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Indigo's eyes flashed. "I'm sorry, Nicole does not have time now."

Nicole glared at Indigo. "I don't need you to help me decide."

"Oh, are you Indigo from the Mech Department? I'm Mirtias Van Berit. Everybody calls me Mir, from the Command Department." Mirtias revealed a handsome smile without lifting his eyes off Nicole.

"Red Demon Dog of the Lya Sphinx Empire, Nicole is my girlfriend. I advise you to leave her and her friends alone."

Indigo's eyes were ablaze with flames. How dare this guy be so cocky in front of him??

"You have so little confidence as a man. Do you want to lock Nicole up her entire life? Such a pity... I expected more from Aslanian men."

"Red Demon Dog, you are really asking for it!" Indigo was enraged. It was not the first time this guy was looking for trouble.


Mirtias slammed forward, rushing towards Indigo. His slender arms were suddenly filled with gripping muscles, bursting forth with a mysterious explosiveness.

Ability X!

Wang Zheng's eyes flashed with excitement. It should be a strength-type ability, but obviously it was not a direct augmentation of strength.

Indigo's eyes flashed, and he struck Mirtias's punch head on with one of his own. The two sides staggered backwards a single step. Immediately, Mirtias' fists swept outwards in a followup, while Indigo threw a punch at Mirtias' stomach.

"You'd better use your Ability X; otherwise, just wait to become a turtle!" Instantly, Mirtias sneered and revolved his power. In a flash, his stance became as stable as a mountain.

Indigo could not even respond in time. Mirtias grabbed Indigo's fist before his blow landed on his stomach. Indigo then felt a sharp pain in his fingers, and his wrist was being crushed by Mirtias's grip. His voice cracked. Mirtias's was about to disable him…

Boom. A loud explosion could be heard. Indigo had escaped Mirtias's grip, but it had already left a bloody mark on him

Si Jiali stood up. "You two, you have already violated the rules of the Royal College which prohibits the use of Ability X in private fights. Please exercise restraint!"

"Si Jiali, we are off campus. This has nothing to do with you. If you want to date me, you can line up." Mirtias smirked. He was a member of the Thistle Flower Union, and he disregarded Aslanian people.

Indigo took deep breaths. "Si Jiali, you saw it too. I was forced to fight."

"Indigo, let's go. We'll just leave." Nicole did not want them to make a scene here. The waiters and onlookers around were rather calm. The Royal College students did not care. Even if they caused damage, all they had to do was to give double the compensation.

Indigo resisted his anger. He did not want to make trouble, but he also did not want to lose his girlfriend's confidence in him.

"What's the matter? Shrinking your head in like a turtle? Prove your strength to Nicole. Or piss off like a coward!"

Mirtias' eyes sparked with a monstrous power. Wang Zheng was observing the scene quietly from the corner. What the heck was that Nicole doing…. Did she have a guilty conscience?

Indigo's eyes flashed a deeper shade of red, and his clothes had become completely disheveled and ruffled up. A spiritual force circled around him, but strangely, it had no effect on anything in the vicinity. It was confined in a small area. It looked weak from a far, but in essence, it was concentrated in the form of a sharp knife!

Si Jiali shook her head, pulled out her Skylink, and reported the matter back to the Sword Shield Rose.

"Indigo and Mirtias? Both of them have strong abilities. You shouldn't act rashly... Damn. You need more back up. Just stay put, Clement and I will reach you as soon as possible."

Vice-President Berwick Pompey felt that this was a counterattack by the Thistle Flower Union. It must have been to avenge Klimton. Although this matter was not related to Sword Shield Rose, they were putting the blame on them!

Wang Zheng heard the entire phone conversation clearly. He pointed to the scene of conflict and asked, "This should be handled by the disciplinary team, right?"

"Yes, we're here to collect evidence," said Si Jiali.

"Isn't the team I joined also a disciplinary team? At this time, shouldn't I go and stop them?"

"Oh, no, it's too dangerous... Just stay at the side." Si Jiali shook her head. After the earlier conversation, she knew that Wang Zheng indeed was a rare talent, and she could not afford to lose him.

"I think it's okay. They're not really fighting yet."

Wang Zheng smiled and stepped forward.

"Wang Zheng, don't go... They have already started using their Ability Xs; it is too late now."

The Ability Xs of both parties had been brewing for a while and may erupt at any time.

Si Jiali reached out and tried to catch hold of Wang Zheng, but she failed to grip him in time. Wang Zheng was already standing between Indigo and Mirtias.

At the same time, Mirtias and Indigo roared out in anger and were going forward with their first attacks. The sudden appearance of Wang Zheng surprised both of them.

However, neither could divert their attacks now! Once brewed, the energy could not be reabsorbed… 

"Go away!" Mirtiass cried out coldly. He further concentrated the energy in his hands, taking into the account energy wasted in tearing Wang Zheng into shreds and ensuring that a sufficiently powerful force would hit Indigo.

"Go away!" Indigo roared. He could not divert the energy anymore, and even so, he could not afford to weaken his attack as Mirtias's blow would definitely not be merciful…. Both of their lives could be in danger!

Wang Zheng smiled. "Don't do this. It's not good to start this conflict every time you two meet. Let's just shake hands and pretend that nothing like this ever happened."

All eyes were on Wang Zheng. Was this guy mad? Who was he?


With two unusual sounds, Mirtias and Indigo's impact collided with Wang Zheng's body at the same time.

Two different Ability Xs were about to unleash their force on Wang Zheng. Many people closed their eyes and dared not witness the aftermath. A cowardly girl from literature and arts had already imagined the scene of Wang Zheng covered in blood in her mind, and she could not help but scream.

Si Jiali also closed her eyes and dared not to look. It was over... She should not have pulled Wang Zheng into the association. This guy had a sense of responsibility that was too great but did not have the power to match up!

However, one second passed, and two seconds later, no subsequent movements were heard until a faint voice began, "Just like this, shake hands. That way, we can settle all things civilly. Well... the commotion has ended. Everyone, please return to what you were doing. "

Both Indigo and Mirtias stared at Wang Zheng. Who was this guy...? Indigo suddenly blinked. "Ah! It's you!"

Wang Zheng's heart skipped a beat. "Do I know you….?"

Was it because he helped Indigo the previous time... He did not want to be recognized. He represented the Solar System federation. Moreover, he still thought that he could secretly go to the mech training rooms with his purchased ID. He should not do anything too hasty…

"Took me a long time to find you!"

Indigo's heart was about to leap out of his ribcage. He had finally found him!


Wang Zheng glanced at Mirtias. "I'm from the Sword Shield Rose Disciplinary Team. If you insist on doing it, don't blame me for being rough."

Mirtias looked at Wang Zheng. "Who do you think you are… to appear out of nowhere…"

As soon as he spoke, he reached out for Wang Zheng yet again.


Mirtias's head was directly smashed into the ground and his arms were twisted to his back.

He was already unconscious…

Wang Zheng slowly stood up and looked at Si Jiali. "Did I go overboard?"

Si Jiali stared blankly at Wang Zheng, stunned... This is... how is it possible… Mirtias was the general of Thistle Flower Union.

Indigo was not taken aback at all. Only a true master could accomplish something like that.

"It shouldn't be... just..."

"Haha, that's good, this guy is such a d*ck. I could not help myself," Wang Zheng said lightly.

He was less sensitive to guys like that. If you could not make them honest, then at least make them fear you.

Nicole, that woman's eyes were actually on Mirtias. A few other people rushed out from the restaurant cabins... only to act concerned now. The politics within the Royal College were really confusing.

Several people looked at Wang Zheng and started gossiping. "I don't care who you are… but if you continue talking sh*t, don't blame me for being rude."

Si Jiali frowned. Wang Zheng was so vulgar. The crowd started dispersing quickly.

It seemed like the meal was over, and Si Jiali had to deal with the aftermath. Wang Zheng felt relieved. He understood his gap with the Aslanian people, but some things were so complicated that he could not be bothered to figure them out anymore. He was going to stick with one rule, and that was to prioritize settling trouble quickly!

Indigo was busy comforting his girlfriend. Wang Zheng had already disappeared. To be honest, he had always thought highly of Aslan, but Earth was still better, especially with Yan Xiaosu.

Looking at the unconscious Mirtias on the floor, the diners in the food court were stunned. Most of them were students of the Royal College and knew of Mirtias's power. As the Red Demon Wolf of the Lya Sphinx Empire, his powers were mysterious and almighty, yet looking at his state right now…

The Sword Shield Rose disciplinary team arrived as quickly as they could. Vice-President Berwick Pompey and Commander Clement had sprinted here. Yet the empty scene stunned the two who were ready for a battle.

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