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Published at 1st of November 2019 02:22:43 PM
Chapter 47

Three Human-shaped Ice Sculpture

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We didn’t join in the battle with the adults, so, after a peaceful snowball fight at the edge of the field, Asmo, Torr and I came back to the inner part of the plaza .

「Heave-ho, heave-ho . Hey Asmo! Help me roll this over!」

「That’s why you shouldn’t be so greedy by trying to make it bigger . Sigh, can’t be helped . 」

Right now, we’re making a snowman . If you’re talking about snow, then you can not forget about snowman .

 While I was rolling the snow silently, for some reason, Torr and Asmo are rolling snow to make a big snowman . Oi, oi, isn’t that too big . What are you going to pile on those thing .

 Anyway, it seems that those two’s concept is ‘big’ . Then I guess it’s my turn? to step up and go against them . Overall balance is important . Cause if it’s like this, the balance is bad . Should I use magic . . . .

 ――And then, my snowman is finished .

「Al’s snowman is incredibleー! Just how much snow you’ve layered on those!」

「One, two, three,……seven layer!? It looks just like a person . 」

This is a snowman I made by making full use of my magic . Each and every part are of course ball-shaped . But to make it pleasing to look at, I made it curved, S-shaped, then layered it up .

If one were to ask why didn’t it collapse upon itself, then it’s because Master Alfried’s brilliant technique were added into it .

Simply put, that’s because this seven-layered snowman’s supporting pillar is made of magic . Hence, no matter how shaky it might be, it wouldn’t collapse . Of course, the bottom layer of the snow is fixed to the ground so it will not collapse . That’s why my snowman will not collapse thanks to that .

「Incredible . Your snowman is absolutely a nice buddy . 」 scelusceleris . blogspot . com
「And also *bonkyubon* good-looking . 」1
While saying stupid thing, Torr and Asmo are touching my snowman *petapeta* .

「If you can make this kind of snowman, then make a human!」

Suddenly, Torr turn back and cry out .

「Human? It’s fine, but it will take a bit more time to make it you know?」

「Ou! We’ll come and help you after we finish our great snowman! 」

「Eeー, you’re still going to make it bigger?」

 Asmo look toward the big snowball in a troublesome-way . It’s height is already comparable to an adults’ . And I don’t think it‘s possible to pile anymore snow on it .

「Yossha! Let’s roll it up seriously!」2

「……can’t be helped . 」

「……incidentally Asmo, where’s your waist?」

「Yosh, I’ll roll you up and make you a snowman . 」

「Uwaa! I, I was just joking――」

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Well then, shall I try to make the one on this side too . Who should I made . Mmー, I just can’t dismiss that person’s figure out of my head .

 Shall I made it from the foundation stage first then .

 And, three ice statues were completed .

 Sitting gracefully in the middle of the circle is Emoneesama . Her fleeting expression of sorrow while looking at the distance can awaken a man’s desire to protect her .

And behind - actually I don’t want to make it but since Torr is insisting to create it - is my own elder sister Eleonora . Wearing blouse and putting on a skirt, and with her wooden sword thrusted on the ground, she looks cool like a battle maiden . Now if she put on an armor here, she would look like a gallant female knight . I saw her everyday, consequently the best thing I could say is that it’s truly aggravating .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

Even though I wanted to put my best effort on creating Emoneesama . . . . .

And the last one, the ice statue standing next to Eleonorneesan, is Koryatt village pride, Sheilsan . I thought that I might as well made the three of them together since I often see the three of them together .

Sheilsan, with her impressive soft hair and gentle expression . I wanted to recreate her figure as she waves her hand and smile . I was worried about her statue’s level of completion because she’s the person I saw the least among the three of them, but since Asmo is generous enough to approve of her, then I guess it’s more or less passed the passing line .

「Amazing Al! Particularly this Eleonoranesama ice statue! Can I take it home with me!?」

 With rough breathing Torr grabbed at it .

「Think about it calmly . There’s no way you can take it back with you right . 」

 Really . I brush his hands off and tried to make him calm down .

「Wait . What are you going to do with my sister ice statue?」

「I decided to take it back home……eh, HEY! What are you doing! Let go of me!」

If it’s me, I can just take it back home with Space Magic . I mean, there are no work that is identical in this world! When should I make the next work I wonder .

「It’s impossible to take it back home if it’s you . Even though you’re weaker than me! 」

「What did you say!?」

「……it will melt anyway . 」scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 I spent a few minutes arguing with Torr . Anyway, the ice statue will stay here .

 Probably, on his way back, Torr would surely bring it back home on his way back . No, you won’t . I can give you Eleonorneesan’s ice statue, but I won’t let you take my masterpiece, Emoneesama .

「Nevertheless Al . My sister’s chest is too big aren’t they?」

In front of Emoneesama’s ice statue, Torr raise his voice in doubt .

「Eh? If I’m not mistaken it’s about this big isn’t it?」

Maybe her figure got beautified inside of my head . Nah, I certainly wouldn’t make a mistake if it’s about Emoneesama .

While I’m still trying to remember and reminiscing my memories, Torr put his hands on the ice statue .

「My sister’s size is about this much . Because she’s been stuffing it . 」

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「Uoooooii! You’re going to shave a whole lot of it! What are you doing to my work!」

 I thrust Torr away, and fix the breast part in a hurry . Really, this is why amateur are so annoying .

 ……yosh, that’s about it . As expected, you need to make things with your own hands . Fine details need to be done with my own hands after all .

「Well, I hope it’s sufficient with that kind of shape . . . but maybe Sheilneechans’ is good enough?」

「「Right」」 scelusceleris . blogspot . com

There seems to be no doubt about it since they’re able to say it at the same time .

「Don’t change her figure okay?」

 Asmo warn me with an overly serious expression .

 Fuu . . . . isn’t it obvious?

「「I know . That’s because balance is important . 」」

 So the three of us work together and giving each other detailed instructions, so as to improve the three ice sculptures degree of perfection .


 ×      ×      ×

When we got tired of making the ice sculptures and snowmen, we left the square and head towards the river .

We found out that the river is frozen and since there are slopes over there, we can use it to slide and play around . Apparently, they have been playing over there when it’s the season where the snow has accumulated every year .

 It’s probably the river where Eleonorneesan took me frequently . There was also a slope there .

Incidentally, the huge ball that Torr and Asmo made, has failed to become a huge snowman and was placed irresponsibly in front of the village chief’s house without any proper platform . At first, it was too big to put it in the middle of the road, and then judging that it will become nothing but an obstacle, I managed to move it aside using body strengthening magic .   scelusceleris . blogspot . com

 It is by no means because of the resentment when we were told to go away back at the Harvest Festival .  3

It’s only because the village chief’s house is located in a place that will not get in the way .

 And so we arrived at the river .

I can’t hear the familiar and refreshing sound of the flowing water . Thanks to the cold temperature, the river surface is magnificently covered with ice . The fish can’t be seen from the banks right now, it’s as if they were enclosed and frozen in time .

「W, wait a minute . How can you skate with such a bad balance!」

「What is it Torr? Getting cold feet? 」

「How am I supposed to skate」

 Shivering and trembling like a newly-born fawn, Torr slowly walk on the ice .

 That appearance is like a penguin and so uncool .

「Look at Asmo . He can already splendidly skating like that . 」

Asmo who is gliding in our vicinity .  And me, who is skating using ice magic to create a blade of sorts on the back of my shoes which makes it easy to skate .

Unlike his appearance, Asmo have a good motor nerves . I guess this is the power of a fatty who can actually move .

「That guy is a fatty who can move his body since a long time ago . But I’m different! To begin with, Asmo is fat, so when he won’t hesitate and when he falls, it won’t hurt that much . . . . . . ah, what is it Asmo . Putting your hands on my back like this . Wai, wait! Don’t push! Uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」

Due to gaining kinetic energy from being pushed with all of Asmo’s strength, Torr let out a scream and glide with a whoosh .  And then, it’s been decided that Torr will dove into the snow for the second time today .  scelusceleris . blogspot . com

「It’s coooollllldd! You bastard!」

Suddenly got up from the snow, Torr remove the blade part on his sole and chase after Asmo .

 He possibly thought that he could pay Asmo back by advancing toward Asmo with the blade in his hands .

Does Asmo can predict Torr’s intent already, as he also immediately removed his blade and turn around to react to Torr’s moves .

 If it was just plain, simple power then Asmo is better, but Torr got the advantage from his dash .

Now then, which one of them will win .

「Go to hell Asmo!」

「Go to hell yourself!」

 Borrowing the force of his dash, Torr collided with Asmo forcefully .

 And that Asmo stand firm and struggles to stop Torr and push him back with his all , without slipping on the ice .

「Gunununununu . . . . . 」 scelusceleris . blogspot . com

「You’re being cheeky despite being just a mere Torr!」

 Ahー, it would hurt if you get dragged down atop this iceー .

The two’s current fight right now is about a battle of their obstinacy and pride as Asmo has the advantage as he pushes back .

 I guess it’s Asmo’s win then .

That’s the kind of feeling I get and assume it to be so as I watch as a spectator, but then a sudden development takes place .

Creak, creak! Crack, crack!

「「「 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 」」」

 That sound that came from somewhere instantly made the field go silent .

Crack, crack!

That sound came from Asmo’s foot . And then if one looks at it, the fissure on the ground spread around, looking like a spiderweb . I unintentionally swallowed my saliva in anticipation of the worst-case situation that will happen after this .

 And then, maybe because Asmo is nervous, but he moved his foot a little bit, making the fissure to spread even more and frightening us .

「 . . . . . . Asmo . Absolutely, do not move . 」

「If you move right now, it’ll break」

 Torr and I are talking to Asmo desperately for our dear life .

「 . . . . . . . . . . . . 」

Crack, crack .

「「Who told you to move!」」

 The creeping melody of death shakes us .

 And speaking about the person in the middle of it all, the cause of that melody, he looks at his feet as his expression distort .

「Wait a minuuteeeee! Why are you giving me such a wicked smile!」

What does he mean by ‘a wicked smile’ I wonder . This jerk, maybe he came to the conclusion that we won’t help him, and he’ll drag us down with him! Wait, wait a minute . Calm down, me . Asmo is not a person who will plan such a terrible thing . Let’s remember that .

Threw Torr toward the hole together, then fill the hole together, pushing Torr from behind and made him slip―― .

 Not good . This jerk will do it . Definitely will do it .

 This is dangerous . At this rate, the three of us will get along well and make a splash in a midwinter cold water .

Fortunately, the river around here is not that deep, but if we were to fall down at this time of the year, we will be attacked by an unimaginable cold .  And when that happened, there’s no doubt that we will catch a cold .

I have to avoid it no matter what .

Then, the only thing I can do is this!

「Uwaa! That’s dirty! That bastard Al, he fled alone to the sky!」

 With dumbfounded expression, Asmo and Torr look at me as I escaped to the sky with 『Shield』 .

No hard feelings, but I don’t want to die just yet . To begin with, from the start, I don’t think that I really need to bother myself with both of your antics .

「Hey, Al . 」


「Can you at least save just me alone?」

「Don’t you feel ashamed asking to be saved just by yourself?」

「Speak for yourself! You flew away! Eh, waaaaaaaaa!」

 Due to being too angry, Torr stamped on the ground too hard and thus, he went ‘splash’ in to the midwinter river .

TL Note :

ボンキュッボン, bonkyubbon hourglass figure, good-looking . The literal TL would be something along the lines of ‘ . . roll up our waist . ’ Not clear whether it’s only Al or the three of them .
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