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Angel Smile

After leaving Celisan's restaurant with Earl Melna and Viscount Yurina, when I return to Slowlett family mansion, an unfamiliar horse-drawn carriage has stopped on the premises.

Whether the horse or coachman went somewhere else, but their figure can't be seen.

Since there's no way for there to be no guards for these two nobles, the guards might be escorted somewhere already.

From the quality of the wood used to the decoration, it is different from ordinary carriage.

Unlike the one Toriela 1 use to carry luggage, this carriage is the type to carry people comfortably.

Also there is the crest of a big eagle attached to the side of the carriage, indicating a noble's carriage.

「This is my carriage you know.」

「The crest  is eagle huh.」

「Yes, it is a handed-down crest that is passed down in my house. My ancestor receive it from the Royal Family at the same time as the peerage.」

「So it's from your ancestor. It looks good. So then the big carriage in the back is Earl  Melna's carriage right? The one with a sword crest.」

There is a conspicuously big carriage at the back of Viscount Yurina's carriage. The crest is also attached at the same place as Viscount Yurina. It might be because of the Earl rank that it give off an overall luxurious feel.

「Well, both of my family crest and Yurinas' might be overshadowed by the Slowlett family crest.」

「Since it's a Dragon.」

Both Earl Melna and Viscount Yurina's shoulder shudder.

By the way, there is also another carriage on the mansion's premises.  Of course it's not such a splendid carriage, but part of the crest of a Dragon was attached prominently.

I wonder whether or not it can be said that a Dragon is synonymous to Nord-tousan.

The story of Nord the Dragon Slayer is very popular in the Royal Capital, and it seems that it also well-performed in a plays.

I definitely got to see it.

Children with their innocent's voice shouting 『Dragon Slaiyaa~!!』2, there's no mistaking that it's popular.

I smile a little imagining the figure of Nord-tousan, answering to the childrens pure gaze while feeling embarrassed.

「Dragon Slayer….pfft」

I'm sorry father. I'll laugh heartily. You can't help but feeling embarrassed if you're given such chuni-like nickname right. 3

「This kid, laughing at his own father nickname. Pfft..」

「Fo, forgive me. But laughing…kukuku.」

「If it were me who get that kind of nickname, just being called such will make me faint in agony.」

「Kukuku…It's so pitiful being laughed at.」

「D, dragonslayer~」

「Stop it. It's killing me.」


Hearing me muttering, Viscount Yurina can no longer stand it anymore and let a loud laugh.

This person is behaving like a gentleman, but he got quite a loud voice.

『Who is the Dragon Slayer? Faint in agony? Pitiful?』


We sure did it. We got too engrossed in our conversation, that we did not notice Nord-tousan coming out from the entrance.

When I look up, I can see the Dragon Slayer with a smile on his face.

From that shapely face, blue vein seems to bulge slightly, even it now makes me want to laugh.

I thought human are funny, since it's mysterious that they can make me laugh on occasion

「Noble servant of Misfrit Kingdom. Dareios = Melna (ダレイオス=メルナ) present. 」

「Likewise, noble servant of Misfrit Kingdom. Viscount Yustel = Yurina (ユステル=ユリーナ). I thank you for inviting us today.」

Even though from their appearance they're dressed as villagers, but their overflowing aura of nobility covers the both of them.

What's with that response speed.

If it's this people they can do it!

「Welcome to our Slowlett mansion. This is our second son Alfreid Slowlett, we sincerely welcome you to our mansion.」

I quickly move toward the entrance to welcome Earl Melna and Viscount Yurina.

「Ooh, excuse me. The second son of Slowlett family is admirable.」

「Thank you very much.」

The two people walked through the entrance with a soft smile.

Then like flowing water, I too walked through the entrance.

「Wait a minute.」

*Giku* 4

Earl Melna and Viscount Yurina were looking at me with pitiful eyes.

Anyway, first of all we don't do any practice for the reception.

Nord-tousan, me, Earl Melna, then Viscount Yurina walk in order, along the first floor of the mansion.

In this manner we proceed while I'm holding on to such hope,『Will Nord-tousan forgot about what happened before?』.

「Madam Rinalia (リナリア) have already been guided to the guest-room.」

It seems that we will go to the guest-room as it is. I'm a six years old child, so I don't think that there's any point in going there. So the moment Nord-tousan turn around the corner, I quickly leave toward the other way.

「Hey, where are you going Al? The guest-room is this way right?」


Nord-tousan's demonic hand grab my neck.

Damn it! And I thought that was such a perfect timing. I wonder if Nord-tousan have eyes behind the back of his head.

「….want to go to the restroom a little….」

「Such a good stomach. With such timing just to get away.」

I, I see. In other words, I can get away from here if I behave purely like a child would. I see.

「If you're saying such thing. Then Al will be the only one not going to meet Madam Rinalia. Now come along properly.」


Of course Earl Melna and Viscount Yurina did not cover me.

Rather, they seem to just take pleasure in watching me from behind.

Something along the line of 『Can he at least go to the toilet?』or such that someone will back me up I guess. If so, there's so many way to escape if I use it on Eleanor-neesan or Elnkaasan.

In any case, in this situation I had to greet Madam Rinalia properly so as to not to throw mud at Nord-tousan's face. 6

Though Nord-tousan's face is already covered in mud.

Since Elenorneesan's appearance is already good, there is no problem to greet others.

I would like to call Emma anesama as I do with Elenorsama.

By the way, yesterday practice, when I entreated her『Elenorsama please go easy on me!』, I got beaten with the wooden sword with more than double intensity than the usual practice time.

Somehow when I said the word 『Elenorsama』, rather than the feeling of compliment, I was told that it just give you an unpleasant feeling.

There doesn't seem to be any problem when asking for forgiveness. Is that it? Maybe the feeling is also included in it?

There is no calculation when apologizing. I wonder maybe it's because it's so that my genuine words full of desire to live to be understood.

I hope he won't get stabbed in the back by a woman in the future.

Somehow I become somewhat obedient. I can't be pessimistic just because my face specification is low.

Alfried is still six years old. It's still unknown whether my face is good or bad! Positive positive. 7

「It's me.」

Ah we arrive at the guest-room while I was thinking, Nord-tousan knocks on the door.

Sarah gently opened the door from inside the guest-room, and let us inside.


As we enter the room, a woman sitting on the sofa stood up and raise her voice.

First of all, I'm surprised by her small stature. About a hundred forty centimeters tall?

Her white skin is covered by an elegantly tailored pink frilly dress.

Swaying straight chestnut-colored hair that reaches her waist, she rush over to Viscount Yurina.

 Sou 8, she's too young to be called a woman. Saying that she is a little girl is fine.


Viscount Yurina gently catches Madam Rinalia who came jumping in.

When the one who catches make a little mistake in adjusting the strength, then the bone in her arms are likely to break. Madam Rinalia gave such impression since she have a slender body.

Viscount Yurina's facial expression turn deredere 9 and unbecoming. There's no longer any shadow of his overflowing dignity and wisdom.

 Ah, there's no doubt about it. This guy is a lolicon.

From now on, I will call Viscount Yurina as Viscount Lolina (ロリーナ)10 in my heart.


Yurina and his wife who had entered their own two world, came back to this world with Nord-tousan cough.

Thank God. It appears that Viscount Yurina still leave some reasoning behind.

「Rinalia, you still have not greet these people yet.」

「Ah, that's right. I'm sorry. My name is Rinalia, wife of Viscount Yustel = Yurina. Earl Melna, Alfried-sama pleased to meet you.」

The girl…she lowered her head *pekori* in a gesture peculiar to little girls.

Maybe she was embarrassed being seen embracing previously, her ears are bright red.

「A lovely woman as rumored. I am Earl Dareios = Melna. A pleasure to meet you.」

『Lovely woman….such thing』with small voice and bright red face, Madam Rinalia said.

At this rate I wonder whether she will collapse she got praised more.

「Second son of the house of Slowlett. Alfried. I welcome you to our mansion today.」

I wonder when Madam Rinalia looked at me whos is smaller than herself, she calm down a bit.

When she looked at me her expression loosen.

「Thank you very much for the polite welcome. Please treat me well.」

Madam Rinalia smiling sweetly 11.

Ah, I'm sure Viscount Lolina fell for her because of this.

It was a moment when I'm certainly convinced.

TL Note :

Toriela the merchant. Tori, man. ドラゴンスレイヤ, change it from 'slayer' since it's funnier this way. Chuunibyou, super power syndrome, delusional. Jerk, twitch. グェ!? 顔に泥を塗るわ : bring dishonor, disgrace, 'throw mud' In English. そう yes or 'hm' while nodding. Lovestruck, sweet, or loosened expression when meeting your favourite person. Lolina, loli – lolicon Yurina. ニッコリ
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