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Wang Zheng had voiced out his idea, but Meng Tian and Zhang Runan said that they did not understand. They were also not able to understand how Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan had determined their positions in space.

At this moment, Su Yan appeared on the communicator once again to announce the results.

"First place Achilles, second place Lie Xin, third place Luo Fei…"


Zhang Shan opened his eyes wide, the fatty beside Lear had actually gotten third place!

This feeling was, not so good.

Unfortunately, the fatty was insensible and even initiated small talk with Zhang Shan. "Oh, man, I accidentally took third place! Ah, Mountain Maiden, this is actually all thanks to you. I have been looking up to you as my role model this whole time."

Role model your head!

Zhang Shan was furious. However, the result was that they had been defeated and were in last place, so there was obviously no right for them to refute it. No matter what they said, they would only be ridiculed more, thus they could only endure all of this in silence.

"...The ranking is not important, the key thing is for everyone to cooperate. Now, we will be splitting into teams for group adaptive training. Lie Xin, Lear, Raston, Pi Xiaoxiu… you guys will be one team. Achilles, Lie Guang, Taros… the few of you will be in one team..."

Su Yan split them into two teams. For the first time, the Eight Stars of the Moon were separated. Pi Xiaoxiu and Dong Xiaosa were on Lie Xin's side, and Lear and Lie Xin were in the same team once again. At the same time, Lie Guang was thrown to Achilles' side. This rhythm of things was kind of bad. However, this was also a test to see whether personal feelings or team cooperation would be more important.

There would always be conflicting views amongst humans, and it was no exception in the army. It could not be that when war was imminent, people in the same teams would be suspicious and create trouble among themselves, right?

This was also a preparation in advance. No matter who became the IG leader of the Solar System, the rest must learn to give their full support and not be lazy or even even obstruct the rest.

"Sigh. Instructor Su Yan, did you miss out on something?"

Zhang Shan suddenly called out at this moment, and Wang Zheng also let out a gentle cough. It was slightly awkward. How the times had changed. The two who were well regarded in the previous stage had now become the lowest ranked and were in the same boat.

And during the splitting of the teams just now, neither of their names were called out by Su Yan.

Su Yan laughed. "The two of you have other tasks to do."

Zhang Shan immediately shook his head. "Instructor, I think it is better not to give special treatment, it would not be fair to everyone."

Su Yan smiled. The problem with Zhang Shan was that he felt good about himself too easily.

Hence, Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were arranged to undergo individual training, for them to adapt to the condition inside space mecha. It was a little similar to having to stay behind after class when you failed your test when you were a kid.

For the rest, they continued on with their training tests. The previous score still continued to accumulate, and this was clearly important in determining one's future position.

As for Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan, they could only operate the mecha and float around slowly in space. This could not be rushed, as the more one rushed, the more slowly one would adapt. You could only do it bit by bit, to accept and to adapt to it.

Zhang Shan vomited profusely, and after vomiting, his stomach was so twisted that he had no appetite at all. He could only rely on injecting nutritional supplements to maintain his health.

On the surface, Wang Zheng seemed better; at least he did not vomit as much. However, it was very draining. After two days, it was really somewhat tiring, but the key thing was that they were unable to find the reason. He was adapting very slowly compared to Zhang Shan. Zhang Shan was already starting to feel less dizzy, and with regards to the judgement about the positioning in space, he had also gotten used to the viewpoint from the space mech. As for Wang Zheng, not only had he not gotten used to it, on the contrary, the situation became worse.

"Wang Zheng, what's wrong? It is actually not that difficult. I think it might be your mentality. Don't be anxious…" Zhang Shan was very worried. With Wang Zheng's strength, he had a huge chance of getting the leader position. However, if he was stuck here, his opportunity would be wasted. Looking at the training going on on the other side, Achilles, Lie Xin, and Lear, the accumulated scores of the three of them were already sky high, while Wang Zheng's score was still a big, fat zero.

"I have no idea either. I want to focus, but I unconsciously lose concentration. The more I want to have control, the more I cannot control it." Wang Zheng shook his head helplessly. He wanted to sigh but he could not. Something in his stomach was rolling around and it let out rumbling sounds. He also did not want it to be like this, but he was unable to control it and was unable to make heads or tails out of it. Moreover, he had a strange dream last night and could not recall it after he woke up. He just felt that his head was spinning, he was very tired, very hungry, and very unwell, and this was something that had never happened before.

The two of them discussed for a while. Wang Zheng still failed to grasp the main points and could only continue to try to adapt using the methods provided by Su Yan. 

Drachmach and Su Yan has been continuously paying attention to Wang Zheng. According to their expectations, with Wang Zheng's strength, he should've only needed to stay in the mech for around 10 hours or so before being able to complete the exercise. Following that, his performance would improve dramatically.

However, unexpected circumstances always happened when one was not prepared for it. Not only did Wang Zheng's condition not improve, it was deteriorating as the adaptation training continued. Moreover, from the look of Wang Zheng, he did not seem too well, he seemed to be showing early symptoms of malnutrition.

"Didn't sleep well? That doesn't sound right. According to the results of his previous health checkup, even if he does not eat or sleep for three days and three nights, he should still be full of energy and vigor."

Su Yan was mulling over the whole issue. Even though Wang Zheng was a person from Earth, for the IG this time around, there was no distinction between everyone, as this was related to the great plan of the Solar System. The sudden emergence of Wang Zheng as a new force to be reckoned with was actually a good thing.

Even though each of them was still hiding their undisclosed strengths, for those with discerning eyes, they would be able to see that after Wang Zheng's strong emergence, Achilles, Lear, and Lie Xin had made improvements. And at their level, it was extremely rare to even make slight improvements.

Drachmach was also surprised. The current state of Wang Zheng was kind of unusual. "Perhaps he is too anxious and too pressurised. If he is unable to adapt to the conventional method, maybe we can let him follow his own steps. If he is really unable to, then there is no choice as a leader has to be an all-rounder. It is out of the question for a leader to have any shortcomings."

The command to rest was given to Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan via their communicators. They were free to rest and do their own activities and to find their own ways to adapt. 

"We are being released?"

Zhang Shan pulled his hair. Usually, after such a command was passed down, if there was still no improvement, it would be highly likely that they had been dropped.

Wang Zheng took a deep breath. "There's time for work and rest. Let's just rest for a bit first and head over there to see how their battle training is going."

After two days, the initial computer AI simulated battle training was no longer needed. The teams would randomly mix up and split into two teams, carrying out cooperative training. The two teams would also undergo battle training in all sorts of space environments under complex circumstances.

What was going on now was a round of conventional space battles. The electro-optical simulation system was simulating two fleets of equal strength having a battle in space. The numbers and strength of the spaceships and mecha controlled by the computer AI were on par, and the only thing that could determine the win or loss of this match was the small team of two mecha forcefully trying to collide with the opponent.

This was not a simple battle, it was about tactics and strategy. It did not mean that both teams would have to go face to face and fight at close quarters right away, but rather it was about tactically maneuvering one's forces.

This was the objective of the training, and it showcased one's ability to control and judge the overall situation. The focus was on three people: Achilles, Lear and Lie Xin.

This time around, Lear and Lie Xin had been grouped together randomly.

The two of them were clearly fighting over the command and control of the team. The previous time, when Achilles had a break through, it also intensified the whole competition.

On the other side, Achilles was also not having an easy time. No one was fighting with him for command, but the team members who he was supposed to give commands to were the Martians. As someone who was accustomed to the Eight Stars, it was obviously not so easy to command the "odd tempered" Martians.

However, the more the members were mixed up, the scarier Achilles seemed. In this round of battle, he did not attack at all. He was positioned at the back, being the overall commander, commanding the Martians to run around for the various small battles. With regards to battle, the Martians would not dilly-dally just because the commands came from Achilles, that was not their nature. And furthermore, this was related to their results.

Under Achilles' command, the balance of the battle was leaning towards the side of the fleet he was in. It was just a small elite team of ten or so mecha. Normally, the role of such a fleet in a frontal battle was limited. However, Achilles had managed to do it. It was like he was nibbling away at the enemy. During crucial moments, he was always able to send the Martians to where they should be.

This was a horrifying type of tactical control for the opponents. What Achilles had to calculate was not only the rapid changing battle situation, but also the amount of time needed for the Martians to rush to the respective positions and the myriad kinds of unexpected situations that could occur, including the obstructions from Lie Xin and Lear's side.

Achilles smiled faintly. Initially, Lie Xin and Lear were also only commanding. However, under this situation, there was no choice but for them to attack as well. Yet Achilles still had not moved one bit. The Eight Stars of the Moon on the opposite side were also not messing around, they were fighting with their full strength. The people of the Moon were cautious yet arrogant. They always played seriously, even if their opponent was their big boss Achilles.

But even so, the outcome did not change. The virtual fleet Achilles was in achieved overall victory. Overwhelmed mecha pilots all flocked up. The fleet on Lie Xin and Lear's side was starting to get crushed. In such a situation, of the over ten mecha, no matter how strong one was, it would be impossible to continue on fighting. The only thing that was possible was to retreat.

Boom… the simulated battlefield scene slowly faded, revealing the original empty space.

Wang Zheng, who was watching from the side, was fired up. He really wanted to join in the battle. Achilles was indeed awfully powerful. However, it was also not without flaws. It was just that there were so many problems with the cooperation of Lie Xin and Lear that they failed to grasp the important opportunities for counter-attacks.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan both sent over the message: "How was it?

Both of them shook their heads in response.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan did not know what else to say. Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were already lagging behind by a whole lot. They were unable to give them consoling words, and they also did not dare to voice out their anxious thoughts as adding oil to a fire would only make things worse.

The battle training came to an end, and it was time for lunch.

Everyone returned to the space station, but for Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan… they had no such plan. Wang Zheng did not feel like eating, while Zhang Shan did not dare to eat. If he ate, he would vomit, so he might as well not eat and just inject nutritional supplements.

The space station's restaurant had floor-to-ceiling landscape windows, and they were directly facing the training ground. At this moment, it could be seen that in the training ground, the two mecha of Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were floating and turning around slowly.

Atos smiled faintly. "Wang Zheng is finished."

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