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What he did not know was that at this moment, Prince had already used all his effort to follow Skeleton into battle. Even if he had to take a few hits, he still wanted to be the one destroying Zha Rang.

Prince came to fame because of his One-Two Combo. He flew straight for Zha Rang's head.

In the previous round, that was what Zha Rang did to him.

"I'm here to finish the fight. Die!"

If Zha Rang was not injured, Prince had no chance, but at this moment...

Zha Rang's Jungle Scamper reacted quickly and attempted to hide. Even though it was not a fatal hit, that move of his had affected his mech with its electromagnetic disturbance. What rubbish. This One-Two Combo could have been dealt with with a single kick if he was fine, but now… he could only watch on blankly.

Hong.... Prince did not hold back and launched a direct kick to the head of Zha Rang's Jungle Scamper, destroying him.

Of course, because of his over excitement, he got hit by a few shots in retaliation and his energy shield dipped dangerously low. But at this point, Hammer had arrived. He was the best support player in the Earth region!

Hammer's slogan was: Fire away at me!

At the same time, Ice Wall and MATA had been killed. While the overall battle situation was still not looking good for the Solar System Team, everyone's confidence levels had risen to new levels. So what if some people had died?

The other members of the Locke's Star team were also shocked. Their team leader had actually gotten killed within seconds of appearing. This was like a dream.

Old Deer could not hold back a lament. It was really too scary. The Jungle Scamper piloted by Skeleton, compared to the last time, appeared to belong to two different levels. If one wanted to fight against Skeleton, one really should not let him use such a mech.

Killing Zha Rang did not affect Wang Zheng much. Opposite him, Solo Wind charged towards Hammer and Prince. He alone was enough to handle two damaged mecha. The other three were already surrounding Wang Zheng.

Piglet, IQ Suppression, and Helpless Thousand Army maintained a triangular formation. Zha Rang's death had infuriated them, but they could still maintain proper formation at the moment of battle. Such battle habits could only be achieved through tough training.

"Thousand Army, restrict his movements, don't let him use his Lightning Javelin easily!" IQ Suppression said.

The three of them were not anxious to attack. They spread themselves out to decrease the amount of space for Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper.

The Lightning Javelin needed a little time to gather enough energy for continuous use. For high level players, this was a weakness. It was also an opportunity for them to deal a fatal blow. The moment Skeleton dared to use his Lightning Javelin, at this distance, he would definitely suffer a fierce beating from the three of them during the reload.

On the other side, Solo Wind had already killed Prince and Hammer. This guy was just showing off his ability. Prince and Hammer's energy shields were already useless. Even though they hit Solo Wind, they could only weaken his energy shield.

Prince and Hammer were helpless. They had tried their best. They wanted to fight for a little while longer, but they could not. This guy's ability to pilot was like a blast of wind, it was furious and exceptionally strong, to the point that they felt like vomiting blood at their own inability!

Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper swapped to beast mode to increase the distance quickly. This was the advantage of the beast mode, it could move very well. Swiftly, he shot his Lightning Javelin out again.

Hong.... (Sounds of explosion)

"Sh*t, Thousand Army, are you stupid? Don't block!" IQ Suppression said furiously. They gave chase to the best of their abilities. Even if it was the Scout, its speed could not compare to the beast mode of the Jungle Scamper. In the end, Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper managed to draw away from them.

Thousand Army gritted his teeth helplessly. He tried to avoid the javelin, but he had almost gotten hit.

As soon as his opponents relaxed a little, Wang Zheng immediately shot another Lightning Javelin at them. In this mountainous environment, the Jungle Scamper moved as though it was on flat ground.

Zha Rang shouted anxiously, but to no avail. He had already died. A dead person's words could not be heard by his teammates.

Solo Wind moved stealthily and prepared to attack from the back. Suddenly, the Jungle Scamper jumped backwards, flipped, and switched to the half-beast mode. Solo Wind got a shock and his first reaction was not to attack but to dodge; however....

Hong.... (Sounds of explosion)

Sparks flew everywhere!

Solo Wind removed his touch sensor and could not resist swearing. Sh*t! He should not have tried to dodge the move, he should have rushed forward.

By attempting to dodge, he had increased the distance between them. He not only became a moving target board, but at the same time, he allowed the opponent's Lightning Javelin to unleash all its power as it reached its optimal range.

On the other hand, after killing Solo Wind in one strike, the Jungle Scamper moved like a spirit and looked for its next target. It was not affected at all by its kill.

Thousand Army and the other two were helpless. They could neither hit him nor catch up to him.

"Blast him! I don't believe that he will dare to handle the fire power from all three of us!"

Just as IQ Suppression was ready to use the laser gun, Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper suddenly rushed towards the three of them like a hurricane.

"Haha, he's taking the bait. Brothers, let's kill him!"

IQ Suppression roared. The three of them turned their beam sabers towards the Jungle Scamper and rushed towards it. At this moment, it was too late even if he wanted to escape.

This was IQ Suppression's pride!

Zha Rang and Solo Wind let out approving shouts. This strategy of letting the Jungle Scamper loose in order to capture him was executed too beautifully!

People who focused on the details would be more likely to fall for such ploys.

However, Skeleton's Jungle Scamper had no intention of retreating. A pair of Lightning Javelins appeared in his two hands. The javelins were fully charged. At this moment, his three opponents were already approaching him.

But… the Jungle Scamper looked as though it was holding two guns in its hands…..

The two Lightning Javelins started to spin, carrying explosive electric energy. Maybe it was the spinning that made them look especially scary.

Wang Zheng did not need the energy reserves of the energy shield. He poured all of the mech's energy reserves into the Lightning Javelins. A good mech was different, it had a higher energy reserve.

If Old Deer was not an Earthling, he would have definitely screamed, "Brothers, run!"

Helpless Thousand Army and Piglet were at the forefront, while IQ Suppression lagged behind a little to preserve energy. As long as Helpless Thousand Army and Piglet could restrict the opponent, he could use the opportunity to kill his opponent, regardless if he had an energy shield or not.

Helpless Thousand Army rushed towards the Jungle Scamper. They closed in, one from the left and one from the right. The half-beast mode was rubbish in close-ranged fights.

You idiot, you thought that using two spinning toothpicks was enough to scare people?

Hong.... (Sounds of explosion)

The Jungle Scamper moved only when the two mecha had reached him.

When he was not moving, he seemed like an indomitable mountain. When he moved, it was like a bolt of lightning!

In an instant, two Lightning Javelins shot out.

The whole place was quiet.

IQ Suppression had a huge shock from the sight and froze halfway.

Having more people was not suppression!

Being fancy was not suppression either!

One move!

The pair of Lightning Javelins broke through the defensive energy shields and pierced the mecha. The beam sabers of the two people were just a few centimeters from the Jungle Scamper's head - they just needed to move down a little bit more and he would have died.

It was a pity that they would never have that chance.

Even though both of their energy shields were incomplete, the Lightning Javelin was a long ranged weapon, so it was mediocre in close-ranged attacks. But they had forgotten about the physical and electromagnetic damage brought about via the violent rotational force applied to the javelin.

Yao Ailun could only grind his teeth to suppress his excitement. He was the commentator, but it was not time to scream yet. Skeleton possessed such impressive finger strength and control, and he was so calm.


Among the fierce sparks, a Jungle Scamper in beast mode emerged and rushed towards IQ Suppression like a predatory beast.

Almost without hesitation, IQ Suppression's Fanged Scout retreated quickly.

Wang Zheng's movements just now had consumed a certain amount of energy. He could not catch up to him by just chasing. He switched to the half-beast mode again and took out the Lightning Javelin.

IQ Suppression felt an eerie coldness at his neck and his hair stood. Oh no!

His energy shield fully activated and he had the idea to turn his mech to the side to avoid the blow.

Yet suddenly, unknowingly but instinctively, he stopped the Fang Scout and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

...He had no intention of dodging.


The Lightning Javelin hit accurately, but because of the lack of distance, and that he had blocked the move decisively, the energy shield actually held on and was not destroyed.

This definitely was the smartest decision IQ Suppression had made in this battle.

At this moment, some of the high level players had already discovered some clues as to what had actually happened. The instant that the Lightning Javelin was thrown out was actually slow and almost exaggerated. The initial movement was just a feint. The opponent, upon seeing the Jungle Scamper attacking, would try to dodge the javelin at the first instant. If so, he had fallen for the ploy, allowing them to get hit as Skeleton readjusted the aim of the shot!

This feint had just seemed too realistic!

Almost all of the users of the Jungle Scamper had made a mistake. They wanted to throw the Lightning Javelin as fast as possible. This was actually wrong. The speed of the throw was not important. What was important was the accuracy of the throw!

Using the momentum gained from blocking the move, IQ Suppression desperately rushed for high ground. He wanted to replenish his energy reserves. This was one of the biggest advantages of such a map.

Locke's Star citizens never admitted defeat. Even if it was a slim chance, they would grab it. This was a mark of their professionalism!

He could make it, he could still make it!

Both sides were competing in speed. All of the viewers were holding their breath. They could not let him replenish his energy reserves. If he did, this guy would shamelessly stay on the high ground and rely on the energy resupply station and bombard Skeleton without worry. This way, it was possible that he could drag the fight by half an hour to an hour. Then the battle would turn into a joke.

And this time, IQ Suppression moved quickly. The key was that he managed to make a correct judgement on the strike just now.

Only five meters left!

IQ Suppression gritted his teeth and used all his strength to force himself forward. Finally, he entered the energy supply station!

Using the advantages of height and having energy supplies, he could continue to fight!

One hand of the mech had already touched the magnetic energy circle and started replenishing his reserves. The energy shield, which had fallen to 5%, immediately increased to 10% and was progressing towards 15%. IQ Suppression could not hold back his laughter. He gambled and he had won.

At this time, a loud exclamation seemed to have travelled to IQ Suppression's ears, and it was not from the mech, but from the outside. There was someone screaming...

It could only be his team mates....

As he turned his head, a flash of light bloomed in front of him.

Hong... (Sounds of explosion)


A hit, full power!

The Fanged Scout died instantly at the energy resupply station.


Locke's Star Team, destroyed!

Everyone was excited. In front of every large screen on Earth, people waved their fists and let out exuberant shouts.

Run, run, run. Even if you escape to the ends of Earth, you also have to die!

The outstanding shot just now killed the opponent directly at the energy supply station.

"Wahahaha, who told you guys to be so arrogant? You guys dared to ban the use of the Wargod No. 1 and the Hercules! Serves you right!"

"You're this weak and you dare to be arrogant on Earth? Overconfident!"

Ice Wall and MATA also felt fear. Actually, when they were part of the audience, they only felt that the fight was exciting and exquisite. They could not understand the kind of oppression the players felt. Only those in the battle could truly understand how terrifying this team of Locke's Star citizens was. Even so, they had no way of retaliating against Skeleton. Skeleton had an almost god-like understanding of his mech.

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