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So far, it had been very hard for Lear and Achilles to tolerate Wang Zheng's existence. If Wang Zheng wanted to continue on IG and if he was not able to be the leader, Lie Xin would be the only choice he would side with.

But actually, this was a good thing for them.

Wang Zheng was not worried, all he needed to do was resolve this strange situation. However, the military side thought that this was a very serious matter, and to conduct a focused examination was indeed a little scary. Wang Zheng was once again a guinea pig.

Each generation of the Wind God had immediately became the most popular mech in the Solar System after it was introduced. Its popularity was never before seen.

Even without talking about the Wind God's ability in killing off other mecha in a matter of seconds, it was actually for self-esteem purposes. The Wind God was the most popular mech on Earth right now. And as a person from Earth, even if you were a member of the Solar System Federation, one should still own a Wind God mech to show your support.

This was also Solon's business strategy, and the result had been remarkable. Since Solon's acceptance, compared to the same period last year, their profits had already increased by fivefold. There were competitions from many places, and the popularity of the sale of the mech was impressive. It made the presidents of many other big regions jealous as Earth, who was known to be a barren land, had an unexpected outburst of such astonishing strength.

As the Wind God 1st Gen was a hot-seller, many players who were good at the Wind God also appeared. Currently, the one from Earth who was best at it was Prince. Even though the Wind God did not seem too good initially, that did not cause Prince to cower. On the contrary, he put in painstaking work, and after suffering terribly, Prince eventually transformed.

In the LPL professional league, he finally managed to show off the Wind God, and it also allowed Prince's name to become known. All his suffering had been worth it. This also widened the mecha selection for Prince, as the War Emperor mech was often targeted when he was challenged.

The performance of the Wind God 1st Gen overseas was also not too bad. On the other planets, in areas such as Arbiter and Aslan, there were many expert players who were even better at operating the Wind God.

But after all the wild flattering by the media, everyone also realised that the winrate of using Wind God was actually not too high. What's more, due to people gaining a better understanding of the Wind God, to win by making a surprising move was no longer possible. As it was also not as durable as other mecha, it had actually become cumbersome for certain direct battles between players of equivalent skill.

Who didn't want to show off? At the same time, there must also be a suitable environment and opponents for them to show off against. For some high-level players, they paid particular attention to Wind God players. Once they understood the unique characteristics of the mech, they would come up with specific methods to counter the displacement. If the one who used the Wind God became impetuous, it was possible for them to bring their whole team down.

Gradually, all the players became more rational. Most of them would choose the Wind God in cases of complex terrains, and the effect was indeed better than that of most other mecha.

Basically, the niche of the Wind God was to scout sudden attacks in unusual environments. Also, when using the Wind God, one must take the initiative in the early stages because if it dragged till the later stages of the battle, the situation would not be not so good.

In current battles, the main attackers were still fighter-type mecha. These possessed a strong balance of strengths and no obvious weaknesses. Hence, even if the Wind God was well loved by many players, in professional competitions, they would not appear as often. Of course, this was with the exception of crazy enthusiasts like Prince.

The latest addition to the Wind God's abilities attracted great interest from the military. Their interest actually didn't originate from the technology powering the Wind God itself, but how much this ability would help when it came to actual battles.

Currently, according to the data that had been collected in CT, the reactions were quite common. The energy shield was too weak, and its sustainability was also poor. When it came to energy shields, more was always better.

The reason why it was being sought after in the mecha world was due to the design capabilities of Ye Zisu. This new ability did not create any extra burden for the mech, but rather it made the best use of the situation. No matter what, it was still an additional ability.

Prince and Hammer were really serious in studying this ability. It felt like it would only be used under extreme circumstances, and it also required the cooperation of team members.

CT Solar System Headquarters, the President's office.

Solon put down his phone. It had been peaceful for quite a while, but eventually the storm came.

Presently, besides the Solar System, Aslan was the one who admired the Wind God mech the most. This was no doubt due to the philosophy of Aslan, where they were willing to learn from the strong points of others and eventually use it for themselves. The philosophy of the Wind God was definitely different from that of other mecha. It has to be said that with Aslan's acknowledgement, be it in the CT circle or OMG business events, it allowed this model to gain recognition and be of extreme importance.

However, with pros there would also be cons, and Aslan's acknowledgment brought about different noises.

The Federal Republic of Manalasuo, one of the ten permanent members of the Milky Way Alliance, was also the greatest enemy of Aslan in the Milky Way Alliance.

The conflict that stemmed from the territorial disputes between Manalasuo and Aslan also involved a few important mineral planets. There were small disputes ongoing for the past few years, and they had only quietened down in the recent years, but the contests had been shifted over to the economic and political fields.

As a result of Aslan casting a symbol of peace to the Solar System Federation, the relationship between Manalasuo and the Solar System Federation was in a sensitive phase.

Of course, such international affairs were related to Solon, and the call just now was from Manalasuo's CT region's President Dita. It was simple and clear, a friendly match, which they said was for them to see the level of the Wind God mech.

From a macro level perspective, Earth was totally not a well-matched rival for them at all. This was evident from the results of the professional teams.

This could count as a negative consequence that came from the acknowledgement of Aslan. The more Aslan acknowledged them, the more they would be shamed, until they were deemed worthless. It was tantamount to saying that Aslan had poor foresight . Essentially, Aslan's image would be tarnished as the planets they supported were weak and pathetic.

Should he then accept or reject this opportunity?

Solon did not give an answer immediately. He said he would have to look at the team members' intentions and time scheduling.

Dita's reply was with contempt. Solon had been through such situations too many times, and those big countries, all of which were superior, looked down on others. They were obviously coming to make a fool out of you, yet they still made it seem as though you should feel honored. Because if it were not for this, they would not even have looked over at your side or bothered with you.

The Wind God mech was undoubtedly good, but Manalasuo did not even care about it, because they had their own S-level mecha, and the Wind God was just being overly flattered.

In fact, Solon had done his assessment. Manalasuo had a series of Mad Knife mecha. Speaking from their functions, they would totally counter the Wind God.

After serious consideration, Solon decided to reject it. If the battle were to happen, it would definitely be an absolute tragedy.

As for the reason, there were many, and he would probably just find one to deal with it.

However, sometimes, it did not mean that one would be able to reject it if they wanted to.

Dita let out a cold snort on the other end of the line. "Solon, this is an open platform. When I informed you, it was to let you make preparations, to keep you from coming up with excuses when you lose. I was not really asking whether you would be willing or not!"

"Mr Dita, this is an office. What are you trying to do?" Solon was trying his best to remain calm.

A mocking laughter came from the opposite side. "I know what you are thinking, and you should also know why are we doing this. But none of this is important. I will give you three days to find people; otherwise, you all can just wait to be butchered."

After he finished, the Skylink came to a dead tone. The other party's arrogance had reached the point where it would make one's hair stand up in anger.

Despite always doing meditation, Solon was also half fired up.

The Earth region was no longer a region. This was definitely a situation where one could not escape responsibility for their actions. They could not ask Aslan for help at this time, they could only rely on themselves.

He knew that the opponent would be capable of doing what they said they would. Once they were oppressed, the region of Manalasuo would definitely be bustling with noise and excitement for a period of time. It was like killing two birds with one stone. However, for the oppressed party, it would be a totally different situation.

This was the rule of the game where the weak was prey to the strong. Solon had to start making preparations.

Solon was in trouble, but Wang Zheng's troubles were also not small.

Suddenly losing his accuracy, this type of illness was rarely seen. There was a sickness known as Hawkins Comprehensive Disorder Syndrome which was known to cause something like this to happen. But how did such an illness come about in Wang Zheng's case? The most crucial thing was that it did not appear at all during the first stage of tests, so why was it that such a problem only occurred after he started piloting mecha?

The military side was also very concerned as Wang Zheng was the first to advance to the next round.

After a series of precise tests, the doctor's result was that there was no problem at all. If he was to say there was a problem, it would be that his vitality was too exuberant.

Wang Zheng was stunned. There was no way this was also considered a problem.

Finally, the psychiatrist gave an answer. Perhaps Wang Zheng was overly stressed, his mind was too tense, thus it resulted it in a deviation of performance. It would be alright as long as he relaxed.

Drachmach was speechless after looking at the test results. According to Meng Ao's report, Wang Zheng had already become one of their important candidates. He was an integral part of the team, and he would have to be groomed regardless, but it turned out that the reason was that he was overly stressed?

Relax. How could he relax?

And for the way of thinking of the people of the Moon, relaxing meant to relax. For the second time, Wang Zheng was sent to Paradise Island.

He even took a private plane there as Su Yan had let Wang Zheng go. "Just don't think about anything, play as much as you like for three days, and after three days, I will come and fetch you."

In the end, even Su Yan himself was shaking his head. What the hell was happening? This young fellow was defying the natural order of things. What kind of treatment was this? This was the most ridiculous thing that had ever happened ever since the IG selection started!

Overly stressed? Going to the Paradise Island to relax?

To hell with it!

Just because he got one vote, it was already unbearable for him. He was not even the official leader yet. Sometimes he really had no idea what the generals were thinking.

Some said that some big shot had spoken. But it was very weird. What big shot had such great honor that even the generals would do such a thing at such an inappropriate time?

Looking at the departing spaceship, Wang Zheng also did not know whether to laugh or cry. What was going on?

He was sure that this was not a problem due to stress, nor the problem of not adapting to the weightlessness situation. It was definitely something within him that was the problem.

Wang Zheng stayed in a hotel, lying on a bed. Outside of Paradise was a beach filled with sunlight and a blue sky. And when he opened the windows, there was a mild breeze with a fruity smell. It gets as comfortable as he wanted it to be.

However, Wang Zheng's mood was not so relaxed. To be exact, he should've been undergoing special training right now, so why was he being sent to this place?

Where was the problem exactly!?

There was nothing wrong with his skill, nothing wrong with his body. Maybe it was an aftermath effect from using Ability X last time?

But it did not seem like it. How come there was always a slight deviation when he made an attack? This was really too weird.

Suddenly, Wang Zheng thought of a weird question. Where was Bonehead?

Why had he become so well-behaved recently?

Wang Zheng removed his top to reveal his Rubik's Cube tattoo on his chest. His spiritual strength slowly penetrated it and the Rubik's Cube started emitting a faint light.

A handsome skeletal robot appeared, and just as Wang Zheng was about to speak… Damn, just what is that thing?

Right behind the skeletal robot, there was a dark and swarthy cube that crawled out wobbling.

This… Generally speaking, Bonehead's body was still constructed with high-end materials. However, this black cube looked like a ten-thousand-year-old antique. Don't tell me he was Bonehead's good friend?

However, once it appeared, the two robots started confronting one another. It seemed like they were enemies rather than good friends.

Well… what a passionate punch!

The two robots were quite on par with each other when it came to fighting. It was their fight that had disrupted Wang Zheng's training!

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