when you compare it to just throwing the snowball with one’s hand.

Even though I will be able to knock her down with just one hit from the snowballs which has a concealed strength, there’s still no sign that it will hit.

 Taking advantage of her supple body to twist herself out of the way, Eleonorneesan moved by crawling along the ground.

And in the middle of all that, the lump of ice that she decided to hit are smashed by her prideful hands or kicked.

 I can’t understand it. Truly can’t. I wonder when did Eleonorneesan job-change from a swordswoman to a fighter.

All of the ice are smashed with just Eleonorneesan’s body alone, as it glitter, the crystals fall. Her reddish-brown ponytail sways greatly as the white-silverish powder dance down.To other people, it must have looked beautiful, but it only look like something sickening to me.

「Resign yourself!」

 Toward the approaching Eleonorneesan, I threw an ordinary snowball.

「Ha! Doing something like that at this point in time!」

 Letting out a small snort, she tried to shake off the snowball with a composed look, but I change the trajectory with 『Psychic』 magic.


 Originally, the snowball headed to Eleonorneesan’s face, but then it graze slightly against her arm and hit her chest directly.

Splat! 1

It sounds like the snowball hit something hard.



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No, not good......if I laugh right now.......she’ll kill me.

Why is this world so cruel. For God to make such a difference in chest size.

 My gaze turns toward the now-petrified Eleonorneesan’s chest. The snowball lost its shape in that place, and the small particle of snow was flowing down smoothly. That’s right, because there’s nothing to obstruct the fall. It went down a flat hill.

Truly a big difference from Sheilsan.


 Ah, I must not laugh. I laughed involuntarily.

Thinking that I will be killed, I raise my gaze, and as expected, I see the figure of Eleonorneesan with her shoulder trembling.

「I asketh thee. A small fireball that thoroughly burns everything !」

 Seeming to chant desperately, the magic power gather in the palm of Eleonorneesan accordance to her chant, then producing a burning fireball. It was fired vigorously, melting our Ice Wall.

 All of the snow that got in the line of fire got melted, revealing the original soil underneath. It’s powerful as usual. She’s only good at making the temperature uselessly hot.

 The villagers raise their voices in astonishment seeing the power of the fireball, while Torr and Asmo scream.

「Alー! It’s dangerous! Our protective wall!」

「Hott! Uwa! The snowball melted!」

「Hold on! I’m going to rebuilt it!」

Aiming at the supply unit is unfair! 

「You think I will let you? Ema! Lend me a wooden sword!」


Along with Emoneesama’s dignified voice, the thrown wooden sword fits accurately in Eleonorneesan’s hand. Darn it, why are you even carrying a wooden sword on a day like this.

「Torr, Asmo! Let’s adjust our position!」


「I won’t let Al escape you know? This disgrace.......I won’t forgive you.」

 As I’m about to step back, this sister who is in front of me would not let me do so.

Torr and Asmo withdraw to a house, given that the Ice Wall disappears, and there is no more snow at our feet.

However, the enemy is certainly not going to miss that chance, they’re gleefully throws snowballs at us. And because of that, Torr who went out ahead seems to be delayed in getting away.

Asmo hid in the back of the house, and Torr somehow managed to finally reach the vicinity of the house.

「Yossha! Even if you hide behind a house, this is it!」

「Sheila! Focus on that!」


Snowballs are being launched from those two’s hands. Drawing a large parabola in the air, and hitting upon the icicles hanging on the roof.

「Hah!What’re you aiming a――ck, geh!」

 Throwing himself away, Torr managed to avoid the falling icicles - by a hair’s breadth - from high above without any incident.

「Welcome Torr.」


Because he moved away, Torr was suppressed(mounted) by Emoneesama in a flash.

Looking at that, I don’t think that, that I’m particularly envious of him. Meanwhile, Asmo on the other side noticed that Torr is somehow in a predicament.

It’ll be bad at this rate.

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 And then, I looked at the icicles from before, thought of an idea and give an order to Asmo.

「Asmo! Tackle toward that house!?」2
Asmo who manage to read my intention, shows a dark smile while nodding.

In the meantime, facing the other side’s circumstance, it seems that they haven’t done putting Torr down, making me question them.

That’s alright then, in that case the enemy will fall together with Torr. This is having mercy on him. What has become of a soldier caught by enemy soldier. It is a chance to thoroughly wipe the enemy out, it is by no means to make Torr a sacrifice....certainly not. This is the correct decision as a commander.

「Torr, don’t think badly of us.」


「What is it?」

「I wonder what are you going to doー?」

Hearing the voice of Asmo from the other side of the house, the movement of Emoneesama who mount Torr stopped suddenly. 3

 And immediately after that, a strike is dealt to the house, creating a creaking sound.

『That guy, what is he doing to my house! It’s gonna break! 』

『Well, well.』

『It’s an interesting part right now so be shut it.』

『I, in, interesting!?』

And then, the snow poured down fiercely from the sloping roof toward Torr and Emoneesan.

 So to speak, it’s a snow-drop. 4



Those two’s screams were interrupted in the middle and can’t be heard.

 But, since she stopped before she reached the house, Sheilsan is safe.

Well if she fight it out one-on-one with Asmo, then gradually――

「Why did Asmo also got buried!?」

 As I look toward Asmo to confirm his state, I could see him buried in snow on the other side of Torr and the others.

 I, I don’t understand it. Can’t you predict the falling snow’s direction would be in your direction you.

「Ahー, it’s not good everyoneー. You’re all retiredー」

Laughing pleasantly, I dig out Torr and the others. Somehow, Sheilsan turns to be part of a rescue team.

 The only person remaining here is just Eleonorneesan and I.

「It seems that you’ve done all sorts of petty tricks, and it looks like it’s a crushing defeat.」

 Taking a stance with her wooden sword in hand, Eleonorneesan point her belligerent smile to me.

Seems that she is still brimming with eagerness.

What to do now. My friends are anihilated since they made a stupid move. I can’t use Psychic Magic anymore because I’m out of snowballs.

To fight it out with Eleonorneesan like this is too disadvantageous. But you know, when I think about it, the other side will come attacking with a wooden sword..... Or rather, wouldn’t it be more refreshing to throw lump of ice made purely with magic? Eh well, I’ll just stop it since it feels scary later. Can’t make excuses in this snowball fight.

 Another kind of snowball would be...ah, there is. That double extra large (XXL)-sized thing.

 The moment I came up with that idea――I jump to the roof of a house by cladding magic power on my feet.

「……what are you going to do.」

Being on guard, Eleonorneesan raise her voice so I answered with a smile.

I can see the village chief’s house from the roof. I lifted the huge snow ‘snowball’ over there with the power of『Psychic』magic.

Ooh, it’s a bit heavy and difficult to finely control it but there’s no problem with it.

『Oi oi, what the heck is that.』

『Is that a huge snowball!?』

『……where is it.』

『Is it the one blocking the village chief’s house?』

『Aah, the extremely heavy one that no one could move.』

『The village chief can’t go out until that snow thaws. Such a shame, since I was expecting that to happen.』

Looking at the huge snowball floating in the air, the villagers let out their thoughts.

And then I send that huge snowball flying toward Eleonorneesan.

 But with such a huge mass it’s inevitable if the speed is slow. It would be quite serious if it hits, but it should not be able to hit Eleonorneesan.

「There’s no way I’m going to be hit merely with such a huge snowball!」

「I wonder about that?」

Hence, I shot a large fireball infused with quite the amount of magic power toward the huge snowball in the air.

Splendidly hitting the middle of the snowball, it got smashed along with a thunderous roar and explosive flames.

Due to the huge snowball being smashed, a lot of compressed snow - with such intensity - that can’t be called lump of ice anymore poured down like rain.

I took care of the dangerous one, especially those about to hit the villagers and the houses, everything is under control using 『Psychic』magic. This way, it would not harm anyone, it would also became my ammo.5 It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

The one who is closest to me - Eleonorneesan - is currently doing an energetic dance of―― avoiding ice, she leans her body forward and run around as she wielded her wooden sword....

 As if dancing, she cut the ice pouring down like rain with only her wooden sword. At times, she warded off the ice with the wooden sword to turn it away toward another ice, crashing and canceling each other.

She ran around skilfully inside the storm of ice that is difficult to even predict.

Is that person really a human I wonder. Her physical ability has already go beyond human. While she makes her stand inside the storm of ice, Eleonorneesan’s sharp gaze pierce through in this direction.

Judging that I will be unable to defeat Eleonorneesan by smashing that huga ice, so I shot out and additional lump of ice that I put under my control just a moment ago. A consecutive attack flying toward Eleonorneesan. Although the rain of ice flying around just a while ago has already gone, it is an attack that doesn’t let one to take a breath.

I must be able to do it, or else I’m the one losing. Despite being in a situation where I’m the one holding an overwhelming advantage, I’m feeling impatient/restless.

 My intuition was telling me that I will be beaten if she closes the distance between us just a little. Absolutely sure if I allow her to get closer. I mean, her eyes are bad news. 6

More than a hundred lump of ice are shot using 『Psychic』 magic, but only one got through and hit her some time ago. But she’s not an opponent to whom one can use the same tactic twice. I’ve been moving the trajectory of the ice flying toward her in an ever-changing way, but all of it has been repelled.It’s as if she’s reading my mind.

 Just what the heck is going on.

Before I knew it, there are no lump of ice in my surroundings whatsoever. In a fluster, tried to replenish the lump of ice that fell on the ground using 『Psychic』 magic once again.

 As if not going to miss the opportunity, Eleonorneesan made a dash here at high speed.

I fired a small lump of ice to intercept her in a hurry, but by using the remaining Ice Wall as a shield and as a foothold on top of that, she slash at me with her wooden sword.

「Please fall!」


 I wanted to spread an Ice Wall right away, but my intuition is telling me that it will be cut in two, so I use Shield as foothold to run away to the sky.

I made them in succession, and jump up from one Shield to another.


Behind me, Eleonorneesan is using the Shield that I used to draw near in the same way that I did.

 Ju, just how far are you going to chase after me!

I cancel those Shield quickly so that she can’t come up, but Eleonorneesan jump up from one Shield to another before they disappear.

She’s been using another person’s magic since a while ago as a foothold

I made another Shield as the next foothold, and jump on it. At that moment, an Ice Wall rise vertically behind me.

「N, no way!」

Looking back, I saw Eleonorneesan stabbing her sword to the Ice Wall and somehow hanging on it.

I was shocked to see her wooden sword thrusted into the Ice Wall easily.

 That was dangerousー. I’m glad that I didn’t use Ice Wall to defend a while backー. I’m glad I followed my intuition.

 In any case, I have to make Eleonorneesan understand her own situation.

「Ne, Eleonorneesan, do you know how high we are right now?」


Toward my question, Eleonorneesan shows a blank look on her face, then she slowly look down.

Unlike being on the ground, a cold, strong wind is blowing. Below, one can see dot-sized figures which probably are the villagers, and a lot of small houses. And at the edge, we can even see our home, the mansion.

Eleonorneesan stare at them deliberately, and after a while, her face immediately turn pale.

「..................tha, that’s.......」

「Wellー now, I guess it’s time to get down.」

「Wa, wait! Take me too.」

「But, even though I’m not the one who did the prank on the Ice Statueー」

「But, that’s because Al and the others said that you made it.」

「Hmm how should I get down I wonder. I think it’s better to use a loーng slide made of Ice Magic. Of course, by myself.」

「Ahー! I’m sorry for not trusting you!」


「Eh? Was there anything else?」

「If the match continues but otherwise.」

「…………ve up」

「Eh? What is it? I can’t hear you?」

「I give up!」

 Eleonorneesan shouts with as she’s on the verge of tears.

On this day, Alfried managed to gain his first victory from Eleonorneesan.

TL Note :

Okay, I don’t know whether I should use the raw *bass* or this. Raw use Tackle, in English. In English. Snowfall seems like ordinary snow falling. 持ち球 one's repertoire of pitches​ baseball. Dangerou
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