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Prince had logged into his other account used specifically for testing out new mecha. While testing out the new mecha, he would likely have various flops. To let his teammates down while he was playing his main account just wouldn't do.

Moreover, if he was to try to carry Qin Rong in his main account, the opponents he would face would be terrifying... He wouldn't be able to carry them at all.

However, since he was on his alternate account, Prince was not as worried. It should be alright. Although he had only watched the introductory video for the Wind God, he would still be able to carry his teammates at this level no matter how bad the mech might be.

After all, he was a champion.

Prince was full of confidence. He had opened the introductory video about OMG's Wind God again to try to better understand it.

The Wind God was smaller in size relative to other ordinary mecha as was introduced in the introductory video. As for its available weapons, the main weapon was the retractable bladed fist used in close combat and the regular laser gun. It lacked effective long range capability and was classified as a close combat, scout-type mech.

The core system was called the Magnetic Source Displacement System. The projection device was found within the arm. The magnetic source device could be projected outwards. Once shot out, the magnetic source device could project a claw to fix it into a specific position. Within three seconds, the magnetic source device would emit a strong magnetic field. Together with the core device found in the Wind God, a resonant attraction effect could be achieved. With control of the mech's engine and the use of the attraction force from the resonance of magnetic fields, one would be able to achieve a terrifying extreme movement speed similar to the effect of warping.

Compared to the One-Two Combo, the distance travelled would be further while being a quicker and more elegant movement.

It would indeed be more impressive. Prince nodded. This was the main reason he was interested in this new mech.

However, when one had a beautiful dream, reality would often provide a rude awakening.

After 10 minutes...


Prince was attempting to use the magnetic source device for a displacement movement. However, he was barely able to dodge the attacks of the opponent as he slammed himself into the ground with the magnetic field. What the hell? You called this displacement movement? The speed in which one moved over was so slow that everyone else would know the direction of your movement. He was basically a moving target board!

What crap was this? Magnetic source displacement system? It should be renamed to "moving target system" instead!

After slamming himself into the ground, he continued to roll across the ground to avoid the attacks coming at him. It made Prince embarrassed. Prince was able to avoid the opponents' attacks. This was the fifth time he failed in utilizing the displacement movement. The magnetic field from the magnetic source device and the core device within the Wind God Mech were indeed able to achieve an instantaneous displacement movement effect. However, the instantaneous burst was something that was hard to coordinate. Even if one was able to control the engine, the speed of the displacement movement when executed wrongly was at the level of a moving target for a computer! In his five attempts, Prince had relied on his own ability to move away embarrassingly from the attacks of his opponent.

The unique point about this mech was the displacement movement system. Its ability to fight in a solo match was average. Its speed and agility were also average relative to other scout-type mecha with no advantages whatsoever. In fact, its firepower was even weaker...

In the public channel, the opponents had begun to taunt Prince. Hahaha, what an interesting "feeder". Even the way he "fed" was lively and worth watching again.

This match...

Prince and Qin Rong were defeated. Although it wasn't his main account, Prince was still able to reach the top ranks within the diamond 1 league. After facing these opponents and failing to carry the two girls, the two girls blinked at each other and went silent.

Prince's face was livid with anger and said, "Let me try it out again on my own." Damn, could it be that it was due to him not being able to control it well? This was something that Prince could not agree with!

The two girls said in unison, "Let's do it together."

Eh, Qin Rong was startled for a moment. He thought that the two girls just wanted to be carried and would have fled when the situation didn't feel right. However, they had decided to stick together.

The girls weren't dumb. They knew that it was the champion Prince from the video feed! Even if they were to lose some points today, they could earn them back in the future. Moreover, he was a champion! To lose while accompanying the champion in trying out new mecha wasn't much of a big issue.

When girls played the game, what they focused on wasn't the different ranks and levels.

The few of them had made up their minds and started round after round together. Prince had also made up his mind to train himself in the use of the new mech. However, the more he trained, the more he felt that it was impossible. Of course, there were times when he succeeded in achieving high speed displacement movement. However, after the displacement movement, the mech was either facing the ground or had its back facing the enemy and not the desired attacking position. When he tried to adjust the mech, it was too late and the opponent would have pounced on him directly and killed him with their knives.

Similar scenarios were happening everywhere as everyone tested the new mecha.

It was also happening in various leagues. Among those who felt that they were the pros among other players, after trying out the new mech from the Arbiter Republic, they couldn't help but feel great about it. Although they weren't too familiar with it, the performance of the mech was truly outstanding. After a few rounds, its winning percentage had reached 60%. For a new mech that no one was familiar with, this was already an outrageous number.

After a while, they found out that there was another new mech included in the update package suddenly. OMG's Wind God?

Aiya? OMG? Wasn't that the company that focused on the production of agricultural-based mech?

Although they were rather famous recently, they were still known for producing mecha.

After the pros, who had additional money to spare, watched the explanation guide, they couldn't help but start to curse. The displacement movement of the mech was too cool and impressive! They decisively decided to try it out.

After their trials, they couldn't help but feel like cursing endlessly. After all, they were still professionals! Although they might not be famous, they were still known by others. One could easily recognize the IDs of these players.

However, once they tried using the Wind God Mech, they were flopping around in various ways. These were flops that were absolutely disgraceful

After a night had passed, the forum on the official CT site exploded.

There were thunderous and incessant insults about the mech.

"Are they making a joke in the new update? How could such a weird thing manage to find its way in?"

"I tried using it till I was demoted, and yet I couldn't successfully pull off the displacement movement even once! What kind of crappy mech is this? Rubbish!"

"OMG, I*** (This comment had been automatically censored due to the use of vulgarities)"

"CT, are you sick? How dare you introduce a prototype mech with an even more impressive introductory video on its abilities? Scammers!"

These types of comments weren't deleted by the forum administrators immediately and was left untouched for five minutes before being deleted.

A widely recognised management account, "Guan Li Yuan," had also posted a thread after the incident. He wrote, "I was able to perform displacement movement consistently after dropping from platinum 1 to platinum 5. However, the speed..."

Below was an embedded video. The speed was probably slightly faster than just pushing the mech at full speed. It was totally useless.

This video was just the beginning. Various other videos emerged and most of them were "trolls" with OMG's company logo. "OMG, oh, my god, please focus on the production of tractors. Really, don't try to venture towards the military-use mech market. "

After which, OMG's official site was also under attack. Although it wasn't breached, the comments section was down after a DDOS attack.

"Get out of the harsh military-use mech market, XX Corps has come to spam your forum!"

Similar slogans and calls were on over 10,000 different webpages. OMG's website administrator could only stop comments from being left on the website. However, this had resulted in the loss of confidence of potential customers who had real inquiries.

The implications were getting wider and more serious. Solon had never foreseen that there would be such an intense outcry, nor that there would be so many huge problems with this mech. Even Prince had expressed concerns over the displacement movement and said that it would require a huge amount of time to practice. His other account had dropped from diamond 1 to diamond 5 before he had some insight on how to perform it. However, he had only managed to pull it off successfully three times out of 10 tries.

The CT executives had also heard calls from their competitors about this. Furthermore, Solon had just risen to his current position. The first thing he did had essentially triggered a magnitude 10 earthquake! Was he really fit to be in such a role? Although his past results were solid, had he become too arrogant?

The introduction of the prototype mech was slightly overwhelming. However, when it came to business, this was not a big issue. Even if the performance of the mech was inferior, such a situation should not have happened normally. Solon was not an inexperienced greenhorn. His intuition told him that as OMG wanted to enter the military-use mecha market, it had likely triggered some competition.

Under normal circumstances, CT would have preferred to maintain good relationships with all the companies as it was beneficial to both parties. There was no need to offend anyone because of OMG. Although these other companies would not protest overtly, they would show their displeasure through alternate means.

However, as this matter involved Skeleton, it was a completely different situation altogether.

Although Solon was able to hold on, Ye Zisu was suffering from a lot of flak herself.

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