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Chapter 46

Snow is Falling1

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「The snow is falling the fox is falling, falling falling~」

Eh, what’s the next lyrics? To begin with, the first part of the lyrics is kinda suspicious. And the last part, cat lay curls up in the kotatsu, I feels like it should be......

「You know Al, sometimes you sing a weird song」

As he walks on the snow-covered ground, Torr looks back.

 Strange, as in tone-deaf is it? I feel a bit down you know. 

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Somehow, the pitch is kinda vain, but it got a good sense in it.And it’s a pitch I never heard before around here. 」

What the, that’s fine then. Maybe he just doesn’t have any sense for music.

Oh well, certainly the rhythm is completely different from the one sung by the villagers. If it’s the song that the villagers sang in a chorus, that’s hard to sing because the lyrics are too long. It’s kinda like the song pirates sing.

「But, somehow, I like Al’s song. It’s shorter and easier to sing than the village’s song.」

 See, doesn’t Asmo who walks next to you said something pleasant somehow.

By the way, Asmo is 7 years old, the same age as Torr. Anyway, because of this guy’s first impression and atmosphere around him, I always feel like I don’t need to use honorifics at all. But that also makes it easy and pleasant talking to him.

「Thank you Asmo. Incidentally, are you really okay sinking like that?」

If you look at him, Asmo is buried deeply in the snow because of his weight. And in that situation, you can still walk very well. Everytime Asmo advances, there’s a big hole being made.

「Wouldn’t it be faster if you just roll ?」

「Torr is smart!」

「That’s right. Maybe I should ro――there’s no way I can do that!」

While saying a cutting tsukkomi2, Asmo tried take his foot out of the snow by taking long strides, but they keep sinking each time. Oi oi, are you really all right. You’re steadily sinking.

「Yes, yes. The snow is deep over there, so come over here.」


I’m going to pull Asmo over here.

「Ooooh! Amazing! There’s a mark of Asmo’s butt on the snow left behind!」

When I look at the place Torr’s finger pointed to, there are certainly a few places, here and there, with Asmo’s butt marks on them.

Are the snow over there truly deep?

 Torr looks down into the hole with great interest. It’s a pitfall that with a shape would make someone want to fall into it again.

 Asmo who watch beside him looks awkward.

Noticing my gaze, Asmo shows a dark smile.

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I also smile. There is only one thing to do.

「「One, two!」」

「Oh? Wha, eeehhh!? Bufoh!」

 Asmo and I pushed the back of Torr, making him to have no other choice than to fall into the deep snow hole.

Oooh, he fell face first. That seems cold.


 Asmo and I clapped do a high five seeing the satisfactory outcome.

 This guy can do it nicely. Asmo and I laugh together to deepen our friendship.

「’Yaaayy!’ The heck! I’ll push you down into the hole! Rather, it’s pretty deep down here. 」

 It’s seem to be deeper than it looks, as it takes Torr some time for him to get out of the hole.

It reached about Torr’s chest. It would be hard to use your feet with that kind of thick shoes on this snow, as it is also quite hard to get up using with the strength of your arms alone.

 This will be interesting.

「Wai, guys, help me......Oi what the heck, smiling like that. Wait up, oi! Get over here, fatty! Ah, I’m sorry! I apologize, so please don’t bury me! Wa! Al too, don’t cover me with more snow in silence! Stooopp iiittttt!」


 ×      ×       ×

We finally reached Koryatt village in such way.

 The golden field which always greets me first, was cut down back at the Harvest Festival and turning it to a bare ground, right now has been covered with a lot of snow. The villager hut and fence are evidently covered with snow.

 It was quite fun playing in the snow along the way that it makes me difficult to go on.

On the way, Torr is sulking, but he quickly cheer up with some information about Eleonorneesan.What a simple Torr.

 And that said person is now walking happily in front of us. Suddenly, he turned around and shouting in excitement.

「Oi! It begun already!」

「What is it?」

「The snowball fight!」

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Asmo and I rush to follow Torr who went ahead, there are already villagers doing the snowball fight everywhere.

「Team Roland, let’s go!」


「Team Westa, chargee!」


 When you look at it, the villagers are divided into two groups as they raise their voice and advancing toward each other with snowball in one hand.

From children to adults mixed together as a team, they stood around the hut3 as a defense while they throw the snowballs against each other.

Oi oi, you guys, I wonder whether the had already done their part of the job properly.

「Goooo! Beat them up!」

「You’re dead!」

「I’ve got Elman!」

「You bastard, how dare you beat Elman! 」

「No, that, I , I hadn’t fainted yet―」



「Toward Elman..., how dare youuuuuu! 」

「Hey, wait! I just threw one snowball, to say that he fainted――」

「Lardo (ラルド) beat Elman till he faint! 」


「「「Who is Lardo?」」」

「Cellia’s husband!」

「「「Heee. I heard something good.」」」

「E, wai-, it has nothing to do with me!」

「That time, my butt got slapped in public, this grudge.」

「The grudge of being hit by a tray with full strength, just because I stare at Carlsan’s butt. 」

「The grudge when she told my family of how much I spent for dinner.」

「That’s not me, it’s all Celia’s isn’t it!? Say that to herself!」

「「「As if I can do that !」」」

「Why is that !? You bunch of wimps!」

「「「Shut it, you wife-controlled husband!」」」3

「You’re all the same aren’t you!」

「E, eeiii! Let’s do this! Strike your daily grudges towards him!」

「Bury him, bury him.」

「It hurrtss! Hey, you guys! There’s stone inside the snowballs!」


What an extremely violent snowball fight. It’s a dreadful feeling unlike the one from Bartolo this morning.

「Oi, Torr, do we really join this battle here?」

「Tha, that’s right. Let’s do it a bit further from the adults, we’ll play with the other childrens.」

 Maybe he got shocked by the previous exchange from the villagers some time ago, Torr start walking toward the edge of the field.

 While Asmo seems to also agree with Torr, so we went through the shadow of the huts as we took a detour around the battlefield.

「Haーhaahaahahaha! What happen Westa! You’re not attacking me!?」

 In the direction we’re going, Roland, who is topless in spite of this cursed cold weather, hides inside the hut and raise a loud voice.

「Darn! What a coward! Using my, Westa’s, house as a shield! 」

 A bit further down the road, Westa, who is also topless is holding a snowball as he voiced out his anger.

「Mmm? What are you talking about? Why, I only use it occasionally to hide myself right?」

「Kuuh! Shameless! Even though you’re clearly hiding in such place. 」

「What happened? Can’t you hit me? Or maybe you’re scared of throwing those at me? Come, come!」

Clenching his teeth, Westa avoid the snowball thrown by Roland with regretful expression.

When Westa tries to throw a snowball as a counterattack, Roland quickly hides himself in the shadow of the hut.

「Darn it!!」

This Roland-ossan, among other things, he uses other’s house as a shield quite well.

「What happened to you? Can’t throw those things at me? I know all along. The wall here are just brittle! And the windows are broken already aren’t they.」

「Don’t tamper with other house as you please!」

 A snowball thrown by Westa along with his voice headed towards Roland.

With plenty of leeway, Roland lightly avoid it, then the snowball hit the window with a crushing sound.

「That stupid Westa just broke his own house.」

「……darn it, I don’t care about things like house anymoorreeeee! Go to hell Roland!」

Westa. who became desperate throw a lot of snowballs.

「W, oi! That’s your own house you know!」

Those blazing fastball thrown by Westa keep hitting the fragile wall of the hut with no mercy.

「Elman will fix it! 」

「What’s with those hand movement! Excellent! Bring it on! 」

 In the end, when the snow in both of their hands are used up, they started to grab each other.

「I can’t help but keep thinking, those two are always fighting with each other aren’t they.」

 I inquire about something that is somehow, has been bothering me toward Torr and Asmo.

「Well, there are a lot of those kind of people. 」

「Yeah, yeah. Various kind of people.」

「Eh?  What was that. I’m curious.」

「Okay, okay, then let’s go that way. Since it’s dangerous right here.」

 I tried to inquire about it from Torr and Asmo, but they didn’t tell me anything and pushed my back, heading toward the edge of the field.



Eh? What’s happening?

TL Note : Tsukkomi, straight man reply.  Raw 小屋 , which can mean hut, cottage, or cabin. Since Westa house is mentioned, I guess the villagers houses is mostly those kind of house. Basically he’s being kept in check by his wife, more appropriate terms will be welcomed.
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