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This was an issue of experience. Similar to the performance data of a mech, information could be further separated to theoretical data and practical data.

Raston smiled, got up, and entered the field immediately without even changing his clothes.

Who was this?

The host was puzzled. At this moment, his boss was explaining the situation to him through his Skylink and his eyes flashed. "Haha, here comes an impromptu challenger that everyone has been waiting for!"

Boooo ---- the audience greeted the announcement with hisses.

What kind of impromptu challenger was he? This man looked ordinary. Wouldn't this be a waste of their time?

Fei Zi squinted at Raston. The underlying message behind the term "impromptu challenger" was that as long as he did not kill the challenger, it would be fine, even if it resulted in the challenger becoming handicapped. "You have three seconds to admit your defeat."

Raston smiled and rebutted, "Since you gave me three seconds, I shall give you three moves as advantage."

Fei Zi focused his eyes. Once three seconds were up, Fei Zi took huge strides towards Raston. The high speed punch caused the wind within the cage to howl. A combination of power and speed! This move was already imbued with his ability, and the armor on his body was shining with shimmering light. Fei Zi did not hold back on his killer move. This was what the Fallen Paradise on Mars was all about. No matter who it was or what was their social status, one would have to face the threat of death when they entered the cage. Only the fittest would survive here!

"Is he trying to hand me the victory on a silver platter? Die, die, die..."

The Martian was growling.

Raston grinned and did not dodge, nor did he take up a defensive position. He was just standing still.

Was he really going to hand Fei Zi the victory?

How could it be!? Bang….. a large noise propagated across the field. The heavy blow from Fei Zi smashed directly onto Raston's chest, right on the position of where the heart was

Under normal circumstances, considering Fei Zi's strength, his fist would have pierced through the flesh and the bones would be crushed.

However, at the moment, all Fei Zi felt was that his attack had come to nought.

What was going on?

Grrr. After retreating backwards with fleet footwork, Fei Zi stimulated his ability. With a loud bang, the ability that could crush the mutated giant bear in one move started to be imbued onto the arms of Fei Zi, eventually forming a strong torrent of energy around it.

Heavy Cannon Punch!

If this punch were to connect, even steel would be shattered!

However, Raston did not dodge and allowed Fei Zi to land his attack onto his chest.

Bang, Raston was repelled. One step, two steps, three steps, were taken! Yet Raston was able to firmly stand still. He smiled and said, "It wasn't too shabby; I was able to feel something. One more move, please continue with it."


Fei Zi was enraged and his eyes were bloodshot. Under the stimulation of his uncontrollable Ability X, his strength soared exponentially. Fei Zi was trying to increase the strength in his body with all his might. Never was there anyone who could withstand his fist in a direct confrontation. Never! A punch flew forward!


With a huge roar, Raston's body was slammed backwards. The friction between the ground and Raston's body resulted in an ear-piercing sound as his body was smashed onto the metal cage.

A domineering punch!

However, the entire arena was silent. Raston raised his head gradually. As he flicked away the shrapnel on his body, a grin appeared on his face.

Fei Zi was as angry as a beast and his face was contorted in fury. Facing Fei Zi, Raston took a step forward and finally made his move. Although it might've seemed slow, his every action left an extremely deep impression in the minds of the audience. In reality, Raston was moving as quick as lightning or a streaking meteor and appeared right in front of Fei Zi.

Raston was still wearing a slight grin on his face, and it was clear that he wasn't injured at all. With a seemingly gentle blow onto the body of Fei Zi, a thunderous bang propagated throughout the arena.

Just like a rag doll that was thrown away, Fei Zi was launched off the ground and was smashed into the spaces of the metal cage before dying instantly.

It was only a single blow!

In the cabin, Kester's mouth trembled and he knew that he had suffered a huge loss this time.

Who was this dude?

The victorious Raston played down the victory and bowed slightly towards Lie Xin.

Lie Xin and Lie Guang looked at each other. Both of them knew that this was a way for Raston to show that what he did wasn't just for IG but also for the future.

They had a long road ahead, and this was him demonstrating a portion of his might. In fact, this was just a small portion of Raston's strength.

Among the five captains, none of them were to be trifled with. Raston too possessed a ridiculous amount of power.

This vacation was very short-lived. Some might have truly enjoyed their summer vacation, while others were doing their preparations meticulously. No matter which side they belonged to, they would have to face a new beginning.

Ares College had regained its vitality. Of course, Wang Zheng and his group would have realized that some things had changed.

"Good afternoon, Seniors, may I know where building 83 is?" asked a quiet lady dragging a suitcase.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were taken aback. Did they just become seniors? It seemed to be the case.

Zhang Shan immediately stood in front of Wang Zheng. "Keke, my junior, which faculty are you from? Come, let me take you there." As he finished his sentence, Zhang Shan took over the luggage of the girl as though it was something natural.

"I am from the faculty of arts."

"Arts? Arts is good. I was once also very interested in drawing. The head of the Arts Club is a good friend of mine. I could introduce you for direct entry. "

Just like this, Zhang Shan had pushed Wang Zhen to the side. This was a classic example of hoes over bros.

Back in the dormitory, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun had arrived. "The two of them seem to have had a good time. Both of them have gained weight!"

"Haha, you seem to have become very tan. Very well, let's continue to fight for the glory of Ares College in the new school term!"

"Brother Zheng, there are a lot of new faces outside. There seem to be a lot of people this time."

"That's because of your teacher, Xiao Fei. Her appeal is significant. Moreover, there have been signs of revival for our college in recent times, and this would resulted in the large increase in number of applicants," said Yao Ailun.

"Could it be that they were applying to our faculty?

"Stupid, the crucial thing here is the school's influence. It was the same for other faculties. Why would you think that everyone would want to enroll into the Physics Department?"

"Aiyoh, why are we staying in the dormitory at such a good time? Let's us go and welcome the spring that has arrived," said Yao Ailun as he jumped up excitedly.

"Spring? What spring? It's almost autumn here." Chen Xiu was feeling a little puzzled.

"How could you deny the fact that you aren't stupid? These young and fresh juniors are calling out for us. Didn't you see the pack of wolves outside? If you are any slower, you won't get any!"

Yao Ailun had already rushed out.

Clearly, there were some advantages for seniors when going after their juniors. Yao Ailun was clear that he couldn't handle women who were mature. He would have a greater chance by suppressing his desires and going after the unknowing juniors.

"Brother Zheng, let's go together!"

"I will give it a pass."

"Let's just go for it. Do not listen to brother Ailun. As a senior, helping out the new student is a given. We have nothing much to do in the dormitory anyway."

At this moment, the major clubs and societies in the campus had started their advertising barrage. At the MMA club, a huge crowd had gathered, and this was a cause for concern.

... Meng Tian had decided to make a personal appearance, and the reaction was sensational. Meng Tian was a legendary character in Ares College and the goddess from the Officer's Department. She had passed the IG competition, was the chairman of the MMA club, and was a legendary Ability X user.

However, the guys who entered the military college were all testosterone-loaded individuals…

After signing up to be a volunteer, Wang Zheng was holding a direction sign at the entrance.

He had become a street sign.

Even Chen Xiu had thrown away his sign and ran away with another little girl. The other party looked young and was about his age too. This showed that she too was a genius.

Yan Xiaosu was eager to take over his job. Using the words of Yan Xiaosu, he had become extremely adept at it after a semester of training. To woo these girls was like a walk in the park. However, he had lost the chance to do so at the same time.

His thoughts were not able to deceive An Mei.

"Why are the signs of our school lying around here? With such a huge sign blocking your face, how could anyone ask you for help?"

Wang Zheng moved his head away from the back of the sign and saw a bottle of water.

"That group of conscienceless people left me alone. If I were to leave, there would be no one left to be here on duty."

They were responsible for this road junction. With everyone leaving, Wang Zheng would have to stay behind.

Ye Zisu was wearing a light yellow dress today. Her slender, long legs were tempting to others and she had her hair tied up in a casual manner. It was quite a scene for Wang Zheng with Ye Zisu just standing there quietly.

As the rays of sunlight shone onto Ye Zisu's smile, she simply looked dazzling in Wang Zheng's eyes.

Wang Zheng did not stand on ceremony. He opened the bottle and gulped down half the bottle of water. Only Zisu had a conscience. His group of "friends" had taken advantage of him and left him in the lurch.

"Was it? It seems to me that I should be expressing my gratitude. I couldn't tell that you had such deep connections," said Ye Zisu as she circled around Wang Zheng.

"What are you talking about?"

"Was the matter regarding CT resolved by you?" asked Ye Zisu.

Wang Zheng had already forgotten about this matter. "You were talking about that? It wasn't much of a bother, so let's not talk about it. I have troubled you in many other areas previously; let's not be concerned with these minor things."

"So what should we talk about then?" said Ye Zisu

For a young and beautiful girl to say it in a playful tone, even Wang Zheng felt a bit moved.

"Keke, we are brothers. Anything that bothers you is a trouble of mine as well. Since you have treated me to a drink, I will accept your thanks," said Wang Zheng

Ye Zisu rolled her eyes at Wang Zheng and said, "Coward."


Just a few meters away, a boy had walked into a tree while staring at Ye Zisu. He quickly left, feeling embarrassed.

Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu looked at one another and couldn't help but laugh.

"Tell me, how did you convince CT? What kind of influence do you have? Even I will have to seriously consider if I ought to seduce you," asked Ye Zisu curiously. She had thought of many possibilities. However, she could not really understand how Wang Zheng was able to achieve it.

This was only possible if Wang Zheng had approached Aina for help. However, she believed in Wang Zheng. When he said he wouldn't, he would definitely not do so.

Yan Xiaosu? It was clear that he did not have such an ability.

Other possibilities seemed even more remote.

Wang Zheng took a look around and waved to signal Zisu to come closer. "This is a secret. Do not tell anyone."

Ye Zisu was startled for a moment. "If it is a secret, then let's forget about it."

Wang Zheng laughed. "I am Skeleton, so Solon was willing to help me with this small matter. This is a small hobby of mine, and I wouldn't want it to affect my normal life. Other than Aina and Xiaosu, only you about this."

"Excuse me, do you know which way is the History Department?" A boy walked over with his eyes looking at Ye Zisu.

"Straight ahead, make a left turn and walk about 200 meters before making a right turn and you will see it," said Wang Zheng.

Due to the presence of Ye Zisu, people's attention had been drawn to "Street Sign Zheng", who had been neglected by everyone previously.

Wang Zheng was Skeleton?

Obviously, Ye Zisu knew who Skeleton was. Skeleton was the most famous person in the circle of CT with countless fans. His fame was second to none, even when compared with famous celebrities of his time. She knew about Wang Zheng's personality and desires and knew that he would never want such matters to affect his normal life.

Looking at the smiling face of Wang Zheng as he answered his juniors' queries, Ye Zisu felt touched again.

She did not care who he was. What mattered to her was this type of attitude and trust he had.

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