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A+ A- Chapter 98

Xiao Fei enjoyed listening to music while she did her research work. Following the melody, she would enter a whole new world, in her own beat and rhythm. Once she entered the world of research, the music would appear to disappear. The music would resonate with her. This was why Xiao Fei liked Lin Huiyin.

In the Aslan empire, scientists had a status that was right after the royals. Where Aslan was today had all come from the vast amount of technologies it possessed, all of it brought forth by scientists. They had extended their warm invitation to Xiao Fei, and it was a pity that Xiao Fei had turned it down. Even then, the Aslan School of Science continued to sing high praises of her. They believed that the woman would become a shining star in the scientific world. Xiao Fei had proved that right in no more than a few years. Because of her young age and her S-class genes, almost all sciences in the physics branch would give mention of her. She easily ranked among the top hundred scientists in the century.

Lin Huiyin had even more admiration for Xiao Fei. The relationship between physics and human development was a very deep subject. She could not understand much of it.

Xiao Fei had studied in Aslan for a period of time and was familiar with the place. The two women had too many topics in common.

Xiao Fei's Skylink rang. Very untimely. She had adjusted her settings to private, with a few special exceptions.

Yao Ailun?

What's the lad up to in the middle of the night?

"Yao Ailun, it better be something important, else you watch out!"

Teacher Xiao, pretty harsh.

Yao Ailun threaded carefully, "Well, Prof, Wang Zheng says he's derived the formula for space navigation."

Xiao Fei was talking to Lin Huiyin as she listened, and her mind stopped working for a brief moment. "Derived it? So be it… what did he derive?"

"Space navigation formula!" Yao Ailun was agitated beyond words. It was a very big deal!

"What happened, Sister Xiao Fei?" Lin Huiyin blinked her big bright eyes. What has this got to do with Wang Zheng?

"One of my students, Wang Zheng, you know him too. He's made a breakthrough in the theory of space navigation. I've got to go back and take a look! Sister Huiyin, do stay for a few more days if you haven't got much to do."

Xiao Fei's heart had already made a move, but holding on to Lin Huiyin's hand, she still could not bear to leave.

"I'll have to discuss that with my crew. Sister, your work is more important."

"Okay, you rest well. The concert today was amazing!"

The more Xiao Fei looked at Lin Huiyin, the more she thought her adorable. She couldn't help but take Huiyin's cheeks in her hands and kiss it.

This naughty, naughty sister.

Xiao Fei had returned to the laboratory at to

p rocket speed. The heroes of 007 were already waiting for her there.

Wang Zheng had seriously made the deductions for part one. These were his own derivations, different from Old Merchant's. It was hard to tell whether it was for the better or for worse, because Old Merchant never made comments in this aspect. He preferred letting Wang Zheng develop freely.

Xiao Fei was straightforward about this. She threw her coat aside and jumped right into the research. She looked at it and cried, "Bring me my equipment!"

Theory deduction still required hypothesis testing on a model. Only when the test works will it be the first step to success.

Building the model was rather complex; it was not something ordinary students could achieve.

Xiao Fei smiled as she looked on. At times, she would burst into hysterical laughs. But no matter what, Pretty Lady Xiao was always sexy and attractive.

The whole process took quite some time. Wang Zheng could only sit and wait. Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were also working, but their speeds were way slower. It took a lot of effort just to understand it.

Xiao Fei walked up to Wang Zheng all of a sudden. With an intimidating aura and an energetic look in her eyes, she asked, "How did you do it, young man?"

Wang Zheng shrugged. "Teacher taught me well."

Wang Zheng was referring to Old Merchant, but Xiao Fei had no idea.

"What a sweet talker! Let Sister reward you."

She gave Wang Zheng a hug as she spoke, and she kissed him. The sweet fragrance from her skin and her full bosom almost made Wang Zheng fail to resist.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu stared in shocked. Damn! How was that fair? He was so lucky!

"Uhm… Professor, I reported it to you, shouldn't I be rewarded too?"

Student Ailun spoke out daringly. In this day and age, speaking up reaped pretty good benefits. Who knows, there might be a chance?

Xiao Fei glared at him. "How dare you try to take advantage of me. Are you tired of living?"

"Only my Little Zheng is reliable. Consider becoming my boyfriend!"

Having studied under Xiao Fei for a long time now, everyone knew that this "rough" pretty teacher was serious in public, but she could joke about all sorts of things in private. She was like a crazy elder sister, which made her even more attractive.

Wang Zheng was taken aback. Xiao Fei burst out in laughter. "Oh, look how scared you are! Little Sheep, wait till you're older! Else tongues will wag and people will say that I prey on minors!"

"Professor, does my deduction work?"

"I've already looked through the theory. I am 80 percent confident of it. We should build a model soon. Once that is done, we can be 90 percent sure," said Xiao Fei. She fancied Wang Zheng more and more as she looked at him. The path of science was sometimes unfair. Success was 1 percent talent and 99 percent hard work, yet the factor that determined success was that 1 percent talent.

Xiao Fei had actually made some of her own deductions, but it was still incomplete. She did not think that her student would finish it first. That was proof of a greater genius than her.

Marcus rushed down overnight. He was sleeping when Xiao Fei yelled him awake. Thankfully, Professor Marcus's wife knew him well, or she might have thought something horrible had happened.

When Marcus heard of what had happened, his sleepiness went away. They were all mad scientists. He woke his entire team up.

The whole team arrived at the laboratory. This time round, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were also given the opportunity to participate. Being able to participate in this process was also very useful for their future endeavors.

Wang Zheng had unknowingly become the core player of the team. The interactions between him and Xiao Fei were almost telepathic. He was a fast learner and could apply his knowledge to different aspects. What he and Xiao Fei communicated, others might have taken half a day to to even react. This team was possibly the best in the entire Solar System.

Marcus was overcome with emotion. This was heaven-defying speed! Where in the world did this lad come from?

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were also given some tasks. Even though it was mainly for them to learn, it was a great encouragement to them both.

"Brother Zheng, you're awesome!"

"This lad is god-like! Ever so steady, awesome!"

Yao Ailun did not like losing, but he had to give it to Wang Zheng this time.

As Wang Zheng and Xiao Fei debated, they kept making improvements on the formula. There were still some problems to Wang Zheng's deductions, even though the results were accurate. But what was important was the process, and not the end results. Only the steps taken could bring about technological improvement. There were issues in his procedures, of which Xiao Fei had corrected. The final results were still exactly the same as what Old Merchant derived.

Wang Zheng was thoroughly in awe of Old Merchant. He was no different from a grandfatherly old man!

Wang Zheng had asked if it was really a good idea to do this in their name, but Alan Tucker shook his head. He said it was most important to him that they did it.

It was as if everyone on the team was possessed. They spent a whole night, and the model was successfully constructed.

Wang Zheng was confident that it would be successful. Old Merchant had said it, so it couldn't be wrong. But he felt that there was still some distance to go. He was still too new to this.

Once they made it through the crucial stage, other phases would be way simpler. The laboratory was filled with cheers and happy chatter. They popped a champagne to celebrate.

Xiao Fei once again generously kissed Wang Zheng in front of everybody and teased him, asking him to be her boyfriend. Everyone laughed and applauded. Student Wang thought to himself, "You all better watch out! I'll make you pay back with interest as well!"

Beauty Xiao loved making fun of him.

Now that the theory was successfully proven, the shares allotted in the building project were going to change. The companies that invested had to put in even more shares, but even then, they would do it willingly, since the risk was way lower than before. It had gone from fishing for the moon's reflection to being able to touch a piece of the pie.

The scariest thing about this technology was that it could be used militarily, on combat vehicles, and for civilians, to speed up interstellar travel. There was no doubt that this technology was going to affect countries and people's lives.

Once the results were announced, many more companies would flock to fight for participation.

And the present team would form the foundations of the future team.

As for phases two and three, Wang Zheng had to figure things out on his own before it could be implemented. Moreover, as Old Merchant had instructed, these two ultimatums were important chips in negotiating for financial support.

When the team began to function, there was nothing much left for Wang Zheng to do. He continued to go for training regularly with Zhang Shan.

Zhuo Mu and Luo Mu had custom designed a training program for them, one that was very different from the traditional ones. It focused more on practical combat skills and was aimed at making a break in the IG selection.

The mech Luo Mu had prepared was more than enough for these few youngsters. It was dirty and tired, seemingly unrelated to a warrior.

In Luo Mu's eyes, a pilot who did not understand a mech was a half-wit.

Lin Huiyin's new single, "War of the Blind," had broken her own personal record, topping 11 charts. This intense wave was crazier than ever before.

There was a huge change in style. From music telling to an expressive, soothing energy, one had to admit her songs were flavourful.

Of course, there were still controversies, mainly on the material used in her MV. There were plenty of A-list countries in the Milky Way that complained about the MV coming from Earth. There were plenty of big countries and strong warriors out there, and yet she chose Earth. It could only be said that Lin Huiyin was no good in this.

But the Earth was home to all other stars. It did not feel right to comment on home. It was not a good thing to forget one's roots.

CT Headquarters had reached out to Lin Huiyin's manager immediately to discuss product endorsement.

CT was, in reality, extremely large-scale. They would not even look at ordinary celebrities and did not pay much attention to Lin Huiyin in the past. There was no use in relying solely on fame, but the power of Lin Huiyin's two singles could not be belittled. A big, fat contract lied in wait for her.

But Huiyin was still thinking about Wang Zheng. What did he want to become exactly?

A warrior? A scientist?

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