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Feelings that were suppressed burst out in a fury. More than 10 mech warriors rushed over, their beam sabers shining brightly.

Hong...Hong, Hong, Hong, Hong...

Everyone was silent. This was a massacre!

The laser swords could not hit the Wind God! Had they forgotten who were they up against?

Skeleton was invincible in close combat!

Old Deer gritted his teeth. If he was going to attrite him, he would go all the way!

After eliminating three mecha, the Wind God was pushed to its limits and flew towards the wall at an angle. At the same time, a magnetic source had been nailed to the ground behind him.

He had targeted the sniper in the center!

By the time everyone reacted to his movement, the Wind God had already landed amongst the crowd


Another shot hit.

"Wah ha ha, I hit him, I hit him. Did you see that? I hit him!"

One sniper said excitedly.

The next moment, he died.

Old Deer had already retreated at the first instant. Sh*t. What was that sniper shouting for? What was the use of destroying one layer of a temporary energy shield?

The remaining five snipers were defeated in one go. Three magnetic sources were thrown out one after another and the Wind God disappeared.

A gust of wind blew through, leaving the rest of the Deer Island mech warriors feeling a little bleak.

Of the 100 fierce mech warriors, there were only 26 left.

At this moment, the warning signs appeared. The Wind God descended again from the sky. Dullness began to spread and the players' speed in activating their energy shields slowed. This made it even easier for Wang Zheng. He instantly reaped his opponents. After that, he pulled back the magnetic source and disappeared immediately. It would not be a big problem even if he was hit once.

This level of control had reached the state where he could do whatever his heart wished to. This was also the best mech that Wang Zheng had ever used.

The pressure of the situation had caused everyone's reaction time to slow down.


Instantly, two mecha died,...was that a sniper rifle shot???

The gunshot sounds exposed the location of the Wind God. He had picked up a sniper rifle.

Sh*t, there was no way to continue this fight!

Suddenly, a mech warrior flashed and disappeared into thin air.

... Was he escaping???

You could not surrender in a team fight, but… you could still escape!!

This brother with the ID "Ride the Mule Walk the Horse" was quite clever!

Then the remaining guards of Old Deer disappeared one by one.

The only one left in that empty neighborhood was Old Deer's Overlord mech.

In front of him, a magnetic source landed, followed closely by the Wind God.

There was a distance of 30 meters between them. Now they were face to face, one on one.

Old Deer let out a hysterical laugh. The Overlord mech rose into the sky - Sky Cannon Jump!

This was his determination to fight a life and death battle with Skeleton!

Old Deer was formidable!

It must be said that Old Deer was still very domineering. At least he did not escape, and no one would really force him to drink a hundred milk cartons.


Everyone was silent.

Old Deer did not rush towards Skeleton's Wind God. Instead, he flew downwards into a wall!

The Overlord mech was not bad, but with such a full-force rush, the energy shield could not be activated, and without the protection of a special material giant shield, the impact from landing after using the Sky Rocket Cannon was definitely suicide.

Sparks flew...

Red Team WIN.

Wang Zheng was also shocked. What in the world just happened?

The audience was silent. It looked as though they were trying to control themselves and stay calm but...

Yay~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Celebratory shouts)

Because they were separated by a wall, Zisu could not make out the sounds. All they could hear were the sounds of cheering.

Her eyes reddened again. She never expected this. She did not expect at all for this version of the Wind God to be used to such an extent. This was unexpected even for her, the designer.

She did not care about the fame. One would know that the Wind God and its performance would be Zisu's pride. She had put all her effort into it to prove that a girl could also design a good mech, and she believed in her own talent. Not only was she Ye Bingwen's daughter and the heir to the company, she was also doing this because she had the ability to.

"Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. I said it. When I first saw the Wind God, I knew that it was different!"

"Sh*t! This is OMG's pride. We Earthlings now have our own super mech. If we don't support the Wind God, who are we going to support? You bunch of rookies, if you don't know, don't bark!"

"Yeah, now you are barking."

"Is that it? I was definitely drunk at that time. Now I'm a supporter of OMG. This is the mech that will be leading a mech revolution!"

"Aslan and Atlantis? They are all weak! Earth is the strongest, long live OMG!"

"This was an awesome show. There's no way to win against the Wind God. Even Atlantis' displacement positioning is limited, while our movement is simply unlimited. As long as you master it, this is the true invincible god mech for city fights."

"Movement like the wind. A true Wind God. It really is strong!"

Chen Xiu was so excited that he could not speak. The analysis of the video this time was not going to be easy. There were too many things to analyze - from the mech itself, to its control, to the decisions made, especially the various times the strategies of distraction and trapping appeared.

When one thought that Skeleton was going to kick the magnetic source towards them but it was simply a ruse. When one thought Skeleton was escaping, he suddenly retaliated, and when one thought he was retaliating, he would suddenly escape. He moved like the wind, without restraint and as he desired.

This was the Wind God mech!

In addition, the appearance of that thin energy shield brought hope to those with a weaker mastery of mech control. They just had to learn how to use this energy residue and they would be alright if they had to take a hit.

This was such a perfect mech.

The name "Wind God" was indeed well-deserved!

After the battle ended, Old Deer returned to the studio. Yao Ailun grinned and looked at Old Deer. He teased, "Leader Deer, don't you need to do something? Forget about the 100 milk cartons, you have to at least give a statement. Were you scared?"

Old Deer calmly glanced at Yao Ailun. "Scared? What a joke. Little Ailun, you are wrong; I said very clearly that if Skeleton kills me, I will drink 100 milk cartons. Did he kill me? Or did I kill myself?"

Yao Ailun was stunned. ...Sh*t, could he be any more daring?

Because of Old Deer's original words, from the literal meaning, he indeed did not get killed by Skeleton. Suicide was suicide.

It was no wonder he chose the Overlord. He was well-prepared. If the Overlord's designer knew that his mech could be used this way, he would die from anger.

"Young man, if you are in a hurry, you won't get to eat hot tofu. Skeleton won this time because no one had an understanding of the Wind God mech. Of course, this is also because the CT official introduction wasn't clear. This is obviously a super mech; why was it not labeled clearly? A super mech is a super mech, a conventional mech is a conventional mech. Using a super mech to fight conventional mecha is no show of ability."

Old Deer was calm and he concluded the matter casually.

Yao Ailun opened his mouth. He finally understood why Old Deer was known as the "Deer God."

Looking at Yao Ailun's stunned face, Old Deer smiled and shouted, "Cui Hua, take away these unsightly things. They are blocking my view."

Cui Hua moved the milk cartons angrily.

Old Deer calmly tidied his hair. If you want to fight me, you at least need to have a high IQ.

Under his calm appearance, it was obvious that there was sweat gathered on Old Deer's forehead. Actually, he was relying entirely on his quick thinking to get through that situation. His original plan was to use the Overlord's Sky Cannon to destroy Skeleton.

At that moment, he was frightened by the situation. Sh*t, the way Skeleton fought was not humanly possible. When the people around him suddenly started to be destroyed, he had thought about fighting with his teammates and struggle valiantly. For a brief moment, he still cared about his dignity as a commentator. Alas he did not do so and only ended his life when he was forced into a dead end.

This could be considered coming up with a plan in an emergency situation with his quick thinking.

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