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Volume 5, Chapter 13: Boiled water from a ten thousand years old Arctic Ice

“If even you isn’t considered an elite, then we are nothing, you are one of the creators of the spatial manipulation Theory, your Mecha operation skill will definitely be one of this year’s IG selection best, and you will become well-known in all of Earth.” Ye Zisu bitterly said, she doesn’t care about Wang Zheng strength, but only about his attitude, because she thought that they can at least be considered friends.

Although Wang Zheng is quite dense, but this time he still realised his mistake, he scratched his head and said “Zisu, I’m sorry, it seems like although I believed that I still maintained my calm, but it seems like I was slightly irritated today, I apologize to you, you are my friend.”

Seeing Wang Zheng becoming so serious, Ye Zisu sweetly smiled, she knows that from this moment, Wang Zheng truly accepted her.

“I really hope that you attend the meeting, and slightly suppress them, I heard that these last months, Zhao Ling Feng is quite tossing about in Shangjing university, his family business has opened a branch in Mars market, which brought to them ample profit, this time he will surely spend much to show off, and although it isn’t refined, but it’s still a way of enjoying his life.”

While listening to her, Wang Zheng sliced a big chunk of cow meat and ate it, , he heard from Yan Xiaosu that this type of cow is raised naturally in Moriarty Outer Space City, and it’s feed the best grain, with a specialist charged to massage them, and a small chunk of its meat cost a thousand, he truly wonder how much cost this big chunk which he’s eating, it’s truly delicious.

“It’s not that bad, every person has his own lifestyle, if you require it, I will accompany you, After all, we represent Ares College , oh right, we should also invite Yan Xiaosu.”

“That’s natural, your two are always together. I truly envy you” Ye Zisu sincerely said, she has seen many so-called good friends, but there isn’t anyone of them who can compare to Wang Zheng Yan Xiaosu, and in crisis they will all reveal their true faces.

Lin Huiyin is truly yoo kind. We didn’t make anything worth rewarding, and she offered us such treat, I hope to meet such good deals more often.”

Ye Zisu smiled, she suddenly discovered that such opportunities of going out to have fun with Wang Zheng are truly rare, today she only remembers having fun with Wang Zheng, and although she truly likes Lin Huiyin but she almost completely forgot about her.

Thinking of this, she slightly blushed and cursed herself.

Wang Zheng is gorging up food and drinking. and Ye Zisu is helping him and pouring beveragedrinks for him, and she seems quite enjoying gazing at Wang Zhen eating.

“In here, even normal boiled water is quite delicious.” Wang Zheng said while drinking a cup of water, and the waiter who happened to pass beside him almost fell down when he heard him.

“Sir, please don’t insult us, this is a Ten Thousand Years old Arctic Ice Spring Water which was Boiled at 99 degrees, so it’s natural it will be delicious.”

He’s quite unsatisfied with Wang Zheng table manners, such country bumpkin is bringing down the restaurant quality.

Wang Zheng was stunned, “Ah, it turns out it’s that legendary water, which is rumored that it’s able to grant one eternal life and resurrect deads?”

It seem like it isn’t a normal boiled water, it’s a plain boiled water from the Arctic Pole.

The waiter complexion stiffened, when he just wanted to say something, Ye Zisu said. “Pays attention to what you say, although my friend temperament is good, but you shouldn’t be rude to him, it seems like this restaurant standars has become worse.”

The Waiters blanked for while before recalling this is an A-grade private room, and immediately lowered his head and apologized before hastily slipping away.

“Hehe, Zisu, it seems like even you have a fierce face.”

Ye Zisu rolled her eyes at him and said “Did you just discover that I’m like the wolf-grandmother.”

Wang Zheng laughed and said “I quite want to possess such cute wolf-grandmother.”

Although he said it jokingly, but it didn’t seem so in Ye Zisu ears. and she was extremely pleased and fell grateful for Lin Huiyin who created such opportunity for her.

After opening the gift box, they found inside it a signed record disk, several posters and two tickets for the front seat of Huiyin concert, these two ticekts were obviously prepared for them.

Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu surprisedly looked at each other, this gift is too good and thorough.

“Perhaps, in Huiyin eyes, such things aren’t considered much, or Aslan peoples are always this generous.”Ye Zisu smiled and said.

When she mentioned Aslan, Wang Zheng trembled a bit, but he quickly recovered, and completely eat all what Lin Huiyin ordered for them.

After finishing the dinner, Ye Zisu invited Wang Zheng to take a walk together,, Wang Zhen almost pass all of his time at home and only go out to train, and he isn’t familiar with any place other than the college surrounding, and in this stroll, he found how beautiful is Shanjing City.

They chatted while walking around, and it’s his first time happily chatting about some interesting matters which happened at Daybreak school.

“How you know all of this, where you stalking me I?” Wang Zheng teasingly said.

Ye Zisu lightly punched him and said “I’m not stalking you, I only thought you were qiute interesting, you don’t know how much you are different from others, you are often sleeping in class and barely got passing score in tests.”

Wang Zheng scratched his head, he was forced by the Old Merchant to do this, and he may be deliberately forcing him, could it be it’s because he’s drowning in debt?

“You know even those thing, you know too much”

“then what you will do about it”

Wang Zheng smiled, and just when he was about to tease her, suddenly six peoples jumped out from a nearby alley.

“Tsk tsk, such fresh beautiful woman, I don’t know what he will do about it, but we, want to have a nice chat about life with you.”

“Boss, you should also include chatting about dreams, I heard university students love chatting about them.”

“fool, I naturally know that, I will carefully and slowly train her on the bed!”

“Big brother, from how she’s walking, she should be still virgin, you are truly lucky.”

“Hehe, if it’s true, all of you will be rewarded.”

Ye Zisu panicked for a moment, because those peoples are completely covered by tattoo, and are smoking while holding a knife or other kind of cold weapons.

If she was faced with military college student, she wouldn’t fear them and can even fight against them.

“it seems like this young girl practiced martial arts, I like her, in a while I will serve you well, come over and get rid of this eyesore kid.”

Five bald holigan approached him, Wang Zheng knew this fight is unavoidable, so he immediately attacked, swiftly and lightly.

Altogether there were five peoples which come after him, and there are now laying down in the ground, Wang Zheng doesn’t have any good impression of such peoples, so he naturally gave them a memory which they won’t easily forgot, they won’t be able to leave bed for at least several months.

The leader with a scar on his face was scared by Wang Zheng and hastily took out a gun and said “kid, you are truly agile, but you dared to attack my brothers, even if you are more quicker. can you evade a bullet?” after saying this, he prepared to pull the trigger, but Wang Zheng already arrived in his front and seized his hand and broke it.

“Speak, who sent you?.”

Wang Zheng squatted, and lightly patted his head.

“I don’t know anything, kill me if you dare.” The leader unyielding said.

If it isn’t because Ye Zisu is beside him, he has 10,000 methods to let him speak out, and it’s Bonehead who taught him all of them.

“Fighting and killing is dangerous. if I broke your hands and legs, can you still live on, or maybe I can simply hand you over to the police, a group of hoodlums is attacking two university student which are the Nation future pillar, or maybe I should employ both methods?”

Wang Zheng gaze is similar to a wild beast’s, and made the leader tremble, because that gaze is that of someone who killed peoples before.

“Big, Big brother, I made mistake, actually I was only frightening you, there is some people who handed us 50.000 to teach both of you a lesson and after accomplishing it they will hand us another 50.000.”

“Who made you do it”

“I don’t know, Big brother, Big Sister, there was an intermediary between us.”

“Then this means that you are useless” Wang Zheng smilingly extended his hand, which extremly scared the leader, because his hand can easily break off their Bones,

The leader was frightened and continually begged for mercy, he’s a typal bully fearing the strong and bullying the weak.

Wang Zheng can sense the fluctuation of his mind and it seems that what he said is true, who knows who found them an eyesore and sent those thugs after them.

He took the gun and patted the leader head with it and said, “You possess able hands and feets so why you don’t you engage in honest work, if I see you another time, I will not let you off this easily .”

After he said this, he pulled Ye Zisu and left, although Ye Zisu seems gentle, but she’s firm and strong-willed, and exepet her slight panic in the beginening, she was even eager to fight them, but because Wang Zheng is present, she didn’t have such opportunity.

The leader struggled up and picked his gun, and he sucked in a cold breath of air when he looked at it, because he found it’s tip bent

It’s truly difficult to continue living in such ways, are all military college students powerful to this extent?

On the way back, Wang Zheng hasn’t mentioned this accident again, as if what happened earlier is just an insignificant event. and he accompanied Ye Zisu to the dormitory, but fortunately, Ye Zisu isn’t some ordinary girl and her mood was still quite good, although it’s a pity that such romantic time between them was ruined by it.

“Zisu, Have nice dreams, good night, and thank you for today.”

“good night Wang Zheng.”

Ye Zisu lightly nipped her lips, and didn’t say anything more, she was already quite happy today.

As OMG young miss, from when she was still a child, she underwent training for resisting kidnapping, and although Wang Zheng attacks are firm and callous, and for common peoples, they would seem a bit too ruthless, but in Ye Zisu eyes, he only seems domineering, he instantly solved them, and it seems as if there isn’t anything he can’t accomplish.

When Wang Zheng pushed her behind him, Ye Zisu could clearly hear how intense was her own heartbeat and how much happy she was.

Inside the dormitory, Meng Tian is quietly reading a book, An Mei is putting on make-up, Du Qingqing is painting, those three beautiful women’s are carelessly relaxing and are all dressed casually, Meng Tian is slightly better, but An Mei has worn very sexy small underpants, and crossed one of her legs over the others while frowning, Du Qingqing is also wearing only a thin loose pajamas, which revealed her lovely and delicate small waist, and she also seems engrossed in her own world.

“Our beautiful Zisu come back” the three of them let go of what they were holding and threw themselves at Zisu.

“Is Lin Huiyin as beautiful as in TV”

“Did you got her autograph”

“What were you doing together”

They were all extremely curious about today happening, and they quickly divided up the gift, and the girl in the surrounding rooms all come over, and bursts of cheering transmitted out from the dormitory, which made the male students passing beside the dormitory can’t help but halt their steps and gaze at it.

At Wang Zheng side,

After he entered in, Zhang Shan, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun come over and seized the gifts and divided it among themselves, and didn’t leave any share for him.

“cough cough, brothers, leave several for me and Yan Xiaosu.”

“you can feel relieved, we keep up his share”

“And mine?”

“you aren’t a fan of Huiyin, so you don’t need her stuff, so us brother will help you and take care of it.”

“Is Huiyin more beautiful than she seems in stage?”

Wang Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders and said “She was wearing a cap and big sunglasses, and I didn’t manage to see her face, she should be a lovely and cute little loli.”


“You are even worse than an animal”

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded, did he say anything inappropriate?

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