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Escape King

「Alfried! show begin! 」

『Ooh! Alfried-sama said it!』

『Are you going to do something interesting again!?』

『Greatー! Here we goー!』

The villagers are excited by my words. Everyone's face are slightly red, it seems that everyone is ready. Maybe suspicious with the men who raise their voice and tension uselessly, Celisan and Carlsan came out from the kitchen.

「Alfried! show begin!」

Isn't it fine to make noise. Today is a harvest festival. No one can stop us. Let's vent out our daily accumulated unhappiness!

I have the villagers open up some space.

「I'll take some soil first okay.」

『Soil? What? What is he doing?』

『Don't know. He's that kind of person.』

The villagers are talking in hubbub.

Immediately, using soil around I use earth magic on it and make six block from the soil that will become the base of a dice.

 For now I'm making a box, there's no problem if it can enclose me on all side. So that it can show a nice appearance and toughness I should be able to make about two meters box.

I manipulate the earth-block, then enter the restaurant as it is.

「Sorry for the long waitー」

『What's that?』

『Earth Wall?』

『Did you make it with Earth magic?』

『No way. Even if I try my hardest I can only make two of them.』

The villagers look at the earth-block made with earth magic an start asking question. To stir their doubt and expectation even more, I freely move the earth-block and show it to them.


Hearing my voice, the villagers quietened down.

Nice. I don't dislike those who can switch their attitude quickly. The men of Coryatt village often do something stupid, but they change their attitude quickly. To take charge of the important position and the kitchen will give one favorable impression. When it's time to play then go play, then it's time to work then work.

That's good. When it's time to play, I just need to rest. 

「From now on, I will show you magic (マジック/majikku) 2. And now, I will make a box using this wall created with Earth magic.Then within ten seconds, I will escape from the box without using magic (maho)!」

『Magic? Not magic?』

『Anyway, you're saying that you can escape from that box without breaking it?』

『Is such thing possible?』

While everyone is discussing about their doubts, like creating dice I make a big box by connecting the blocks.


『The box is being made!』

「Well then everyone, I will enter this box. After I enter the box, please count from ten.」

Waving my hand to the villagers while entering the box, I close the side that is opened as the entrance.

The box connected with *pishiri* sound, no light enter the box, I can only hear the faint countdown of the villagers' voice in this dark and narrow space.

I wonder if people with claustrophobia would be truly afraid of this.


I heard the villagers' countdown.

Each time the number decreases, their voice got louder, it seems to represent the villagers' expectation.


Whether or not I can answer those expectation, this is a real magic with no trick or artifice!

 At the same time when I heard their shout, I move toward the kitchen in the back where there is no one with Space magic.

Then in accordance to the villagers' countdown, I disconnect the box made of Earth magic and made them crumble.

『It's broken!』

『Is Alfried-sama okay?』

『Don't make my restaurant dirty with soil!』

The villagers look at the suddenly-crumbling box that is now a mere soil.

There's a commotion, and they approach the soil.

Roland and Westa are touching the soil while saying.

「There's nothing.」

「Where is he?」

As everyone's gazes are gathered to the soil, I calmly came out of the kitchen, and for the performance sake I use fire magic momentarily in front of me.

The flame roar for awhile then disappear into thin air.

『Uoh! Behind us!』



『It's true! How did he escape from the box?』

The villagers notice me, then one by one they raise voices of astonishment. Then someone applaud, the astonishment turn to admiration as it spreads.

「Thank you very much.」

To hide my embarrassment from being happy, I bow politely.

Later the villagers ask me to do it once more, and asking of 『how do you get out?』so I avoid the question by returning to the table with Melna and Yurina.

To disclose the simple trick is taboo you know.

Once I reveal the magic trick, then I won't be able to surprise and gave the guest an impression again.

If you reveal the secret then they will go 『Hee, so it's like that.』

Magic show is something like, perfectly deceiving the guest till the last minute so that the impression would be 『Amazing』 『How!?』such is born as a result.

I think what I did just now is not pure magic show, but it would be great if people enjoy it.

Calling to the performer 『Do it again!』, while waving their hand and nodding

Somehow I feel that by just doing this I could earn enough pocket money. The sensational Escape King Alfried. How was that.

The villagers at the other table are excitedly discussing about my escape.

「How the heck did you do that?」

「I also can't think about how you got out of the box.」

Melna and Yurina crossed their arm while groaning.

「Here you go, fruit water. My treat.」

Celisan put a glass of fruit water on the table with a *don*.

「Thanks Celisan」

「I would be happy if you tell me how you get out of the box of as thanks.」

「Hahaha,I won't tell you that.」

「Ara, how unfortunate.」

Celisan gave up faster than I thought. When I take a sip of the fruit water, as expected it's somewhat lacking if it's not cold. Unless you're not magician who can use ice magic, then food, drink, every place is at the room temperature. 

Because I kinda want to drink cold drink in one gulp, I put some ice in the cup using ice magic.

「This is surprising. You can use ice magic?」

「Did you know, that there is someone called the Kingdom's Ice Princess.」

「The Princess of Ice?」

Who is it? I feel like Rumba told me the same thing. Because that person is said to be called the Princess of Ice, is she a cold-blooded person that use ice magic?

A woman wearing fancy dress living in an icy castle. Slender and long legs visible from the long skirt. Shiny black hair with abundant and well-proportioned chest. Might be good. Ice Princess. I want to see her once.

「Mmm, that's what's been going around publicly anyway.」

With Melna's words, the beautiful imagination in my head collapses. Maybe she's not very beautiful?

「Publicly mean?」

「Since the Ice Princess is actually the Third Princess of Misfrit Kingdom, so it can't be helped that the commoners gave her good nickname.」

「Then what's she's called privately ?」

「She's called 『The Ice Doll』3.」

 Melna frowns hearing Yurina's words.

「Doesn't look like a true doll actually….」

「Why the heck is that?」

「The『Ice Doll』, Third Princess Laylsama (レイラ) was born with disabled leg. The Royal Family was disappointed at Laylsama's circumstance. So the Third Princess can't walk, but as she grow up, apparently she can use ice magic, so her Royal Family and the people around her that initially gave her the cold shoulder became warm and they tried to become close to her. Seeing their undisguised and quick change in attitude, Laylsama became unable to trust even her family. She became disgusted toward the creature called human.」

Well, so it's a story about human nature completely laid bare.

「Anyway, Yurinsan aren't you well-informed? Is this story famous enough to be widely known by commoners?」

「Aah, that's because I'm not a commoner.」

「Me too.」

「Huh? If what you are saying is the truth,then why are you in this sort of place?」

「There's no need for you to change your manner suddenly. You can act like you used to.」

Looking at my state, as if seeing something funny, Yurinsan laugh.

「I am Earl Melna and Yurina is a Viscount. I got along well with Nord. And I came here today to see the present condition of Coryatt village. Didn't you hear it from Nord? That there will be guest coming from outside.」

Listening to Earl Melna's last words, then I remember. Speaking of which, it's feels like they said something like that. I was certain that it was absolutely not important, I casually paid no attention of it.

「Come to think of it, it feels like people were saying something along those lines.」

So that means, because of the arrival of this people, Bartolo and the maids were busy since morning and going around in a hectic state.

I see. Alfried convinced.

「I heard that you did some interesting magic show, you are Nord's son aren't you.」

「Um…I mean, yes… I'm the second son Alfried Slowlett」

「As one would expected from Nord and Elnsan's son. A well-mannered child. I'm not that smart, but somehow I like your style you know?」

Earl Melna leave the restaurant while laughing loudly.

「Now then, shall we go?」

「Where to?」

「Your mansion of course. My wife has already arrived, she will sulk if she had to wait too long.」

Such adorable wife.

Yurinsan stood up shortly after he put as much as four silver coins on the table as payment.

TL note :

余興 マジック : as in magic show. 氷の人形
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