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"What… is this team composition? Has there been a mistake???"

Old Deer was also taken aback, but he had a sudden response. "This is definitely a form of psychological warfare. This child, Skeleton, is really cunning. He did this on purpose. This is so that the opponent would ban the more popular models of support-type mecha and reveal to him the models of mecha which they are experts in!"

A support was just another position in a team. In a battle, whether it was the support player or the attacker player, the one who ultimately called the shots was the team leader himself and not the person in a specific position.

However, the situation looked quite uncertain. Prince was chosen, and it seemed to be a deceptive move.

"Zha Rang, ignore him, this must be a smoke bomb to cause confusion!" IQ Suppression spoke.

The opponent was surely confident in himself; perhaps he was even ready to challenge two at one go, and it would not matter anymore regardless of what Prince chose.

Zha Rang and Solo Wind took a quick look at one another, and without the slightest hesitation, they banned the Wargod No. 1, the Hercules, and the Jungle Scamper.

Even Prince was also wondering if it was also a smoke bomb by Wang Zheng to cause confusion, but when they saw that Wang Zheng chose the Gold Guardian from the mecha storehouse, they were stunned.

Prince was feeling very stressed because if they lost, all the responsibilities would surely fall on him.

They were playing with fire.

"Skeleton really dares to challenge his own limits by playing a support. Let's just wait and see!"

"Old Deer, this is where you are wrong. Who says that support-type mecha don't have any attack power? Don't forget, the Hercules was merely an agricultural machine!"

Student Ailun rebuked.

"Hehe, Ailun, of course Skeleton can show off, that is not a problem. However, I am also just speaking the truth. In the case of support players, they should have the understanding and abide by the rules of support. Perhaps you can do everything, but you definitely can't be a support player!"

"Old Deer, there should be a basis for your words!"

"Hehe, he has been through quite a few competitions. In which round was he not the main attacker? This is a personality problem. Some things can be changed, but not this. If you don't believe me, see it for yourself later!" Old Deer replied confidently.

In terms of winning or losing, he still thought that the chances of winning were large. However, attacking was easy, while supporting was difficult. Skeleton was the attacking type. If you got him to be a support player, he would not be able to live up to everyone's expectations. What's more, at this level, Prince's attacking power was inadequate. He would definitely not be able to hold back for more than two minutes and before long would charge forth into a killing spree.

Not to mention, this time around there were many people who agreed with Old Deer. It didn't matter what a support player ought to do, what was more important was to win.

Yao Ailun felt that he could not continue to let the situation go on like this. Since the start of the competition, Old Deer had been constantly controlling the rhythm of the discussion right in front of the countless members of the Skeleton Corps. How could he continue to let this go on!?

"Old Deer, do you want to make a bet? I say that this round Skeleton, will not be the main attacker!"

Old Deer took a look of disdain at Yao Ailun, the child who was still a little immature. "Are you sure you want to bet with me?"

"Hehe, Deer God, one thing is for sure: I am younger than you and my body is more fit. I am only afraid that you would not dare to take up the challenge. Oh, right, don't trick everyone again by coming up with some special quality edible milk carton like the other time, that was really insincere."

One sentence from Yao Ailun shut Old Deer up. Old Deer mulled over it for a moment. First, they must win the competition, and they would definitely not be able to win by just relying on Prince's attack power. That meant that Skeleton would be the main attacker. Once he attacked, especially if he delivered the crucial blow, even if the last attack was not by him, he would not be considered a support. Either way, he would be at a advantage.

"Hehe, Student Ailun has been explaining for quite some time now. Since you are so confident, how can I disappoint the big group of viewers here? But one thing I still have to say is, if you lose later on, don't say that I am bullying the small. I do have a reputation to uphold in this industry."

Old Deer said smilingly.

"Cui Hua, bring out the milk cartons!" Yao Ailun shouted. Geez, at most it was just diarrhea. I am young, I will go all out to fight you!

One of the staff members dressed in a black shirt and sunglasses finished the milk in front of them both in just two mouthfuls and placed one carton before each of them.

"Cui Hua, it's a nice name, it reminds me of dirt!" Old Deer teased. Damn, whoever dared to mention milk cartons in front of him deserved no mercy! (TL Note: Cui Hua is a homophone for Brittle Flower. Flowers are usually found in dirt…)

"Leader Deer, my surname is Cui, and my name is Hua, the Hua of Zhong Hua, thank you."

"Alright, Cui Hua, you can wait at the side so that you can conveniently send someone straight to the sick bay."

Old Deer said smilingly.

Suddenly, all the major websites opened their markets for betting. There was a good chance for either result to happen this time. In fact, this was probably the only time where there was a high possibility of Old Deer winning, as the bet was not on winning or losing, but on one's capability.

The strength of the people of Locke was evident to everyone, and if the result of the battle was solely dependant Prince's attack power, the probability of success would be zero.

Faced with a situation of winning or losing, it might be inevitable that Skeleton would still have to attack.

A support-type mecha in itself was actually not that important.

Prince chose his War Emperor Type V. The one he liked most meant that it would be his best. "Am I really the main attacker?"

"Yes, of course. Relax, even though I did not practice before, I've watched Hammer play."

Wang Zheng laughed. The way support-type mecha operated was indeed different. The difference was very subtle, but during intense battles, it would still be observable.

As a support player, the support system was the most important, and Wang Zheng's mecha storehouse was full. Everyone's eyes were fixated on the screen, waiting to see what Skeleton would choose.

Hammerstone Gravitational System.

It had the capability to produce a certain degree of gravitation and repulsive forces and to disrupt an opponent's attack during close combat. However, the opponent's support would definitely act to counter it, and if it was unable to make use of its detailed interference functions, the whole system would be useless.

The whole system prevailed in the past for a period of time, but with the improvement of mecha anti-disruption capabilities and the situation where gravitation and repulsive forces were greatly weakened, it became be a little unsuitable for general purposes.

The current top choice for support-type mecha was a powerful shield. It could be carried and was multi-functional, so it was able to cope with complex battlefield terrains.

The choices of the Locke Star were quite worrying for the crowd: Overlord 6th Gen (Support, Arbiter Republic), Slayer Type 3 (Main Attacker, Arbiter Republic).

Locke's Star was an exporter of mecha and did not produce any themselves.

But Zha Rang and Solo Wind's choices stunned the whole audience.

This… was a mech totally designed to take out the opponent and crush them.

Everyone was too complacent, even Old Deer was taken aback. It was not about the support or main attacker anymore, but whether or not if they could still win.

The Overlord 6th Gen. It was currently the most ruthless support-type mech. It possessed a strong shield, superior attack power, and slightly poor movement, but it had a canon capability that helped make up for its shortcomings. It was also currently one of the mainstays of the Arbiter Republic. It was abnormally terrifying.

The Slayer, just like what its name suggested, was a mech that mainly used ranged weapons to slay its opponents. However, it was not for long range shooting, but rather a mech for close range shooting. With high speed and accuracy, coupled with the superior movement that it was widely known for, it could be said to be one of the most adaptable and formidable mecha from the one-on-one series. 

From the functions of the mech, one was able to see the republic's style of combat. Arbiter was currently one of the empires that was most equipped with offensive power, so even for defense-type mecha, offensive power should also not be overlooked.

No one would have thought that Zha Rang and Solo Wind could use this combination even in their dreams, but it was definitely challenging to operate this combination.

But they were people from Locke. If by any chance it was possible...

The Gold Guardian together with the War Emperor Type V... would be completely beaten. Their attack power was totally lacking… It was probable that they would be bombed by the Slayer before even getting a chance to pass through the defense of Overlord 6th Gen.

The Golden Guardian's energy shield, if compared with the Slayer's, was like dregs of crap. The unique feature of the Slayer was the high-frequency consumption energy shield.

This combination was currently a very scary one within the entire CT circle.

They were also those considered harder to operate.

Solon was also nervous and at a loss. It was a catastrophe. It was not that he did not trust Skeleton, but Prince really did not have any background for his strength. In the previous round, the opponents were putting on an act; they used mecha that they were not good at. However, this time around they were serious. The opponents were definitely stronger.

At this point, the number of VIP viewers had reached 22 million. Such an amount of enthusiasm within the solar system was unprecedented.

Putting away their contempt, Zha Rang and Solo Wind also started to get serious.

Battlefield: Locke College

But for those who saw the scene at Locke College, it explained the seriousness of the people of Locke.

When the four mech warriors appeared, the whole audience cheered, Student Ailun was also filled with passion. He could not control it any longer, he opened his arms and roared, "Let the storm come!"


Zha Rang was the first to launch an attack. Even though the Overlord was a support, the degree of violence exerted by this model was comparable to many of the tank types. This was also Arbiter's masterpiece. It possessed a high level of difficulty to operate, but with Zha Rang's abilities, he was clearly able to control it.

Just like the crowd expected, Zha Rang's Overlord mecha was very stable and extremely oppressive. One person assaulted both Prince and Skeleton from the front, while the Slayer was following closely behind the Overlord. They were just like falcons, while the opponents were like mice. Nothing had been done yet, but if the enemies started attacking, the opponents could only try to resist.

Prince was nervous, really nervous. Not to mention the opponent, just these two models of mecha instilled fear in him. There were not many people in the Solar System who would dare to use them, because while their functions were undoubtedly good, their rhythms were too hard to grasp.

This model of the Overlord mech not only had an energy shield to be used in times of emergency, it also had a titanium shield and a titanium pike. This resulted in lower agility, but the attack power was exceptionally formidable.

Prince clenched his teeth. The Golden Guardian was not an offensive support that took the first move. The War Emperor Type V hummed with a powerful force and suddenly surged upwards. Prince could not be terrified at this time.

The War Emperor's Electric Halberd attacked in a straight line. Zha Rang sneered, and the titanium pike stabbed right over him.

This meant a head-on battle was about to ensue


Prince's War Emperor was directly hit and took a step back. This…

Prince also felt a great shock reverberate through his body. D*mn! The opponent's mech was just too strong.

Zha Rang sneered. Letting him use the mech that he was best at was really their honor.

At this moment, Wang Zheng's Golden Guardian immediately released the gravitational field, Prince started the engine of the War Emperor and immediately retreated backwards. Right at this time.

Boom Boom Boom!

The bursts of fire lanced over.

He would have to give an explanation for his defeat later….

Prince was bathed in cold sweat. Things were happening too fast. There was no time for any response at all.

Zha Rang did not intend to give the opponent any chance to take a breather. He closed in with big steps. Even though his speed and agility was not high, Locke College was like an arena; its terrain was not considered complicated and was very suitable for the Overlord to perform.

It can be said that in this type of terrain, the Overlord was totally suitable to be the main attacker as well.


After saying that, Wang Zheng immediately pulled apart the distance from the War Emperor and at the same time he started to go around towards the Slayer from the side.

"Minor tricks! I will eliminate the War Emperor first." After saying that, Zha Rang's Overlord suddenly powered up and jumped loudly towards his opponent. In a flash, the engine erupted. Together with the leg design of the Overlord Mecha, it could let him deal with terrain that was not too convenient by letting him leap great distances.

Prince retreated quickly. It was not that he did not want to fight, but it was because he was completely unable to beat him, especially since he was separated from Skeleton. It was a situation of one against two.

Old Deer was a little anxious. Was Skeleton crazy? He was indeed just supporting. You idiot, what was the point of really not attacking at all?

Such childish actions. Did he really think the opponent was an idiot?

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