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   Well, then. Next up, I think I’ll strike down the flags belonging to that featherbrain of a narcissist.

   Georg zu Eicher**. Heir to his family’s Margraviate, and also, Rosemarie’s fiancé.
   Notice how smoothly I said that? I’ll say it again. Rosemarie’s fiancé, in other words, mine, in the future. Is that featherbrain.

   AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m not kidding.

   Even if he’s that pitiful, I can’t sacrifice my own life for his.

   I do feel a little guilty about the part of me that wants to make an offering of him to the Heroine. If I’m planning to hand him over, the least I can do is make him a better person.

   In that case, the first thing I need to focus on is his childhood.
   Just about every one of the love interests in the game had a sad past, and Georg was no exception.

   Georg had fine platinum blonde hair like silk thread, and amethyst eyes. His mother was a frail-looking beauty who seemed like she might break if you touched her, and like the cliché “beautiful people die young”, she passed away when Georg was around 8 years old.
   The young child who lost his beautiful mother grieved and cried his heart out, and yet, there was no one to console that little boy.

   His father, the head of the household, was also in despair over the loss of his beloved wife. Without a second thought for the son who had been left all alone, he drowned himself in ruin.
   His younger brother—Georg’s uncle—stayed by his side as his support, desperately trying to get what remained of the head back on his feet.

   Left to his own devices, Georg continued to search for traces of his dead mother.

   Completely covered in his mother’s shawl, the living image of the mother who had been compared to a white lily in life shaped itself before the boy—it was Georg himself.

   Mirrors, the water’s reflection, glass—as long as he had something that reflected his image, he could meet his mother.
   That’s the story of how Georg became a narcissist.

   Honestly, it was depressing. Seriously depressing.
   That that weirdo had such a sad past is astonishing.

   But. In the present, his mother only has a weak constitution.
   The first time I met her I was five years old and Georg was around six. I think I was supposed to meet with Georg as a candidate for marriage to see if we suited, but I quickly neglected him and became attached to his mother.

   Sitting up from bed, she smiled at me while her husband stood at her side observing her with a worried expression, and then he introduced her to me.

   “Please forgive our rudeness, Your Highness. My wife has a delicate body and her physical condition deteriorates during the seasons’ changes, so she cannot properly rise.”

   “I am honored to have this privilege. I am the wife of Moritz, Emma.”

   “I’m Rosemarie.”

   Grinning broadly, I greeted Lady Emma with fascination.
   She did have a fragile beauty, but when she smiled she resembled a young girl. It’s so not fair. Who is this person, she’s too cute!

   Using the fiancé candidacy as my excuse, the me who fell in love with Lady Emma at this point came back to visit her many times.

   Lady Emma is an angel. A goddess. Georg? What’s that, is it tasty?

   After visiting her a few times, I discovered the reasons for why her body was so weak.

   Point One. She won’t eat.
   On top of already eating very little, she had an unbalanced diet. Her favorite foods were fruits, and—like a child—she hated vegetables. I mean, the Lady Emma who hates carrots IS cute but…proper nutrition is pivotal!

   Point Two. She almost never moves.

   IMO, because she never gets any exercise, she can’t stomach a lot of food. In a so-called downward spiral, she can’t eat, so she loses her stamina.

   Point Three. She doesn’t get sunlight.

   Humans need the sun. I don’t remember very well, but it’s supposed to be important for things like building stronger bones and stimulating the nervous system. Also, if you’re always inside by yourself, you’re bound to get depressed.
   Overtanning isn’t healthy either, but getting sunlight in moderate amounts is necessary.

   When it comes to sicknesses, I can’t do anything about not being a doctor, but in Lady Emma’s case I’m pretty sure she’s not suffering from a deadly disease. When the seasons change, there were a lot of things that prolonged her colds and made it easier for them to get worse. In that case, if we can get her body stamina up, we can probably avoid the tragedy set to happen in two years’ time.

   In order to do that, I decided I’d need to enlist Georg and Julius—his uncle—in the effort to improve Lady Emma’s condition.

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