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Volume 5, Chapter 12: Is he a professional player? (part2)

Zhao Ling Feng awkwardly said "Hehe, this Wang Zheng is truly lucky."

Peoples always say beginners have good luck, and it seems it’s indeed true

"Since today your luck is this good, you might as well continue on and hit two other balls, and honor our Daybreak school." Zhao Ling Feng smiling said.

Wang Zheng doesn’t like stirring trouble, but this fellow does not know when he should give up, he’s really too idle to come over here to be oppressed.

"Fine, in any case, this is a rare opportunity of showing off."

Wang Zheng started striking a ball after ball, and there were all powerful hit like the first one.

This scene made the whole audience descend into silence.

What the F*ck, is he truly from a professional team?

Ye Zisu and Lin Huiyin continuously applauded for him, regarding Wang Zhen, except those especially complex sport, all other sports are simply a child play to him, because they all depend on reflexes.

Zhao Ling Feng feels shamed by his performance. so he didn’t continue coercing him.

"Sister Zisu, let’s go to another place." said Lin Huiyin

Today, Lin Huiyin is their guest, so Zisu and Wang Zheng will naturally comply with all her requests.

"Zisu, let’s meet at noon, to discuss about the matter of the meeting of all our old schoolmates." Zhao Ling Feng is still not willing to let go of this opportunity.

"let’s discuss this another time, I still have matters with Wang Zheng, so I will first take my leave." Ye Zisu said.

In the way, Lin Huiyin excitedly said with a low voice in Ye Zisu ear "Sister Zisu, I thought that you and Brother Wang Zheng are well-suited to each other, do you want me to help you to date him?"

Ye Zisu blushed and said. "We are only friends. and it isn’t like what you imagine."

"Is it?, on my planet, girl bravely pursues their happiness. if you missed this opportunity, you won’t have another chance" Lin Huiyin with a tone of a grown-up said.

Under Lin Huiyin urging, they went to the amusement park, although it is true that girls of her age love such places, but it seems like she intentionally creating an opportunity for Ye Zisu

Anglia who is following them from some distance like their shadows, confusedly looked at them, why her highness is interested in such childish games?

Lin Huiyin said she’s afraid of riding the roller coaster, and insisted that Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu ride it for her to look at.

Lin Huiyin blinked her big eyes and thought, this man can be considered outstanding among common people, but he isn’t suitable for her older cousin Anna, and their relationship will only be a burden for both of them, and she knows well Anna character, she seems mature but in fact she’s extremely rigid and stubborn, however, if Wang Zhen got a girlfriend, she may give up on him

"Ah, those so-called adults always make me worried." Lin Huiyin helplessly shook her head.

Although Ye Zisu frequent a military college, but this type of extreme roller coaster are still terrifying for her, and in such situations, girls are always more feeble.

Wang Zheng was tormented by Huiyin, running back and forth until almost fainting, but seeing Ye Zisu happy smile let him feels that it’s still worth it, in the past, Ye Zisu helped him many times, and he didn’t do anything for her, so if he can at least make her laugh heartily, he would feel more at ease.

After they got down from it, they discovered that Lin Huiyin disappeared, and a woman with a poker face is at her place.

"Hello, Miss Lin had some urgent matter to deal with and she already went back, to thank you, she ordered a dinner for you at Xiangfeibin, and in addition this is a small gift from Huiyin for taking care of her." while saying this, she took out a gift box, and from its size, it must contain something like a record disk.

Traditional record disk and mechanical watches already become a sort of art, and it’s rumored that some nobles dislike using Skylink.

A long magnetic limousine is waiting for them at the gate, and it’s obvious that they plan to carry them to the restaurant.

Xiangfeibin is one of Shangjing City famous five-star restaurant, and it’s rumored that to be able to dine in it, you must order a month ahead, and even high-level VIP must at least order a week ahead. It seems like it’s worth it being tormented by that little girl for an entire day if it’s to be able to dine in such place.

"The young miss already prepared everything for you, so you can at ease enjoy yourselves."

The VIP private room is situated on the 188 floor of Shangjing trade center, with a beautiful scenery and fine food, it’s an irresistible place for any glutton.

Although Ye Zisu has dined in this place several times, but she’s still grateful toward Lin Huiyin arrangement, and it seems it’s a bit better than what she enjoyed the previous times

Since there is fine food before him, Wang Zheng unreservedly enjoyed it, Lin Huiyin ordered for them many and various kind of sumptuous food,which stirred his appetite, he didn’t refuse any food offered to him, and heartily ate. contrary to Ye Zisu which didn’t eat much and passed most time gazing at him.

In the surroundings, many young men and women with good manner and bearing, dumbfounded looked at Wang Zheng, with a beautiful woman beside him, and in such romantic place and ambiance, he’s only ferociously eating.

"I’m truly envying you grand appetite." Ye Zisu said with a smile "you should go to the meeting of Daybreak school old students, it will be helpful for you to befriends some of them ."

Wang Zheng waved his hand in dismissal and "Let it be, it’s a meeting of elites, and it has nothing to do with me, and it’s you who Zhao Ling Feng invited, so it will inconvenient if I went over.

Ye Zisu lightly sighed and said "I know that you look down on us."

Wang Zheng blanked for a while before saying "What are you saying? I’m truly envying them"

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