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The situation was beyond anyone's expectations. One would expect Skeleton to have an overwhelming advantage, but it was actually not the case. Skeleton had no problem controlling Slayer, demonstrating his strong ability to adapt. However...

"He's trying to grasp Solo Wind's tempo to use it to his advantage... but it's a pity that learning on the job will not be enough to defeat the opponent."

"The people from Locke's research into machines is much better, so it can't be."

"Impossible, it is only a matter of time before victory is achieved."

Everyone could see what was happening. Although the two of them had similar attack patterns, Solo Wind's attacks were more efficient, and this allowed him to seize control of the situation.

If not for the use of buildings as shields, Skeleton would likely not have been able to last till now.

Old Deer looked calmly at the situation. There was probably no one who knew Skeleton better. Skeleton's Slayer was improving bit by bit at an amazing pace. He was acclimating to the machine while also adapting to the opponent's attack patterns and tempo.

On the other side, Solo Wind's teammates were cheering for him. This was the fifth and deciding round! Although they were losing badly initially, as long as they achieved victory in the end, a win was still a win!

Solo Wind had also discovered that the opponent was not omnipotent. If he had known about it, he would not have chosen a city battle, which gave the opponent an opportunity to delay.

"Skeleton, I thought you were good at fighting. If you have the abilities, face me one-on-one!" growled Solo Wind

Wang Zheng naturally did not reply. He had not gotten used to the magnetic storm laser gun of the Slayer. If he was to face it directly, it would be difficult to determine who would emerge victorious.

"Is there a problem with his brain? Why would I fight the way he wants me to?"

"Yeah, this r**ard!"

Although everyone was grumbling like this, they really hoped that Skeleton would appear out of nowhere and beat the crap out of the opponent.

However, this was obviously not realistic. The opponent's strength was not a bluff. There weren't any flaws from his movement to his attacks and he was good at controlling the distance between them. Knowing that Skeleton had lots of tricks up his sleeve in close combat, he did not give him any chances.

Either continue to flee or face me one-on-one.

"The people from Locke really do have some skills. This type of attack would really make anyone feel helpless."

"Why not just switch on the energy shield and beat the crap out of the opponent?"

"Hehe, considering Solo Wind's strength, if he got countered, he would not be able to come out on top."

This applied to both parties, and all this would now depend on who would be able to strike first. Skeleton was able to keep up with the tempo of operating the machine now. However, he still lacked some understanding of the machine, and this would give Solo Wind the advantage.

Honestly speaking, if not for the pressure caused by the previous two matches, Solo Wind might have had the chance to knock out his opponent. However, he was being overly cautious and was willing to give up some minor opportunities in order to pursue a stable and safe strategy.

There was another exchange of blows, but no one had switched on their energy shield. They had achieved their most agile state. This was obviously a show of confidence. Both parties were having a battle of the minds. Whoever switched on their energy shield first would have admitted that they were no match for the other party. This would cause them to be unlikely be able to overwhelm the other in the subsequent attacks.

Solo Wind was not panicking. He was excited like a hunter with eyes on his prey, waiting patiently for an opportunity.

Slayer did not depend on speed but accuracy. One chance was enough to defeat the opponent.

"Not good..."

The audience had an overview of the entire field. The map of a city battle had its ends. As long as one could control their attacks, they would be able to force the other party to a dead end.

Currently, Skeleton was being forced into a dead end by Solo Wind.

Numerous viewers were waiting for this moment and were feeling a little nervous. Having witnessed a wild opening, would it just end like this?

Wang Zheng could not have a direct confrontation. His ability to adapt was considered to be extremely strong. However, his understanding of the Slayer was slightly weaker than that of his opponent. Given normal circumstances, the chances of winning were at most 50%. Therefore, he would have to wait for a good opportunity. At the same time, he wanted to verify if what Chen Xiu said was right.

Death valley.

The last area of the map had a little breathing space. There was no option other than to fight now.

It was three seconds to the final battle between the two Slayers.

Three... Two... One...

In an instant, the two Slayers appeared in the same space. Magnetic storm laser beams were fired! Both parties had to execute stunning moves, changing their positions and avoiding the attacks of the other party.

The audience could see that the two machines were constantly moving at extreme speeds. This was the result of everyday training. Solo Wind's leg muscles were stronger than those of most people as a result of constant training. But how could the be opponent able to execute such consistent attacks?

As both parties were moving closer and closer to each other, dodging had become more dangerous. Who would choose to switch on the energy shield first?

Fifteen meters apart, the two Slayers had just completed their actions and had taken aim at one another at almost the same time.

With similar abilities, this distance was one where no actions would allow either party to be able to dodge. After all, this was the unique point of the Slayer, and it was to counter the highly mobile machines

With magnetic storm laser beams aimed at each other, no one had the nerve to fire first.

It was as though all breathing had stopped.

Solo Wind knew clearly that this was the best condition for him after being stimulated by the opponent into a mysterious state of extreme focus.

Finally, energy was gathering on Solo Wind's magnetic laser beam gun. At this moment, Skeleton had no choice but to switch on his energy shield as he was a step slower.


Boom boom boom...

Slayer hit the energy shield fiercely, shattering it.

Once locked in by Slayer's consecutive attacks, it would be hard to hide. Wang Zheng tried his best to dodge. Energy was gathering on the magnetic storm laser gun, but there was no immediate retaliation.

The energy of the energy shield was depleting rapidly. After five shots, the energy remaining was less than five percent. One shot at the minimum and two shot at the maximum before death was inevitable.

This was at the stage of despair. Solo Wind still had an energy shield full with energy

At this moment, Solo Wind felt like something was wrong. His consecutive attacks resulted in the need for magnetic storm laser gun to reload. Although the time required was extremely short, the opponent was also a Slayer!

Without delay, he switched on the energy shield. He was very sure that as long as he could stop a round of attacks from the opponent, he would be able to achieve victory. This was an advantage! He could do whatever the other party could do. There was no way the opponent could break through his energy shield. This was his understanding about the machine!

At this instant, Skeleton's energy disappeared as the last five percent of energy were switched off. Skeleton's Slayer suddenly rushed forward towards the energy shield of Solo Wind.


Another round of stunning skills and shots!

The third set of moves were followed by a forward movement and a shot.

It was obvious that the frequency of fire and the reload of the magnetic storm laser gun needed to be faster. Solo Wind felt the fierce impact on his machine, but it was no big deal. Even if he had to take an increased number of shots, his energy shield still had an advantage.

As the opponent approached, he would control the mech and retreat backwards. All it would take was at most two more rounds before the opponent's magnetic laser gun would enter the same state where there would be a temporary reload period.

That would be the best time for a counter-attack! The energy shield was still left with 30%


The fourth shot!

Everyone let out a sigh of lament. Skeleton had too many perspectives to consider, but how could he have made such a mistake? Everyone knew that mid range combat could deliver the largest damage. With the accuracy of Skeleton, it would be achievable. Solo Wind was able to do it some moments ago, which was the reason why Skeleton's Slayer was left with a thin layer of energy shield.

And this...

The last shot...

Skeleton's Slayer was maneuvered strongly and it moved forward suddenly, followed by a somersault, with magnetic storm laser beams flashing in every direction.


Solo Wind felt a huge amount of energy approaching him and then his machine was blasted away.


Solo Wind's Slayer was smashed onto the wall. However, the energy shield still had approximately ten percent left!

"Go and die!" Solo Wind growled while trying to control the machine.

Everyone felt despair. At this moment, Skeleton's magnetic laser was charging at a noticeably slower rate just like the previous Slayer.

The differences between a team battle and an individual battle were with the details. This was because no one could share the load.

This was all about understanding!

Old Deer clenched his fist tightly. You brat, when it was time to lose, he didn't. This was not the right time for him to lose!

However, Yao Ailun stared intensely. "It cannot be, it cannot be, it cannot be true. Oh, God, this is the... magnetic shock effect!"

Solo Wind... was frozen in an instant as he lost control of the mech...

A full second had passed. The opposite Slayer was in no hurry and took direct aim at him.

Boom... Boom... Boom...

Three consecutive normal direct attacks.

The energy shield shattered like the petals of a flower. A sea of light appeared in front of Solo Wind.

Victory for Skeleton!

The whole crowd went silent. No one knew what had happened. Defeat was clear and imminent. Did Solo Wind intentionally take it easy???

"Solo, what are you doing? Why didn't you just kill him?" Zha Rang growled.

Just when they saw the faint light of success, they were met with destruction.

"What's the situation? Were you bribed and purposely lost at the most crucial moment?!"

Not to mention others, even Solo Wind's teammates were enraged. How could he stand there and not move when he could clearly fire?

Solo Wind was dumbfounded. "Magnetic shock effect, what luck..."

He obviously did not hear what his teammates were talking about. This was clearly a blow to him.

"That was so cruel~~~~~~~~"

From the broadcast room, Solo Wind's uncontrollable screams were spreading out.

On Earth, Chen Xiu bounced up immediately. "HAHAHAHAHA, my conjectures turned out to be true! Magnetic shock effect! Muahaha."

Old Deer took a glance at Yao Ailun, who was at his side. Frankly speaking, he had always felt that the reason why this young brat was able to sit here were because of the Skeleton Corps, because this was just a marketing strategy of Solon.

However, he had just said a word that even he could not understand.

"Viewers, let me provide a rough explanation of what happened. We have the slow motion playback now. Did you see it? The first, second, and third shots were from three different directions at different angles. This was not aligned with the theory of concentrated energy. You are right that the main focus is not the laser beams but the magnetic fluctuation effect of the magnetic storm laser gun. In physics, there's a physical reaction known as the magnetic shock effect. Although the mech had its anti-magnetic defenses up, it was only effective against a constant magnetic field. For a magnetic field that was created on the machine in an instant, it would cause a temporary malfunctioning of the machine!"

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