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Solon was calm and composed. No matter what the opponent's plans were, they should have been ruined. In fact, they probably felt like committing suicide now.

"Boss, they are still conducting research," said the staff with a smile on his face.

"Prepare to send out the video analysis," said Solon as he nodded his head. At this moment, he seemed both powerful and imposing.

Slow motion videos could allow one to see the action, while the analysis videos broke down the moves from a technical perspective. 

Two matches and four highlights. The Jungle Scamper had blown away Zha Rang's Jungle Scamper in just one encounter. The arced gun and the homing gun were simply model education materials for the use of the electric javelin. Honestly speaking, even the Immortal Barbarians wouldn't be able to do this. This complete and unreasonable dominance over the opponent was achieved through pure technique.

To defeat IQ Suppression at just the right time was the truly exquisite calculation on Skeleton's side. From the timer shown on the analytic video, if he was just late by the slightest bit, IQ Suppression would have completed recharging his energy shield and would have rendered this javelin shot completely useless. The whole process was completed in one fell swoop. 

The explosion at the energy supply station was especially visually shocking!

Although it was just the showing of the analytic video, the cheering was unabated. Whenever the Jungle Scamper's javelin was thrown out, there would be instant cheering throughout the audience. This was a technique that made the opponent feel despair while making supporters go into a frenzy. Of which, such a shocking and despairing feeling was especially strong for the "instant critical hit".

If this was considered crazy, the second round was even crazier. This was because the level of passion could no longer be described with words.

A counterattack in desperate times against all odds! One should note that this wasn't just an individual battle, but one where there was a need to drive your teammate.

To be able to operate the Hammerstone Gravitational System continuously could only be described as amazing.

Zha Rang would most probably be speechless. Prince did not even make the individual ranking list on major CT areas and yet he was beaten badly by him two consecutive times.

If one considered the drivers for the comeback to be having a broad view on the situation and accurate commanding, then that awesome block could be attributed to extreme control of the mech.

Multi-dimensional analyses had analyzed the angle and force of the Overlord and the necessary things required for being able to take such a force.

Chen Xiu had used the most standard space mechanics theory to analyse the entire process. It was now that people realized that at that very moment, the Gold Guardian had executed a stunning move!

Although there was guidance from the Hammerstone Gravitational System, the force of the impact would be still too strong and one would not be able to take the impact. The step back by the Gold Guardian followed by the activation of the forcefield and instantaneous redirection was completed in one move. From the paused screen's angle, it was the exact moment just before the impact with the Overlord mech.

If he was just a little quicker, he would have been blown to pieces, while if he was a little slower, he would have also been blown to pieces as there wasn't enough angle to disperse the force.

It was just right and Zha Rang was the unlucky one this time.

This resulted in many little kids who wished to imitate the move to feel despair.

Come on, was the success rate even one in ten thousand tries?

How long would one need to train and practice to be able to pull it off once?

Although there was difficulty, the broad audience of CT enthusiasts couldn't resist their love for a good show.

One could only say that all moves had a counter. But who would have thought of it? Who could have done it? It was likely that even the designers of the Overlord mech couldn't have thought that their cannon could be countered in such a way.

Zha Rang and his group were also looking at the analytic video in a daze. At their level, they were certain that this wasn't a problem with the probability, but with the feeling. Many times, many perfect moves were responses to a situation. To get inspiration occasionally was possible, but to be able to do so consciously was extremely difficult. Even if Skeleton was to try it again, he might not be able to replicate it.

But the fact was that they were defeated badly.

It seemed that the mission was going to fail this time as the strength of the opponent was clearly beyond their control.

"What do we do now?" IQ Suppression felt a little helpless. The problem now wasn't about winning or losing, but whether they were going to continue with the last match.

It would be even more shameful to retreat without a battle in front of such a large audience.

"Forget it, I will give my all in the final match!" said Solo Wind.

He still had some thoughts. He felt that he had lost his previous match due to a technical knock-out. He wasn't able to bring out the Slayer's full potential and was still hiding a killer move.

The others looked at one another. Since Solo Wind was willing, there was no one that would object to it.

The fifth and deciding match was starting. A 1v1 match.

Skeleton VS Solo Wind.

"This little brother from Locke has commendable courage! He actually did ask for a 1v1 match!"

"Yeah, he seems to have mistaken one thing. The scariest thing about Skeleton is not a team battle but a solo battle!"

"Where did this he get his confidence from?"

Not to mention the audience, even Solon was curious. How would he still dare to fight?

Solo Wind was not bothered by it and opened up the field for a city battle.

After which, he chose to forbid the use of the Wargod No. 1, the Jungle Scamper, and the Gold Guardian, leaving only the Hercules.

….. Using the Hercules in a city battle was clearly not possible, not even when one had great abilities. Even though Skeleton's revolving shovel was strong, one would just needed to use the laser gun and engage him from range.

Even though he was facing numerous insults, Solo Wind was calm. This was allowed in the rules. One player could choose to forbid the use of three mecha and the other could also forbid the opponent from using three mecha. One would need to use his intelligence in a battle, and it was a competition of the depth of one's intelligence.

As the time passed, Skeleton did not forbid the opponent from using any mecha.

It was then that everyone noticed that Skeleton had never forbidden his opponents from using any mech. It was as though he was not afraid of anything.

What a joke! Wang Zheng couldn't wait to showcase all his techniques.

Solo Wind chose the Slayer Type 3 without any hesitation. This was what he was best at. However, it was because of this that he suddenly felt that something wasn't right as he did not have anything to fall back on. Could it be?

When Skeleton's choice fell on the Slayer Type 3, everyone let out sounds of cheers.

Slayer against Slayer!

Zha Rang and the rest looked at one another, not knowing what to do. Was there really such a person in this world?

He could choose close combat, support, and could still use such a strong attacking style mech?

Solon's men were already familiar with the routine and added the announcement in the first instant.

Do you want to witness Skeleton's massacre of the opponent? The countdown of two minutes starts now!

Slayer was the main mech for the Arbiter Republic and it used high frequency and powerful laser shots paired with a high mobility to fight. This type of mech wasn't for sniping but was a multi terrain mech specializing in the mid to close range combat.

Combining violent attacks and speed into one mech, he would still have to be careful of the ambush of other close combat mechs. Once the opponent got too close, its strength would not be able to be fully utilized. After all, this wasn't a close combat mech, and controlling the distance was of utmost importance. Basically, as long as one could control the distance between opponents well, one would be victorious.

The people of Arbiter preferred simple and violent ways of fighting to flashy and unpractical fighting styles. In their design of the mech, they had incorporated these concepts to directly exterminating the opponent.

This wasn't about the victory. Everyone was more interested in seeing how well Skeleton utilized the abilities of this type of mech.

The match began

Two Slayers appeared in the middle of the city. Solo Wind was already moving ahead, while Skeleton was still remaining quiet.

As the the Slayer started moving around slowly, a sudden burst of movement was made. Wang Zheng couldn't help but sigh. "Good Stuff!"

This type of mech required one to possess strong control, as it possessed strong burst capabilities. There was emphasis on improving performance in this aspect. The speed in short distance movement was beneficial for chasing and getting out of a war zone. It could be said that this mech in the hands of a capable pilot would be considered a massacre machine.

For the laser gun, it was the more unique Magnetic Storm Laser Gun. The destructive force and frequencies of fire were strengthened, but the area of effect was relatively smaller. There was a high requirement for high accuracy, which was similar to the unique points of a sniper. But at such a distance, it would seem to be nondescript. However, it was also because of this that it gave many excellent pilots the room to perform. It could be said that this type of mech required more from the pilot than other ordinary mechs.

The main features of this mech (especially so for the high frequency magnetic storm laser gun), were briefly mentioned by Chen Xiu.

Consecutive lunges forward and the random shots of the laser gun were signs that Skeleton was getting acclimated to the tempo of the mech, and such a sight was no longer something new to the audience.

If he could adapt to the Hercules, this type of mech would definitely not be a problem. The only difficulty would be if he was able to exert the full capabilities of the mech.

This type of mech was considered to be rather multi-terrain and would require some time before anyone could get used to it.

As the distance between the two were getting smaller, the radar showed that the success of city battle lay on exploiting the use of buildings to maximize advantages. This would be dependent on their reactions and there was no doubt that this was the best place for the Slayer to perform.

The two of them jumped from the back of the building instantly. With a distance of just 20 meters, lasers were fired instantly with their sounds echoing throughout as they moved to the opposite sides of the building at the same time.

It was apparent that they were trying to find out and understand their opponent's distance and reaction speed.

Solo Wind wanted to control the tempo of the battle and made his way out once again. He went for Skeleton's Slayer directly. After another round of intense shooting, Skeleton's Slayer moved to hide behind the back of the building.

Solo Wind had grasped this point keenly and applied non-stop pressure on Skeleton. This resulted in a situation where one party was constantly trying to attack while the other party had to constantly run and hide.

Solo Wind had an overwhelming advantage in the understanding of the Slayer. This was due to his higher accuracy. It was hard to determine if anyone had an advantage in the mobility of the mecha. However, it was clear that Solo Wind had higher accuracy in the use of the magnetic storm laser gun. This resulted in higher stress on Skeleton, who had no choice but to make use of the building to hide and dodge.

The hardest part about this mech was the magnetic storm laser gun that had been specially made for the Slayer. One had to adjust to the movement of the mech while compensating for the recoil of the gun.

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