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A+ A- Chapter 99

Call him a warrior, but he had made new contributions to space navigation. Even though Lin Huiyin did not understand the difficulties in that, she knew that Aslan's School of Science was doing research in the same area but had not made progress. Yet Wang Zheng had made a breakthrough.

Call him a scientist, but he performed stunningly in CT. Even Angela approved. Impressing her cousin was no easy feat.

It was just that the more things played out this way, the more worried Huiyin felt. If Wang Zheng showed any weakness, she would cut such thoughts off. But in situations like that, it was difficult to tell reality apart.

Huiyin wanted to stay for a few more days, but her schedule did not allow so. Her cousin's milestone ceremony was up and coming, and she had to attend. Before she left, Huiyin wanted to have more interactions with Wang Zheng. On one hand, it would clarify things for her. On the other, it was to make him give up on her cousin. But… this man had turned her down, saying he had no time.

Him? He actually had no time!

Sitting in her ship, Lin Huiyin was still fuming. Just like an adorable little frog.

This was the second time!

Wang Zheng and gang were training hard. Wang Zheng was leading an exciting and fulfilling life. Training and participating in research had taken away his personal time, so he had no spare time for Lin Huiyin.

He would not easily accept others, but once he had done so, he would never give it up.

In the following week, Student Wang was indeed very busy. Theory testing and correction were going at top speed. Xiao Fei and Marcus were in their peak, and the whole team was very excited. Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu had also made outstanding contributions and were acknowledged by the team. If not for Wang Zheng's presence, they'd have been given pretty much all the attention.

But Wang Zheng was present.

Wang Zheng's A Theory created an uproar in the entire Milky Way. The team had always thought it best to name the law after Wang Zheng. Even though Xiao Fei and the rest did a lot of work, especially in the post-theorizing stages, she and Marcus believed that the key to their work was done by Wang Zheng, and teachers ought not to rob their students of their achievements.

Wang Zheng tried to debate it, but he could not win. He could only add an A in the name. A for Alan Tucker.

A super genius had risen in the scientific world. Unknowingly, the whole team began to work around Wang Zheng's theory.

Unconvinced? That wouldn't do!

Didn't believe in it? That wouldn't do!

Everyone in the science industry was trying to find out exactly what sort of monster this lad called Wang Zheng was.

Wang Zheng's name spread far and wide. It eventually reached the Aslan media. But the A-list allies knew that this technology was first and foremost a combat asset, especially sensitive technologies like that. Some multi-star corporations had already gotten in touch wi

th Xiao Fei.

As the two confirmed investors, OMG and Little Fortune Star also attracted attention from everywhere.

The two companies' stocks skyrocketed. One increased by 10 percent, another by a whopping 30.

Who could have thought that a napkin manufacturing company could take part in such a massive project?

But it didn't matter what they produced. The key was their capabilities.

A number of companies had started making plans to work their way to Old Yan. The Yan family had 71 percent share to the Little Fortune Star company. An absolute control. It was not what Old Yan wanted. He had no choice. Who cared for their business?

But now it was not easy to buy any shares over from their hands.

Yan Xiaosu bought everyone dinner. He spoke as they dug in, "Damn, guys! You believe in me now? I've always known that Boss was the reincarnation of the literacy deity! I've thought well of him ever since he was still a toddler! Sigh, I have great foresight."


An Mei knuckled Yan Xiaosu's head. "Keep it low! Low profile!"

"Ha! We're a family! I'm just telling the truth!"

Wang Zheng had the greatest say in the patent. How else would Little Fortune Star Company be able to play a part? Meng Tian was oblivious, but An Mei, Du Qingqing, and the rest were from average families, at most in the middle class. They knew what this meant. It was like soaring into the sky.

Friends may be friends, but who could ever be so generous? Yet Wang Zheng acted like it was nothing.

"Wang Zheng, Rich Man Su is extremely lucky to have a friend like you."

An Mei chirped. She thought her boyfriend had struck it rich by mere chance. But now she was truly on her way to becoming the mistress of a wealthy family.

Wang Zheng was not as excited as his friends. He had never thought material possessions to be important. Hearing what An Mei said, he shook his head. "An Mei, you're wrong. It's me who's lucky to have a brother like that. There's nothing we can't share…. of course, except for girlfriends."

Wang Zheng chuckled. But no one else laughed. Ye Zisu just sat and watched Wang Zheng in silence. She was in love with him. She knew it best. How much assets did Little Fortune Star gain, what would the future bring… none of that mattered when she was with this man.

Even though they were the same age, Ye Zisu had always thought that Wang Zheng was more mature than her. He was much more stable, as if he had everything in control.

When Wang Zheng was dating Aina, Ye Zisu had always found them incompatible…

"Boss, don't be emotional at a time like this, alright?" Yan Xiaosu said.

It was a law of nature that men could suffer together, but they could not enjoy richness together. But that law was not applicable to them.

Meng Tian and the rest were deeply envious of their relationship. Such ties could not be sought.

"Come, everyone! Let's drink to friendship! We can definitely make it big in the future!"

Out of the blue, Ye Zisu stood up magnanimously.

Everyone rose from their seats. All along, Meng Tian and Ye Zisu did not see eye to eye with each other. But even if Meng Tian did not click with her, she had to gain Meng Tian's approval at the very least. Ye Zisu was a rival.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu naturally cheered their loudest and chugged. After dinner, the group moved on to a karaoke session. And that was when they all realised the weakness of the Unbeatable Student Wang.

"Student Wang, don't be shy! We wouldn't be able to make a living if you were good at everything in the world!"

Du Qingqing laughed.

In the end, the one who sang best was not Ye Zisu, it was Zhang Runan. Brother Nan had given her all. Her soprano voice was out of this world. Everybody was in awe.

Zhang Shan had to do something. He challenged Zhang Runan, representing all men. And two mic-hoggers were born. After a few trying rounds, Zhang Shan was finally defeated.

The men could not help but lament. Brother Nan was invincible!

Partying and singing. That was college life. Even though he could only listen, Wang Zheng felt content and happy. Even Meng Tian sang a song after a few rounds of drinking. She picked a gentle, romantic song despite her cool appearance.

Xiao Fei did not idle. The Milky Way Alliance Institute of Science was still verifying the results, but Xiao Fei was not at all bothered by their certification. She had applied for a patent from the Solar System Federation. On top of that, she also picked out CT and Magard Interstellar Flights Corporation from a long list of bidders apart from OMG and Little Fortune Star Company. The project was very costly. OMG and LFS had no problem supporting the first stages, but if the project was to expand, funding and technology would pose a huge problem. CT and Magard were galactic players. The first Milky Way galactic game, Warriors' Pact, belonged to the CT Group, along with many other companies that were related to strategic resources. With such a complete set of data and information, CT's capabilities were obvious. There's not even a need to talk about Magard - the largest interstellar group in the Solar System, one of the top ten in the Milky Way.

At first, these two companies were uninterested in the technology. But it was now a different story. Other than providing financial support, these two corporate giants could also provide substantial backing in the relevant fields of technologies.

The team's key members, mainly Xiao Fei and Marcus, had 51 percent of the shares. This was the the condition of the negotiations. OMG to have 8 percent, Little Fortune Star three, and CT and Margard 24 percent each.

The two giants had intended to kick OMG and Little Fortune Stars out of the project. It was a pity that these two small enterprises had been confirmed early on in the project, and even if they were offered an enormous sum, they would not sell their shares unless they had lost their minds. It was clear that once on board, money was not at all a problem.

Moreover, the two companies had gained a huge advantage. Being able to take action first was a benefit of having great foresight.

Within the technical team, Wang Zhen had 30 percent of the shares, and Xiao Fei had 15. The remaining 6 percent were shared equally amongst the other team members, and that alone was already a frightening sum.

Naturally, the shares were confidential. Xiao Fei continued to represent the team on external affairs. It was not appropriate for Wang Zheng to be in such a spotlight given his tender age.

When the contracts were officially signed, a new billionaire was born. While he was not the youngest, Wang Zheng was clear that this only meant one thing: knowledge is wealth.

The signing of the contracts was also a low-profile event. This was agreed upon by all parties. The project was, regardless, still in the theory research phase. The two corporations were similarly aligned, but they already knew all that there was to know.

At school, Gu Te had given all his approval and support. It would bring Ares College a great many benefits if Xiao Fei and her colleagues succeeded.

All in all, it was a 50-50 situation. If the theory could be practically applied, it would not be a simple matter of billions. And surely, if it were to fail, there would be no value to speak of.

But Xiao Fei's team was highly confident. They might not have had a good foundation if not for Wang Zheng's deductions for stage one. It was definitely a positive narrative now.

In the early stages, 2 billion Milky Way Dollars were invested into the study. A huge number of high-end technologies were imported from all over the galaxy. The study could be described as a money sucking project. The first round of investment and funds could only last a year at most.

Wang Zheng watched in silence as his Skylink connected to Xiao Fei's.

"Lad, the contract has been sent to you. You're now our biggest shareholder, do take care of us well in the future." Xiao Fei giggled. To her, the problem she had been worried about for the longest time was finally resolved.

In terms of equipment, those provided by Ares College were too limited. Conducting the experiments was not something a layman could achieve. Back then, Alan Tucker had the backing of the whole Milky Way Alliance.

"Professor… can I exchange the shares for some pocket money?" Yan Xiaosu had heard that even one percent of the shares could be exchanged for an astronomical figure.

"Of course… not. We work on a limited shares basis. You can't do anything with the shares for three years unless there's a breakthrough success and the board of directors approve of it unanimously." Xiao Fei chuckled.

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