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Emergency board meeting!!!

Due to the need for major capital funding for OMG's recent rapid expansion, their shares had become more diluted and widely held. If all the directors decided to pool their shares together, it could result in a major impact on the company.

"Too eager to achieve success and shortsightedness! We were in support for military-use mecha. However, as a start, why did we go with something as uncertain as this? Why didn't we use a successful and stable mech to penetrate the market?"

"Such risky strategies are only used by those unknown small companies. Have we, OMG, become reckless too?" 

"To be able to secure the distribution channel through CT was a huge opportunity. However, the mech isn't ready for it and the opportunity was wasted."

"It wasn't simply just a waste. This will even have huge impacts on the reputation of OMG. The normal operations of the official website were affected and various retailers have indicated a fall in sales."

"Such a big proposal should've been given to a more experienced designer. Although we could all acknowledge the talents of Ye Zisu in design, she is still a student after all and should start by learning," said the head of the design department calmly. Ye Zisu's plan had resulted in the weakening of his authority indirectly.

The opposing party, who had held back for a long time, had started their barrage of attacks. Ye Zisu's establishment of the sales channel through CT had resulted in them losing face previously. However, this might have turned out to be a great thing for them!

The little kid must have been dreaming and thought that success could be achieved easily!

Investors did not want the Ye family's dominance in OMG to be further intensified. They had also been using the slow process of wearing them down to gradually seize control on operating decisions. After all, Ye Bingwen couldn't be sitting in that position forever!

As long as they could dismiss the idea of Ye Zisu succeeding the business, other shareholders and management would lean towards the investors in consideration for the future of the company.

Ye Bingwen was frowning and took a look at Ye Zisu, who was sitting at one side. "Enough! Since the incident has occurred, it will not help even if you continue to ask more questions now. This was a new endeavour. Although a failure is still a failure, if we did not even dare to attempt, how could we talk about becoming bigger and stronger? For now, let's concentrate on how to solve the problem. What thoughts does the PR department have?"

Ye Bingwen had spoken and the directors went silent. Ye Bingwen's still had some authority and awe in the company. However, if this matter wasn't handled well, Ye Zisu would likely not be able to intervene in the company's affairs in the future, especially in the important R&D department.

In fact, the rationale behind everyone dwelling on this incident and playing the blame game wasn't to be objective but was to make use of the incident to suppress the Ye family's prestige and authority in the company. By doing so, their own prestige and authority would increase by a certain level. Fighting over control rights and scheming against one another wasn't unique to a big company. Of course, this had to be done within the confines of the rules and kept behind the scenes.

Ye Zisu bit her lip and kept silent. She was still feeling confident about it. The data from the experiment was still within her expectations...

The head of the emergency PR department spoke again. "The current situation has not reached the stage where it is unsalvageable. After all, it has only been on CT for a week. I recommend that we immediately stop this mech model and take the initiative to admit our mistake by announcing that the Wind God isn't a mature prototype. Being on CT was for the purpose of collecting more data and we would never allow such an unstable and uncertain mech to be available on the market..."

Taking the initiative to admit their mistakes and lowering their position might be able to gain some sympathy votes. After all, it was only available online in CT and had not reached such an unsalvageable point in reality.

As they were talking about the details of the solution proposal, the head of the PR department received a Skylink message. He scanned through the message and his face changed. "There's a live news channel and I feel that everyone should take a look."

As they spoke, they switched on the large screen on the meeting room and connected it to a television news channel.

Eurozone Chronos Mech Design Academy, Deputy Chief Designer, Professor Cronin.

A sentence of words appeared at the bottom right corner of the screen, explaining the position and identity of the person in the screen.

This was a news report regarding OMG's Wind God. Initially, it was just ordinary news. However, the other party was able to invite the deputy chief designer of the Chronos Mech Design Academy for the show. The level of influence changed in an instant.

The Chronos Mech Design Academy was the property of the Chronos family. Its influence wasn't limited to just Earth, but the entire Solar System.

"... Cough, cough. I have heard that the chief designer of the Wind God is a little girl called Ye Zisu, who is the only daughter of Ye Bingwei. All I can say is that OMG was too immature and shortsighted by placing family succession first. This is against what is expected of a large company and enterprise. In the face of his daughter's request, Ye Bingwen's brilliant reputation was irrevocably lost..."

Cronin said calmly and confidently.

"However, if the high speed displacement movement system is achievable, could it be a cross generational innovation? Rumours have it that the data shows that the Wind God is able to achieve it."

"It would be right theoretically. In general, the direction is correct. I believed that Miss Ye has taken inspirations from Atlantis mecha and the data release might show that it is possible. However, data is dead. Practical assessments are the barometer for everything in reality. Practically, we couldn't just try to achieve displacement movement for the sake of displacement movement, right? We shouldn't just discard everything for the sake of the end result. Mecha aren't data toys. To become a qualified mech designer, just having ideas is simply not enough. It is necessary to have the brains to determine the direction based on various considerations ..."

It was incessant criticism from someone standing at the highest point.

In the meeting room of OMG, Ye Bingwen's face turned livid. He waved his hands, switched off the television, and said, "Enough. We shall leave it to the PR department to handle it. The Wind God project will be suspended. There is no need to suspend the operations with CT. Since the problems have surfaced, we should just take this chance to expose all the problems so we can improve upon it and decide on the next move."

Ye Zisu moved her lips but wasn't able to say a word. She couldn't say anything.

The board meeting was dismissed and the investors could be seen laughing. These sly old foxes were wearing smiles at this juncture and were even trying to encourage Ye Zisu.

Ye Bingwen was able to regain his composure now. To suffer setbacks in business was to be expected.

"Zisu, are you feeling a bit depressed?" There was only the two of them left in the meeting room.

"It was all my fault..." said Ye Zisu. She had never expected the implications to be so widespread. A new mech model having problems was a normal situation, but...

"Zisu, this matter isn't directly about you. Whether the mech is good or bad, we have opponents both internally and externally. This is what business is about. It isn't enough to just close our eyes and focus on doing our work. No matter whether it is a success or a failure, this will be a very good trial for you. You are my daughter and I believe you will be able to get through this."

Ye Bingwen said this with a smile. Only those who had experienced major ups and downs in life could still smile at this juncture.

However, Ye Bingwen did not try to say any other things. Zisu would still have to overcome this herself.

Ye Zisu was just a little girl with passions and dreams. However, her thinking was too naïve.

Mecha were ultimately practical machines. Once the mech model was produced, there were still many external factors to consider.

The Chronos family had almost monopolised the entire military industry. However, the way they did their business was too ruthless and did not give any chance for others.

This was also within the expectations of Ye Bingwen. However, if the company wanted to develop further, this was a step that must be taken and this type of pain had to be experienced.

Standing outside the window and looking at the despondent Ye Zisu, Ye Bingwen let out a sigh. In fact, he had expected it to become like this. However, this would be a trial for Ye Zisu, and if she could overcome it, there would be nothing too difficult for her in the future.

Wang Zheng felt a little strange when he received a Skylink message from Ye Zisu. From his impression of Ye Zisu, she was someone who was always optimistic. It seemed that something had happened this time.

"Zisu, what was the issue? Why didn't you give me a smile when you saw your Professor Wang. That was kind of disrespectful!"

Wang Zheng said while pretending to be serious about it. However, it seemed that this joke... wasn't too successful.

Ye Zisu's eyes swelled up and turned red. She could no longer hold back and tears flowed down quickly.

Wang Zheng was most afraid of girls crying, especially if she was his close friend. He clumsily tried to look for tissues, but he did not have any such things.

"Don't cry, Zisu. Tell me who bullied you. I will go teach him a lesson!"

This was the first time that Ye Zisu had lost control. She had expected too much recently and was under too much pressure.

After crying for a while, she saw the clumsy looks of Wang Zheng and couldn't help but smile and said, "I'm sorry."

"Look at what you're saying. You're not treating me as your closest friend. What happened? You're making me even more anxious by not telling me anything," said Wang Zheng. "Oh, damn, whoever dared to bully Zisu, I will kill him!"

Ye Zisu shook her head slightly and let out a sigh. She forced a smile and said, "It seems that my first model will end up as a failure."

Ye Zisu told Wang Zheng about the incident briefly. Wang Zheng was able to understand immediately. He had been busy with his work as a professor recently and had forgotten about this matter.

"When I compared the introduction video you showed with the data provided, it didn't feel that it would end up in such a way."

"There might be other factors, but the practical usage of the mech was indeed not very good."

For a girl to enter the world of mech design, the pressure she faced had to be very great. In the world of mecha, the norm was to have no girls around.

"Oh, really, as your best friend, I haven't even tried out your first model design. Let's go. Let this ace mech pilot test out the performance of the mech!"

Said Wang Zheng.

"You? Ah, oh, right, forgot about it!" said Ye Zisu as she just remembered who Wang Zheng was.

Wang Zheng brought Ye Zisu to the Brothers Net Café. The boss of the café took a long stare at Ye Zisu before secretly giving Wang Zheng a thumbs up. This guy did have some capabilities.

Wang Zheng was too lazy to explain. As he entered CT, he thought that Solon was rather efficient and serious in his work and had uploaded the new mech design. It was truly because of him that Solon had done so. Although this type of mech did not have any special decorations and looked ordinary from the outside, it was consistent with Wang Zheng's design and idea. It was also very comfortable.

Ye Zesu looked at Wang Zheng quietly from the side. Wang Zheng had entered the mech and both of them chose a practice map.

The Wind God was running and hopping around the practice area, getting used to the mech.

"How is it?" asked Ye Zisu as she was still flustered. She had suffered too huge a blow, and Wang Zheng was her last ray of hope.

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