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Damn, who would have thought that the first military grade mech designed by OMG would be so strong!

"Ahem, I have to praise the Wind God mech. This is OMG's first military grade mech test model and it has already exhibited unparalleled prospects and technology. I must say, a strong dragon cannot overpower the local snake, a fierce dragon cannot cross the river. Let us cheer for the Wind God mech and sing praises for its designer!"

Old Deer, who had returned to his old professional self, continued to shout Skeleton? Who was Skeleton? He did not know who that person was.

Old Deer was persistent on his principals, but it had no effect on others.

On major television stations and forums, analysis videos appeared one after another. Only by replaying the battle in slow motion could they experience that type of shock.

You could say that Wind God not only had powerful control, but was also a mech that had to be used intelligently.

Between advancing and retreating, there was this mysterious balance where retreating would allow them to advance and advancing would allow them to retreat. There was no obvious distinction between advancing and retreating. This broke the concept of conventional mecha. You could say that a unique mech with an original rhythm was born.

Skeleton's performance was no doubt amazing. However, it was the Wind God mech and not Skeleton that rose to fame with this battle, as well as its designer.

OMG heiress - Ye Zisu

"Zisu, ah, what happened? Where is that guy, Tyrant Su?" Wang Zheng left the gaming suite and saw Ye Zisu. Her eyes were red.

Ye Zisu smiled. She suddenly moved towards Wang Zheng and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Thank you. You will be my friend forever!" Actually, in Ye Zisu's heart, she wanted to say something else.

Wang Zheng was stunned for a moment, then he smiled. "I believe in you. You were always the best, and actually, you were better than I imagined. The Wind God mech will be world famous."

Indeed, Wang Zheng really did not expect Ye Zisu to design such a good mech. He was sincerely impressed. To a people whose dreams were to become the best mech warrior, the people who designed super mecha were their idols.

"The beer is here. Brother and sister, erm, did I miss something?" Yan Xiaosu hurried towards them with beers.

"Tyrant Su, when have you ever missed out on anything? You came just in time. Congratulations, you are going to become a noveau riche." Ye Zisu smiled. She was going to indulge herself today.

"Haha, same to you, same to you. Now I'm set for the rest of my life. Believe in Boss and you will achieve immortality."

Yan Xiaosu laughed heartily. He could imagine himself becoming rich with plenty of opportunity to indulge himself in times to come.

"We should toast Wang Zheng and thank him for the contribution he made to our beautiful lives," Ye Zisu said.

Wang Zheng opened a can of beer and looked at Yan Xiaosu and Ye Zisu. "Actually, the one who should be thankful is me. Without you guys, I might have become a recluse with an inferiority complex right now. As long as you guys don't get tired of me, believe in me. One lifetime, three brothers!"

"Boss, stop being so emotional, I can't stand it!"

"Not three brothers, we should be three sisters!" Ye Zisu said.

"Brothers or sisters, it's all the same. Cheers!"

Being alive was that simple, wasn't it?

Wang Zheng was the oldest, followed by Yan Xiaosu. Ye Zisu was the youngest. Hence Wang Zheng was no doubt the oldest brother, Yan Xiaosu became the second brother, and Ye Zisu was the third sister.

"Mr. Solon, I'm a reporter from the Technology Frontline Channel. How accurate is the Wind God's simulation in CT?"

Solon smiled. "You don't have to ask this actually - Although CT is not involved in the technical aspects of the mech's development, its effects and specs are consistent up to 99% accurate. That remaining 1% is due to mechanical error."

"Do you mean to say that the Wind God mech will lead a new trend of mecha design?"

"Hehe, this question should be directed at the designer of this mech. I do not have the ability to answer. But I can confirm that Earth, and maybe even the whole Solar System, can finally have a flagship mech with advanced capabilities!"

"Thank you for taking part in the interview."

"Dear audience, who is the designer of this mysterious Wind God? We will reveal it shortly. Thank you for watching."

The Skylink of OMG public relations department was flooded with calls.

As for the stock market, you can imagine what it will be like after it opens tomorrow morning.

Ye Bingwen was still worried. At this moment, his Skylink kept ringing. He did not want to pick up at all. Even in a time like this, there were so many people who would like to put him down.

However, this many calls was not normal.

Fraser.... Just what did he want now?

"Old Brother, why are you so anxious? Haha."

"Brother, congratulations. You have to take more care of this brother in future." Fraser laughed.

"What? Congratulations? I'm so worried and anxious now."

"Ah? Don't you know?"

"Know about what?"

"Brother, you have a good daughter. She's amazing. Turn on your television and take a look. Congratulations. Alright, you will definitely be busy. When you are free, let's get together and chat."

Ye Bingwen was in a daze as he turned on the television.

"The Wind God mech's designer, Ye Zisu, is currently studying at Ares College. She is a second year student of the mech department. You would not guess that she is the creator of the Wind God mech. There is no doubt that the Wind God mech will become a contender for mech of the year. So far, there has not been a comparable mech design. This technology is futuristic, its concept beyond anyone's imagination!"

Ye Bingwen changed to another channel.

"As one of the oldest mech companies on Earth, OMG has dedicated many years to mech research. They have accumulated much knowledge, and this Wind God mech is their first military grade design. This is an impressive success. They have produced a mech beyond what was expected of the Solar System, a mech that could compete with the rest of the Milky Way! This mech is the pride of Earth!"

He changed to another channel...they were still talking about OMG.

He changed to yet another...all of them were talking about OMG.

"The Wind God mech possesses flexibility, continuous displacement capability, and it is of the scout type. It is, for now, other than the Atlantis mech, the only mech that can perform continuous short distance high speed displacement. This is different from the mech compatible only with Atlantis citizens. The Wind God mech is suitable for humans. This is a show of Earth's technology!"

"What is the most important thing in this world? Imagination! Ares College has always adhered to traditional teaching methods and sufficiently allowed students to explore their imaginations. Ye Zisu is an outstanding representative for such teaching methods..."

"Ye Zisu, just barely at the age of 17. The only daughter of the biggest shareholder of OMG, Ye Bingwen, and also the heiress to the Ye family. She is the representative of both intelligence and beauty. She is, after Xiao Fei, another genius girl from Earth. She is currently single..."

Even the entertainment tabloid channel was paying attention to the situation.

Ye Bingwen finally understood. He turned off the television, walked to the wine cabinet, and opened a bottle of red wine. He took out two glasses and went into the room.

Inside the room was a photo of Ye Bingwen's wife.

"Our daughter has finally blossomed and showed her talent. Xiao Yu, you may now rest in peace."

The powerful career-focused man, Ye Bingwen, could not hold back his tears. Ever since Ye Zisu's mother died, Ye Bingwen had never remarried. His devotion to love was obviously inherited by Ye Zisu.


The television in front of Lear exploded into sparks. A pathetic little worm had actually managed to achieve something.

OMG's move into the military industry could no longer be blocked. This small company, which in his opinion was not even worth mentioning, actually dared to compete with the Chronos family for a share of the market.

"Young Master, Old Master is asking for you," Drupe said after bowing. This was the first major mistake Lear had made since he took over the family business.

Lear stood up slowly, tidied his clothes, and silently nodded.

No one could do as they wanted, even on Earth.

This world was interesting because anything was possible.

For the whole night, no place on Earth was calm. At sunrise, the emotions that were accumulated overnight just began to go crazy.

When the market opened, the price of OMG's stock immediately rose to its limit. Technology news, finance news, entertainment news, athletics news, and all the hot topics were directed at OMG and Ye Zisu.

They were unable to directly interview Ye Zisu herself, but photos of Ye Zisu in her middle school days were exposed. She was indeed a genius beauty!

With Ye Zisu's youthfulness, she immediately conquered countless fans. What kind of girl could invent such a mech?

In an instant, Skeleton's limelight was snatched away. However, this was what Wang Zheng wanted. The most important thing for him now was the IG selection competition.

The management of OMG was also surprised by this sudden matter. Especially several major shareholders...they could not sleep for the whole night.

They were indeed very opposed to Ye Zisu's design. Other than not being interested in this kind of imaginative mech, there was also the issue of the investors' interest. Hence, they did not put much attention to the survey for the future prospects of this mech. If they had invited an ace mech pilot to test it, they might have gotten a different result.

Based on their current situation, there was no stopping the soaring of OMG stock prices. Generally speaking, this was a good thing for them, but Little Fortune Star Company....

It was too late to regret. It was as though they had thrown away a hen that laid golden eggs. At this moment, they already had the urge to jump off a building.

There was no doubt that the rich second generation life of Yan Xiaosu would continue, and it would only get better.

Ye Bingwen was also a master of the business world. Naturally, he would not let go of such a good opportunity, and he quickly attended to the paperwork. If he missed such an opportunity, it would not come again.

In Ye Bingwen's business experience, luck was absolutely unreliable. Good fortune depended on the heavens and could not be relied on either. But what about the recent events?

Purely luck?

No. Intuition told him that his daughter had and was prepared. This was a comeback. This type of power was too far away for him to even reach. His daughter was so young and had always been under his protection, now she had such power!

However, Ye Bingwen would not ask any questions. His daughter would tell him when she wanted to.

What he needed to do now was quickly regain lost ground. At the same time, he received another set of news. OMG had a new second biggest shareholder. It was the Little Fortune Star Company who had joined the space project with them.

To be honest, although it was a project, Ye Bingwen did not pay much attention to Little Fortune Star. But now, it had become the second largest shareholder of OMG. At the same time, they had assigned Ye Zisu as their representative for many matters.


Ye Bingwen, who had always been in the business world, had never seen such a thing - buying so many shares yet not fighting for the authority to operate it. Did they possess such a moral high ground?

This was yet another mystery, but Ye Bingwen knew that the answer would not take long to reveal itself.

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