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All Wang Zheng wanted was to have a simple and peaceful life. However, it seemed that it was just too naive of him, considering his achievements.

Soon, the news of the youngest physics professor in Ares College spread.

Although Wang Zheng was able to achieve some results, the majority of the people would still consider it to be a victory for Xiao Fei instead. To become a professor so suddenly, it was indeed like making a mountain out of a molehill.

Some reporters even wanted to interview Wang Zheng. After all, Ares College was one of the top colleges in the Asia region. Even Xiao Fei, who had experienced many spotlights in the past, was not able to achieve the same qualifications!

With regards to this matter, the department in charge of educators from the Solar System Alliance was paying significant attention to this.

Schools were not free to do whatever they desired. This was especially so for schools under the Solar System Ivy League, where they would have to follow the relevant rules and regulations.

As a form of respect to the school, they were mindful to be careful and had requested to sit in for Wang Zheng's lesson.

In reality, the Educator's Department had no authority over such matters.

However, they had to establish their existence by doing something about the matter.

Even if they had chosen not to come, Wang Zheng's first lesson would likely still cause a storm. The professors from Ares College and the major colleges in the vicinity would be likely to attend too.

Ares College had been on a decline in recent times. As a military school, there wasn't much breakthrough in the field of mecha. Victories in the first stage of the elimination round and in an exchange competition weren't able to prove much. After all, they had been weak for a prolonged period of time.

However, in the field of physics, Ares College was truly able to stand in the limelight.

Beijing University was the number one university if one considered all the different aspects. Their performances in various aspects were top-notch and were in the top three of the entire region of Earth. Ares College was more renowned in terms of being a military educator. In other words, if one were to consider every single aspect of the school, Ares College wouldn't be able to be compared with an all-rounded university.

"That old man, Gu Te, is simply making a fuss. Instead of properly managing the military school, he is trying to attract the attention of the crowd in other areas," said the director of the Physics Department, Guo Dongliang, in an unfriendly tone.

As the heavyweight subject in the field of science and as the number one university in the Asia region, it was startling that their Physics Department wasn't able to recruit good students.

Among the various middle schools, if one wanted to enrol for physics or mathematics, their first choice would often be Ares College.

Damn, were they a military school or a science school? Weren't they clear about their own positioning?

Principal Marshall was also aware of these issues. The departments of physics and mathematics held the most important projects of the school and would affect a school's standing. Although Ares College had Xiao Fei, they weren't able to produce many results as a whole. However, the limelight over the past year was able to apply much pressure on Beijing University.

However, when the standards were set, if one could achieve it through research, it would also be testament to one's ability.

"Principal, everyone can see the results we achieved in the field of physics in recent times. However, Xiao Fei's ability to hype things up was really too great. She has even promoted her own student this time! We should make it clear to society that school is a sacred place and not just a place for one to blow their own horn!" said Guo Dongliang.

Guo Dongliang was the only council member from Earth in the physics council of the Solar System Institute of Science. Due to the fact that the physics department played an integral role in research, Guo Dong Liang was able to enjoy the respect from others. However, in the past year, he had almost been forgotten. The Solar System Institute of Science had even considered replacing him with Xiao Fei.

This was something he could not tolerate!

Were his contributions over the past 50 years all false and worthless? What would the whimsical thoughts of a brat account for?

The media had always preferred to follow trends and sensationalized subjects without going through practical assessments.

"Dongliang, our school and Ares College are brother schools. Gu Te was in a tough position. There is no harm in giving in to them," said Principal Marshall calmly. They should have expended all their resources in recruiting Xiao Fei in the past. However, Guo Dongliang wasn't willing to put in all his effort. Clearly, he had other aspects to consider and was afraid that Xiao Fei's arrival would affect his position.

Guo Dongliang stood up abruptly and said, "Principal, we couldn't just let this go. School is where we nurture the future pillars of Earth. How can we just allow two young people to do as they wish? Just leave this matter to me!"

"What do you intend to do?"

"If he wants to be a guest professor, there will definitely be public classes. I would want to see what this brat, Wang Zheng, can deliver!"

"Hehe, Director Guo, if the other party is indeed without substance, we won't just let it pass. This is also based on the responsibilities we hold towards the student population. The school will support you in your moves."

Said Marshall. 

"Rest assured, Principal!" Guo Dongliang was waiting for those words. What kind of depth and breadth of knowledge could a brat have? They weren't even clear about the relationship between him and Xiao Fei.

Guo Dongliang was making unscrupulous guesses. Xiao Fei was indeed good-looking. As the thought appeared, Guo Dongliang's face throbbed.

It was part of a bad memory.

Xiao Fei and Gu Te had no intention to use this matter to create a fuss. If they had some personal reasons to do so, it was to not waste Wang Zheng;s talents. A transfer in department was a must. However, if they did not bind Wang Zheng down, the Physics Department would likely lose a genius in the future.

Xiao Fei knew that Wang Zheng was someone who placed much emphasis in fulfilling his responsibilities and therefore had come up with such a thought.

However, these thoughts seemed to have gone out of control. Curiosity had resulted in suspicion, which eventually became attention. Together with a group of people with various intentions, a good-intentioned matter had caused a huge fuss.

This was something that Xiao Fei and Gu Te had not wished to see. However, to settle this matter wouldn't be easy.

A fortunate thing was that Wang Zheng was calm about the whole matter. Since the matter was set and unlikely to change, Wang Zheng wasn't feeling conflicted. After the buzz died down, there wouldn't be people who would bother him. In addition, he wasn't a full-time professor. Xiao Fei wouldn't have to worry about it. He would definitely execute and complete the whole space project as this was the painstaking efforts of Old Merchant.

It would be difficult for him to give lectures full-time in the long run, but handling a few topics would be a piece of cake for him.

Wang Zheng's main focus was still training. He would likely be able to focus better now as he had become an official member of the Mecha Department.

Zhang Shan's breakthrough had increased Ares College's strength exponentially. He had trained harder than Wang Zheng to increase his skills, especially so for his training on Ability X. His ability was indeed a little over-the-top. However, any ability would have to be at certain level of strength to be useful, or it would always be a joke.

Zhang Shan wanted to show off. He was determined to not be seen as a joke anymore and he wanted to be rid of that horrendous moniker of "Mountain Maiden."

When the training session ended, Zhang Shan and Wang Zheng sat aside while watching Meng Tian and Zhang Runan spar. Their abilities were more mature and they were more at ease when using them. Sparring was also a way to strengthen one's Ability X.

Zhang Shan looked enviously and said, "Wang Zheng, I heard from Meng Tian that your ability has already awakened. You just haven't found a way to utilise it?"

Wang Zheng smiled and said, "I'm not too sure if it has awakened, but I did feel that I understood a little about it. Recently, I have been making some adjustments."

"Oh, damn, why are you shy of in front of me? Show me your ability and let me learn from it!" Zhang Shan stared at Wang Zheng.

"There are still some things that I have not completely understood. It is still unstable now. Let's talk about it another time," said Wang Zheng.

Zhang Shan patted Wang Zheng's shoulder and said, "We are brothers, I wouldn't ridicule you about it. I heard that your ability is like being a battery pack. There isn't anything wrong with it, it will definitely be useful in a team!"

Wang Zheng did not know if he ought to laugh or cry about it. Meng Tian and Zhang Runan came over. Meng Tian stuck her tongue out and said apologetically, "A slip of the tongue."

"Don't be discouraged. In fact, in Wang Zheng's case, the focus wasn't about what his ability is but more about possessing an Ability X. This way, his potential is not limited," said Zhang Runan.

Only with a clear understanding of one's Ability X would one not make a wrong assessment of the battle situation. If a wrong assessment was made, it could be a terrifying thing.

"Rest assured, I will not fight with you over the position of captain. You are the dormitory leader of room 007," said Zhang Shan boldly.

"With your skills, you should just stay in your position, honestly," Zhang Runan retorted without reserve.

"Sister Nan, please do not be like this. I am also a talent! Why do you all have such a high appraisal of Wang Zheng but not me? I feel discouraged now. I also need some encouragement," said Zhang Shan aggrievedly.

"Lady Shan, we can talk about it when you use practical actions to demonstrate your manliness instead of just paying lip service."

Zhang Runan said calmly with awe.

"Wang Zheng, if you have any issues with Ability X, you can just consult me or Sister Nan. We still have some insight with regards to the theories of awakening Ability X," said Meng Tian.

Wang Zheng was the strongest point of the team. That was at least the case for the first round. The second round would definitely be a challenge for Wang Zheng.

Meng Tian was curious about several aspects too. If Wang Zheng had truly awakened his abilities, why weren't there any major changes? When one's ability was awakened, there would be changes to temperament. Meng Tian's temperament and Zhang Runan's temperament had been affected by the influence of Ability X. This was the case for Zhang Shan too, even if he had not realised it.

Wang Zheng smiled and said, "Rest assured. I won't stand on ceremony."

Wang Zheng wasn't just having problems with Ability X. There was still the second stage of the Primordial Regression Technique.

He might lose control easily if he has issues with coordinating his abilities.

The three of them did not stay on the topic for too long. After all, their abilities were all very good and Wang Zheng might have had his own ideas too.

Xiao Fei and Gu Te had no choice but to become serious with regards to Wang Zheng's public class. This was due to the fact that the head of the physics department of Beijing University and several of the most authoritative professors in the field of physics would be attending it.

This was Wang Zheng's first appearance. If it turned out well, it would be great. If he were to screw it up, it wouldn't just be a problem for Wang Zheng. The reputation of Ares College, which had just seen some signs of revival, would be wrecked.

Gu Te couldn't help but feel anxious about it. However, Xiao Fei was brimming with confidence.

Once the time had been confirmed, it was announced through the school's website. The students from the Physics Department were also curious about the matter. This was especially so for the new students. Most of them had come for Xiao Fei. They might have heard about someone who had received an award for contributions to the university, but they were unlikely to be able to remember the name of the student.

But for a second year student to become a professor, this was basically unheard of. Even the students were curious about it. There were also people from other departments who were around to join in on the fun.

There were people coming from Beijing University and the Solar System Institute of Science.

They were likely to still be displeased with the fact that Wang Zheng had stood them up on Mars. Who did he think he was?

Many students from Beijing University came over too, including some who Wang Zheng knew. For example, Zhao Lingfeng. When he got the news, he became extremely shocked.

There weren't any empty seats in a lecture room with the capacity for more than a thousand people. To have such a crowd in the first lesson, Chen Xiu and the group couldn't help but start to feel worried for Wang Zheng.

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