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The audience immediately went silent...


Mu Fengchun? Gail? Alvan?

They were among the most famous people in the scientific community in today's world. Mu Fengchun and Gail were figures of authority in the mathematics academic field and held great achievements in the field of physics.

Alvan? He was a figure of authority in the field of basic theory of physics and the vice-headmaster of Aslan's Academy of Sciences!

Was it a joke? Why would they come to Earth???

However, Wang Zheng was not pulling a prank and these three esteemed individuals stood up from the back of the auditorium. Everyone had been looking forward and had not paid much attention to the three old men sitting at the back of the auditorium.

"They truly seem like... what we've seen on television."

"It's true, Gail looks just like Colonel Sanders of KFC..."

Instantly, everyone was looking at their Skylinks. It really was them.

Suddenly, thunderous applause and raucous cheers could be heard. Everyone was hyped up!

What was this about? This was equivalent to having the most famous scientists from around the Milky Way Galaxy visiting Ares College, which was a difficult feat even for the Academy of Science of the Solar System Federation.

Guo Dongliang was dumbfounded. Obviously, he was aware of the three of them. It was just that they would not know about him.

Gail walked directly towards Guo Dongliang and scrutinized him. "Where did you come from? Do not act as though you understand when you don't"

"*Cough cough*, Professor Gail, this is the head of the physics department of Beijing University..."

"The head of what? Head of comedy? How could this type of person even dare to be a professor? He would only lead the students astray!"

Gail was famous for being direct with his words and would not hold back his words for anyone.

Forget Guo Dongliang, he would even insult Dong Xuewu without failure. Who did he think he was?

This was a classic example of someone asking to be reprimanded.

Even Mu Fengchun could not hold back and said, "If you want to learn new knowledge, you will have to learn how to be a person first. If you are so narrow-minded, how can you even be a professor?"

"If you were in Aslan, you would have been fired long ago," said Alvan while shaking his head. No wonder the academic fields on Earth were progressing at such a slow pace. With these types of people at the helm, their talents would have been greatly restricted.

"Let's go together, Xiao Fei," said Alvan with a smile.

"After you, Professor," said Xiao Fei. Alvan was Xiao Fei's professor when she was in Aslan.

The education structure on Earth was too rigid and inflexible. More effort was spent on scheming against one another than research most of the time.

The five of them went up on stage. No one would have thought that Wang Zheng's class would have attracted three heavyweight figures.

There weren't any people paying attention to Guo Dongliang anymore. Guo Dongliang had decisively chosen to faint. Damn. There wouldn't be a better time for him to choose to faint.

With four heavyweight mentors on stage, everyone thought that Wang Zheng would just sit at the side. However, the situation was exactly the opposite. Wang Zheng was the one directing the flow of the discussion. Initially, the five of them were discussing in simple terminologies. However, this changed quickly and they started using various mathematical and physics theories. There were even calculations done on the spot and quarrels broke out on several small issues.

A lecture that was supposed to last for an hour lasted for a whole five hours instead. Even the walkways of the lecture hall were filled with people. The capacity of the lecture hall was 1,200, but more than 2,000 people were squeezed into it. There were even more people standing outside the windows and using their Skylink to take pictures and record videos.

Some time ago, Wang Zheng received news from the Genesis Club that Mu Fengchun and the rest were coming to Beijing. Wang Zheng thought that they were joking when they said that when they were in Roland Garros. He didn't expect Gail and Old Man Mu to actually be serious.

Wang Zheng had mentioned to them that he would be giving a lecture. He did not think these two mischievous old men would attend his lecture and had kept this matter as a secret. This resulted in the situation today.

If Guo Dongliang knew that Old Man Mu and the group would be coming, he would not have staged this commotion even if one was to kill him.

Initially, the discussion between the five of them was within a reasonable scope. However, Alvan was intrigued and excited by Wang Zheng's hypothesized deductions. He was the leading researcher in the field of 13 dimensions, and it was not that he had not considered what Wang Zheng had talked about. It was that he did not have a clear thought of it initially and he did not expect Wang Zheng to be serious about it.

Clearly, this conversation would last more than five hours. Alvan couldn't help but laugh. "When Gail and Old Man Mu told me about you, I always thought that they were exaggerating. Today, I finally see that the new generation will exceed the previous generation!"

"Professor Alvan, you are flattering me. I have learned a lot from today's discussion."

"Alright, alright. You two should stop flattering each other." Laughed Gail, "What did you want to say, Old Man Mu?"

"Genesis Coffee will be organizing a Scientific Games Week in Beijingg. We welcome everyone's participation. Research is a very interesting matter!"

Said Mu Fengchun with a smile. He had always been a proponent of integrating scientific research with entertainment.

The main aim of his trip to Earth was to do some promotion. When a scientist had reached a certain realm of thinking, he would not be restricted by geographical boundaries.

The place had been engulfed with cheers.

This was an event for the various colleges in the Solar System. The meaning behind it was great and it would create a great environment in the academic field for a long period of time in the Solar System.

The students would also find out that Wang Zheng was the youngest member of the science club that had the world's best scientists.

Being a teacher was just a simple thing to him.

As for Guo Dongliang, things weren't going as well for him. The supervisory department of Beijing University had started an investigation on him and had found that he wasn't just plagiarizing students' theses and receiving bribes, he had also attempted multiple obscene acts and rape attempts on female students. This matter had entered criminal prosecution procedures…

Basically, he would be spending the latter half of his life in prison.

Mu Fengchun and the rest were actually on a tight schedule. Since they were visitors to the Solar System, they had to pay visits to various places. After all, there were other colleges under the Milky Way Alliance, and they couldn't just ignore them.

However, it was clear that Mu Fengchun and the rest were trying to help Xiao Fei build up her authority, and it really wasn't about helping Wang Zheng. Gu Te had expressed the attitude of the school for the whole incident. This wasn't about putting up a show. The pursuit of knowledge required a relatively peaceful environment. Various media companies had controlled their reporting. They had placed more emphasis on the improvement of the environment for the pursuit of knowledge on Earth.

Inevitably, Wang Zheng became famous within the school. In fact, this wasn't something new to him since his excellent performance during the last colleges' exchange.

What was strange for him was when he was suddenly greeted as "Professor Wang" by some beautiful ladies while he was walking in school. It was a surreal feeling; it was as though they were calling out to everyone else but him. 

In fact... it kind of felt great.

In the CT Earth region, an upgrade pack was released and available in the market.

90% of the contents were expected and were revealed in the test server. New skins for mecha, upgrade packages for the new mecha from the Arbiter Republic, new landscapes, updates on new maps, data and corrections for the simulation system and others.

Everyone wanted to experience the new content from the update package. The rich players naturally bought all the new mecha and skins made available in the new update package.

Qin Rong was one of these extremely rich players. His main account had achieved the diamond 1 rank. Although he was using the Twin-Winged God, it wasn't enough to fully carry the team in the diamond league. This was despite the fact that his real abilities had reached the level of diamond 5.

He was testing out the new mecha from the Arbiter Republic at the very first opportunity. The opponents he faced after every major update were mainly using new mecha. As he had an account in the trial servers, he would be able to rely on those experiences and enjoy himself in actual battles.

Qin Rong was having a lot of fun. This was especially the case for the new maps. Having played in these maps previously in the trial servers, he was making full use of his knowledge about the small details of the new maps to dominate his opponent.

As he was playing, someone from the opposite end had opened a public chat channel to him: Hi, God, I'm a girl, please carry me!

Attached with it was a video channel request. Qin Rong was delighted about a girl approaching him. He opened the video channel. It was indeed a beautiful girl. She had rosy red cheeks with a pair of beautiful eyes. Although it was due to makeup and the effects of a cosmetic lens, she would still definitely be classified as a beautiful girl.

"Girl, you seem cute. Add me as friend later and I will carry you!" said Qin Rong with a smile. The important thing wasn't that the girl was beautiful. With his wealth, he had seen various types of beautiful girls. The main point was that this girl was attracted by his skills.

When the first game ended, Qin Rong left the game and saw the invitation to be friends that was sent by the girl. He accepted the invitation, started another game, and invited the girl into the game.

The joy of carrying a girl wasn't about what happened afterwards. To be frank, even if the other party wanted it, Qin Rong might not be interested. There were simply too many beautiful girls waiting for him. What he was interested in was the feeling he got from this ambiguous relationship.

As he was piloting the new mech from the Arbiter Republic, he was carrying the girl while destroying similar new mecha that were used by the other players.

However, the girl he carried to victory wasn't the same as those he met in most other times. After a round, she invited another girl who was even more beautiful. The account was platinum 3 rank, but her level of play would most likely be at silver 3.

Qin Rong had a feeling that he would not be able to carry the team. It was already a close game in the last round, and he had to rely on his regular set of moves to steal a win.

At this time, a login notification appeared. This was a real pro player who had been playing with him.

"Prince, let's go play a round? There's two beautiful girls with me."

It was the one and only pro player, Prince!

Prince was delighted and said, "Brother Rong, are you being flirtatious again? Hehe, give me a moment. I still want to test out the new mech."

"Still testing? Didn't you test it in the trial server?"

"There was the sudden introduction of the Wind God Mech from OMG in this new major update. Looking at the introductory video, it possesses a unique movement ability."

The strongest point about the Prince's famous technique, the One-Two Combo, was that it was a high speed movement technique that could allow him to move long distances in an instant. In addition, one could choose the direction of the movement as he wished. Even if the opponent knew about the move and was guarding against it carefully, he would still be hit in the end. It was just simply an unblockable move.

Now there was a mech that was said to have such an extreme movement ability, and it would not depend on one's individual skill like Prince's specialty, the One-Two Combo. There were many people who wanted to learn it and had even made Prince their master. Prince did not hold back and taught them everything he knew. However, the results only showed the existence of "talent" in this world.

"OMG, where is this company from? Aslan?" Qin Rong could not believe it. If it was real, wouldn't the world be filled with "Princes"?

Prince smiled and said, "It isn't from Aslan. OMG is from Earth, the manufacturer of Hercules. I do hope that it is real. It might just be the destined mech for me!"

Prince was sincere when he said those words. In order to use his signature move, he was forced to use the War Emperor V and to equip himself with the Electrical Halberd. If the other party banned the use of his mech, his ability would instantly decrease by 30%. If was able to use another mech that could execute his signature move, the opponent's plan to ban the use of certain mecha would be severely affected. To ban him from the use of two different mecha would also compromise his own team's options. In such a case, Prince would have more flexibility in deciding a strategy.

Qin Rong laughed. "Let's do it together, then. No matter how the mech turns out, with you as my teammate, we will be guaranteed a victory."

In his mind, he thought to himself, "OMG? I remember it now. They are a manufacturer of agricultural-use mecha. Why the heck are they meddling with military-based mecha…?"

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