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The Reincarnated Princess Thinks to Herself.

   I, Rosemarie von Werfald*, was born as the First Princess of the Nebel Kingdom. I’ve lived once before, and I’ve retained the memories from that previous existence.

   In other words, I was reincarnated with memories of another life. Yup.

   I don’t think it’s necessary to dredge up the little details from that time, so I’ll just say that I got into a traffic accident and blacked out. When I came to, I had become a baby.

   Hey, what is this, a light novel?

   I grew up healthy, and quickly turned three. When I finally learned what the names of my kingdom, of my father, and of my own were, I tilted my head in doubt.
   Feeling like I’d heard them all before, I mulled over it until it all came back to me. The entire setup of this world was from an otome game!

   Seriously, is this a light novel?

   It was the same kingdom, set in the same world. The guys, the original appeal of the game, had the same names and the same faces. And then there was me, the one who had the same name as the Heroine’s love rival.
   There were way too many similarities for me to pass it off as a mere coincidence.

   “This sucks,” I unintentionally muttered, and let out a big sigh.

   When I thought about it, I was really glad that my maids couldn’t see me. A three-year-old staring into space looking depressed might have been too alarming.

   Even though I knew this world resembled the one from the game, I wasn’t excited at all. In fact, Icouldn’t get excited.
   The reason was simple. It was a shitty game.

   If I wasn’t wrong, the title of the game was “Welcome to the Reverse World”. (UraSeka)

   In the story, a high school student was summoned to another world to serve as its priestess. It became her duty to defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

   The main story itself was the same old recycled plot, so there wasn’t much to comment on.

   The problem were the characters.

   That much I could deal with. I didn’t even have a problem with the world being a carbon copy of the game’s.

   No, the issue was that the selling point of the game was a total letdown.

   The Second Prince was a siscon. The Noble was a narcissist. The Guard Knight was d’M. The Wizard was a necrophiliac. The Assassin was gay. As for the Priest, even though he was supposed to be the natural enemy of the Demon Lord and was the one who summoned the priestess, he was a yandere with a handful of destruction wishes.

   This was the perfect example of when the developers tried too hard to stand out. The instincts of anormal person who discovered this sort of reality was to immediately run away, pretending not to see what they just saw because they didn’t want to get involved.

   The first love interest I went after was the Noble, but when I began to get an inkling of his true personality, I quickly lost enthusiasm. The Heroine was truly an angel for taking the time to listen to the dilemmas of that idiot. Either that, or she had mad skills to become a caretaker.

   Fueled by a burning desire to sell back the game as soon as possible, I managed to get to his ending. The moment he saw the Heroine in her wedding dress at the wedding ceremony, the Narcissist only had one thing to say, “How beautiful…I am, reflected in your eyes.” I threw my controller at the floor.

   When we think it’s finally good and dead, you just had to make the illustration scene fade to black with those gawdawful words? That’s horror. If you were trying to create a romance game, you’ve just made a farce of the entire product with that single line.

   Since all of the guys were like this from beginning to conclusion, it just wasn’t possible to find excitement anywhere. The gushing emotions you were expecting turned out not to be moe—it was the desire to kill. In the end, I felt like I had just taken a newly developed stress test.

   And yet, there was a reason why none of us could throw the game away.

   Beyond the sparkling good looks that were the only appeal of the love interests, something called support characters brought joy to that world.

   Unfortunately, the Heroine couldn’t get closer to them because they weren’t the original targets. Depending on the route, some of those characters’ names wouldn’t even appear.
   For some unfathomable reason, though, they made a full set of normal love interests.

   The most important part of all was that they had great personalities. I swear, it’s true.

   The First Prince was intelligent and levelheaded. The narcissist Noble’s uncle was kind and gentle.

   The shop assistant from the restaurant Assassin began working at after he changed his profession was a feminist who was nice to all women, and the Priest’s older sister was a beautiful woman prone to taking care of others.

   How the hell did this happen?!

   I’d like about an hour to interrogate the development team. Why did the specs for creating the support characters seem better than the love interests’ own on every level?!

   The reason why I continued to push my way through the game was because of them. Maybe, just maybe, if I cleared the main guys, I could open up the routes for the support characters. That was the ray of hope I held on to.

   Even with the image of despair steadily crushing my soul in mind, I persevered. There had to be at least one secret character!

   From what I gathered on the net, I could safely say that just like me, the unlock everyone most hoped for belonged to my beloved Commander. Just for the chance to see his smile, I’d persevere through any agony!
   I persevered…but I was betrayed, by God, and the development team.

   When the number in the corner of the screen indicated that I had collected 100% of the scenes, I wept.

   The sea of emptiness was vast. What the hell have you been doing, me?

   For the record, out of all the possible endings in the game, the most supported one was the Normal End.

   While the Heroine grieved over her lack of powers, he gently caressed her head and said, “It’s not your fault. Find happiness over there.”

   Don’t make me fall for you even more!
   Do you know how many times I’ve yelled at the Heroine, “Don’t go back!” as she went home with that never-changing apologetic look on her face?

   Oops, I got off-topic. So, if we assume I was reborn in the world of that shitty game, it was inevitable that trouble will keep showing up.
   If I wanted to live in peace, there were a lot of flags I needed to strike down.

   Out of the six guys who were more trouble than they were worth, all I needed to do was aim for one and avoid his flags and what not. It was gonna be a headache-inducing situation, but…what choice did I have?


   Another big sigh escaped from the three-year-old me as I made up my mind.

   I can do it!
   For the chance to meet my beloved Commander! For the future!

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