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 In the CT circle, only the matches between the high ranking players would be considered exciting. As for low ranked battles, there would occasionally be hype, but that was due to the opponent being too weak thus resulting in opportunities for stellar performances. Once it reached the expert level, even if one was defeated, there was no opportunity for one to show off their skill.

 Unless, of course, it was inevitable.

 IQ was obviously prepared to suppress Skeleton from long range and hang on till the end of the match. Although he was so close to victory, the opponent had managed to use him to show off their own abilities.

 Even though this javelin did not require the technical subtlety that defeated Zha Rang, the visual effect of it was really too stunning.

 Everyone originally thought that this match would be dragged into a slow brawl to the finish, especially when IQ Suppression had reached the energy resupply station. However, just as he saw a glimmer of hope, he was ruthlessly crushed.

The Devil King, Skeleton, had crushed him!

 Prince and Hammer looked at each other. They knew the outcome, but even professional players would not have thought that the outcome would be like this.

 "Old Deer, don't you feel particularly sad seeing this scene?" Unlike the Goddess Bubbly, Yao Ailun was not as amiable.

 Old Deer laughed faintly. "Hehe, the kids of Locke have clearly underestimated the strength of Skeleton. It's a bit of a pity that we have lost to a score of one to two in this exchange match. Skeleton should have appeared earlier."

Yao Ailun was startled for a moment. This idiot was indeed a rival, always able to find all sorts of high-sounding reasons.

"Really, you think that the kids of Locke will let it go at this point?"

 Student Ailun laughed craftily, the little eyes behind his spectacles shining with wisdom.

 "...They wouldn't be that stupid, right?" Old Deer was in a daze.

 Zha Rang and the rest were also in the middle of an endless argument. Even though they had won the game, they had failed the mission, especially with how they were being suppressed instead. That was intolerable.

 "IQ, what the hell were you doing, being hit even while you were in the energy supply station!?"

 "God damn it, how was I supposed to know that he had not given up? I only let my guard down for that tiny little bit!"

 IQ had to suffer in silence. He really did relax for the brief moment he got in touch with the supply station, but that was how all normal people would have reacted. Who knew that that freak still had not given up and would even manage to hit accurately?

 That was absolutely at the limit of the Lightning Javelin's effective range.

 "Zha Rang, what were you doing? How could you straight up be dispatched by Skeleton the moment you went up?" Piglet also could not help but to grumble at the leader. If Zha Rang had not been killed right after he went up, they would not have been forced into such a passive position.

 Zha Rang had nothing to say. It was a fact that the opponent had a stronger understanding of the Jungle Scamper than him, especially the part where he could even fire from the back. This was very rare even on Locke's Star.

 "Stop blaming our leader, that person cannot be judged using the standards of Earth. Such precise pre-judgment, coupled with the ability to use the rear-end gun, he would likewise be regarded as one of the few experts if placed on Locke," Solo Wind said. Solo Wind's strength in fighting duels was unparalleled, and this was understood by the individuals here. If he said that a mistake was made, it was the case that everyone had also made a mistake.

"So are we or are we not going to fight? Don't tell me that we are going to go back dejectedly?" Piglet said. This was not an issue about the money, as failing the mission meant that their credibility would also be affected.

 Especially for those who were defeated in the Earth region, others would not know the actual situation and would only look down on them even more. How would it be possible for them to continue to receive high-end missions in the future?

 "Heck, we cannot just let this go. Solo Wind, I will be your support, we will challenge them 2 v 2!"

 Zha Rang said. Solo Wind had the most comprehensive strength in fighting duels, while Zha Rang was the best at judging the overall situation and battlefield control. This was also why he was the leader. Of course, his strength in fighting duels was also not weak; however, over at Locke's side, he was the number 1 ranked support player.

 Once supported by him, even a pig would become a godly pig!

 "Hehe, Boss is really playing for real now, hell yeah!"

 Zha Rang rarely chose to support, as the key thing was that there were rarely people who were qualified enough for him to be their support. It was evident that Zha Rang was really furious this time around.

"Crap, Boss, this guy is too fanciful. What a waste that he does not perform acrobatics." Luo Fei laughed while he ate.

 A trace of grim laughter appeared at the corner of Lear's mouth. Initially, according to his assessment, if it was a victory, it would be a miserable victory. But who knew that he would be able to show off in this way? It was evident that his strength had gone up one notch from the previous time. The speed of improvement of this guy was way too fast.

 He had done so much work only to realise that he was helping his opponent instead.

 To be honest, with Lear's current status, it was not worthwhile for him to spend so much effort on such a person. As for that previous match, Lear had already gotten over it. Let's not talk about CT, even losing in the real world would not matter. The important thing was not about winning or losing but rather if the goal could be achieved.

 But from time to time, Lear kept wanting to do something else. Perhaps it was to adjust his mood. Yet at this time, it seemed he was unable to do so.

"Boss, this guy is pretty good at rotating things; it resembles your strength a little. But he is merely playing with it in the virtual world." Luo Fei did not forget to boot-lick.

 It also could not really count as boot-licking, as Lear's strength was unfathomable. One did not know how far he was willing to go. He was always thinking about more far-reaching interests and goals.

 The Spiral Art. It was the household secret kept within the Cronos family. It was a move that derived from Gongfa, hence it was the very reason why the Cronos family was able to stand invincible.

 This was not just some flowery move with fancy footwork, this was passed down from an era that went against the natural order.

 Those wrists and fingers strength techniques were easy to execute when one cultivated the Spiral Art.

Just like what Student Ailun said, which was actually also what was on everyone's minds, the people of Locke had indeed issued a demand for another battle, wanting to change it to three wins in five rounds, to give the people on Earth a chance to be sincerely convinced of their defeat.

 Xiao Ya had already brought up the freshly brewed dinosaur coffee. "Boss, you truly have incredible foresight. Skeleton really came, and he is so awesome! How I wish I could meet him once. In fact, they say that you are the only one who would be able to get in touch with him."

Solon took a faint look at this woman who was full of charm. To be honest, he had not hardened his heart to fire her all this while, because it allowed him to feast his eyes on her. It also could be considered scenery. This woman usually did her work well with her best effort, but to this point, Solon knew something was not right. This was not just pure curiosity, it appeared to have other motives.

 "Yes, perhaps there will be a chance. You may leave," Solon said smilingly.

 After Xiao Ya left, Solon immediately called the human resources department using his Skylink. "Get me another secretary. As for the rest, you guys handle it!"

 As a businessman, generally speaking, amiability attracted riches. However, if anyone tries to touch his bottom line, it would be an entirely different matter.

When it came to things about the CT company, he still had the authority to speak. If they really wanted to use force, they would have to bring him down first. Regardless of what background the other party came from, it would not be so easy to touch the chairman of the Solar System region.

 Luo Fei was actually not interested in such games; however, Lear was, and thus he accompanied him. He also did not think that Lear would care much about these games. It only caused people to have high expectations of themselves and little in the way of abilities. It was not fun at all.

 Lear put down his Skylink and his expression was a little playful. For large companies, especially interstellar companies, if they wanted to take root on Earth, it was a must to go through the Cronos family. It was a behemoth which no one would be usually willing to offend, but this time around it was actually unexpected.

 Solon had actually fired someone whom he had arranged for. He had really underestimated this person, and it was a pretty bold move.

After pondering for a bit, Lear decided to ignore this matter. He would not invest anymore resources in it. After all, the Cronos family was not the first and foremost family in the Milky Way.

But if he thought about it, he had already been defeated quite a few times by this person.

After suppressing the slight discomfort, the second round of competition begun.

 At this moment, the number of VIP viewers of the CT live broadcast once again exceeded 20 million. For the previous time, there was the support of audience from the Immortal Barbarian and Norton regions. And this time around, the Locke's Star region did not have much contribution. 99% were from the Solar System region, and this was absolutely a magnificent and unprecedented event.

 And this time around, the mode of challenge was also very special, 2 v 2.

The opponent sent out Zha Rang and Solo Wind for the battle, and Zha Rang's role for the battle was as the support, while Solo Wind was the main attacker.

This mode was commonly seen in military colleges. A team of two was the smallest, most effective combination. As long as the two people cooperated, they would be able to unleash the strongest attack possible. Before this, the military also tried out numerous other team combinations, such as having two attackers and etc. However, none was as effective as this combination. It was safe, but at the same time it also guaranteed persistent destructive power.

In the later periods, there were 2-person teams, 5-person teams, and 12-person team combinations that were gradually formed. There was continuous study as to which type of combination would be able to exert the most power. Each country had its own thinking; however, in terms of 2-person teams, there was not much argument, one main attacker and one supporter was the best combination.

 "Now for the latest information, Zha Rang is the number 1 ranked support player in the Locke's Star region. Looks like he is set out to play for real. Let's see if he is fiercer at his attack or his defense."

Old Deer had already obtained first-hand information on the opponents. This was an aspect which Student Ailun was still not able to compete on.

 Now the wave was leaning all to one side, as they had already proved their ability in 1 v 1. However, there would be even less of an advantage for their opponent during a 2 v 2. They would definitely hold the upper hand in such a fight.

 Student Ailun adjusted his spectacles. "Dear viewers, it is undeniable that the people of Locke's Star underestimated their opponent a little in the previous round. This round will be the beginning of the real show! At the same time, this is also the time for them to witness our real strength!"

 "Skeleton, I will be your support!" Hammer said. He was considerably confident about this, and there were not many choices either.

Prince and the others also expressed their agreement, and they knew that this time around the opponent would definitely ban the Jungle Scamper. The enemy was arrogant during the last battle, but this time, they were out to win at all costs.

 Sometimes it was also a competition on the depth of understanding of mecha, and the people of Locke were indeed capable in this aspect.

 "What do you say, do you think they will ban the Hercules, the Wargod No. 1, and the Jungle Scamper, all of them?"

 Unaware of who said such a sentence, everyone was shocked.

 Three could be banned in one game, this…

 Up till now, Skeleton had not used any other mecha, and the number of games he played was extremely low. There might be no time for him to adapt to something new…

 Wang Zheng suddenly laughed. "Prince, let's play one game together. You will be the main attacker, while I will be your support."

 Prince was stunned. "...Me?"

 If it was any other situation, Prince would be full of confidence. Yet this time he would be the main attacker and Skeleton would be the support???

 "This, will it work?"

 "I trust you, and again, you have already defeated him once just now." Wang Zheng laughed.

 The opponent could not play anymore new tricks, but Wang Zheng did not want to miss such an opportunity for practice. The fiercer the opponent, the better it was. What's more, he felt that during IG, there were too many choices for the main attacker. Lear, Achilles, the twin Geminis of the Lie Family, and Raston, all of them were fierce individuals. No matter what, he felt that he ought to first understand the situation of the support-type mecha before deciding on what else to do.

 "This… are you sure?" Hammer was really stunned.

 This time around it was not only Hammer who was stunned, Wang Zheng's choice also stunned his numerous partners who were waiting.

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