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Of course, the Citizens of Locke did not need Old Deer to give them any face. This was the main point of their mission.

Lear watched quietly. He knew that that person would definitely come. Some things may seem to be out of one's control, but with enough sincerity, things would magically fall into place…

This would definitely be interesting.

Everyone waited for Skeleton to choose his team mates. If it was the first two rounds of battle, Ice Wall and the team might not have listened to Skeleton. They were all high level players from various regions. It would be difficult to say who would be the one to choose their teammates. However, they had just lost so badly that they already had nothing to say.

Solar System's team: Skeleton, Prince, Hammer, MATA, Ice Wall

ROOM from Mars was replaced. This guy fought too fiercely and too arrogantly for his level of ability.

ROOM was very upset at being replaced, but he dared not say anything. After all, this was the rule set by Solon for this invitational tournament. In the CT world, you could offend anyone, but one ought to never offend Solon considering his position. However, ROOM still felt dissatisfied. Could the tables turn with just the addition of one new member?

Solar System team: Skeleton (Earth), Prince (Earth), Ice Wall (Moon), MATA (CaragalRepublic), Hammer (Earth)

Locke's Star team: Zha Rang, Piglet, Helpless Thousand Army, IQ Suppression, Solo Wind.

"Skeleton, we are fighting side by side again. We have to teach those rascals a lesson. They are too arrogant." Prince could not stop himself from speaking.

"It is my honor."

"Skeleton, how should I cooperate with Ice Wall?" MATA asked. Residents of Caragal were relatively easygoing. This was also a an important battle. So long as they could win, he was open to suggestions.

"Just fight as normal. Look for chances to exploit," Wang Zheng said.

At this moment, the big screen suddenly went dark. In the office, Solon sat with his legs propped up comfortably. He even lit up a cigar. No matter which battle it was, Solon enjoyed the battles with Skeleton as he believed in him with all his heart. This was his pride, the one thing worth celebrating in his career.

Was he superstitious?

Even if he was superstitious, so what? If Skeleton lost, they would be doomed together. It was not a big deal. This was simply life.

At this moment, the number of viewers for the live broadcast was already up to 15 million. Almost all of them were support from various regions in the Solar System. Obviously, the citizens of Locke were not interested in watching, even though they had their own people participating. However, other than Earth from the Solar System, there was a large number of viewers from Mars, the Moon, and Caragal. There were more than 5 million of them. For a non-homeground battle, this was unprecedented. Even though the total number of viewers did not break the record, it was already very impressive.

"A black screen? Are you kidding me? Are we returning to the prehistoric era?"

"What the heck, how can they have a technical failure at this time?"

Suddenly, out of the darkness a shot of flames burst out. It felt as though the silence was broken. In just a moment, the blazing flames spread and the Skeleton Corps' fiery skeleton flag appeared on the screen.

Yao Ailun was screaming. The battle had not started and he was already high. Old Deer, who was beside him, could not resist. "Calm down, calm down. Be professional, be professional!"

"Old Deer, don't resist anymore! Let's put down aside our differences for the moment. Now we have to unite against the citizens of Locke and beat them. We'll let them know what true strength is!"

Old Deer did not know whether to cry or laugh. This young rascal dared to lecture him, but he did not mind. The first two battles were too pathetic, so they could not lose anymore. In his fights against Skeleton, Skeleton had never lost, and he had even been humiliated. But this time around, on behalf of the grand audience, he would let things slide.

"Both parties have entered mecha selection. Oh my, what am I seeing? The opponent has banned the Wargod No. 1 and the Hercules!"

Overconfident and too arrogant - in the first two battles, the Locke's Star team did not ban any mecha, and this time they banned the two most useless ones. It was obvious that they did not want to give Skeleton an advantage.

Zha Rang's lips curled into a sneer. Their purpose in this trip was to beat Skeleton when he was using the Jungle Scamper.

Wargod No. 1? Hercules? That was simply a joke and it was an insult to the citizens of Locke. The citizens of Locke would not be afraid even if someone used Atlantis' mecha.

Wang Zheng, on the other hand, did not care. Since the opponent wanted it to be this way, they ought to be very confident. This felt just right. Exactly the way he wanted it to be.

Wang Zheng chose the Jungle Scamper without hesitation.

Prince and the rest of the team chose the mech that they were best at. After all, they were professional players. They tried to choose the mecha that could help the Jungle Scamper mitigate damage and assist it.

Seeing that their goal was achieved, Zha Rang and his team smiled and chose their mecha.

At Locke's Research Institute, they knew at least one way to counter each type of mech. In this world, in this universe, there was a truth that would never change: everything possessed a strength and everything possessed a weakness.


At this point, everyone had noticed a big problem:

The battle scene chosen was the same as the one the Immortal Barbarians had chosen previously- the "Battle to the End". The Locke's Star team's mecha were the same as what the Immortal Barbarians had chosen as well.

This was an outright provocation.

The battle started. This time, Wang Zheng no longer needed time to adjust. Although he had not played for quite some time, his muscle memory seemed to have improved. He felt a strange sense of familiarity.

This was not only because of his own ability. It most likely also had something to do with him achieving the second level of the Primordial Regression Technique. He had absolutely no difficulty in controlling the mech.

This was why Wang Zheng had stopped frequenting CT. Other than providing him some chances to familiarise himself with the different mecha, it served no purpose for his training.

The safety timer had ended. 10 mecha engines sounded loudly. They all revved their engines at the same time. The battle was about to start.

Hammer and Prince were the vanguard. No matter the sacrifice, they had to protect the Jungle Scamper as it got into range for close combat.

Wang Zheng smiled. "Prince, Hammer, you guys don't have to protect me."

Hammer and Prince were stunned, then at the same time they gave him some space. It was obvious that they still respected Skeleton. Ice Wall and MATA, on the other hand, were a little worried. But this was not their home ground after all. They were just here to help, hence they did not say anything.

Hong Hong Hong Hong.... (Sounds of engines revving)

10 mecha marched in together, their energy shields activated and their lasers roaring. Whoever consumed less energy would possess the initiative. No one wanted to be beaten back.

Zha Rang piloted the Jungle Scamper. This was one of the simpler mecha he had used in CT. Honestly, there were not many controls for the Jungle Scamper and it was not complex to pilot for him.

However, in reality, the Jungle Scamper was very difficult to drive, yet Zha Rang could already pilot it well. As a result, piloting the mech in CT was simplicity itself. He would beat his opponent until he was unrecognisable and until he would never dare to use the Jungle Scamper again.

Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper was naturally a target. However, he still did not activate his energy shield. If there were too many enemies, it might have posed a threat, but five people was not a problem to him.

The entire battlefield could be clearly seen in Wang Zheng's mind. Usually, a mech pilot would need some time to adjust to the view provided by the mech. Wang Zheng was different, he felt as though he could grasp the world in his hands.

The rumbling roar of the lasers was dulled as they approached Wang Zheng.

The Jungle Scamper kept leaping about, transforming and disrupting the enemies' focus. At the same time, he counterattacked using his own lasers. Very often, Wang Zheng returned fire in the midst of the mech's transformation.

At first, Prince and the team were still a little worried about the situation. However, after seeing Skeleton's performance, their confidence was boosted.

Skeleton's Jungle Scamper attracted most of the attention. At this moment, Prince and the team who was oppressed could finally show off their ability.

Zha Rang's attacks missed continuously and he was surprised. It was nothing to be angry about. What interested him was how Skeleton continued to move around. He truly did possess some skill; he could move well in both the demi-beast mode and in beast mode. Even the steps he took in the beast mode were well-calculated and precise, dodging every shot of his. He was indeed quite the slippery target.

Looks like Earth did have someone with ability. This was not a wasted trip!

The two Jungle Scampers moved confidently, suddenly advancing towards each other. Both entered each other's shooting range and changed from beast to demi-beast mode almost simultaneously, raising their Lightning Javelins.

Everyone's eyes widened. Yao Ailun's small eyes had already squinted into a line akin to an electrical wire. He believed that his eyes were squinted so tight that they could even act as a ruler!

"Zha Rang's Jungle Scamper is moving relatively quicker."

"Skeleton's recoil seems to be a bit exaggerated."

Hong... (sounds of explosion)

The instant Zha Rang fired his Lightning Javelin, he transformed back into the beast mode of the Jungle Scamper. Between his actions was only a slight pause, and in that very instant, he jumped to the side.

A ploy, this was a ploy!

The rapid movements made the Jungle Scamper unpredictable like a cheetah in the jungle.

Every the Locke's Star team members carried faint smiles on their faces. This was the smile of absolute confidence.

No one would help Zha Rang. The captain was more than capable enough to destroy their target. They would be beating the other opponents as practice.

Weng... (A buzzing sound)

"This is not good!"

Old Deer could not hold back and said, "Skeleton's movements seem to be a bit more exaggerated. Is he getting nervous?"

When people got nervous, their movements would be larger and more obvious as they panicked.

The moment the Lightning Javelin was thrown out, it would travel in a very small arc due to the effect of gravity. Even new players would know that. The Lightning Javelin's tutorial had reminded players that one ought to maintain a steady throw for the javelin to fly straight. This was the easiest way to land a hit.

In truth, the designer of the Lightning Javelin lmew that it was possible to throw the Lightning Javelin in an arc, but it was difficult to do so…


The instant it was thrown out, Skeleton's Jungle Scamper did not retreat, but switched to the beast mode and advanced.


In the blink of an eye, a Lightning Javelin was launched by Wang Zheng. Meanwhile, Zha Rang on the other side was still moving about unpredictably....


The Lightning Javelin arced miraculously in the air and hit him.

His Jungle Scamper had jumped to the side. It should have been able to avoid the shot, yet he was hit directly! It lost its balance and flipped to the side.

Zha Rang was a high level player, so even though the mech was shaking, he was still in total control. The engine roared and he steadied and regained the balance of the mech.

Zeng zeng... (vibration sounds)

Wang Zheng's Jungle Scamper had already switched to the demi beast mode. Without the energy shields on, he could move more freely and quickly.

In an instant, two Lightning Javelins appeared.

What...what was this rhythm?

Weng.....Weng.... (sounds of guns being thrown)

Two javelins were thrown out, then Skeleton's Jungle Scamper had already moved towards the other opponents.

Even Zha Rang could not stay calm anymore and rage burned in his eyes. Who did this guy think he was?

If he could not avoid that dumb projectile, he would retire in shame already!

Hong.... (Sounds of explosion)

Suddenly, there was an explosion in mid-air. A second Lightning Javelin had followed the path of the first Lightning Javelin, hitting its tail.

According to legends, in ancient times, a good archer or javelin thrower could shoot arrows that followed the tail of previous arrows and throw javelins following the tail of previous javelins respectively. Those who could perform such feats would be given the title of "Revered One" as a form of honor.

But wasn't this just a legend?!

Hong.... (Sounds of explosion)

The first Lightning Javelin suddenly hit him. Zha Rang's reaction to the javelin was right, but he had estimated the time to dodge wrongly!

Hong.... (Sounds of explosion)

Zha Rang's energy shield exploded into pieces. At the same time, the right side of his mech was heavily damaged.

Zha Rang's first reaction was to retreat.

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