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Another early chapter. 3/3,that’s it. On another note, chapter 35 is a long one.

Going Back to Sleep


I was awakened by the cold winter temperature and the dazzling morning sun.

Because this world doesn't have light from electricity much like in Japan, I'm doing a healthy life rhythm to sleep immediately as soon as it gets dark.

Actually, I can keep staying up late as long as I have the non-attribute magic 『Light』.

But sadly. I'm a six years old kid. I can't allow this body of mine to stay up late and I need to quickly fly away to the world of dreams peacefully. Oh well, either way I repeat my daily routine of magic training in the evening, because I will get tired after using up my magic power.

Be that as it may. I'm still sleepy. And I don't want to get out of the futon 1

「Aaah, futon. I won't let you go. Absolutely.」

Whispering words of love to my futon, I relish the similar feeling of being in a warm and sunny weather while holding the futon tightly.

Aaah……it feels as if my body is floating in the air. Truly happiness.

Once a person completely fell asleep, they can't feel the pleasant feeling of lying down on a futon.

But, it became possible in this current state to doze off while feeling the comfortable futon and pillow.

「…..oh no, this is making want to pee.」

When I get out of this futon now, a cold, dry air which can be said to be frigid will suddenly hit me.

Throwing away this pleasant feeling and get a sense of exhilaration huh, or should I defend this comfortable place and endure the fight against the urge to the bathroom.

I've got to choose one. If this is a saga about the Hero2 as the main character, is that person also experience trouble such as these as a hero3.

「……..not good, I need to go to the bathroom.」

But, I just exchanged promises of love with my futon. Am I allowed to somehow break it immediately after?


In my mind, this conflicting feeling clashes with each other.

「……I've decided. I'm going to move forward.」

Even though it's annoying, I open my heavy eyelids.


The light with the name of 'Morning Sun', mercilessly sears my eyes as if to grill it.

I just open my eyes and this happen. The road to the bathroom is quite steep

Even so I'm going to move forward.

I slowly put my foot out of the futon.

「Aaaaaaaahh! Ccooooollllldddddd!」

The cold air stabs my foot like needle.

I want to put my foot back in the futon right now. If it's now there's still time. If I return my foot back to the futon, my beloved futon will warm me both physically and mentally.

But,is there a good  a good enough reason!

The urge to pee just steadily increases. It will soon reach the limit, and eventually burst.

But I have a pride to protect.

If this pride took a blow, people will then point at me, and I'll be ridiculed.

As a man, such things can't be forgiven.

I move instantly and jump out of the futon.

I felt that my lovely and beloved futon, wrapped itself around me as if to hold me back. 


By exposing my whole body, the force of nature with the name of 'Midwinter' came raging in.

I immediately adjust the futon so that the heat in the futon does not escape.

 Then I made a clear image in my head of where he bathroom is located and teleport.

I teleported to the bathroom, put my pants downーー

「Haa! ……what the, a dream huh. It was awfully realistic.」

The season right now is autumn. Of course there is no such thing such as a cold wind stabbing your body, and nature also does not raging. Also, I'm not in a futon, it's a bed.

The morning air may feel a little cold when one woke up, but if one's body moves it will be an ideal temperature.

「Haa! There's no way I'm bed-wetting right!?」

I confirm the state of my crotch hurriedly.

After having that kind of dream. There's the possibility that it happened.

「…….safe. There's no problem.」

 There was nothing that would hurt my pride.

「Yosh, then this time, shall I get back to sleep.」

After all, I can't go back to sleep in my dream.

My body sank into the futon as I feel so comfortable, while enjoying the feel of the blanket wrapping around me, my consciousness gradually sinking into darkness.

Knock knock.  (*Kon kon*)

「Al, are you awake?」

It's Sylvio-niisan's voice who came from the hallway knocking on the door.

「I'm sleeping.」

「…….hey Al.」


「I haven't said anything yet though?」

「Still no!」

「Iya, this is Ele-」4

「No! I don't want to hear it. Go away.」

「….haa. Okay.」

Maybe losing to my stubborn will, or maybe amazed I don't know, but Sylvio-niisan leaves from in front of the door.

Really, to interrupt my second attempt of sleeping. Even so, it's unusual for Sylvio-niisan to come to my room so early in the morning.

However, rather than being curious about Sylvio-niisan, I will not think about it since the desire to get back to sleep won over.



「You're awake aren't you? After all, you was talking with Sylvio a while ago right?  」

 I really think that Sylvio-niisan is saying unnecessary words recently.

You won't be able to tell a woman's cute jealousy5 if you just listen to the latter part of her remark. So this is a woman's cute jealousy. The,. if you're a man, you should just accept it silently here. So let's keep quiet.

「………I'm entering.」

Fast. What a quick decision.

With a *kiii~* sound, the door is being opened ruthlessly. Why didn't I  lock the door properly yesterday. Even if I regret it now, I can't

「Wake up Al.」

Elenorneesan call out to me, but I made an innocent face and take a breath as if I'm sleeping.

Regardless from which angle you look from I'm a cute little brother alright.

The bangs of my chestnut-colored hair is being stroked by Elenorneesan.

 Then she stopped the movement of her hand suddenly, and put strength in her arm.

「Hey hey hold on! It hurts it hurts! My skull!」

Using Iron Claw on me.

「Did you think you can fool me if you made such a face?」

「Yes, I've done something stupid.」

After that Elenorneesan relaxes her grip on me. Though her hand still doesn't leave my head.

「Can you please take your hands off me?」

「Not yet.」

I'm glad. I thought she's going to say something like『A pet need a collar doesn't it?』.

「Today is only the second day of the Harvest festival, so there's no particular reason I have to wake up so early. Earl Melna and Viscount Lolina too, they said that they will be resting in the mansion. 」

「That Viscount Yurina. I already told Al so many times that he is very talkative, he always gave people some bitter experience you know?」

A chatterbox and an a flat chested person. Which one is at fault I wonder.  6 

「It hurts!? I didn't  say anything just now right!?」

「My woman's intuition told me to hit you.」

Is this person an example of an oracle. And when the revelations descends without reservations like that, people will take it for granted. I want you to please restrain yourself a little.

「In any case we're doing morning practice today.」

「But Nord-tousan didn't say anything about morning practice.」

「It was decided as such this morning. Earl Melna and Rumba came, so might as well do the sword training. 」

Damn it, returning unexpectedly. Although he live down in the village to help working on with his new place recently, why did they have to visit today.

If I remember correctly, he once said that he will return to the Capital by winter. Then when it's spring, he'll come back and settle down in Koryatt village.

Since he's a funny and a good guy so it's I'm happy for that. And he's a B-rank adventurer so I'm counting on you.

But right now those things doesn't matter.

「Then I won't disturb you. Good night.」

「But Earl Melna and Rumba were asking for you personally? 」

「So it won't do even if I offer Sylvio-niisan as a shield huh?」


 Hm? I feel that I heard some noise from the hallway.

「It's impossible for Sylvio. He will break immediately.」


「Aaー, that's true isn't it. Sylvio-niisan defense are low.

When I use Sylvio barrier in the past, I have confirmed that it has a low defense.

「………low defense power.」

「C'mon, if you understand let's go.」

It can' be helped if Earl Melna is the one asking me to come. I will enjoy sleeping for the second time another time.

Finally, Elenorneesan's hand leave my head. I wonder if there are handprint left. While rubbing my forehead, I leave the room with Elenorneesan.

「Sylvio, what are you doing kneeling in a place like this? Let's go practice.」

「………Al, today practice. Please prepare yourself.」

Sylvio-niisan is talking with a serious look.

Nn? Maybe because there's Earl Melna and Rumba, that the training will be even more intense than usual? 

「Un 7. Let's do our best.」

I reply with a broad smile.

Let's survive together!

TL Note :

Futon : Japanese bed. ヒーロー Hero 英雄 great hero ‘Iya’, this is kinda difficult to translate to English, since one might not get the meaning perfectly  as it is in Japanese (kinda difficult to express), if I would have to explain it in English, it should be something like 'ah, you know..'. Something like that. Cute jealousy, like those in anime when the girl act somewhat strange when it concerns those she like. 薄っぺらい口と薄っぺらい胸. Ussuperai (lit. thin). So thin-lipped vs thin/flat chest. Un, yes.
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