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All newcomers could expect a welcoming ceremony, and Wang Zheng was no exception. The tradition of the Sword Shield Rose was still followed quite strictly.

Wang Zheng's welcome meeting officially took place on the night President Oz returned to the college. Aslan was a well-developed empire in every aspect, except for the fact that it had too many rules, much unlike the freedom experienced by the Solar System. However, these same rules made the empire mighty and strong in efficiency and military strength, and they had developed the nation to the empire it was today.

The objective of the ceremony was to get Wang Zheng acquainted within the club. Wang Zheng was eager to meet the legendary Sword Magician Oz, Aslan IG's deputy captain. Based on Aslan's standards, he would definitely be beyond the average Milky Way person's level. A person like this… what would his mech operation and Ability X be like?

The welcoming meeting was held in the third office of the Sword Shield Rose. It was an internal ceremony, so all participants were members of the Sword Shield Rose. The ceremony was held for two purposes. First, to welcome President Oz back. Oz was undoubtedly the backbone of the Sword Shield Rose.

The Sword Shield Rose Association had fortunately suppressed Eliya, with the help of Wang Zheng. Klimton was expelled and Eliya's mighty general, Mirtias, was defeated. He had significantly restrained the rise of power of the Thistle Flower Union.

Secondly, it was to introduce Wang Zheng to all the existing members and to develop a sense of comradery. In the future, they could better support each other at work.

Oz was born an ordinary Aslanian civilian, but he was a very charismatic man. In fact, he had faced difficulties in his promotion to the president of the Sword Shield Rose but managed to conquer the position with his strength. His rise to the top had been memorable in that aspect.

Berwick Pompey reported to Oz about matters that had happened during this period of time. They had taken a defensive stance because Oz was not physically present on campus.

"So many things happened during my absence. Her Highness seeks unity within the bigger picture. This time, as the host nation of IG, we should minimize mistakes. We should punish those troublemakers as a necessary warning sometimes. This Wang Zheng is very interesting."

An IG captain who came from Earth actually dared to fight in an unknown situation. It was interesting not because he did not hesitate to make use of his Sword Shield Rose status, but rather in other aspects…

Oz had always had a good eye for people.

"You must be Wang Zheng." Oz went up to him on his own while Si Jiali was still introducing him to certain main members.

"Wang Zheng, this is our president, Oz, nicknamed the Sword Magician. Do not fear his scary looks, he is a good man."

One could easily tell that Si Jiali and Oz were very familiar with each other.

"Si Jiali, give me some face, I'm the president."

"Oh, drop the act in front of our Physics Department, or I might just spill your gossip," Si Jiali threatened like a tiger.

Oz smiled. He and Si Jiali were indeed old friends. He took the initiative to reach out and say, "Oz."

"Wang Zheng." The two could feel each other's strength at the first sight.

Oz's spiritual power was extremely strong, although he had tried hard to suppress it. One could easily be influenced interacting with a man like that.

The two men's hands seemed to be engaged in a slow handshake, but in fact, both hands were shaking and feeling each other's presence.

For outsiders, it felt like a matter of seconds, but Wang Zheng could feel his steel-like strength. But this spiritual power was secondary. Oz himself was like a giant sword - sharp, full of momentum with the stature of a mountain, all of which was pressing onto him.

Wang Zheng's mouth curled up into a smile and the fearful presence disappeared into thin air. This experience could hardly be called pleasant.

Oz had a strange expression on his face as he slowly released his hand. It was one thing to even be able to resist his strong presence, but how could the other party easily erase all his force?

"President, although Wang Zheng is not academically strong, he is a real master at battling," Clement said. "Originally, he only joined the disciplinary team because there were limited slots for physics students, but everything seems to be working out well now."

Oz smiled. "Clement, you are still oblivious. Wang Zheng is not revealing his true self. Looks like the IG this time around will be interesting."

"We have long heard that Aslan represents the highest level of IG; maybe it will be different this time around."

Wang Zheng smiled. At this moment, he was not a member of the Sword Shield Rose, but the captain of the Solar System Federation's IG team.

Clement's mouth was agape, same with the people around him. This Wang Zheng was really something to dare to challenge Aslan.

This person's character was also very interesting, not too attention-seeking, yet not low-profile. He wanted to test Wang Zheng's skills, but Aslan was the host country and he was the deputy leader of Aslan's IG team, so this would certainly cause controversy to erupt.

The two's initial contact seemed to reveal something deeper that was hidden before. Wang Zheng could feel that Oz was different... he was definitely a tough opponent.

The more he met such people, the more determined he became. It was said that Sword Magician Oz was a person who liked to conceal his cards, but by the looks of it, the rumors seemed false.

"Clement, you've made a mistake. The president is back. Wang Zheng will be coming with us to the Physics Department, and that's where he belongs. He has no time to play around," Si Jiali said.

"Si Jiali, don't do this. It's too much trouble to re-do the procedures. I think it's good as it is now. Wang Zheng, what do you think?" Oz smiled.

Wang Zheng shrugged. "I'm fine as long as I do not cause trouble."

Wang Zheng had joined this organization to create opportunities to meet Aina. He wasnt really interested in what was going on in school. He had enough pressure as it was dealing with Xiao Fei.

Oz was also a casual person. Although Aslan had many rules, he seemed nonchalant about them. After he peered at his Skylink, he turned and walked onto the rostrum, picking up the microphone. "Everyone, please quiet down, especially those drinking at the corner. The Princess will be arriving shortly. Do not make me remind you to behave yourselves."

Oz smiled. Everyone froze and immediately started cheering. The Princess rarely came to Sword Shield Rose. She was usually with the Student Union, so this was a rare opportunity.

This news suddenly hyped up the atmosphere of the welcome party.

"Wang Zheng, how lucky are you to immediately meet the Princess when you just joined us."

Landry smiled and patted Wang Zheng's shoulder. He was one of the members of the disciplinary team and was assigned by Clement to be Wang Zheng's partner. He was a second year in the Command Department and was considered very strong.

"Now that I think about it, when I first joined Sword Shield Rose, Her Highness had just gone to Earth and I waited three full months for the glorios moment of meeting her. Oh, right, you must not be disrespectful, and you can't look at her straight in the eyes, just to give you a warning in advance. The Princess is beautiful, enough to overwhelm you. Just so you are mentally prepared. Even so, Princess Aina is very open-minded, so you don't have to worry."

Since he was on Aslan, Wang Zheng fully understood the position Aina had in the minds of the Aslanian people. It was not an exaggeration to say that she was treated like a goddess.

The degree of respect for the royal family in Aslan was unlike anything in the Solar System Federation. Even for the paparazzi, the level of respect and restraint was indeed extraordinary, of course. After all, Aslan was governed under a true imperial system.

Landry spoke with familiarity. "Do you know what the most beautiful aspect of our Princess Aina is?"

"What is it?" Wang Zheng touched his nose and looked at Landry's fiery, passionate eyes. Deep down, Wang Zheng felt offended as Landry was talking about his love.

"It is her perfection. Her Royal Highness is beautiful without the need for any modification. Her beauty will choke you. I still remember my first close-up with the Princess. She stood right in front of me. Do you know how that felt? Glory, glory that only me and the disciplinary team captain got to experience…"

Landry went on and on about his first encounter with Aina, continuously repeating words like "glory", "glory", and "privilege." It was as though one would lose his mind upon hearing Aina's name.

Though he was calm on the surface, Wang Zheng was ablaze on the inside. Why did he come to Aslan? Was it to hear what Xie Yuxin had to say? No! Everything else was secondary. He was here for Aina.

"Why are you laughing?"

Landry drank a sip of water, thirsty from speaking so much.

"Oh, nothing. I mean, if the Princess is so perfect, does she not have a boyfriend?"

Landry looked around and whispered, "Her Royal Highness is the dream goddess of all of our Aslanian compatriots. There are many people who want to pursue her, but I think no one is worthy of her. President Oz? Maybe he has a 10% chance. President Aurora, maybe a 20% chance?"

Landry was obviously softer towards the back of that sentence. If President Oz heard it, all the tough work in the disciplinary team would be piled onto him.

Wang Zheng smiled. Looking at the time, Aina should be arriving soon. There was an unusual warmth flowing through his body. He could not restrain the fierce feeling he felt after longing for her for so long. His heartbeat was as calm as usual, but there was a strange chemical reaction happening within his blood stream.

Si Jiali walked over with a glass of wine. First, she said a few words to Landry, then she took Wang Zheng to the side and frowned. "Landry is your partner?"

"Captain Clement told me to cooperate with Landry."

Si Jiali nodded. "You shouldn't get too involved with him, he can be quite unpredictable."

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