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The interviews that the outside world wanted were all blocked by the public relations department. Ye Zisu did not want to be disturbed. She did not mind the academic-related ones, but those relating to commercial matters were unnecessary. OMG had survived their period of crisis and there would be professionals following up and handling the promotional work. What she needed to do was improve the mech.

The performance of the mech in CT was relatively perfect. However, in reality, there would be errors in the operation of the mech. The facts showed that the Wind God mech had very important promotional significance. What they needed to do now was further strengthen its success rate in actual combat.

The advancement of OMG was not only in the rise of their stock prices. Many related industries were suddenly interested in this new entrance to the military industry. Suppliers and distributors were all exhibiting a strong interest in this company.

If it was in the past, these other parties might not even have the time to entertain OMG when they took the initiative to contact them. Now it was the opposite. These parties had to book appointments and wait in the queue.

Those with a little bit of foresight would know that this mech would definitely be the best competitor for the best design of the year. If they waited until the designer was famous before deciding to follow up, the conditions to do so would be more difficult.

Many companies in related industries also sent their congratulations. The reputation of the Ye family in the Earth region, especially in the Asian business community, was booming.

This showed that Earth too could be innovative with mech design, instead of merely producing copies of established ones.

The management of OMG had launched just this one style of futuristic super mech, but they would not be mass producing the Wind God - at least not for now. They were mainly pushing the sales of the agricultural type mecha from the Hercules series and targeted the Bata Type V market.

But this was not the main point. Many places would be interested just based on the techniques displayed by Wind God. Of course, it was simply a matter of time for the Wind God to enter the market. OMG was no longer in a hurry.

Ye Zisu was almost always surrounded by attention while walking through campus. It was the same in the past, but it was never as passionate as now. In the past, when people looked at her, it was more because of her appearance. Now, there was envy and worship.

Even though she did not want the publicity, this incident was still trending. The front page of the school webpage definitely had the picture of this awesome school belle.

When beauty, wisdom, and wealth were combined into one, it produced an aura of glory. It was impossible to remain low-key even if she did not want to be noticed.

Luckily, Ye Zisu was used to this type of life since a young age, so she was able to remain calm. Everyone had a stage of adolescence and rebellion. In middle school, when she was playing with Yue Jing, Zisu was prideful and wished that she would forever remain the center of attention. However, the more time she spent with Wang Zheng, the more she felt like this type of thinking was superficial. Everyone should pursue their goals in life. This type of superficial pride would not be lasting, and in the end, she would just become more and more empty.

This bad guy (Wang Zheng) was changing the people around him. Ye Zisu wanted to share her experiences with him so badly, but now he was already embarking on his journey.

The second phase of IG was of great significance. As a military school, it was useless to perform well in other areas. Ares College could not possibly be changed into the God of Wealth College.

Zisu knew that she could only cheer for him silently.

"Senior, be my girlfriend!"

An infatuated man suddenly appeared at the road, carrying a large bouquet of fresh flowers. These juniors nowadays were all aggressive, young, and daring. Besides, if one liked someone, one should express it directly.

Ye Zisu smiled slightly. "Sorry, I'm not interested in kids."

"Zisu, please consider me!"

A year four senior kicked away the year one junior. This guy - he actually dared to compete for his senior's property. Was he asking to die?

Ye Zisu did not know whether to laugh or cry. What was all this? Luckily, An Mei had arrived, chased away this group of flies, and pulled Ye Zisu away.

"My dear, you are too popular now. Tsk tsk, if I was a man, I would definitely pursue you too!" An Mei laughed.

"Stop teasing me. What these juniors are doing is annoying.."

"This is the price of fame. Looks like this level of popularity will last for some time. Try to bear with it."

"Where's Qingqing?"

"Zhang Runan is not here, so she's the acting president and is busy with club activities. She needs to train the newcomers. You should stop stop spending all day designing. Come and play at my drama club."

"I'm not interested in that, but...I'm interested in learning how to write music," Ye Zisu said.

"Ah, that's great. You can join the music club. I am very familiar with the president of the music club. He's very handsome. Do you want me to introduce him to you?"

"You! Don't think about these kinds of things all day. We're young, we should have dreams and goals. We cannot just waste our lives!"

Ye Zisu laughed. She felt that An Mei was more suitable to be a matchmaker.

"Tsk, you guys have all been brainwashed by that guy, Wang Zheng. My Xiaosu as well, always busy with this or that. Recently, he actually started to study seriously." An Mei might;ve been teasing her, but pride filled her eyes. The better Little Fortune Star was, the more it proved that her judgment was good. After she confirmed that her boyfriend was Yan Xiaosu, her status in the family rose immediately. Even though it may be a little superficial, her family no longer controlled her.

Ye Zisu smiled. "You think that everyone is as lucky as you?"

"Come on, Dear, let's go. There is green grass everywhere, why love just that one strand of grass?" An Mei linked arms with Ye Zisu and smiled.

Yan Xiaosu actually did not like to study. From a young age, he was one who chose to copy homework instead. The thing he hated most was to read, but there was one exception. When he felt that there was a need, and when he desired for certain knowledge, Yan Xiaosu could focus very easily.

He was too interested in the ever-changing situation of the business world. The recent business exchange increased Little Fortune Star's assets by a few folds. It was so intriguing, like a magic trick.

When wealth accumulated to a certain extent, they could no longer depend on being frugal to slowly raise their fortunes. That was all just to deceive children that saving alone could make one wealthy.

What they were playing with was capital and investments. What they looked for were opportunities.

In this aspect, he lacked severely, both in studies and in understanding. Especially with regards to successful case studies of business magnates.

On this, he was the same as Wang Zheng. They enjoyed the process. Wang Zheng enjoyed the process of becoming a mech warrior, and he enjoyed the process of becoming super wealthy, especially when it was success based on his own planning.

One day, perhaps what he did could also become a successful case study for his business school.

Once he thought of this, Tyrant Su could not hold back a shudder. This was life.

Solon was once again the center of attention. He had created a miracle in the CT circle. He had taken to his position not long ago, and the level of action in the usually lackluster Solar System region had soared. Sales had never been better. The Earth region, lauded as the stingiest region, exploded with great enthusiasm.

More than 20 million Wind God mecha had been sold in just three days. Every CT player had the desire to show off. Whether they played the mech or not was one thing. However, whether they wanted to show off their wealth or not was a matter of determination.

Once they thought of the almost godly displacement abilities and the amazing operation that they could use to play with their opponents until they were dizzy, they could no longer control their desire to try.

Not only that, the Earth region had finally started to contribute their finances to the company.

In the CT circle, it had always been Aslan, Arbiter, and these few big empires that had the best sales. Mecha from the Solar System were usually sold internally, very few were exported. And this Wind God had actually received more than a million orders. Solon believed that this was only the beginning. With the promotion of this video of 1 vs 100 , there would definitely be more people who would want to try the Wind God.

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