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Volume 5, Chapter 12: Is he a professional player? (part1)

"Wang Zheng, I remembered, you managed to enter Ares College?" Zhao Ling Feng surprised said.

"I was only lucky." Wang Zheng only said a few words, his capabilities are probably known to all in Daybreak school, this Zhao Ling Feng seems a bit sensible since he didn’t embarrass him by prying further in.

"Ling Feng, who are those people?" A tall girl come over, her hair is tied into a ponytail and she’s wearing a neat gym suit, and her slim figure is quite attractive, they all said Shangjing university is a love Paradise, and it’s truly so, Wang Zheng took several looks at her.

Maybe it’s because she was just exercising that her face is slightly flushed red, which it gives her a special seductive charm

"Qingqing, let me introduce them to you, this is the most beautiful girl in Daybreak school Ye Zisu, and now she’s in Ares College Mecha Department, and this is her schoolmate Wang Zheng, Wang Zheng, you are now in any department?" only after saying half, did Zhao Ling Feng remember that he didn’t know much about Wang Zheng

"Wang Zheng, I’m an average student from the Physics Department."

"I’m Liu Qing, and I’m currently pursuing Ling Feng" Liu Qing openly revealed her intention "Who this cute little sister?"

After she said this, Zhao Ling Feng revealed a quite proud look, His attractivity towards girls is undoubtable, and he didn’t lack beautiful women wherever he went to, he didn’t pry further how Wnag Zhen managed to enter Ares college not because he did approve of him but it’s because he’s too lazy to, since there aren’t in the same level and belittling him will only disgrace himself.

"My name is Little Yin and I’m big brother Wang Zhen distant cousin" she retreated to Wang Zheng side and pulled his arm, Wang Zheng doesn’t know what he should do about this, should he shake her off or not?

Her actions surprised Ye Zisu, because as one of her fans, she clearly knows how much Lin Huiyin dislike contacting strangers, especially if they were men.

"Hehe, Zisu, we didn’t see each other for such long time, why don’t we go and eat a meal together and chats well, I’m the president of Daybreak school Alumni Association, and it passed quite a period since we entered university, so we should hold a meeting of all our old schoolmates."

Zhao Ling Feng looked at Ye Zisu with shining eyes, when one entered university, he’is considered as having almost entered society, Ye Zisu status and appearance, make any outstanding student desire conquering her.

Liu Qing pondered a bit then said. "It seems like I heard about Wang Zheng somewhere."

A trace of peculiar glow flashed through Zhao Ling Feng eyes because where he was at, he was always the girls center of attention. and Liu Qing unexpectedly kept staring at Wang Zheng for quite a long while.

"When Wang Zheng was young, he was impulsive and made shocking matters, which were posted in Shangjing newspaper, you probably had seen him in it." said Zhao Ling Feng.

He’s keeping Liu Qing by his side, because on one hand, she’s quite pretty, and on the other hand, she can increase his charm, what is snatched is definitely good, and it’s the same with peoples, with her beside him, he can further attract girls, and stir them to want to snatch him from her.

Ye Zisu slightly frowned and said "Ling Feng, don’t mention the past matters."

Zhao Ling Feng uncaringly shrugged his shoulder, he’s truly wondering why Ye Zisu is accompanying such person as Wang Zheng.

Nearby, there is someone who scored a nice hit, and Lin Huiyin immediately clapped and said "Cousin, I want to look at you playing at this sport."

Wang Zheng slightly sweated, he and Yan Xiaosu never played such type of sport.

"I can’t, I never played it."

"Wang Zheng, I’m not criticising you, but since you come out from out Daybreak school, and managed to enter Ares College, you mustn’t disgrace our Daybreak school, come over, I will first demonstrate for you how to play at it." while saying this, he lifted a club and walked toward the pitching machine "You should use this posture, pay attention to my arm and wrist. you must see through the ball trajectory to successfully hit it."

Zhao Ling Feng made several elegant movements which are the most standard ones to use, Zhao Ling Feng is one of this university top students in sports, his genetic score is quite high, and his learning ability is excellent, and he’s practicing various sport in his free time. in Yan Xiaosu words, this fellow is a natural scourge for other male students.

One ball was shouted toward him, and Zhao Ling Feng elegantly struck it far away, the angle of striking is quite good and was a good strike which gives rise to waves of cheering. It seems like he frequently comes here.

"Wang Zheng, try it." Zhao Ling Feng handed over the club to Wang Zheng

Wang Zheng waved his hand in dismissal and said "Today? I come here only to accompany my cousin, and I’m not here to play."

"Cousin, if you continue on like this, you wouldn’t be able to obtain any girls, I’m supporting and cheering for you

Lin Huiyin enthusiasm surpassed Wang Zheng’s, and she lightly pushed him, and Wang Zheng can only conveniently receive the club.

Zhao Ling Feng stood on the side, with a smile hanging on his face, while waiting for Wang Zhen performance.

Did you really thought baseball is this simple? this pitching machine is adjusted to the highest speed, he isn’t interested in playing in a low difficulty like those peoples in the surrounding, if it isn’t because he played at a high difficulty, why would every ball he struck gives rise to cheering from the surrounding peoples.

After grasping the club, Wang Zheng assumed a posture for hitting the ball, which made the nearby Liu Qing eyes brighten because his posture is quite excellent.


The pitching machine shouted a ball at high speed, in such speed, the ball will seem as if it reached him in the twinkle of an eye in ordinary people’s eyes, but it’s truly slow in Wang Zhen eyes.


With an explosive sound, the ball was sent far away and in an instant disappeared in the horizon.

Wang Zhen heart thumped, what the hell? I misused my strength, it seems like my heart isn’t steady enough, and I still want to show off a little.

The surrounding students after several moments of quietness burst into cheering, what the f*ck? it’s my first time seeing such fierce hit.

"This brother is a professional player."

"Eighth or nine out of every ten peoples who come to our university are only here to chase after girls."

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