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   “Brother, I have a request to make.”

   When I first called out to him, First Prince Christof opened his ice blue eyes wide.
   It was rare seeing anything on my older brother’s usually expressionless face, so I took a good look at his readily apparent surprise. He closed the thick book in his hand, returned it to the bookshelf, and then crossed the space between us to stop in front of me.

   “How rare for you to come to me.”

   Even though his words came off sarcastic, I could tell from his expression that he didn’t mean anything by it. In reality, me approaching him was out of the ordinary.
   However, if you asked me to explain why that was the case, all I can say is it was an inevitability. It was not as if I had been avoiding him because I hate him.

   In relation to Chris, my little brother Johan and I only shared half of his blood.
   Christof was the son of the late queen, who died as soon as she gave birth to him. Johan and I were the children of the second queen.

   As current queen, my mother harbored deep prejudice against my older brother because he was a living memory of the woman my father still loved.
   It naturally followed that she never allowed us close to him.

   I think I should just do what I please, but I wonder if that was really how a child would act.
   My mother has also never been affectionate towards my little brother and I. If it wasn’t in front of Father, I’d be amazed she if ever spoke to either of us.

   “Won’t you get scolded by my lady?”

   “It doesn’t matter.”


   “I’m already five years old. If we’re talking about taking responsibility for my actions, I am capable of that.”


   Dumbfounded, he called me by my pet name.

   If only someone would take a scrap of this guy, steep it in hot water, and force the Second Prince to drink it.

   “I see.”

   Chris stared at me silently and for just a short span of time, his expression softened.
   I can’t say that we’re close, but he was looking at me kindly, the way a grandfather would to his grandchild who’s all grown up. That’s impressive dignity for an eight year old, my royal brother.*

   “What was it that you wanted to ask of me?”

   He returned the main topic, not digging any deeper.

   “Actually, it concerns Johan.”

   “Johan? What happened to Johan?”

   It’s not what happened to him.

   “I wish for Johan to have the strictest, wisest tutors assigned to him.”

   At my statement, Chris became lost for words.

   In UraSeka (Reverse World), the Second Prince of Nebel Kingdom, Johan von Werfard, was a love interest and also a major sis-con.
   The only person he loved was his older sister, Rosemarie. The only one he trusted from the bottom of his heart was Rosemarie. If she said jump, he asked “How high?” Even if a crow was black, if she called it white, he immediately declared it to be white. That was the type of staunch supporter he portrayed.

   The entire cause was wrapped up in his broken family background.

   And yet, so that Christof could never get close to her son, Johan was raised inside an enclosed and narrow world.

   The maids acted as if they were touching something foul, and kept their distance. So that they didn’t risk upsetting him, all of his tutors went easy on him.
   In the midst of all that, the only one who looked straight at him was Rosemarie.

   In the end, there was nothing that could be done about Johan becoming dependent on his older sister.
   Or, so it would seem when it was someone else’s problem. When that burden fell on my own shoulders, I finally realized the truth—there must be a limit to everything.

   Right now my little brother was four years old, and cuteness overload!
   Wherever I went, he followed close behind. He resembled a baby chick, chasing after me with his toddling footsteps. There was no way he wasn’t cute.

   But. He’s been a little strange lately.

   If I leave his side, he starts to cry immediately. He also disliked it when anyone came close to me, but even when he gets jealous, he was still cute!

   I mean, she was a maid. A girl. Even after I told him she was only helping me, it was terrifying how he didn’t hesitate to go after her. When she saw him grab the paper knife from on top of the desk, she started screaming her head off.
   We only managed to get out of the situation without incident when I stood protectively in front her with my hands spread out.

   No violence! No more YANDERE!

   Something needed to be done with the strangeness that had recently come over my little brother, I decided.

   “I have no right to request a favor of you, brother. However, even if I were to beg father, I do not think that he would accede to my wish for change.”


   The King has no expectations for his youngest son.
   When he says he doesn’t have time for the Second Prince because he already had an heir beyond excellent, it wasn’t that I didn’t get it…I just wish he’d care a little more.

   Johan has been spoiled rotten, and the tutors were negligent in their duty by not teaching him well enough. This applied to mother as well. I also wish she’d take more care in the choice of his tutors.

   “What he needs is someone he can respect by his side. If I remain the only one who tells him when he’s done wrong, his world will only become more and more narrow.”

   Honestly, it’d be a pain if his siscon symptoms got worse.
   If Johan became a yandere on top of that, it’d be too much. My mental health wouldn’t be able to handle it.

   “If he finds it within himself to forgive you, in the future, he’ll…Johan will become a strong ally. Won’t you take it upon yourself to raise him with the utmost discipline?”

   It had occurred to me that if Chris, as heir apparent, were to propose it to Father, there might just be a change.
   Besides, when I thought it through, if my strict brother were the one to handle the approval process, I’m sure that the persons selected would make superb tutors. It was killing two birds with one stone. If luck happened to be on my side and my brothers got closer to each other—possibly resulting in Johan turning over a new leaf—that would also be one less worry on my mind.

   “You are fine with this?”

   “Of course,” I replied at once.

   In Christof’s eyes, Johan and I must look co-dependent on each other. “If Johan moves out of his isolated world, can the sister who is left behind live by herself?” was what he thought.

   Honestly, he needn’t have worried.
   If Chris teaches Johan how to be independent, freeing me to move toward my goal, I’d be forever indebted to him.

   “Even if we are separated, the fact that I am his older sister will not change.”

   Dear little brother. Your sister will be watching over you from the grave…not! From a distance, so please grow up respectable.

   “I see,” he muttered, sighing.

   My brother smiled, unusually gentle.
   Having never seen him like that before, I immediately closed my eyes in self-preservation. I can’t look! Against such a pure smile, my dead fish eyes were sure to get crushed.

   Afterward, Chris proposed the idea to father, all of Johan’s negligent tutors were dismissed, and Chris appointed tutors of superior caliber in their place.
   For Christof himself to personally get involved with Johan’s education, he was already raising him with plenty discipline.

   Dear little brother… I’m begging you, so please, please grow up respectable!



* Terrible writing will be terrible, it’s not my fault. In fact, I’d like to argue and say that I’m doing a lotfor the story! This is a mix of translating/editing/writing skills! It could read a lot worse!

Also, suspend your disbelief! Kids don’t talk this way? These kids are supposed to be royal, and, well, according the WN author, wise beyond their years or summat.

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