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Si Jiali sighed in relief in sight of the two. "As the vice-president, the matter is settled, and thankfully it did not escalate."

"Mirtias ... blacked out? Who did this? It could not have been Indigo, right?" Clement was shocked by Mirtias' state. Nicknamed the Red Demon Wolf, Mirtias was a very strong Ability X user.

Although Mirtias may not look like much, his key talent was endurance. You could hurt him, but to knock him out completely took a lot of effort. Looking around, he could not see traces of an actual battle.

Even for Clement himself, it would take a lot of energy just to put Mirtias in a daze, no need to mention completely knocking him out. Just thinking about it, he could not imagine this possibility. In addition, he knew Indigo. Although he was an elite in the Mech Department, he was not capable of doing something like this.

When Si Jiali heard Clement's question, her eyebrows furrowed deeper. "You will not believe this..."

Clement looked around and a strange idea emerged involuntarily. "You wouldn't say it was Wang Zheng?"

Clement calmed his heart and thought of what Berwick Pompey said. That kind of test result either belonged to a rookie or a true master…

Si Jiali nodded. Then echoes sounded near the gates.

The people of the Thistle Flower Union arrived.

Mirtias was an important member of the Thistle Flower Union that had been recently recruited. Now that he had an accident, his association would not idly stand by. Clement and Berwick Pompey's eyes widened in surprise. Eliya was amongst them; she had come down in person!

She immediately had control over the entire situation. She had the stature of power and dominance.

Berwick Pompey was fearful of her. He was more than clear that behind her beauty, this woman was very, very strong.

"Berwick Pompey, look at my man. You should have an explanation for it." Eliya stared at Mirtias, who was still unconscious. She swept her gaze around the scene.

Berwick Pompey's brow furrowed as well. He did not want to anger Eliya, especially when Oz was not there. When any issue arose, no matter big or small, once Eliya was here, even the slightest problems became complex and difficult to handle.

"Ask him yourself. He was the cause of the entire incident. We will conduct a series of investigations and hope that you will cooperate."

"I will ask him myself, but after he is awake. Please, we ask you to cooperate with us first and hand over the person who did this to him. Of course, I will guarantee his personal safety, but I need evidence," Eliya said with a faint smile. Mirtias had just entered the Thistle Flower Autonomous Union less than a few months ago, yet he was now in a coma. This was on top of the incident with Klimton. The Thistle Flower Union would not let this slide easily.

"Sorry, what you said is not acceptable. Mirtias was defeated in the course of defense. My team member was just performing official duties. There is no reason for you to interrogate him. Mirtias was the first to act violently with his Ability X, which is a violation of academy rules."

"Please note that we are out of campus. Those rules only apply in school. So what I want to do now is find the murderer." Eliya smiled lightly.

"The people involved in the incident are all students of the Royal College, so the student regulations still apply. Please take back your last statement, it is not appropriate."

This was not simply a matter of discussion, it was a fight for power between the two associations.

Eliya would not give in easily, especially when the matter involved her general. Looking at Mirtias's state, if she did not maintain her authority, the Thistle Flower Union would not be able to hold their heads up anywhere in campus. Not to mention the fact that he was defeated by the Sword Shield Rose.

Obviously, Berwick Pompey was not going to give in either. It was not just for the reason of logic, but if he were to give in again, he might as well resign from his position as the vice-president.

In fact, this was not the first time. Soon after, the two sides expressed their individual stances and dispersed.

The situation was tricky, and Eliya's attitude was tough as usual, so he would have to escalate the matter to Oz.

"Wang Zheng!"

Berwick Pompey was still shocked. "It was really him..."

At the opposite side, an exclamation was made too. "Wang Zheng? Are you sure?"

Eliya's voice was very surprised. To be honest, this was quite a rare sight. Things always went according to her plans and expectations; obstacles seldom stood in her path.

Berwick Pompey's eyes flickered. "It doesn't matter how Wang Zheng did it. Be it coincidence or luck, we must be careful that retaliation will be taken against him."

Elia felt that she had been distracted because of the Klimton incident. Wang Zheng should have been a member of her Thistle Flower Council, but he had been pulled into Sword Shield Rose because of her negligence.

Wang Zheng bought meat buns from a roadside stall to fill his stomach. After arriving in Aslan, the best place to eat was the Royal College canteen. He had no time to explore real delicacies outside of campus. It was rare for him to have an opportunity like this, to eat expensive delicacies... yet he did not get to enjoy his meal, and trouble had even come knocking!

Thinking back, Aslan truly did possess incredibly high living standards.


A reminder popped up on his Skylink. It was Lin Huiyin. Her face was on his screen, blinking her big eyes and dressed in a cute doll outfit, looking like a rabbit.

"Wang Zheng! Are you forgetting something again?"


"What!? You agreed to help me with my song. I've been waiting for you for half an hour!"

Lin Huiying glared and bared her teeth. She looked anything but intimidating.

"Well, I'll go right away." Wang Zheng did not know what was going on. He just had a singing session, yet she wanted him to do another voice synchronization session. He just did not understand.

"A man cannot go back on his word, even if you have to rush through a blazing field. Moreover, this is such a small thing," Huiyin said in response.

"Yes, Your Highness, I am truly happy to do this."

"That is what you should be saying. Hurry up!" Huiyin showed a bright smile.

On the other side, Angela had been angered to death. How dare he make the Princess wait for half an hour.

He came to the recording studio in a hurry, and Angela stared coldly at Wang Zheng.

"You joined the Sword Shield Rose?"

Angela was very up to date.

"Well, it's a bit easier to get things done." Wang Zheng smiled.

"Come in." Angela brought Wang Zheng to the studio and did not harp on the previous matter.

Wang Zheng could not care less about Angela anyways.

Wang Zheng entered the studio, and Lin Huiying pounced on him, still in the doll dress.

"Is this pretty? I just had an activity at an orphanage."


"What? Can't there be orphans in Aslan? Accidents also happen in more developed areas." Lin Huiying's voice softened, seemingly troubled by what she saw today

Wang Zheng smiled. "Our Princess is so kind. You look beautiful now." He touched Lin Huiying's head.

"What? Don't I always look this good? Sis is not the only beauty in the world."

"You will look even more beautiful when you are grown up, just like a fairy." Wang Zheng laughed.

Lin Huiying nodded. "That's right. Come on, let's start on our work. I'm very serious. If you don't do well, I will criticize you!"

"I've been forced into this. I'm helpless." Wang Zheng laughed bitterly.

The team working with the Princess was the most professional one possible. Wang Zheng only had to repeatedly sing the song "Beyond", with occasional emotional and pronunciation changes, which the staff reminded him to do.

Despite that, the seemingly short process took more than two hours. Fortunately, the song was very enjoyable and addictive to listen to, and as an amateur, there was nothing much to think and worry over other than just singing.

The staff members nodded frequently. Her Royal Highness was really good today, and she had completely found her rhythm in her emotions. One could tell that her EQ was very high.

The lyrics expressed in her song had nothing to do with her, but this represented small steps towards her dream of singing. Her identity brought her some convenience, but there were also significant negative criticisms, especially in the event of a bad song.

However, Lin Huiyin was not one to give up easily; she persevered.

My haters, thank you for despising me and never letting me hang my head and instead to proceed on bravely! She clenched her fists. Wang Zheng's voice matched perfectly with hers, combining into an infectious rhythm.

Why did she like music? It was the only thing that allowed her to be separated from her identity. This was the true Lin Huiyin.

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