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"According to what you said, wasn't the Slayer invincible?" said Old Deer.

"Hehe. Old Deer, you are a professional too. Why would you ask such an amateur question? Look at the numerous and complicated manual of the Slayer. The initial designer did have this idea, but it was just not achievable by anyone!"Yao Ailun said

This required the attacker to have a deep understanding of the theory of magnetic fields. As this was dynamic and ever-changing, one would have to depend on his monitoring device and make adjustments to his position. As it was not fixed, one would not be able to train for it.

"How... did you know?"

"Your brother is from the physics department of the Ares Academy and is a student of Professor Xiao Fei!"

Yao Ailun said with arrogance and his eyes lit up with excitement.

From the freeze frame of the slow motion video, one could see with his naked eye that when this fifth shot was fired, it was not the collision of the laser with the energy shield but the magnetic resonance effect that struck the Slayer.

Solo Wind and others were dumbfounded. What the hell!? Even the people from the Arbiter Republic would not have been able to achieve this.

How strong was this guy's spatial perception, computing ability, and reaction time to allow him to perform such a feat?

The audience was dumbfounded. It was clear that most people would have known about Xiao Fei by now after the numerous news of the prideful scientist from Earth on the media channels. She was a female scientist that had both beauty and wisdom!

Wang Zheng was ecstatic! He had long wanted to try it, and it was beyond his expectations that he had succeeded in it!

It wasn't until the last of the three battles today that Wang Zheng was able to gain something out of it. He had been thinking much about how to put the magnetic resonance effect into practice since the very beginning. This could be considered an occupational disease, and Wang Zheng could not resist the temptation of it. After all, he had been under the influence of Old Merchant over the past decade, so it had become part of Wang Zheng's subconscious psyche.

The whole stadium was still filled with loud chattering. It would seem that Yao Ailun's explanation was too theoretical, especially with the use of some technical terms.

The number of live viewers had exceeded 24 million quietly. Among which were over five hundred thousand people from Locke.

The analytic video of the super show appeared in the first instant.

From the video, as the shot was fired, a magnetic afterimage was left behind from the collision of the magnetic storm and the energy shield. Three circles, together with the final two overlapping circle, caused the magnetic resonance. Numerous red lines were used to explain the magnetic shock. It was a lesson on popular science! At that instant, it was obvious that the systems on Solo Wind's Slayer had malfunctioned.

"As one of the disciples of Professor Xiao Fei, I would like to say that if Skeleton was willing to join the physics department, he would definitely be able to achieve something great!' said Chen Xiu ecstatically. 

In the last scene, the flag of the Skeleton Corps occupied the entire skyline.

At this moment, it had not only occupied the screen but also the hearts of countless viewers.

Every match was legendary. This was the rhythm of their god.

Ye Zisu blinked her big eyes and pondered. As a mecha designer, it was necessary to not only have a professional team but also a professional mech operator to be able to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the mech.

The designer of the current model of Slayer was the famous designer Rondo. The Slayer had the initial potential to be a super mech. In the eyes of an outsider, it was a successful design. However, it was a failure on Rondo as no one was able to notice the true intention of the weapon and utilise it to the best of its ability.

Looking at the papers in her hand, Ye Zi Su was filled with hope. What would be the results?

The audience had given the move used by Skeleton the name of "Five Round Wall Pinning Explosive Combo". The last scene where one would directly slam the opponent into the wall was truly shocking.

The professional players were all doing their research on it. Everyone knew that if one could use such a move in a battle, they would be invincible. However, the difficulty level of it was too high. The recoil force of the Slayer was too strong, and this made control of it difficult. One would also have to get used to the unique aiming method. Although it looked easy, it would be extremely difficult to perform well, let alone create the magnetic shock effect.

However... the difficulty did not douse the passion of the people. In fact, it greatly aroused the buying urge of players. Whether they were successful in executing it was one matter, but the decision to use it was another matter.

In the world of CT, mechs, especially the high end mechs, were expensive. If you would like to purchase the mecha of other planets or even galaxies, the price would be even more expensive. Although this was a sales gimmick, Solon looked at the data and realised that 6 million, seventy three thousand Slayers were sold within ten minutes. When the current model was introduced, they were able to only sell over a hundred thousand mecha after expending much effort and did tons of marketing on it. Even after that, most of the users decided to give up after giving it a try for a few minutes.

At the same time, more than 3 million people had placed it on their wishlists...

Solon was dumbfounded.

He was certain that this mech would be left aside after it was bought, as it would have little practical use. The Arbiter Republic's mecha were classified as hard to control with strong performance. However, this was not important as many players of CT were more concerned about having a good time than becoming good at it.

Therefore, there were numerous Slayers who brought their teams down. They were competing on who would bring down more teams and have more fun.

This was the real meaning of the game!

The first two matches of Wang Zheng were amazing. However, the influence was limited to the Solar System. However, the performance in the last battle was on the trending board of the CT galaxy video streaming site. There was never an occasion where someone was able to utilize the Slayer to such an extent before.

"Wang Zheng, where have you been?" Zhang Shan continued to talk about the competition process excitedly. "It was too awesome! One day I will have such a performance on the IG battle field too! A real hero is one who dares to show off!

Despite having worked part time in the OMG mecha production and assembly base before, Wang Zheng was still in awe of the highly concentrated, efficient production and assembly process of the farming-use mech on the production belt. After the production belt process, the software was installed and hundreds of tests were run on it before it was packaged quickly into the car and delivered to different places. The whole process was seamless and continuous.

This was entirely different from the repairs and maintenance department. It was spectacular and shocking. Although they weren't military-use mecha, they still had a powerful visual impact.

"How did you feel about it?" laughed Ye Zisu. "Did you feel that this facility that was used for producing farm-used mecha was okay?"

"It was more than okay! It was amazing!" exclaimed Wang Zheng. It was obvious he had nothing to compare it with. He had no idea for what purpose Ye Zisu had asked him to come.

"Is that the truth?" Ye Zisu blinked and wished to listen to Wang Zheng's opinions.

"It's the truth. Although I have nothing to compare it to, the whole process was well organised and the employees were focused and promising!" laughed Wang Zheng.

Ye Zisu smiled. OMG had always placed the people at its core. Whether an enterprise would be able to continue doing well depended not only on the ambitions and abilities of the management and the seamless production of advanced mecha, but also every employee's work attitude and passion.

"I consider you someone who knows what to say. You have passed."

"Only a pass? Hmm, what if I had said bad things about it?"

"Do you see that forklift over there? I would have shoved you out of the door."

"Do you have to be so mean..."

Ye Zisu brought Wang Zheng to a titanium door. A series of stringent checks were conducted by the system to identify Ye Zisu's identity through retina scanning, DNA... and eventually the activity test before the titanium door was opened.

Wang Zheng was a little surprised. For most areas, Ye Zisu would be able to enter by using an access card. The level of security here was no less than that of a military restricted area. In fact, it was beyond that level.

"OMG's core development base? Is it alright if I enter?" Wang Zheng saw the sign at the door and had no idea why would Ye Zisu bring him here.

"Be careful! Everything inside here was classified as a secret. I will have to silence you if you say anything about this."

"Hehe, Ye Zisu is a kind and beautiful person who would never commit such a ruthless act…"

"You clearly know how to bootlick! I have been researching a new mech and this is also the main direction OMG will be heading towards in the future."

"...This is what you have been researching?" Wang Zheng was surprised.

Ye Zisu gave him a stare. "What do you think ive been doing cooped up here? Although I'm not as talented as a certain princess, I have been interested in mecha design ever since I was young. Do you think that I was shopping the whole day during my secondary school days? Life was life, but goals were goals!"

Wang Zheng scratched his head. "This looks pretty amazing, you must let me take a look at what you've been up to!"

"The intention of my father was to start from the lower end mecha and slowly move up the value chain. However, I felt that the lower end military-use mecha market has been monopolized and that OMG won't even have a chance. If we're going to do it, we must use the higher end mecha to open the market and let others witness the strength of OMG's technical abilities. After that, we can move down the value chain.

Wang Zheng could understand Ye Zisu's way of thinking. The high end mecha need not be sold. The main purpose was for showcase and promotion. This would make the introduction of the lower end mecha relatively easier. However, the problem was whether or not OMG possessed such technical ability.

As they spoke, Ye Zisu brought Wang Zheng to an ordinary-looking mech that was on the smaller side.

"This is the Wind God Prototype. Do you have anything to say about it?" Ye Zisu smiled. "Obviously, we will be working on its appearance next, but we won't be tampering with the style."

Wang Zheng scanned through the mech from up to down. "I have not tested its performance, so I can't make a comment on it. However, from the appearance, it doesn't look mainstream. A smaller frame would suggest that it belongs to the light scout model. However, I noticed that the weapon slot did not have a laser sword, or a long range sniper, nor a heavy sniper gun. It couldn't be that you are trying to create the same type of mech as the the Slayer, right?"

Ye Zisu smiled and said, "You have a little bit of vision. There would be no purpose in replicating someone else's mech. What kind of abilities did you think a super mech should possess?"

"Looks like I'm here to give my opinion today!" Wang Zheng laughed. However, seeing that Ye Zisu had asked him seriously, he carefully pondered and answered, "If the purpose of the Wind God Prototype was to enter the high end market, then the most important ability would be….. instantaneous burst displacement!"

"Keke, Zisu, why were you looking at me like that? Clearly, other components are also important on top of what I suggested."

Ye Zisu shook her head and sighed. "Sometimes I just have to give it to you. I have spent so many years on my mech design and yet you were able to say it out so casually".

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said, "I was just saying it casually too!"

"You were completely correct. In this day and age, firepower, energy shields, and other things are not the most important functions for a high-end mech. With instantaneous burst displacement, one could turn the tables of the battle around. In fact, Aslan, the Arbiter Republic, and other strong countries are moving towards this direction. The reason is because of the dominant position of the Atlantis Mech. Their instantaneous displacement basically placed them in a position where they cannot be defeated!"

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