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Author note:

Actually I wanted to post this by the end of the year… [2015]

Happy New Year.

Treat me well and 『I want to reincarnate and live a slowlife』this year.
Early chapter, 2/3.

Everyone ate dinner together with Earl Melna and Viscount Yurina…..nah I mean Viscount Lolina and his wife.

They appear to be pleased by Bartolo's cooking of  Spaghetti-special, eating with *bakubaku*1 despite already eating a lot at Celisan's restaurant.

After we finished eating dinner, we have a pleasant talk with each other at leisure.

And now when I'm returning to my room, and walking in the hallway.

「May I ask why are you following me? Madam Rinalia?」

「'Madam' is too much. It's fine to call me Rinalisan.」

「Emm, then Rinalisan. Why are you following me?」

「Cause I want to talk with Alfried-kun.」

Rinalisan tilt her head and ask through her eyes 『Is it not allowed?』.

「It's fine but, my room is small and there's nothing much in it you know?」

「Yes! I don't mind.」

I wonder what is funny as Rinalisan looks at me and grin. 2

I don't really understand but, anyway let's just go to my room.

And after walking a few steps.

「………….(zuuー)」 ?

I feel something approaching my head.

「……..What is it?」

「Fue? Is something the matter?」

Turning around and looking back, there is only the usual Rinalisan.

That's strange. I certainly feel something near my head.

「Nothing, just my imagination. I'm sorry.」

Because of Elenorneesan, I became sensitive to strange thing.

Since it's quite possible for Elenorneesan, to suddenly stand right behind me before I know it.


Again there's something approaching the back of my head.

It truly make me restless.

If it was Elenorneesan, I wonder how many times my consciousness would have been taken.

When I change my pace, that feeling will go away.

What on earth is this actually.

There are only me and Rinalisan.

I can only thought that the cause might possibly Rinalisan.

I'm being cautious so in order to invite that feeling again, I'll take some precautions.

Walking while desperately trying not to feel that irregular-approaching feeling, we arrive in front of my room.

Then I look back and try to speak normally.


Rinalisan's little hand that was about to land on my head stopped.


「No no!」

「Eh, you're not sorry?」

「No, that's not it. Because if I suddenly caress your head then you will be bewildered.」

「You know difficult words such as 'bewildered' ehー」

「No, it's not that right now.」

This person, actually she's an awful case of airhead isn't she?

「Ehmm, somehow Al-kun is so cute so I wanted to stroke you…」

Because of that, she reaches for the back of my head so many times.

Am I a wary little animal or something.

「Do you like children?」

「That's right! Especially since there were only my sisters and I'm the youngest daughter. And I particularly want a younger brother!」 

Rinalisan clenched her fist to emphasize her point.

I see, I understood that. I truly understand.

Actually, I have three woman who is my elder sisters in Japan, I'm a man and thus I receive the suffering life as the youngest brother.

And then I was abused by my sisters, as a plaything.

As it is currently, if I have a brother and my sisters from previous life, I can use them as shields from Elenorneesan.

「I understand that feeling. I too, want a younger brother.」

「Really!? Then, won't you become my son?」

I feel that Rinalisan's tension is a bit strange.

「To begin with, Loli…..I mean, would it be nice to have a child with Viscount Yurina?」

「Su, such thing like having children with Yustel. It's embarrassing.」

「No no, the both of you are married couple after all.」

I realized that we stayed in the hallway for a long time, so I invite Rinalisan into my room at once.

「I will warm it up okay.」

「But this room doesn't seem to have any fireplace?」

To Rinalisan's doubt, I create two small fireball with Fire magic.

「Waa, magic? I heard from Elnsama that Al-kun can use magic, as expected you're good at it.」

「Well, that's because I often practice at home.」

Recently, in order to escape from Elenorneesan, I've been practicing a certain magic.

Magic is something that make this world fun and attractive, and it can also be used to defend yourself.

「I can use a bit of Wind magic. Do you have any tips for it?」

「Hmmー. Isn't it fine as it is?  Cutting obstructing branches, letting fresh air into the room. If you use it in a narrow place everyday, then wouldn't it be a good exercise?」

「….eeto (emm), so you're not to practicing magic like Wind Slash or intermediate magic for offensive purpose?」

「No, because offensive magic is dangerous and I don't leave Koryatt village too much so I don't use it. But it can still be used as offensive magic even from daily-life magic application.」

「I see. Al-kun has a very interesting way of thinking huh. 」

 So it's already established as 'Al-kun'….

「It's quite difficult, but you'll get used to it if you apply it everyday.」

 Making your way of thinking flexible. That is, magic enriches your life.

 And then, from any threat – mainly from my sister – I will protect myself.

When there's a lull in the conversation in the room, Rinalisan start looking all around the room *kyorokyoro*.

It's kinda embarrassing to be seen like that.

「Ah, a Reversi.」

 Rinalisan recognize the Reversi on the table.

Ehー, at the tournament today I did it terribly, I feel like I'm only playing Reversi recently so I don't want to play.

「It has spread rapidly from the Kingdom recently isn't it.」

Apparently, the traitor Toriela seems to be managing it properly. Very good, very good. But somehow, I'm starting to get really angry.

「Is that so. That's good.」

My reply became cold due to anger. How deplorable. Rinalisan is not to blame.

「Yes, Thanks to it my father is very happy. Ah, my father is Duke Lau Vladi (ラウ・ウラジー) 」3 

「A Duke!?」

Such a big papa!? 4

「E, emm I didn't say it didn't I?」

「It's my first time hearing it!」

 Speaking of Duke, you have to be either a royalty, or having a court rank with a big achievement right?  With the highest rank of nobility and large territory, isn't it.

「Al truly didn't listen to father, huh.」

It was Elenorneesan who showed up with amazed voice.

I always told you to knock!

「No, well, I knock already. But since there are guest so I didn't.」

She's also erasing her presence. I didn't notice her at all.

「Could it be that Rinalisama has ties with the royalty. 」

「Th, there is no such ties with the royalty.」

To my nervously asked question, Rinalisan quickly deny it.

Thank God. I don't want to get involved with the royalties.

「Then why did you marry Viscount Yurina?」

「That's right, I also want to ask that!」

 Elenorneesan also chiming in to my question.

「Ehh, well, it's…..lo, love at first sight.」

Rinalisan face is dyed red and she avert her gaze.

Don't be shy, it's okay to be so endearing.

「To that Viscount Yurina!? When was it?」

 Elenorneesan won't let it pass and get into it.

No matter the world love story is popular. Anywhere in the world

Even more so if it is someone else's.

「Umm……seven years ago.」

A criminal! Viscount Yurina is a criminal!

Se, seven years ago. Rather, how old is Rinalisan!?

「Excuse me but, how old are you Rinalisan ?」

This is important! I think it is dangerous even in this world where early marriage is recommended than in Japan.

Glancing sideways, I have a feeling that Elenorneesan is saying 『You're rude』 with her eyes

「I'm sixteen years old this year.」

In other words, falling in love to a nine years old?

I know there's something called arranged marriage at the time of birth in noble society, but regardless, a relationship from nine years old without any relation even if it's love at first sight and somehow it truly happen. 

While the historical harem story called Genji Monogatari is being preserved as a classic literature, as a former Japanese known for their tolerance, I don't think I can accept something like lolicon.

「So then how did the two of you get close?」

Elenorneesan raise a nice question.

「Well, at first father didn't approve, father finally acknowledge us after many years of consideration, then it became relationship where both Yustel and I love each other. 」

She said while laughing shyly.

「After many years is it.」

「It's been seven years.」

Rinalisan answer with a smiling face.

「Truly pure.」

There's no self-interest at all.

Paying my heartfelt respect to you my Lady.

「A love of different social status. Wonderful…..」

Elenorneesan is moved, that I feel there's a kind of passion in her eyes.

「It's impossible for Elenorneesan to have such a love affair since your girls' power is lacking.」5

「Haa?! Even I have girls' power you know!」

「Does Elenorneesan understand what 'girls' power' mean?」

「O, of course girls power is about looking good wearing clothes isn't it.」

Girls' power is that, the ability for woman to live a shining lifestyle, the ability to show people your existence by making your beauty and sense of virtue stand out.

In other words!

The ability to get spoiled by men.

It's a fantasy power for Elenorneesan. There's no way you can have such thing!

What Elenorneesan mean by girls' power, might refer to physical strength or fighting strength I think.

「It hurts!? Why did you hit me!」

「My intuition is telling me to hit you. 」

「…there's such a stupid revelation.」

「Ufufu, the both of you are on good terms eh.」

I held my head down in the room, while Elenorneesan turned away with her arms folded.

And then, the sound of Rinalisan's snicker echoes.

Author note : I also want to keep updating Slowlife steadily.

TL note :

chomp-chomp ニコニコ Not Rau Le Creuset In English Girls' power, as in cooking, cleaning, etc.
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