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It would seem that everything was fated to occur. Whenever she encountered any problems, she would be able to resolve it inexplicably. She had long felt a strange familiarity when she was watching Skeleton in his competition. Since the incident on the Norton Star, that feeling had grown even stronger. It seemed that wherever she went, Skeleton would be there.

She understood it now.

"Senior, how do I address the other female senior? Does she have a boyfriend?"

Wang Zheng was taken aback. Would this be constituted as a proper question?

"Yeah, she is so beautiful. Even if she had a boyfriend, one could still chase after her. Who says you can't score a goal when there's a goalkeeper?"

Unknowingly, the number of people asking for directions became too large.

Were all the current freshmen this aggressive? It had always been seniors going after the juniors and not the other way round.

"Hello, Senior, I'm Zhang Yang. I was mesmerized by you from the very first time I saw you. Would you be my girlfriend?" asked a guy who was still pulling his luggage alone. No one had any idea where he had bought a bouquet of flowers from before he rushed over.

The early bird catches the worm. The group of onlookers couldn't help but stamp their feet with anger. They wanted to do the same thing as Zhang Yang but were unable to provide flowers. 

"Brother, do you mind queueing up? You are creating a problem here. Please move to the back!"

"Oh, yes, we have been waiting for such a long time. It isn't your turn yet!"

Consequently, that particular brother who was holding the bouquet of fresh flowers was pulled to the back of the queue.

Wang Zheng didn't even feel like helping out anymore. These people weren't interested in asking questions, they were here to look at the beautiful lady.

Ye Zisu gently pulled Wang Zheng's arm. "I'm sorry, I am currently chasing this man and won't be considering others!"

Suddenly, the crowd was dumbfounded. A group of freshmen stared at Wang Zheng blankly... Who was this guy? Wasn't he just the guy who held directional signs?

Why would such a dumb-looking guy have any relations with this beautiful lady here?

All of a sudden, their thoughts went in the other direction. It seemed that it was the beautiful senior who took the initiative.

Was there a mistake?

This was truly a waste of heaven's resources!

Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu were able to escape after much effort. Ye Zisu was laughing heartily. On the other hand, Wang Zheng was getting a headache.

"As you said, we are good brothers. More and more people kept giving me flowers, and it was starting to get annoying. So just help me deflect some of these gifts," said Ye Zisu helplessly.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said, "Couldn't you just reject them directly?"

"What did you say?"

"Just accept it," said Ye Zisu as she patted Wang Zheng's shoulders. "Oh! When the prototype of the Wind God mech is out, you can come over for a test drive. At the same time, you can provide your professional opinion on it."

"Oh, right, I almost forgot about it. Professor Xiao Fei was looking for you." Yan Zisu had forgotten about the official thing she had been assigned to do, as she was happily chatting with Wang Zheng.

Xiao Fei?

Wang Zheng had an ominous feeling. In general, Professor Xiao Fei had indulged him too much and hadn't been giving him too much trouble recently.

When Wang Zheng arrived at the staff office, he realized that besides Xiao Fei... even Gu Te, Marcus, and a few other professors from the Physics Department were around too!

Such a lineup was a little spectacular and pressurizing...

"Wang Zheng, you have finally come. Come and take a seat," said Gu Te with a smile.

"Principal, what is the matter? You can be direct with me. This atmosphere makes me feel quite stressed out."

Gu Te laughed and said, "It is not really a huge matter. We have already discussed it between us. I will cut to the chase. We have agreed to this idea under the principle of nurturing talents."

Wang Zheng couldn't help but shudder. Something wasn't right. Although Xiao Fei was smiling so brightly, Wang Zheng could feel a chill down his spine as a wave of cold air gusted across his back.

"What is the matter, Principal? My memory isn't good nowadays."

Gu Te stood up and said, "Student Wang Zheng. No, to be precise, you will be Professor Wang in the future. Professor Xiao Fei raised this proposal and the proposal was approved by all the professors from the Physics Department to appoint you as a guest professor of Ares College."

At this point, all the Professors had stood up and were clapping. Xiao Fei and Marcus were especially happy about it.

Student Wang... felt as though he was struck by lightning. How far would this joke go?

"Let me tell you a piece of good news at the same time. Your application to transfer to another department has been approved. You are now a part of the Mecha Department as well!"

"Since you will be guest professor in the Physics Department, it would be inappropriate for you to remain as a student." Xiao Fei and Marcus were aware that given Wang Zheng's foundation in physics, there was nothing for him to learn from the school anymore. Keeping him in the Physics Department was a waste of time.

He was thrown a heavy load that he had to carry at all costs.

Wang Zheng opened his mouth and was ready to contest the idea. However, he was met with endless congratulatory messages and did not have the opportunity to put up resistance.

This matter was settled while Wang Zheng was still left in a daze.

Soon, Gu Te and the other Professors left, leaving Xiao Fei and Wang Zheng behind. Wang Zheng was sitting on the chair, dazed and lost. After a while, he finally looked at Xiao Fei, who was smiling.

"Professor, you can't do this. When did I say that I would like to be giving lectures? All I wanted was to transfer to another department."

"Student Wang, oh, it should be Professor Wang now. You were able to speak with composure even when you were facing Dong Xuewu! Giving lectures to students will be a piece of cake for you! As a member of the Ares College, to contribute to your alma mater should be a given!"

"I wouldn't be able to do it. I might be able to solve a problem, but giving a lecture is not possible."

"Hehe, I wouldn't let you be in charge of a lecture on the usual class schedule. What you have to do is give lectures on specific topics. Rest assured, I will also help out."

"Can I choose not to?" Wang Zheng wanted to resist a little more.

Xiao Fei's expression became very serious and she said, "Student Wang, do you think that the decision of the school is to be taken lightly?!"

"I'm just trying to put up some resistance."

"There's no need to resist. Being a guest professor could bring you many privileges. Moreover, I finally convinced the principal to agree to your request for a transfer."

Wang Zheng looked up to the ceiling. An old fox and another sly fox! In essence, they were just bullying him.

"Don't act like a young married lady who has suffered a little. As a man, this is an opportunity for you to build a career and make a name for yourself! This is also a challenge for the school as it has broken a rule in appointing you. You will need to give it your best shot too!"

"Come over, Professor Wang. Let us introduce ourselves again," said Xiao Fei as she extended her hand.

Wang Zheng was feeling helpless. Everything was within the grasp of the this demonic lady.

Back in the dormitory, raucous cheers broke out.

"Brother, you are really awesome. We will have to depend on you in the future!" said Yao Ailun as he pounced towards Wang Zheng.

"Brother Zheng, you are my idol! It's true!"

"What are you guys doing?" The tangled feeling in Wang Zheng's heart had not fully subsided yet.

Zhang Shan smiled and said, "Professor Wang, it seems that you have not paid any attention to the school's official website. As the youngest professor in the history of Ares College, you are famous now!"

Wang Zheng opened his laptop in a hurry. He realized that the headlining news was about the new guest professor in the Physics Department, and it even had Wang Zheng's portrait on it!

Oh my~~~~~~~~

"Professor Wang! Given our relationship, to receive an each year should be a given!"

"I will leave the consultation to you."

"Can the two of you stop torturing me? Take note of the word "guest". It means that I am just muddling along! This is a conspiracy! Gu Te and Xiao Fei's conspiracy!!"

"Hehe, it's more of a gimmick, but their objectives have been achieved. Ares College will be able to enjoy the limelight within the Solar System once again, Professor Wang," said Zhang Shan mockingly.

"Well, let's ask Professor Wang to give us a treat today!"

"That is a given. It couldn't be that you would ask three poor students to give you a treat, right?"

"The three people were deliriously happy, while Wang Zheng was speechless and tearful... What was this all about?!

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