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A+ A- Chapter 100

Wang Zheng felt sorry. "Well, three years is a pretty good deal too. You'll have the money to get married then."

"Ha! There'd be enough for a whole palace of concubines. Provided that you contribute to the study. My guess is that we have to make progress in the next three years, or as you, Mr. Businessman, know, the investors will pull out."

Xiao Fei knew this better than Wang Zheng. There was no free lunch in the whole of this world.

"Professor, I have absolute faith in you. We'll definitely succeed!"

Wang Zheng clenched his fist in confidence.

"Oh, really? I was pinning all my hopes on you! You'd better not slack off, you've got the biggest slice of the pie!"

Wang Zheng shrugged. He was responsible for the theories, and with Old Merchant, he had nothing to worry about. He just had to be patient.

That was even more so in terms of realising the theory into practical use. More researchers in the field were making their way to Earth.

As much as they tried to maintain a low profile, the forming of King Universal Space Technology Company inevitably drew a fair bit of attention.

Xiao Fei was always very casual when she spoke with Wang Zheng. A white lab coat draped over a basic t-shirt, the most ordinary outfit. When on break, Xiao Fei mainly dressed for comfort. But the thing is, was she not in the least aware of what a great figure she had?

Wang Zheng was an adolescent. He was full of passion and energy. While he used most of this energy on training, he could not help but take notice of Xiao Fei's amorous behavior from time to time.

And every time, Xiao Fei seemed to tease him intentionally. A slight movement, and fair, supple skin was revealed. That deep cleavage could drain the blood out of a man's nose. But Teacher Xiao Fei was always so serious about their discussion.

Wang Zheng felt that he could not take it any longer. In the Rubik's Cube, Bonehead's training, "Kniving S.E.X.," was wonderfully conducted, but that was all virtual. Wang Zheng knew in his heart that what was in front of him was something different. Xiao Fei was one of the few women who could affect him.

"Oh, Professor, I've thought of something! Let me go and write it down!"

Whenever they were done with business, Wang Zheng always felt something wrong when he saw the look in Xiao Fei's eyes. Pretty Xiao seemed to take teasing him as some form of entertainment.

Xiao Fei found Wang Zheng leaving hurriedly to be something amusing. This lad was great fun! She hummed a tune as she got back to work. She was always in a better mood after teasing Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng was befuddled as he left. Dammit. Just what was he afraid of?

If not for the fact that Xiao Fei was a teacher, he would have long taken her down. It was odd that he could remain steady in front of others, but Xiao Fei always had him.


The formation of King Company did not affect Wang Zheng very much. He attended classes as usual and trained as usual. Zhuo Mu and Luo Mu had very high expectations of him and were strictest towards him.

The two of them had a feeling that Wang Zheng was going to become the ultimate ace of Ares College. His potential knew no bounds. No matter how tough training got, he could always adapt to it.

Wang Zheng was also made the team leader of the group of four. For that, Meng Tian, Zhang Shan, and Zhang Runan did not oppose. They had known him for some time now, and Wang Zheng was indeed brimming with potential in the various aspects. Him being their leader was what they had hoped for.

As they were about to be dismissed from class, Wang Zheng saw Yan Xiaosu looking around at the doors. "Great job, Boss!"

"Why are you here? Don't you have to spend time with An Mei?" Wang Zheng asked mockingly, waving goodbye to the others.

"Oh man, did you forget? We're having our middle school reunion dinner tonight! Zisu has arranged transport, it's waiting for us now." Yan Xiaosu was keen on being thorough with his rich man image. He was dressed in branded apparel from head to toe.

Because of Rich Man Su's contributions, Old Yan could not stop singing praises of his son. He was constantly talking about how the ancestral graves were smoking, and how it was an auspicious sign. And so he laxed his discipline of Xiaosu. Yan Xiaosu was now leading an easy life.

"Alright, give me a moment." Dawn's homecoming. Wang Zheng remembered Zhao Lingfeng and wondered if he'd be there. He hoped Lingfeng had better memory.

Getting changed was a piece of cake for Wang Zheng. He did it within 5 minutes. As of now, he had no interest in all those fancy clothes. Yan Xiaosu did not find it weird; it was simply Wang Zheng's style.

An electromagnetic limousine was parked at the gates. Ye Zisu was waiting.

Ye Zisu's dress was low profile, but you could tell that she had put in a lot of effort in her appearance.

"Ah, the school belle living up to her name! Zisu, you're going to outshine all the other ladies tonight." Wang Zheng gave his sincere compliments.

Yan Xiaosu nodded his head vigorously. "I think Zisu has grown prettier after coming to college."

"Classmate Xiaosu, are you trying to say that I was a plain Jane in the past?" The three were good friends. Ye Zisu would also joke from time to time.

"That's not the same. Elegance, yes, elegance. You seem to give off an air of elegance now. How graceful!" Wang Zheng praised. Ye Zisu was different from other girls. This was accentuated in college. It was as though she was a fairy.

"Even though I suspect some bootlicking at work, I still accept your proposition. I will put in a few good words for you in front of An Mei," Ye Zisu said.

The limousine had a luxurious touch within. It was spacious, and even though it could fit eight passengers, the compartment could be lifted to create a private space for three.

"This is great! I've got to make my dad get one too," Yan Xiaosu exclaimed as he put his short legs out.

"Wang Zheng, aren't you very busy lately? You've got to go for training and do research at the same time, so you better take good care of your health!" Ye Zisu barely got the chance to catch a glimpse of Wang Zheng lately, except during gatherings. Even then, gatherings were always full of people.

"Don't worry about him! He's as tough as a bull. When I picked him up just now, Zhang Shan was still trying to catch his breath, but this guy did not even break a sweat! As for the research work, Demon Xiao is in charge. Boss only attends meetings."

Yan Xiaosu laughed.

"Damn you! I do work too! I've starved so much that I lost weight lately."

"Oh, make sure you eat more later!" Ye Zisu quickly added.

"Do you really believe that? Boss has obviously ripened," Yan Xiaosu teased. Deep inside, he believed that Ye Zisu was most suitable for his boss. She was pretty, meticulous, and did not throw her weight around. As for the princess, sigh. The Moon looked delicious in the sky, but what's the use of it if it could not be eaten?

Ye Zisu blushed. She pulled her hair back a little to hide her shyness.

"Right, is Zhao Lingfeng coming? I've got some sort of conflict with him," Wang Zheng asked.

"He said he's got something on and won't be able to make it. This reunion was organised by Li An and I."

"Oh? Didn't Li An get expelled by Feiyue College?"

Yan Xiaosu was uncomfortable at the mention of Li An. In school, Yue Jing was rumoured to have been with a few people, and Li An was one of them. He had gotten into Feiyue College on the Moon with stellar academic performance. He was even more prideful than Zhao Lingfeng. The best-performing school in Asia, Dawn, was never short of high flying figures.

Ye Zisu giggled. "How is that possible? It's vacation week, and he took a few days off to come back."

"We'd not attend if we had known he would be there." Yan Xiaosu was unhappy. Middle school was one of the lowest points in his life. He was discriminated by many from all walks of life. It was an unbearable past.

"Things are different now! You're one of the top few figures around." Yan Xiaosu blinked. "Little Fortune Star is very likely to receive the Leap Company Award for Earth! As the crown prince of Little Fortune Star, your family is one of the case studies researched by Feiyue College!

"Oh, is that the case? Then no problem." Yan Xiaosu straightened his chest. He felt a lot more confident at once.

Nobody was born to enjoy being humiliated. Same for Yan Xiaosu. He could not bear it, especially when the spoiled brats made fun of him from time to time.

What's wrong with manufacturing tissue paper? Was that not business?

Business that could make money was good business!

As they made conservation, the three of them arrived at their destination. The Liz Carlton Hotel. Ye Zisu's tastes would never go wrong.

Even though it was just a class reunion for a bunch of college freshmen, the event was pretty impressive.

Seemed like parents were more open now that they were all adults.

Many people had changed as they moved from middle school to university.

The moment they entered, a couple of girls flocked over. "Wow, Ye Zisu has gotten prettier!"

"Xiaoxin, it's not just me, you too! That necklace is great! A rare natural jade!"

"Our Zisu has great taste! My boyfriend gave this to me for my birthday. It costs over 50 thousand!"

Lu Xin. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were classmates. Even though Lu Xin tended to be over dramatic, she was straightforward and spoke whatever came to her mind.

"Yan Xiaosu, I heard you struck it rich! You've got to look after your classmates, alright!"

Lu Xin blew him a kiss flirtatiously.

Yan Xiaosu used to stare at her bottom in class.

Compared to Little Fortune Star and OMG, not many knew Wang Zheng, the invisible number one shareholder. People these days only looked out for benefits and did not pay attention to researchers. Who could have thought that Wang Zheng was the core of this project?

"Wang Zheng, you haven't changed a bit," Lu Xin said. "That's no good. Listen to me, men have to dress up too."

Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "Don't worry, I'm used to it."

Lu Xin looked at him in bewilderment. "That won't do, it's not good for your health."

In the past, Lu XIn was given the title of "Blabbermouth" in class. To think that she had gotten worse in just months!

Yan Xiaosu felt a lump in his throat. He hated it when others looked down on Wang Zheng. These simpletons, didn't they know that the master never showed his face?

Seeing Yan Xiaosu hemming and humming, Wang Zheng said, "What a pity, you've got a boyfriend now, so I can't do anything."

"Oh, you have a crush on me too! Sigh, why didn't you say so earlier? I'm attached now," Lu Xin said, half-jokingly.

"Alright, let's not block the doorway, we can catch up inside."

Events like reunions depended largely on the organiser's ability to bring others together. Ye Zisu and Li An were undoubtedly big shots, and if Zhao Lingfeng was present, it'd have been even more boisterous.

More than 80 people from Wang Zheng's graduating class had attended, and there were 20 odd who were Wang Zheng's and Yan Xiaosu's classmates. Seemed like Ye Zisu had paid special care and attention to it.

"Wow, Lu Xin's figure has grown fuller than before! Tsk tsk, that ass... almost going upwards now," Yan Xiaosu said in a low voice.

"Why, do you wanna do something?"

"No way! I'm pure and pristine. I just said it for fun; you know, men." Yan Xiaosu said. He was indeed a real man now. Even though his hands had been through some training and had plenty of experience, An Mei was his first woman. He was very serious about it.

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