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Actually, the threat from Wang Zheng had been pressing on the shoulders of everyone, especially Atos. The few times he had been embarrassed were all related to Wang Zheng and Ares College. But now that he saw both Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan eating dirt, his entire being was happy and there was an indescribable delight within him.

"It is still too early to make a judgment." Masasi shook his head. He just felt that it was not so simple.

Milo also had the same premonition. However, what she felt about Wang Zheng had been becoming less and less accurate. From the type of flighty feeling that she was getting from Wang Zheng now, it was either that he really was just an average person or he had his ways to break away from her psychic powers.

"We still have to be careful. There is no need for us to provoke a cornered beast."

Atos did not express any opinion, he only gave a faint smile. At this moment, Zhang Runan passed by on the side walkway. Atos' eyes lit up a little, then he purposely raised his voice and said, "Wang Zheng is finished, just like Ares College. When all those people with questionable backgrounds managed to come in, it was obvious their true identities would eventually show, and it would all be over for them at that point."

Achilles took a faint look at Atos. Some time ago, Atos was having really bad luck, but in these two days, it looked as though his luck had improved. To him, whether his subordinate was as arrogant as Atos or someone who kept a low profile like Pi Xiaoxiu did not matter to him. What he valued most was strength and loyalty to him.

Zhang Runan evidently heard the deliberate words of Atos. She stopped in her steps and turned, but she was looking at Achilles instead of Atos and told Achilles, "Watch your dog."

Whoa, Atos' face turned ruthless. However, at this moment, Achilles said, with cold eyes on Zhang Runan's face, "What a pity for you. You didn't manage to succeed in the past, and now nothing has changed."

Zhang Runan turned and walked away expressionless, but her fist was already clenched white. To her, the issue that had happened in this past was a forbidden topic that was never to be mentioned.

What Achilles said not only evoked her memories from the past, but at the same time it was also an attack. "Nothing has changed?" No, it was no longer the same!

When Zhang Runan returned to her position, she turned her head to look at the training ground outside the landscape window. Both the mecha of Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were still moving slowly around in training.

Meng Tian was also looking. She was as cold as her, not good at smiling nor speaking. After half a day, she only spoke one sentence: "They will come back."

Zhang Runan nodded. Yes, they just needed to be given some time and then the results would definitely be different.

Space station time, 23:48…

Finally, Zhang Shan and Wang Zheng had both adapted to it.

Zhang Shan looked at Wang Zheng. "Wang Zheng, are you okay? You look kind of pale."

Wang Zheng shook his head. He felt fine and his energy level was normal, full of vigor and fighting strength. "I guess I was just not acclimated."

"Really, you were last time." Zhang Shan shook his head.

Su Yan appeared in front the both of them. "Are you guys ready? Let's first start with the training tests."

They had to catch up with what they had missed, and it was only at this time that the training ground would be empty.

Both Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan got into their space mecha, activated their mecha, passed through the tunnel, and entered the training ground.

Boom boom boom...

The electro-optical simulation system of the training ground once again simulated a space shooting range, and it was the most basic shooting test.

Zhang Shan was the first to rush out. He had held back for too long and had not been eating well for the past two days. He was finally not feeling that dizzy, and now it was the time for him to shine.


The space mech was doing all the tactical moves, fast moving shots, and all the routines and methods which Zhang Shan had already simulated in his head not less than a hundred times over and over again during his space mech training. Now all at once, he was able to let it all out. Boom boom boom, the lasers were hitting the targets continuously.

None of them were off target, and every shot was a bullseye.

And not only that, the first target had even been hit twice in the same location!

Even though he was not as good as Achilles, amongst all the people, Zhang Shan's shooting accuracy would allow him to safely enter the top ten. After all, he still had the best comprehension of space amongst them!


Zhang Shan finished one round and was howling like a mad man inside his mech. All sorts of vulgarities coming out of his mouth. F*ck! I succeeded, I am indeed God! Anyone who is not convinced can come challenge me!


Yan Su was smiling in front of the surveillance camera. Zhang Shan was a talent that was worth grooming. The Ability X of instantaneous displacement, if placed out there in the entire galaxy, was still a rare and powerful ability. If it was properly developed, he would definitely be the ace among the aces. But of course, the precondition would be that the boy's temper needed to be polished. Self-confidence was a good thing, but if one went overboard, it would be a big problem.

"Wang Zheng, let's begin."

The virtual shooting range was updated and all the targets changed to new ones.

It was Wang Zheng's turn. After the outstanding performance by Zhang Shan before him, Su Yan was even more looking forward to Wang Zheng's performance.

At this moment…

From the restaurant, several figures walked out.

Even though it was bedtime, with the electro-optical simulation having such great action outside, it was impossible for anyone to not see it.

Anyone would have guessed that Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan had both adapted and had started on their tests.

Zhang Runan and Meng Tian came together. They were standing by the window and had seen Zhang Shan's performance. Zhang Runan nodded her head. He finally looked like a man. Of course, she would only say this in her heart.

Meng Tian also had a little smile. Now it was Wang Zheng's turn. They were all slightly nervous. No matter how well they had performed, their hearts still did not feel secure as Wang Zheng was the backbone of Ares College.

At this moment, Lie Guang walked over. "Ah, Mountain Maiden was a little fierce I wonder how Wang Zheng will perform." This nickname was spreading very quickly and steadily; it would probably be hard for Zhang Shan to shed it.

Wang Zheng's performance was sluggish. Atos had been so arrogant for the past two days that he was not even hiding his ferocious dog-like temperament anymore. By relying on Achilles and the fact that this was the home ground of the Moon, his mouth was full of barks and filthy noises.

When Atos came in, it was just in time to see Zhang Shan's result, and his expression changed slightly. Damn, this person had actually…

However, no matter what Zhang Shan did, he was still not the main focus. The key was Wang Zheng.

Raston also walked in unhurriedly. His face had a lazy smile. "Luckily, I have not fallen asleep yet; otherwise, I would have missed a great show."

At this moment, it was when Wang Zheng's mech slowly flew onto the starting line of the shooting range.


When the mech flew out, no one continued to speak. All eyes were following every single movement of the mech closely.

It was very fast, and this was a speed with some restraint!

Atos' face was turning darker.

Just at this moment, a laser was fired towards a distant target.

Boom, he had only barely grazed the target!

When this number appeared on the target, Lie Guang's body shook and he had a big shock. Raston's mouth was also open, and he revealed a smile. "Wang Zheng… he really is an odd person, never playing in accordance to common sense."

Meng Tian rubbed her eyes. She was in disbelief.

There was no change in Zhang Runan's expression, but it was obvious from her eyes that she was a little shaken. Was it really the truth that Wang Zheng's weakness was space battle?

In this era, the conventional space battle was usually the most important aspect of battle. Unless there was a large disparity in strength, battles would not happen on a planet's surface. As a mech pilot, if he was unable to fight in space, it would mean that his achievements would be limited.

Atos burst out in laughter. "Hahaha. What pretense. Lady Luck is shining upon me, and this is the result."

The laughter was kind of piercing to the ears, and it was clearly on purpose. He had his own considerations. On one hand, it was all the misunderstandings with Wang Zheng previously that had made him harbor such hatred towards him. On the other hand, if Wang Zheng was defeated due to such an unexpected factor, it would be good news for Achilles. Because for old rivals like Lie Xin and Lear, Achilles had long been familiar with how to deal with them.

At this moment, those who had come to see Wang Zheng were no doubt all those who had been influenced by him before. Due to Wang Zheng's previous performances, those were the people who had approved and believed in him. At this moment, the mocking laughter at Wang Zheng was equivalent to a heavy punch. It was a heavy blow to the reputation that Wang Zheng had painstakingly established.

Just then, on the training ground, Wang Zheng slowed down his speed. In reality, he was the depressed one. It seemed no problem for him to drive the mech. However, he kept feeling that something was not right with his concentration, and it was obvious when it came to shooting.

The shot had just grazed the outer ring...

It was very bad, but Wang Zheng grudgingly forced a bitter laugh because this successful one-ring shot was by luck; otherwise, it would have been directly off-target.

The second target, boom! This time, the mech speed was not fast, as he was going for stability. The target lit up. It did hit the target, but only it was only slightly inside!

When the number appeared, the laughter of Atos became even more piercing to the ears. "So accurate, he can definitely achieve 100% accuracy within one meter."

Following that, Wang Zheng's performance could only be described as barely satisfactory. It was not easy for him to not miss the target, and his best target was still five rings away from the bullseye.

Only Meng Tian and Zhang Runan were left, as most people had left halfway through.

Su Yan, who was in front of the surveillance camera, was touching his chin. He had no bias, but he was seriously thinking about Wang Zheng's condition.

"Wang Zheng, go back and rest. Tomorrow you will be undergoing basic training on your own. Zhang Shan, get ready, tomorrow you will officially join in the main group for team training."

Su Yan gave his final command and then shut the training ground down.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan went back to the dormitory. Even though Zhang Shan had entered the list for team training and was considered to have passed, he was feeling empty. Usually, he would not feel this way, but at this moment, he really felt that all along, Wang Zheng was the stabilizing force for everyone. Nothing ever seemed too hard for him. He assuaged everyone's fears every time and performed to the best of his abilities.

The dormitory here, even though it was luxurious, was still a shared dormitory with four people in one room.

The other two roommates were Yuan Ye and Lie Guang.

"You two are back?"

Lie Guang gave a faint smile.

Yuan Ye had also gone to the restaurant just now to watch the training. He congratulated Zhang Shan and patted Wang Zheng's shoulder. "Don't give up, it is only a matter of time."

Lie Guang also nodded his head. "I am waiting for you to help you eliminate Achilles. Right now, don't give any excuses. Tell us what the problem is."

Wang Zheng gave a bitter smile. "I have no idea either. It just did not feel right. Maybe it's just a problem with the rhythm of things."

"Let's take it slowly, relax, and don't be anxious. Perhaps it will get better naturally." Lie Guang shook his head and gave two lines of comforting words. This made his relationship with Wang Zheng grow even closer. If the situation continued on like this, Wang Zheng would lose his right to fight for the position of leader. But with Wang Zheng's battle capabilities on land, he would be a super support player that would stun everyone in the galaxy.

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